Appetising legal age teenager girl prefers solo games when rod is away

Appetising legal age teenager girl prefers solo games when rod is away
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Temptation Chapter One Introduction to John and Janet Please make note this story is my first and be aware it is totally fiction. None of these events ever happened or ever will in my life but I'm sure some of you may be able to relate to some of the issues covered in this story.

At a later stage This story will involve sexual intercourse with a underage girl so if it's not your kind of thing please don't read it then comment. If you do like the story then please leave comment and I will try my best to take on board any of your remarks.

As I say it's my first one but If you like it I do have more ideas in my head. Enjoy. Be warned this is a long story with plenty of details sorry if it bores some. Firstly let me start by introducing the main character. John. Now John is a man of 28 and lives in the UK. He's single and that's the way he likes it. With his career very much sorted as a well paid company buyer he classes himself as successful. Having a nice apartment on the outskirts of London with just himself to please he's a happy man.

Now john does love the females and even the girls yes younger girls have always been John's weakness. Not too young say 16 plus he knows you have to be so careful these days so he plays it safe as he can without causing too much concern. All his friends know he likes them young but many have no idea what actually goes on his John's mind. They seem him as nor threat as they all know he only goes for the ones of legal age and hope that someday this will change and he will settle down.

John loves the clubs and bars and most of all nightclubs where he can pick up the ladies he desires so much. He's not a stud or a overly good looking man but he gets by and some girls find him attractive with his cheeky and fun out look to life.

His success with the females always shocks his mates as he goes for some real stunners and sometimes actually managers to land them in his net. John be the first to admit he has his fare share of them and never known to say no to sex with them. He does love sex anywhere any how he can. it might but just at the back of the clubs up against a wall with some young girl giving her a dam good fucking or he might even take them back to his place but this is rare as he doesn't want them to get attached' He loves going back to their places if they have one some are still at home with mum and dad so that's out the question.

he's done it in some strange places over the years but never says no to a bit of pussy loving. Every Friday and Saturday night he gets all ready and goes around the town on the hunt for his next sexual encounter. It was a very slow night with very few girls out for a change but John went to a night club with a reputation for the single mums and the older women who are after one thing so as it was late John thought anything better than nothing.

None of the young ones where out tonight so he thought at least it beats going home and having to knock out one on his own a wank isn't same as the real thing. Looking around he spotted one or two that took his fancy, having been blown out couple times already with the ones in other clubs he was a little cautious as rejection always hurt. Then he spotted her. A nice looker pretty average really but had a attraction so he thought he chance his luck here.

She was dancing with a group of her friends so he had to play it cool and try integrate himself into the group. He thought best way was to try the from behind approach so moving behind the one he picked he rested his hands on her waist gentle squeezing to test the reaction from her. Hmmm she was nice shape not fat at all in fact she felt good and no rejection she just allowed him to dance behind her with his hands on her waist.

Her friends where all giving him the look but they didn't pull her away as had happened be for. Then the music changed into something a lot slower so he took this chance and turned her around to face him. She wasn't no super model by any way but had a nice look close up. Her arms went around his neck as his wrapped around her slim waist. They danced and then started kissing straight for the tongue action his hands gripping her firm bottom. It felt good for a woman her age which he had guessed at around 35 to 40 a lot older than his normal catch but she was there and available He was really getting into this now and was highly turned on for some reason he was pressing himself into her letting her know he was turned on and pulling her bottom into him with his hands gripping firmly, They hadn't made much conversation and the music was soon to end and the dance floor emptying as was the club.

Her friends made their excuses and left not be for asking her if she was ok. She assured them she was fine and this gave John some hope he was getting sex tonight.

Tell her his name she was called Janet and he lead her by her hand outside the club She had allowed him a dam good feel of her arse but he wanted a lot more. He lead her to the back of the club out the way of the others and he knew this was a place where they could be alone.

She still didn't resist so he now know she was up for it. Not to waist time he quickly starting heavy kissing her and his hand was disappearing up her semi short skirt she had bare legs which he had to say where very nice and smooth for an older lady. Push her skirt up she relaxed her legs allow him to open them and finding her already wet knickers. Thrusting his hand hard onto her with his fingers massaging her through her wet knickers she responded with a loud audible moan.

As he pushed the material to one side he felt her and she wasn't his perfect smooth hairless mound he so much desired but she was trimmed and kept well. She was incredibly wet and her lips where open allowing him to slip two fingers deep inside her lifting her with his hand so that her weight was pushing down on his tow thick finger as he moved them inside her she was now lost in the pleasure and moaning louder.

