Maitland ward danny mountain fucking

Maitland ward danny mountain fucking
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I rang Kerry Saturday morning, to see how she was feeling after our fuck last night, she said her butt was a bit sore, but felt nice also, as we talked I told her how we clean ourselves out for anal fun, and if she wanted to come over early, we could show her and if she wanted to, have a go.

Kerry wasn't sure but said she would come over later, around 5 she turned up, my balls nearly exploded then and there, she had a mini mini skirt that didn't quite cover her bum, showing her shaved pussy off, and a see though top that left nothing to hide, and heels, wow Lyn and I kissed her and told her she would get well fucked if she wasn't careful, and of course not being on the pill would be a real bummer too. Kerry told us she would only watch, and see them fuck us both, and then let me fuck her while Lyn takes them both, we agreed that would work out well, but for her to expect the guys to pester her for a fuck all night too, as they were horny younger studs, Kerry's eyes showed us she wanted them too.

Lyn took Kerry aside and I knew what they planning, as both went to our bathroom, Lyn returning a few minutes later, I gave Lyn a good licking, as we waited for the guys to arrive, time sure does drag when you wait.

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Kerry smiled as she walked back in, she told us tonight she was going to take my cock in her ass, and not be embarrassed about anal sex now, as her ass was feeling good after our last fuck. I wanted the guys to see the girls dressed up, so when I let them in, both walked in from the kitchen holding hands, then kissed and looked at the guys, we hadn't told them about Kerry being with us, as we didn't know for sure.

Lewis introduced him and James to us, Kerry had trouble getting her eyes up high enough to say hello, we told the guys the rules about Kerry being here to watch us play and join in with me and Lyn, but because of the lack of the pill, her pussy was out of bounds, a look of disappointment came over their faces, but as Lyn's top hit the floor, that soon went.

James went straight for Lyn's boobs, his mouth clamping on hard made her shiver as his hands released her short skirt, I asked Lewis if James knew he was bi, he said both are bi, so not a problem, as my mouth wrapped around his growing cock, Kerry knelt beside me sucking him too.

As we both got to grips with Lewis, Lyn was on her knees, James plunging his meat fair into her pussy, and what a cock as long as Lewis but thicker still, she was loving it, as he built up speed, Kerry took over sucking Lewis while I went under Lyn to give her clit a work out, and get a good look at his member fucking her, as my mouth found her clit, I licked his cock, after a few more pumps into her hot hole, his cock found my mouth open and wanting, fucking my throat, and making me gag, but boy it felt great.

I looked to see Lewis going down on Kerry his tongue working her clit now, as her mouth was filled by cock, I needed to get him to fuck me soon, but also loved seeing her with his black meat sticking out of her mouth, I slid behind her, sliding my cock in her pussy and enjoying the fresh flesh on my cock, my finger quickly going up her ass, got her wriggling big time.

I let her orgasm a few times, then moved her around, my cock sliding back in, kept her high, James was now fucking Lyn with her legs over his shoulder, her pussy red with the pounding he gave her looked good. Kerry was now kneeling, her mouth on Lyn's boobs, my cock buried deep inside her hot pussy, as Lewis tried to get his cock in somewhere, Lyn saw this and told James to lay down, her pussy went straight back onto his cock, as Lewis moved in behind her knowing where his cock was going.

Kerry watched as Lyn took them both, pushing back to get right inside her hungry holes, the first of Lyn's dp orgasm rang out soon after, as my cock kept Kerry's pussy going, my fingers working her butt made her orgasm again, the show before her made her pussy wetter than ever, she was pushing back and nearly knocking me over, my cock engulfed in her pussy lips.

I knew Kerry was ready, her breathing telling us all she was loving the scene before her, as her hands reached out touching Lewis and James as they carried on fucking, my cock was slick with pussy juice, I had the lube handy, and dropped a bit on her butt, Kerry was lost in lust, with one quick move my cock was aimed right at her puckered brown eye, it slid in easy.

Kerry now seemed to realise what had just happened, looked back at me and smiled, my cock now just about fully home, with a few more thrusts she had it all, her hands holding her butt cheeks open showed her acceptance of my cock. I kept a slow and steady pace, her anus slowly softening to my cock, then Kerry rammed her body back onto me, as she screamed out in the loudest orgasm I have heard, all of us stopped and looked at her, eyes glazed I was told, head rocking around wildly, and her body shaking so hard my cock fell out, with this she grabbed it and shoved it back in quickly, her ass was now mine any time I wanted it.

I kept up my assault, her ass now fully under my cocks control, as we made more noise than any one, her orgasm pulled my cock in further and further each time, until my balls just about wedged in her ass too, then it was too late, without any chance of holding back, my cock and balls flooded her bowels with its first ever cum load, that was too much as Kerry felt my cock jerking inside her ass and went into a orgasmic fit.

