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Teaching Dani I met Dani's mom 10 years ago, when Dani was only 8 years old. She had been divorced for a few years and had a close and special relationship with her daughter. Julie was 28 when I met her.

I remember seeing her from across the room and knowing that somehow I had to get her into bed. She was fucking hot. Shoulder length red hair, 5'1'', 110 lbs. a great ass, smile and personality. We dated, fell in love and soon I was spending most of my time with her. Our sex life was great. We seemed to make love at every opportunity.

When Dani went to bed we had sex. When Dani was in the shower, we had sex. When Dani would go away for the weekend, we would make it a marathon. We would always try to find new things to try. Hot olive oil and plastic sheets, whip cream and chocolate, vibrators, beads, movies, you name it we tried it.

It was our hobby. On the night that it began, Dani was 13 years old. She had just taken a shower and gone to bed for the night. Julie and I crawled into bed and began to touch and kiss and see how far the other was willing to go that night. As I slid my hand down into her panties, I could feel a little stubble from a couple of days of growth. Julie always kept a shaved pussy and I loved it.

" I see you are getting a little furry", I exclaimed. "Yah, it has been a couple of days since I have had a chance to trim up. Would you do that for me?" I would shave her from time to time as one of our ways to keep things interesting and eagerly agreed.

I went into the bathroom and got the baby oil, a warm wash cloth, razor and towel. When I got back to the room, Julie had pulled her panties off and was laying on the sheets with her knees up and her feet flat on the bed, legs slightly parted.

I took the warm wash cloth and placed it on her pussy lips and let it sit there to soften the hairs. I leaned over and gently kissed her and touched her chest. After a couple of minutes of "warm up", I removed the cloth and rubbed a little baby oil on her warm softened flesh.

I would gently rub the oil around, touching her lips and vagina very lightly. Then when she would start to squirm a bit, I began to shave her oh so gently. I would trace the outline of her pussy lips and slide my fingers into the crack in her ass with the oil. When I was finished she would be clean, soft, slick and ready for anything. I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing the headboard.

My dick was rock hard and sticking straight up. We had the TV on very low, just to make a little background noise so Dani wouldn't hear us. We assumed she was sleeping by now anyway. There was the light from the TV and a couple of candles burning to give off a low, sexy glow in the room.

While I would shave her, Julie would reach down and touch her pussy to pick up some of the oil residue and begin to rub me. She would encircle my shaft and slowly and slide her oiled hand up and down while she concentrated on her own engorging sex. I loved this position and feeling and would let this go on for quite some time. As I sat there enjoying the feeling of her hand sliding up and down my cock, I rubbed her cunt and ass and fingered her again and again.

I don't know if I heard something, saw something or just felt a presence. I looked over at the doorway and could see the silhouette of Dani, she was there watching us.

She didn't seem to be surprised, frightened or angry. She was almost in a trance the way she stood and stared. She liened with her shoulder against the wall in the hallway and was quietly watching this little ceremony. I wondered how long she had been there and how much she had seen. Somehow, it didn't seem to phase me. I was almost hypnotized myself with the feeling in my loins and the smell of the oils, candles and the warmth of her lips.

I continued to rub for a bit and then slid my head down and started to gently suck on Julie's pussy lips and clit. I would look up between Julie's hips to see if Dani was still standing there watching us, and she was. Soon Julie started to moan and wiggle her hips with delight, oblivious to the fact that her daughter was watching her mother get eaten out. I loved the feeling of the smooth skin and my tongue sliding all around it. I could feel myself starting to leak a little semen.

I poked my index finger into her open hole and slide it back and forth with the rhythm of my tongue. Suddenly, Julie started to buck quicker and announced she was going to cum. Her hip flew up and down faster and faster as she came.

I licked up the juices and savored every drop. I lifted my head up from between her legs, looked right at Dani and wiped the juices off of my chin with my hand and then licked my lips. I was looking for a response from her but she didn't move. When Julie started to settle down, I slid up and straddled her stomach with a knee on either side of her. She started once again to rub my prick with her oily hands. I sat on her stomach and let my cock stretch over her breasts.