Her skirt mow lifted high to allow him better access. With his spare hand he undid his zip of his trousers she looked up at him with a little fear but he quickly resumed the kissing and jamming two fingers hard inside her wriggling them using his thumb on her exposed clitoris to really push her over the edge making her moan and sigh in deepness at his touch.

He released his now rock hard manhood it was ready to burst out and the relief was pleasurable. But he knew what he really wanted and with the skill he had mastered he hitched her skirt up fully and pulled her now soaked underwear to one side allowing him to guide the tip of his penis into her sopping wet hole.

Lifting her up with her legs wrapped around him his hands on her backside he lifted her then lowered her on to his erect 9inch penis, He had never had no complaints in the past as he knew he had a fare size and it was a good thickness. She wasn't the tightness he had been in but she did feel good he had to admit as he moved her up and down on his shaft bottoming out inside her arms wrapped around him as she moved herself on his member She was moaning in pleasure in his ear as he continued to fuck her and she him.

Johns never been a fan of using condoms so when he exploded his load of juice she was soon filled with hot sperm, She cried out in sheer ecstasy Janet was a single mum of two girls ages 8 and 11 living on benefits after a messy divorce years ago their father had walked out on them for a younger woman, Not having much time for herself bringing up the two girls Janet rarely got out but did try her best on the budget she had.

never having much luck with men she hadn't had male company for some time now and craved it so much. She hadn't had sex for so many years and the company of a man was all she really wanted, Not being the best of looking she didn't get many offers plus having the two girls put most men off.

She struggled after her violent cheating husband left her so any chance she got to met a man she took it as Janet had a high sex drive but tried her best not to come across as being cheap or slutty but she doesn't make it to difficult for men to get what they want but always avoids involving the family as she protects them.

She been dragged out with her friends that night and having seen the younger man eyeing her up she was excited when he started to dance with her. Janet wasn't in the habit of letting men have sex with her up against walls of nightclubs but she was taken off her guard by this man and she had to admit it she enjoyed every second of it. Even the fact that it was unprotected sex didn't worry her she just felt such relief after years of sexual tension John zipped up and kissed Janet then made their way to the taxi queue firstly adjusting her skirt but everyone knew what they had been doing as Janet hadn't been quiet whilst john was fucking her against the wall.

This made Janet feel so cheap and slutty as she could still feel his cum inside her and a little soreness as her husband had never been that well endowed or that bothered about sex so she felt a little stretched even after child birth and it had been years since she had sex. The queue soon dwindled and a car arrived for Janet. She hoped it wasn't too much as she only had limited funds John kindly paid the driver with a ten pound note then one last kiss for her. She quickly searched for a pen.

Dam she couldn't find one, The Taxi driver read her mind. Here use mine as he handed her a pen. She quickly scribbled her number on a taxi card and passed it to John.

Give me call she shouted as the taxi drove off Janet was soon home and said hello to her mum who had kindly baby sat for her, Your late did you have a nice time she ask.

yeah mum it was good. Didn't your share a taxi with Mandy. No mum I missed it Janet lied. Her mum only lived across the road so bid Janet good night and left. Janet couldn't wait to get upstairs and out of her wet knickers her and his cum made them soaking wet. She still felt all turned on after her experienced and wished he did call her as the sex was amazing plus he seemed nice enough from the little conversation they had had.

Was it just sex was it love she asked herself or was it worse and just a cheap fuck one night stand up against the wall of some nightclub. my god she felt so cheap now letting him do as he pleased but she couldn't change what had happened.

A restless night's sleep flowered Temptation Chapter Two Meeting Janet's Family Note: I know the story is long and may be a little slow for some. I do try but then I like detail as this helps the flow I feel ? Am I right ? An experienced writer may correct me there.

It will get more exciting as it progresses. Any tips or ideas I would appreciate. Please leave comments and I try my best.

I am writing this live so it won't take long to post other chapters. Hope your enjoying this. It was three days since the night that John had met Janet and he hadn't had chance to call her. He was meaning to but work was hectic and he just didn't get around to it. He really liked Janet for some reason she was different to the others. Yes she was older than he usually went for but she was ok. It Wednesday morning and he finally found the card from the taxi company and decided to give it a call.

One reason being he wanted to see if the number worked as John had been given his fare share of dud numbers over the years so he liked to check and second reason he was feeling horny and thought a midweek meet might lead to some more sex which John never said no to some sex and from Saturday night Janet was good at it she was tight for her age had fantastic legs and he wanted to bed her so he could explore the whole body of Janet see if it was as good naked as dressed.