The guys watched as Kerry collapsed in a heap, my cock shiny from her juices and my cum, went right into Lewis mouth, he cleaned me of as Lyn kept their cocks warm for them, then Kerry and I lay watching them fuck her in all different positions, Lyn was enjoying her first black dp to much, as her orgasm started to wear her down. Kerry was slowly getting her head together after her fist good anal fucking, began to suck my cock.

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James had swapped and was now enjoying Lyn's ass, Lewis now getting a head job from both the girls, I slid my finger in Kerry's ass, pulled out my cum and took it to her to eat, she did, asking for more, three of four more loads and she was dry. Lewis stood and walked behind me, his cock found my ass ready, slid right in, Kerry under me now sucking my limp cock back to life, as Lewis got up to speed, Kerry then turned and lay under me, her ass close to mine, as she kissed me tenderly and with the devil in her eyes.

My orgasm got louder as he pushed right into my bowels, his cock finding every inch inside me ready for fun, after several orgasm Kerry asked if she could try something, I said of course but be careful, having a fairly good idea of what she was going to try, my thoughts were right as she knelt in front of Lewis, holding her ass cheeks open, she told him to go slow, as his would be her second cock ever. The biggest smile a man could ever have cam on his face, as slowly his cock entered new flesh, Kerry winched as his thick cock head pushed in, then quicker than I would have thought she pushed back hard and fast, her ass now filled to the balls with a big black cock, small tears filled her eyes, but I wasn't sure if they were pain of pure pleasure tears as her body took control of her.

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I was proud but also upset that Kerry has taken to sex as quick as she has, my girl friend would be looking for more than a good fuck once a week now with me, as her orgasm rang out Lewis held on firm, he looked at me in disbelief as Kerry rode his manhood, his cock showed the signs of a guy busting to let fly, he looked at me, then told Kerry he was about to cum and where did she want it, she yelled "fill my ass with your black sperm," that was it, Lewis grunted and gripped her waist so hard she was lifted off the floor, then we could hear his cum, a loud splashing noise inside her body, as both screamed in orgasm bliss.

That was enough to send James and Lyn over the top, he too called out he was cumming, his body shook, Lyn gasped for air as he shot gallons of hot juices up into her bowels too, both girls now wrecked. My cock was hard and without thinking I shoved it right up Kerry's ass, she hardly moved as I worked her butt once more, my balls hot with cum, as I thought, it didn't take long, my second load followed quickly, filling her once more, Kerry too weak to move had a small orgasm as my cum flooded her bowels.

Now it was time to show her more kink, I told her to sit on my face, her ass right over my mouth, as my tongue worked its way in her ass, our combined cum began to flow out, I licked her sending her into a quick orgasm, she looked down at me, my face covered in cum, just then Lyn also came over dropping James cum into my mouth as I did the same to her, Kerry dropped more over my chest, pushing to get more out of her butt, fingered her own hole, flicking cum over my face now, a devilish look came on her face, as she sat hard rubbing her open butt hole on my face, I ate her ass out as much as I could.

As we lay cuddling, Kerry thanked us both, kissing me then Lewis, saying her butt felt like it was on fire now, Lyn laughed and said wait till you have had a dozen of more guys fuck you all night and see how it feels.

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James looked shocked but kissed Lyn saying next time he wanted to see that. We gave the guys a drink, and the girls lay sucking their cocks back to life, I told Kerry, I was next, and got James to lay down his cock slipped in my ass, I let him get comfortable, then told Lewis to dp me, Kerry looked at me with awe, then said "you greedy bugger" just as Lewis slid his cock in me, my orgasm rang out, both started to work my ass hard.

I wanted one load of cum tonight, but with the two girls here I was going to have to work for it, after some 10 minutes the guys needed to change positions, Lyn took on Lewis while Kerry helped James fuck me, she I was told later stuck a finger in his ass, as I felt his cock jerk wildly inside me a few times, he was going well, fucking me for some 30 minutes, his cock swelled inside me, I knew he was ready to blow, he gripped my waist and pulled me back so hard his cock went deeper still, then with a grunt his balls emptied deep into my bowels, Kerry it seems was still working his ass for him.

James lay over my back and told me what she had been doing, and with a laugh, told me she didn't play fair, Kerry told him he had one more hole to fuck too before he could go, with that I lay her on her back, and dropped James cum onto her face, as she ate some I turned and kissed her, sharing his juices with her.

James enjoyed her mouth on his cock, she was going all out to get him hard again.


I went over and dp Lyn with Lewis, both cocks now in her ass made her groan some too, as Lewis sucked her nipples into his mouth, Lyn came again ,I saw James was hard and told him to come over to Lyn for awhile, I told him Lyn was going to take all three of us in her holes, he started to head for her mouth, I told him no, her pussy is empty, stick your cock in there.