Again, I looked into the hallway and could see Dani standing there watching. She still had not moved a muscle but was watching intently. I was becoming a bit excited with the thought of her watching, this little virgin getting her first look at a man, sex and love and I was the center of attention. I tilted my head back and enjoyed the feeling of this wonderful handjob. I told her how wonderful it felt to have her rubbing on me and got quite vocal and put on quite a show for our little girl.

Soon, I was full and ready to unload. I came in jerks up over Julie's head and onto the pillow, down her chin and onto her titties. I came with force that was unusual and in amounts that seemed delightful. Julie began to giggle as she saw the ejaculation. " Boy were you a little tense tonight honey?"" She asked. I couldn't tell her that the thought of her baby watching us was a turn on beyond belief.

Over the years as Dani grew up, I would intentionally leave the door open; lights on low and would make noises when we would begin to make love. Julie would tell me to keep it down as to not wake Dani, but I already knew she would be coming down the hallway soon enough. The glances between us during these session became more focused and the eye contact soon became evident.

Sometimes when I was fucking Julie Doggie style, with her head buried into the pillows, I would look at Dani and pretend I was fucking her instead.

She would sit in the hallway and as time went on she would use this time to give herself some relief. I couldn't see much, a hand sliding into the shorts or a slip under her shirt to touch a breast, but I assumed she was going back to her room when we finished to masturbate and get her relief. Dani learned and saw it all. She learned the art sex. She would sit in the hallway and watch XXX movies while we made love.

It became a part of my week, seeing what I could teach Dani that night.

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During the day nothing was ever said, like it never happened. When she turned 18 she was a senior in high school. She was a beautiful young lady that any man would love to bed. I loved watching her around the house. She always wore skimpy clothing in the summer time and at bedtime she would wear the silkiest of nightclothes.


I couldn't help but beat off thinking about her watching our love making session, visualizing her tight little body. I would wonder what she thought and fantasized that she would one-day jump in and join us. One day, Julie told me she was taking her mother on a weekend shopping trip and the Dani and I would have to stay behind, feed the dog and take care of the house for a couple for days. That was fine and this type of arrangement had happened many times before. Dani seemed to go her way over these weekends and I mine.

It was a cool spring night around 8:30 PM and I was having a beer, and surfing some porn sites, dreaming of sex. I was fantasizing about Dani and the fact that we were alone in the house.

I didn't hear her walk into the living room. She had a clear sight into the den to where I sat. I started to rub myself as I looked at the young beauties on the screen and was getting pretty hard. I slipped my dick out of my pants and started to stroke it slowly and quietly to see if I might be ready for a full-blown wack job. I was, the feeling started to well up in my loins and I knew I was going to finish this job with no problem. Again, I felt a presence behind me and looked over my shoulder; Dani slowly started to walk as if she was just passing by.

I know she had been watching and could see me with my cock in my hand. I shut down the computer and went into the living room and turned the TV on.

Dani soon came back into the room and sat on the couch beside me.

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"What were you doing on the computer?" she asked. "Just surfing", I proclaimed. "Surfing for what?" " Nothing", I answered not really wanting to admit that I was addicted to porn sites. A silence filled the room as we sat side by side like two teenagers on a first date. "Do you want to watch a movie or something?" she asked.

I was glad to break the tension and quickly agreed. " What do you want to watch?" "How about, Young and Restless," Dani suggested. Now I knew that was the title of one of my porno movies but thought she must be referring to the soap opera. "Do we have that video?" I asked. "You and mom do, I have seen it before." I really like it." " You know I have seen you and mom watch it before, I have been watching it with you." I always thought that this conversation was just not going to happen for some reason and felt flushed by the thought of it.

"Do you really want to watch an XXX movie?" I asked. "Absolutely she muttered." "Mom is not home for you to watch it with, why not watch it with me?" " I won't tell." Reluctantly, I went upstairs and got the movie. My head was spinning and I knew this was a bad idea. The thought of watching the movie with Dani was getting me so hard, I couldn't say no.

When I came downstairs, she had curled up on the couch with a blanket, had the TV and DVD on and was looking at me intently. " Come on, pop it in and come over here and sit down." I grabbed a glass of wine and sat down beside her. She quickly threw the blanket over the two of us and hit the "play" button n the DVD. As the titles and advertisements and flashes of naked people doing various acts rolled by, I started to get nervous but my dick began to immediately spring to life.