Three rings then a answer. Hello a woman's voice replied as John asked if that was Janet. Hi Janet its john. ''John from Saturday night'' he paused. '' Oh Hi John how are you'' A nervous voice but she was taken back that he had phoned she had given up and put it down as a one night stand.

So she was glad he had called her '' Yeah I'm fine thanks. How's yourself? ''you well I hope, Sorry I not called you but with work commitments and all'' '' I'm good thanks John. '' It's ok I understand how busy it must be with work and all'' She didn't know much about John as they hadn't made much conversation that night in the noisy nightclub ''Well I was thinking Janet if maybe you would like to meet up again may be for a quiet drink somewhere maybe even a meal'' He paused awaiting a reply.

'' That be nice John I'd like that very much'' Trying not to sound too desperate Janet had to think fast as she wasn't sure how John would re act to her having two kids. Past experience had told her that at this stage must men made their excuses and never phoned her back, '' Well John I have to sort a few things out but when was you thinking'' She would have to ask her Mum to babysit again and she thought best not mention the girls just yet as she wasn't sure if they would get on.

''I was thinking may be tonight Janet'' Pause '' I'm free and wouldn't mind a drink or bite to eat'' He was trying to keep it easy casual but he was desperate to get his pleasure off Janet '' John can you give me a call back in about an hour I just need to sort something out if its tonight'' She thought she could quickly ask her mum she normally didn't mind and even her mum wanted Janet to find someone again so encouraged her to date.

'' Sure I call you after lunch and take it from there'' He carried on with his work and thought very little about it until he looked at his watch again. Oh my god it was 3 o'clock '' Hi Janet PaulSorry I got carried away but are you ok for tonight.''. I thought maybe a nice pizza and glass wine around 7.30 ''Yes sure that be nice shall we meet there then'' Janet tried to hide here excitement John and Janet had a nice evening chatting and finding out a little more about each other and to Johns surprise he really had a nice evening and the time with Janet was enjoyable.

The end of the evening came after Janet had to make her excuse to get home. Not wanting to put on her mother to much so at 11 o'clock they headed towards Janet's house John driving makes it a short journey. parked outside John waits for the invite and Janet so much wants to invite John in but she has a dilemma. Does she want her mum to meet him yet and she prays the girls be in bed at this late hour they are normally but her mum does let them get away with staying up late some times.

Oh well Janet goes for it and invites John in for coffee. He quickly accepts and they head for the front door. As soon as Janet opens her front door she regrets it. he mother hasn't sent the girls to bed. So John is meet by not only her mother but the two girls in nightwear attire Janet going beat red with embarrassment quickly heads for the kitchen to make the coffee unsure what to actually say.

Dam she wished she hadn't bothered inviting John in and was now sure this would end their friendship for sure. Just when she was beginning to like John. John stood there a little startled but not over shocked as he kind of knew that Janet might have kids at her age. She hadn't mentioned them but this didn't overly bother John as he had nephews and nieces so he liked kids and they always got on with him.

In front him stood the two girls and Janet's mum an elderly lady with a friendly face. Come on girl let the man in. Showing him into the lounge front room. Janet's mum pushed open the door to the lounge. The girls lead the way both dressed ready for bed. wearing T-Shirt nightshirts. the lounge being of what john would describe as homely.

Sitting down on a large sofa he is quickly joined by what he assumes is the youngest girl. Looking at her she might be around 8 or 9 but he never very good at guessing ages. Then they was the older one he assumed was around 14 or 15 but again he wasn't sure. '' Hi I'm Lisa'' She introduced herself with a pleasant smile and held out her hand. Lisa was a typical young girl short skinny with straight brown hair to just above her shoulders pretty and had a loving trusting nature.

She sat close to John and started nattering away to him about trivial subjects like school and her friends not really thinking what she was saying she just talked very quickly/. Telling John she was 8 and pointing to the older girl saying she was 11 and called Sarah and that my gran. Sarah passed a weak smile and remained standing looking at her sister with a little embarrassment in her eyes at her younger sisters forwardness.

Sarah a tall girl for her age with very long blonde hair. A slim girl just beginning to develop with very long legs to match that long hair this give her a nice slim look but she was sure a pretty girl he couldn't help but notice her legs they was like her mums very sexy for her young age. John knows he shouldn't even be thinking these words but Sarah was to say the least a sexy looking girl my god whets he turned into thinking this way.