We changed around, James laid down and Lyn stuck his cock in her pussy, I then half laid behind her, my cock going in her ass, then I made way for Lewis to stick his cock in her ass too, that was all it took, Lyn went wild, her orgasm telling us all, we were doing it right, Kerry just knelt beside her. playing with her boobs as we took her to a new high. I made sure Lyn was ready, then told Kerry to sit on her face, giving her something to eat, Lyn made the most of her feed, as the three of us worked well together, then with Lewis rubbing against my cock was enough to set him off, his baby seeds filled her over full butt, lubbing my cock as he did, this was all it took for Lyn to climax again and slump down exhausted.

We let the guys up, James as hard as, wanted a hole to fuck, Kerry saw this and was on her knees quick smart, his cock began to slid in, her breathing fast as his thick cock opened her butt like never before, her screams of pleasure filled the room.

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Now it was my turn, sliding under her, my cock went balls deep in her pussy, between us she flew into a huge orgasm, my cock getting sucked right in, her pussy so hot inside, it was then I remembered my cock was wet with Lewis's cum, too late now I was inside her unprotected pussy.

I felt guilty, but my hard cock was busy, and like any man hard not to listen too, as we kept her orgasm going for some time, then James really let fly, his speed built up his thrust harder with each push, my cock and balls hurting with his pounding, then as I though he grunted, shook and flooded Kerry's ass in cum, she screamed out as her orgasm raced though her body, both shot.

James kept pumping his cock into her ass, his meat still hard, pushed his cum out, I felt it running onto my cock, as I carried on fucking her pussy, she now had two black men's seeds in her pussy, in the end she might have let them fuck her pussy any way, I whispered to her about his cum, she looked then said "oh well always a morning after pill", with that she pulled forward, and shoved James cock in her pussy, saying "enjoy" Lewis watched as his mate had her pussy, his cock half hard, as Lyn wanked him slowly, then he moved, his cock aimed at Kerry's ass, would she let him dp her, well I didn't have to wait long, she held her ass cheeks open for him, as Lewis found her wet hole ready and more than willing.

As Lewis enjoyed her ass again I took my cock to her mouth, might as well make her air tight, as the three of us fucked her hard, poor Lyn played with her toys keeping her pussy and ass busy, her night wasn't going all her way, I took my cock out of Kerry, and eased it into Lyn's ass, although she was enjoying my fucking her ass, I knew she wanted the other two cocks more, who wouldn't.

Kerry screamed her body racked by more orgasms didn't help things, as Lyn watched on, when I caught Kerry looking I nodded and motioned towards Lyn, Kerry although not happy, knew what I meant, and told the guys to let her rest, with that they both moved over and took control on Lyn's holes.

I went over and thanked Kerry for letting Lyn have more fun, she said only fair as she wasn't going to let anyone fuck her tonight when she began the evening, other than me of course, I kissed her deep, and told her the kink was just beginning with her, and we would have a lot more nights like this too.


The guys gave Lyn a good work out, we lay watching her take them for a good half hour, then Lewis burst his balls of again in her ass, where did he get all this cum from, as James swapped holes and worked her for another anal orgasm, Lyn shook and cum so hard James fell off, we laughed as Lyn rested, James stroking his cock was near to blowing too, seeing this Lyn told Kerry to let him fuck her again, Kerry quickly swung around, her pussy ready for his meat.

James went right in his balls smacking her ass made a wet sound, as both got into their hot fuck, Kerry was going to let a seeded guy fuck her pussy and flood her with active cum, the horny bitch, as James went into over drive knowing his balls would feed her body soon. Lyn lay under Kerry's face her snatch wet and cummy got a good licking from Kerry, that was it, James roared and shot gallons of baby seed deep into her fertile womb, Kerry went wild her orgasm shaking her body, as James held on keeping his seed inside his bitch.

As they both came down, Lyn said that was so hot, knowing what she had just done, and Kerry looked exhausted, laughed and said oh well parenthood isn't that bad is it, James realised what he had just done and had a real panic look on his face, we laughed and said a pill will fix it in the morning.


By now it was late, the guys had empty balls and needed some rest, so with kisses all round they got cleaned up and left, but not before we told them next Saturday night was on again, and bring more mates, Lewis said he knew some white guys who would enjoy our fun, and some were bi too, all three of us told them to bring them all along, as it will be 8 holes and no hole's barred night of sexual kink, and cum.

James pushed a finger into Kerry's pussy, moved it to her mouth and kissed her as they shared it, saying next week you will get a lot more of this in all your holes, and then did the same to Lyn.

Kerry sleep with us over night, my cock between her ass cheeks felt good, Lyn lay in the other side her hand holding my cock, I knew what tomorrow would bring, as I drifted of to sleep.