Within seconds of the movies starting, Dani put her hand on my cock. "I have been dreaming about being on this end of the show for years." She proclaimed.

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I couldn't say a word. I looked over on the coffee table and saw a collection of items, oil, candles, vibrators and a towel from my bedroom stash. "Where did you get all that?" I asked. " You know full well where I got them, don't act like you didn't know." The tension was getting high, she rubbed my cock threw my shorts and snuggled up next to me. " I love you, you know." She muttered. " I love you too, but this should not happen, Dani" She quickly suggested that she was 18 and I had been sharing my body, lessons and sex with her for years.

This was just the obvious next step and she was ready to proceed.


The moment was too much. I curled around and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Our tongues encircled and the breathing became heavy.

" Put some oil on me like you do mom." I lowered my hand down to her hips only to find that she only had on a pair of panties under the blanket. I slid them down to her knees and she quickly kicked them aside. I grabbed the oil, lifted her up and sat her on my lap with my arms around her waste. I squirted a little oil on her precious little cunty and began to slowly rub her as I did her mother.

She laid her head back against my shoulder and moaned with excitement. We sat there in this position watching the movie for quite some time as I slowly rubbed her pussy. I could feel the heat from her hole and the wetness of her juices coming out of her. She reached around trying to touch me but the position was such that she couldn't get to me. " I want to touch you too." She squealed.

I slid her off of my lap so she could get to my rock hard member. I too was ready for some attention. She continued to watch the movie intently and giggled with delight as she got her hand around my shaft.

" This feels so good!" "Much better then rubbing myself while I watch you and mom." I continued to rub her tight little snatch as we watched the video. I was dripping out precum and she gladly was rubbing it all around my cock. " Will you shave me?" Dani asked. "Like you do mom, I always liked the way you shave her." "I can tell you really love it." Not wanting to disappoint her in any way at this point, I quickly jumped up and got a warm washcloth and razor.

Sitting on the floor in front of her I rubbed more oil on this 18-year-old pussy. It was magnificent. A light brown pubic patch light and wispy to the touch. " This won't take much." I announced. " You have a very light bush and very pretty," I added. "Thank you" "I was wondering if you would like it." "It is beautiful." Was all I could muster.

I began to shave her as she lay back on the couch and continued with the movie. When I completed the job, I quickly slid two fingers into her hole and pushed my head to her pussy and began to suck on her. " That feels amazing." " I had no idea how good this would feel." "It is like I'm on fire or something." " Just lay back and enjoy the sensation" I told her and continued my meal. Around and around my tongue went on her clit. Up and down her crack to the tiny little bung hole.

I slid my tongue into her ass and was excited when she bucked in delight. " That feels really good." she told me. " I didn't expect that." " Do you like it?" I muttered as juices slid down my chin. " Oh, it feels so good." I oiled up my fingers a bit more and slid my index finger into her ass hole while I continued to lick her pussy.

She began to buck and wiggle just like her mother. " Oh, my that feels do sooo gooood." She exclaimed. I continued working on her with the intent of getting her to come. As she began to build, I started to imagine how her cum would taste. " Let me make you feel good for a while." She demanded.

I quickly moved up to the couch and sat next to her, she pushed the blanket onto the floor and moved her head toward my erect cock. " I have been wanting to do this for years," she said and with that slid me cock into her mouth with her hand around the shaft. I just about blew my load right there. I was so hot that I didn't think I could hold it back. She moved up and down on me like a pro.

Taught by the best and was obviously watching and learning all along. " That feels great baby, Oh, I 'm going to cum." Immediately she stopped her blowjob and pinched my nuts.

" Ouch!!!" I gasped. "No you don't, you are not cumming yet. I am not done with you." Dani, crawled up on the couch, planted her face into a pillow with her ass propped in the air.

"Fuck me this way", " Now". I moved up behind her and easily slid my cock into her freshly shaven pussy.

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She let out a grunt and a moan and turned her head slightly to the right. I eagerly pounded this tight little pussy, slamming her head into the arm of the couch and pillow. My lust became almost animal as I thrust away. Oil, heat, candles and the wine set the mode.