He knows he likes them young but this is worrying. Both the girls wearing these nightshirts but Sarah's was higher that shown more of them delectable young legs than may be she thought. Janet returned with coffee and found the scene in front her. One her daughters sat next to John showing him her school books and home work, her mum sat chatting to him at same time.

while her oldest daughter was very quiet just standing there with her arms folded looking coldly at John and Lisa.

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Sarah has always been a little reserved and this is new to her. her mum bringing a man home this hasn't happened be for. A little tricky with Sarah as she was old enough to get to know her dad and the hurt he had caused her mother so she wasn't keen to see a man in her mums life again she was protective of her mum.

''Come on Girls off you go to bed its way past your bed time'' Janet wanted them out the way be for they totally ruined any chance she had with John but she didn't know how well they had got on all to the thanks of young Lisa breaking the ice.

''Aww mum the moans come from both girls'' Bed nowJanet spoke firmly but with a smile. Be for she knew what was happening Lisa jumped off the sofa and kissed john on the cheek bidding him goodnight then her mum. Oh my god what's she just done Janet thought. It took john be a little surprise but he didn't mind her young affection.

Lisa run off giggling. Sarah did just manage a goodnight and went after her sister in a more dignified manner. John couldn't help but watch both girls as they left and he knows he shouldn't be comparing but no Lisa had a tiny young girls bottom under that t shirt. he couldn't see much. Sarah's on the other hand was more visible and stuck out a little showing her developing curves.

John and Janet chattered for a while then john went for the kill. Kissing Janet with full on passion with his hands roaming all over Janet's body mostly paying attention to her legs. She had amazing legs that John loved to feel. With little resistance from Janet his hand slid up her skirt to find her warmth between her legs. His fingers massaging her through her now already damp knickers. Janet was a little embarrassed as to how easily she got hot down there when John touched her but she loved his touch.

Right there on the Sofa be for she knew what was happening, John was removing her underwear and kneeling between her legs. he slowly started kissing her legs, her inner thighs and opening her legs with ease pushing her skirt up high. Janet laid there motionless allowing John to do as he wanted as she just loved this and her body was shaking as soon as his mouth touched her most inner passion, her wet vagina aching for his attention.

With expertise his tongue worked on her, probing into her, exploring her, John had learnt over the years and many lovers how to stimulate the female organ to its highest pleasure They spent the whole night making love both down stair then Janet was carried upstairs where John continued to make hot passionate love to her.

Making Janet have several mind blowing orgasms that she had never really experienced and this strengthened her love for john. The whole night he pleasured her and giving her consideration that she again hadn't experienced.

Janet didn't get much sleep that night and the next morning she was tired but happy. getting the girls up and ready for school. At least she didn't have to walk with them this morning. John kindly offered to drop them off at the school for her. So Janet gave john a quick kiss and told him she would call him later on. The girls, both ready in their school uniforms jumped in the car after Lisa had again chattered away to John over breakfast.

Sarah a little shocked that John was still there and had obviously stayed the night. As Sarah got in he again couldn't help but notice her legs as her school skirt was shorter than he thought school skirts was meant to be.

He wasn't complaining as them legs again looked even better than his first viewing last night. Lisa had got in with less grace and gave john a nice flash of her white cotton panties which john paid little attention too. Just smiled to himself and wondered why the white cotton panties always looked so innocent. The girls where semi quiet in the car it only being a shirt journey.

Lisa did thank him several times and Sarah managed only once but at least it was a thank you. To skip a little now. John and Janet's relationship went from strength to strength with several dates and even a meal in Janet's home. Lisa got on so well with John and he took a good shine to her, being very patient with her, Sarah was polite but more reserved.

But she didn't object to Join as he made her mum happy and she could see a difference in her mum that she liked. Sarah had secretly been missing the family life and John did fit in well.

She just have to give it time to see how things went. Temptation Chapter Three Breaking the Ice Please read chapters one and two first as it won't make sense or I might post them all as one story ? Please leave comments as to my mistakes etc but remember this isn't an English exam paper It had been a month into the relationship now and all was going well. John spent more time at Janet's than at home. Meaning plenty of sex for John in fact he was more than happy at seeing Janet 5 nights a week as this meant he got as much sex as he wanted and she wasn't exactly shy she would try most things.

He even introduced her to anal sex that she had never tried be for. Some women love it others aren't so keen and some won't let you near their little puckered starfish.