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This time it wasn't Julie it was her beautiful daughter. My dream had come true. As I pounded away at her tight little hole, I looked down to see her bunghole staring back at me.

I grabbed the oil and poured more onto her. I slid my finger into her ass and moved it in and out to the rhythm of my strokes. Dani squealed with excitement and was groaning loudly. I slide my cock to the rim of her pussy and held it there for a bit trying to decide if I could slide it into the ass without getting her upset.

I decided to give it a try. I slid the head of my prick out, up an inch to the opening of her sweet ass and then slowly applied some pressure. She stuck her ass out as if to say, "go ahead" and I continued my penetration. It was so tight that I never thought it would work.

She wiggle around seemed to enjoy the sensation. "Relax baby", I told her. " You have to relax if I am going to get this in." " I want it so bad." Dani groaned and I could feel her asshole start to relax. The head of my cock slid into her behind and she gasped with fear. "Oh, that is really big" Dani exclaimed. I slowly worked it in and out in small strokes, so gentle and fine. The oil and the precum was giving me plenty of lubrication it was just a matter of that virgin ass that was giving me resistance.

Finally I could feel her go limp and my cock slid up to the hilt. " Ohhhhh, my God," she shouted. I started to pound her from behind. She slid her hand up between her legs and started to rub her clitty. Faster and faster I rammed until I couldn't take it any more. I pulled out of her ass and rubbed my dick until the cum flew all over her back and shoulders.

She was still rubbing her clit and started to cum as well. She bucked back and forth and squealed and gasped for air. Exhausted, I fell on top on her and laid there for a couple of minutes. Dani was 18, I was 40, she obviously had more stamina than I.

I was prepared to lie there for a while and then wrap things up. She pushed herself up from under me and turned to face me. " That was amazing". Now I want you to fuck me in my pussy and cum in me.

This all sounded pretty good, but I figured that I was done for the night. She started to rub my cock and looked a little surprised that I was starting to grow soft. " What's wrong, don't you want me?" " I want you plenty but an old man needs to rest a bit." " We'll see about that she gleamed and grabbed the oil again.

She poured it on my chest, cock, head and legs. She took her beautiful body and lay on top on me and started to rub up and down my body with that precious treasure.

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Her hands were on my shaft, her tongue was in my mouth and this little vixen was doing everything in her power to make me hard again. I couldn't believe how quickly I came to life.

" That's better, I need this to be hard. This could go on all night." She straddled my body and using her hand for a guide slide me into her freshly shaven box. Her perky little titties were just in hands reach and I reached out and started to rub the oil on her body. She moved up and down slowly but deliberately with a slight rocking motion back and forth. Her motion and breathing increased with each stroke.

Her head went back, her eyes closed and I could tell she was concentrating on the rubbing of her clit on my pubic bone.

She was ready to cum already and I was just getting started. She bounced up and down and froward and back and let out a scream of delight.

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Again I could only imagine how wonderful that cum would taste. " I want to taste you baby." I said. And with that she slid up and straddled my face.

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Her pussy was dripping with a mixture of fresh cum, oil and my own precum. I could feel the silky, salty taste of female cum and smell the aroma of fresh sex. I darted my tongue in and out of her and licked her for all I was worth.


She wiggled and squealed like her mother once again. For a minute I couldn't tell who I was having sex with. Finally she flopped back onto the couch on her back and tried to settle her breathing. The sight of this beautiful teen body all covered in oil, the cum oozing out of the head of my dick and dripping from her cunt was a sight to behold. We lay there for about a ½ hour not saying a word. Finally I sat up and told her, " You know Dani, you can never say a word about this to your mom." She would be angry with the both of us and our lives would never be the same.

She moved over to me and kissed me gently. " I will never tell." " I would never hurt mom." " She is going to be gone for another day though and I have a lot of the lessons that you taught me, to go review." With that she picked up the vibrator, turned it on and started to rub oil on my cock, down between my legs and onto my asshole.

She poked a finger slightly inside of me and smiled. " I think you are next." " I simply smiled, laid back and prepared myself to be fucked in the ass and every other way imaginable.