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But no at least she would try and she loved it. Janet even admitted to her older sister she had gone from no sex to it almost on tap saying this new young boyfriend was shagging her senseless every night he was there. Two three or even four times a night and always first thing in a morning be for he left for work and he was happy to drop the girls off at school. A big bonus was how well he got on with the girls. Lisa was really taken by him and spent all her time either sat with John reading, watching TV or they would play fight that she loved doing.

Sarah on the other hand was a little shy still but wasn't un polite to John she would make a little conversation. So things in Sarah's mind where going very well. She was even better off financially as John helped with the shopping and wasn't shy in giving the odd 20 pounds to help.

So life was looking up for a change. From Johns side he was happy enough. The love from Janet and the affection from young Lisa was interesting and he didn't mind at all. either reading her books with her and just watching the TV then the play fighting was fun she giggled and laughed so much. He never had to use much strength to get her in a hold she just gave in and allowed him to win.

This did mean he had a nice feel of her young body but he did pay much attention to this although the wicked side of him couldn't help but wonder. He stopped these evil thoughts as soon as they entered his head. As for Sarah it was slow progress she was ok and polite but wasn't same as with Lisa all until one Saturday morning, it had become a fairly regular thing for John to stay over all weekend and Saturday morning meant full English breakfast bacon eggs the works, After all enjoying this the girls would go watch TV be for we went did the weekly shop.

This particular Saturday wasn't no different until John was sat on the sofa and Sarah came and sat next to him with her school art folder. She loved drawing and was very proud of her art work. She opened the folder. John looked down at the work she had done. '' Wow that good Sarah.

Did you do all these'' As he picked up a sheet of paper with some pencil drawing on it. '' Yes'' She replied a little shyly. ''Well there amazing'' he told her and she looked up at him. She went through the folder showing John each piece of work she had done. Moving closer to him as they agreed on some being better than others and their favourites and they both had one drawing that they both picked there favourites.

It was the same piece of work. Their hands touched as she was closer to John than she had ever been. John cold feel her young body against him mainly only her legs but he could feel it. Sarah really enjoyed this as it was rare she could share her artwork with anyone as her mum never had time and the praise John gave her was nice. John could actually smell the young girls hair scent he loved her long blonde hair and the smell of youth.

This was a turning point in their friendship. '' Are you two coming or what '' Janet called as she got Lisa ready for shopping. '' Yes mother'' Sarah answered in a bored tone.

As she got up off the sofa John couldn't help but notice he bottom in her tight jeans she has one sexy bum for her age and with what had just gone on he had other thoughts buzzing in his head the thoughts of Sarah from that very first night her in her nightshirt.

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He had seen her in many states of dress over the last few weeks and wasn't aware of how much attention he had been paying to her until he actually thought about it. My god was becoming one these sick paedophiles who wanted to have sex with young girls. He was very worried then he dismissed these thoughts. telling himself no he can't be. The shopping went without an major drama apart from the odd look at Sarah's bottom and her hair.

They walked around the supermarket with Lisa one side and normally had Janet the other side but this week Janet pushed the trolley and he had Sarah on his other arm. She was showing real openness now as they picked treats and pizza's for there night in even laughing as she picked beers for John. Janet was totally un aware of what was developing right be for her eyes.

Not seeing the warning signs , That afternoon passed without any major issues but in Johns mind he was thinking about the events this morning. Was he imaging it was it wishful thinking. he couldn't resist the odd look at Sarah as she moved around the house admiring her innocent beauty. Those legs that long blonde hair her amazing young body and her breasts just starting to blossom all perfect in his eyes.

As the Pizza cooked in the over John was taken a little by surprise when Sarah walked in and gave him a hug.

She had never done this before. he was very used to the affections of young Lisa wanting his love and affection but from Sarah it was a bit of a shock as she wrapped her arms round him. He slid his arms slowly around her slim waist and held her. As they stood there in silence. He was as close as he had even been to her and could smell her teenage scent her blonde hair which he found beautiful flowed down her back. He could feel her young body pressed against him.

Trying his best not to get aroused or turned on but this wasn't easy as she felt so dam good. He can't be sure but he's sure he felt Sarah pushing her body against him. Her small barely developing boobs pressed against him was heaven. His hands now resting in the middle of her back.

Taking a risk by pushing her jumper up to feel her bare skin her soft smooth skin on her back her lower back. ''hmmmm that feels nice'' Sarah whispered into his chest with a gentle sigh and moan as his hands continued to rub her back just the lower half.

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Loving the softness and total smoothness of her young skin. Just then her mum walked in and with the speed of light John's hands moved from under Sarah's top and rested on her as if totally innocent.

His heart pounded hard as if he had done something majorly wrong Yes in his mind he had he had crossed the line that you should never cross when you're in this situation but then he tells himself she didn't object and he tells himself she actually enjoyed it The afternoon passed without any real interest apart from young Lisa chatting away to John as she was now laid across his knee on her front she seemed to be comfy that way watching TV.

John tried to ignore her young body heat she was emitting. She was a stick of a girl and had no idea what her young body would developed into in the coming years.

John looks at her as she was engrossed with her programme he could help but notice her little bottom in her jean with the elasticised waist band, Resting his hand on her back it looked perfectly innocent which it was in John mind. For now ?

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The evening passed on and it was DVD time and having picked a horror the girls asked their mum if they could fetch there quilts down onto the sofa. Janet happy that John was spending so much quality time with them agreed they could. Snacks and drinks where on the table with a beer for John and Cola's for the girls Janet didn't drink a lot but she had a glass of wine and the film started.

With John On the three seater sofa Janet laid on the floor her preferred place to watch TV. Lisa on the two seater sofa and Sarah the other end of the three seater with her quilt and her feet on John's legs. Covered by the cover but no one paid them any attention as it all looked innocent enough. Sarah wearing he sleep wear of socks and shorts with a strappy vest top he shorts John found extremely sexy on her young body as they show off her beautiful young long legs up to a perfect little bottom.

The top showing off her mid drift of a flat stomach when she reached up, Which she had done several times and at one point John was sure he got a little glimpse of her budding start of her boobs. She didn't have a lot but they looks so dam hot to John He longed to feel them to kiss them as he sat there watching her watch the movie. Everyone too busy in the movie to see him looking at Sarah.

But Sarah had noticed all day That John was looking at her more than once and the hug in her eyes was just magical. The way he had moved her top up to stroke her bare back and pulled her close to him.

She wasn't sure but she could feel something pressing against her tummy as he held her there. But was she just imagining it? He had certainly looked several times at her bum and Sarah loved that. A man to notice her and not one them stupid boys at school.

Wearing her smallest shorts and top for bed as she kind of knew it ride up. Oh she wished her boons would grow like her mums or even her best friend Zara at school hers where like massive and all the boys looked at them and at her. But her mum assured her they would soon grow once she got older but Sarah couldn't wait that long. Desperate to have bigger boobs she prayed every night for them. She wondered when John would hold her close again and how long would she have to wait to have that feeling again.

She didn't even realise she was flirting with John but she was. As the film went from scary scene to even scarier Lisa would keep jumping with fright where as Sarah would just lay there.

Under the covers John had his hands resting on her young ankles gentle rubbing them. So soft so warm and smooth as his hand moved up and down her calf's. With no re action from Sarah or her offering to move her legs he gentle carried on stroking her legs just up to her lower knee but it did feel so nice to John. Making eye contact with Sarah to ensure she was ok with what his hand was doing under the covers.

Her eyes looked at him with the knowing look that she didn't mind his touching. Or was she paying any attention as it was only innocent rubbing of her lower leg. Her feet on his knee in his crouch area or very close.

His hands now actually resting on her knees just staying there not offering to go higher or to remove them. She seems very relaxed John takes a chance a big risk as he moves one hand on to her upper leg just above her knees and his fingers stroke the soft skin.

Her legs slightly open allowing his hand to stroke her inner leg but again not high his fingers just resting then stroking her leg, God she feel so soft so warm his mind is working overtime as he can only dream how soft it would be even higher. But he has to be careful he could blow everything if he gets this wrong. Temptation Chapter four Taking more chances Please not this story is total fiction and none of these events happened. in this chapter I will try push it on a little as the others have been a little slow.

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But I will still give lots of details or if you do want to give me some advice for future chapters I would appreciate it. Please read chapters one to three so you get the full picture.


Sunday morning after the Saturday night experience. As Sarah awoke she laid in her bed thinking. She couldn't help but think about what had happenedSurely she wasn't mistaken was she. She asked herself this question over and over again. Was I dreaming it. No I did feel Johns hands stroking my legs last night as we laid on the sofa watching the DVD. Was it a accident or was he just stroking her legs. She ponder it over and over in her mind.

Then they was the Hug the cuddles she wasn't imagining that too. Was she reading too much in to this. Surely it was just Johns way of showing affection towards her. She did know one thing. She liked it. No she loved it.

Although she couldn't fully understand why she just did love the feelings she was having and new experiences in her life. As for what she was going to do about it she hadn't a clue or where this was going to go next either. Sarah loved Sunday morning as they seemed more peaceful then other days not only no school as per Saturday morning but also her little sister and Mum didn't get up early so Sarah liked to go down stairs in her nightwear and make herself a cuppa tea and watch a little TV just on her own.

She jumped out of bed with a happy spring in her step and first things first she needed the bathroom. Taking care of all the usual duties she laughed to herself as to her own routine. Being go toilet have wash then brush teeth. As she brushed her hair to her shock the bathroom door opened and in walked John. She was still getting used to having a man in the house as she didn't normally lock the bathroom door with only her mum and sister in the house.

She made a mental note to herself to remember to lock it. "Oh sorry Sarah" John quickly apologized and left the bathroom so quick that Sarah didn't have chance to speak.

This gave Sarah that funny unexplainable feeling she had in bed but she brushed it off and told herself she was being silly. God he had only walked in the bathroom and it was her fault she hadn't locked the door. It's not as if she was stark naked or anything or sat on the toilet. Good job as she knows she would have died of embarrassment if she had been, For some reason Sarah looked in the mirror and admired herself. In their bathroom they had a full length mirror on the wall so Sarah took a long look at herself.

God I wish my boobs would grow. she told herself. Sticking her little chest out to try make them look bigger. Then she looked at her legs.

Sarah was a very pretty young girl but she didn't know it yet for her age she was tall and she knew she wasn't fat or ever wanted to be.

She left her long blonde hair loose and left the bathroom to go downstairs. As she entered the kitchen she turned on the kettle ready for her tea and then began filling the sink to wash the pots and dishes from the night before. Sarah hated clutter so tried her best to help her mum keep the house tidy.

Her little sister Lisa was a little untidy but she did try. As she started to wash the dishes John walked in to the kitchen. "Morning Sarah" he spoke with a happy voice. "Morning John" she replied " you want a coffee" she asked him knowing he only drank coffee. "Oh yes please I would love one" John stood and looked at Sarah standing at the sink and couldn't help himself admiring her. God she was a beautiful girl. Even wearing her night shirt she looked amazing.

Trying to tell himself his thoughts where wrong but after last night's actions he knew this was pointless now he had step over the line and didn't see any reason to stop. Reassuring himself that she didn't say anything and didn't stop him. He hadn't actually hurt her had he. He had just stroked her legs. Maybe a little higher then he should have but he couldn't resist them.

As she stood there total oblivious to Johns stares he also noticed how her night shirt t shirt shown off her little bottom and my god it was a cute sexy one> Can a girl this young have a sexy bottom oh yes she can he tells himself. know that they couldn't be a lot under the t shirt maybe just her knickers gave John a hard on and he knows he shouldn't get turned on by such a thing it did so what could he do. It was the thought of her knickers or panties that had turned John on so much he never understood why but they just did.

Young girls in there knickers. This must be the perverse side of john he told himself. Walking up behind her John slowly slips his hands around her waist and holds her gently pulling her towards him. The feel of her young body was just the feeling that John loved as he wraps his arms around her and hugs her before placing a kiss on the top of her head.

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"Hey I am sorry about this morning" Placing a second kiss in her head " I should of knocked before I barged in on you" he whispered in a soft low voice in her ear. He could actually smell her and if anyone had told him that you could smell beauty he would have called them a liar until now. As he hands wrapped around her small slim body holding her close. " you see Sarah I'm kind of not used to sharing and all that come with it" he pauses and yes a third kiss on her head but more like the back of her neck as he moves her hair gently, " But I can see I'm going to have to get used to it" He tell her as he positions his body so that he now rock hard cock is actually pressed against her young bottom.

And with them wearing thin clothing he can feel the contours of her and know that only the thin layers of fabric are all that are between his penis and her bottom being in contact. John even pushes himself against her more and lowers so that the sticking out rod is a little lower on her> she Cant not feel this as its actually sticking in her low and kind of under her small bottom between her cheeks.


"Hmm oh Sarah you're a very beautiful girl" he whispers in her ear and nuzzles into her neck placing a very soft long kiss behind her ear Oh my god. Sarah thought to herself whets happening.

Whets John doing. As she feels Johns hands on her and him kissing her neck. All these feeling where new to her but they felt so nice. " oh its fine John It's my fault really as I should remember to lock the bathroom door" Sarah can feel something pressing against her bottom it's a strange feeling she isn't sure what it actually is as John is hugging her.

" I hate washing up " she tell john as she continues to do the dishes as she can feel Johns hands now on her tummy over her t-shirt. "You should have a dishwasher" john whispers into her ear as his hand start to pull at her t shirt raising it.

" We got one" She giggles " it's me " She tries to ignore her t=shirt and what Johns hands are doing to it as she recall John calling her beautiful but not sure what to say about it. " hey John it could been worse" she giggles" You could walked into the bathroom and me been on the toilet" nervous laughs. "Now that would have been not a pretty sight" All the time she is giggling as John has his hands on the bare mid=drift of her stomach.

"hmmmmm she sighs" and closes her eyes at the lovely feeling. " you what" john whispers in her ear.

" A beautiful young lady with her legs open and her knickers around her ankles" He pauses and kisses her neck softly " I can't think of a more beautiful sight Sarah" He tells her.

Sarah sighs and gets a tingling in here tummy as she actually thinks about what john has just said to her. "John" she whispers. " yes Sarah" as his fingers are exploring her perfectly flat young stomach so smooth so soft his cock is straining in his joggers as its sticking into her bottom. "Did you mean it when you said I was beautiful or are you just teasing me" Sarah asks nervously. "Are you beautiful " he replies in a shocked tone of voice. " Ohh Sarah your are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I would never tease you" he assures her and kisses her neck again before his hands remove hers from the soapy water and then turns her around to face him.

His arms still around her his hands on the middle of her lower back with her t shirt raised high so he can feel her bare skin just above her knickers. He lowers his face to hers which has now made his hard cock press against Sarah's privates as he has skilfully opened her legs so he is between them. Without warning his mouth moves closer to hers and he places a soft gentle kiss on her lips. Sarah has never been kissed like this before or has she felt something pressing against her pussy her private place as mum calls it.

The kiss is slow and she cam feels Johns hands lower on to her bottom with only her knickers stopping his hands feel her bareness. Sarah sighs into Johns mouth as he places several small kisses on her young lips. Just then they both here movement on the stairs and John quickly pulls away from her and she turns to finish her dishes.

Feeling hit and flushed as her mum walks into the kitchen. Morning you two early birds. As Janet walks in and John quickly turn to the fridge to get the milk avoiding facing her so that she doesn't see his joggers tenting from the hard on her young daughter has given him. Standing in front the fridge passing the milk to Sarah.

She smiles at him as she takes the milk carton. he hopes the cool air from the fridge does the trick on his hard cock but he then quickly grabs his coffee and managers to avoid facing Janet. I'm off for a quick shower he informs them and leaves the kitchen swiftly. As soon as he gets into the bathroom he can't wait to get his joggers off and grabs his cock to start pumping it furiously with the thoughts of what has just happened down stairs and only wishes that Janet had stayed in bed and that Sarah was here in the bathroom with him.

Jumping in to the hot shower he tells himself how wrong this is but then reminds himself that the feelings where mind blowing. as he wanked himself he was shocked at the amount of sperm that left his penis at the thoughts of Sarah. Quickly finishing and drying himself. just as he covers the bathroom door flies open.

Oh my god he is shocked. Thank god not Sarah but its little Lisa who runs in and doesn't even notice John in there as she pulls her little [jess down and sits on the toilet. Then and only then does she see John. She looks up at him totally innocent.

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"Morning john" Lisa giggles " I had to pee sorry" He smiles down at her. " That's ok sweetheart" he looks down and see a little Lisa naked on the toilet her legs open and peeing. Turns his head and tries to ignore the image of her, " see you down stairs I'm making breakfast if you're hungry" John makes breakfast for all.

Consisting of eggs bacon and scrambled eggs and then tell Janet that she hasn't forgot that he is away until Wednesday on business over in Paris.

All the girls go awww in unison. he see the sad look on Sarah's face and then Lisa's and even Janet isn't that happy until he tells them it won't be for long and he will bring them all back something nice a nice present. The rest of the day goes without any major interest and as five o'clock comes John tells them he has to head off to big sighs of disappointment. Grabbing his coot and bag he first gives Lisa a hug as she jumps in to his arms "where my kiss she asks" he hives Lisa a little peck on her cheek then moves to Janet and kisses her on the lips.

and just about to leave Lisa cry's out " hey you forgot Sarah's kiss" She giggles. As Sarah blushes " ohh I would never do that" john tells her as he puts his arms around Sarah and kisses her on the lips but out the view of her mum his hands grip her bum and his kiss is very slow, whispers in to her ear. " see you real soon sexy" patting her bottom gently ___________________________________________________________________________ I'm going to leave this chapter there as I need reviews to see if it's going right way and at a better pace any improvements you want me to make etc But I am writing real quick now so hope you all enjoy