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Frisches paar felching und massive creampie tauschen
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This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our history and time line. Chapter Three is about the Campaign & Election I was campaigning in Alabama, when I got a phone call, saying that there was an emergency at home, and I need to be there ASAP.

I boarded the jet and flew directly to Miami. A car met me at the hanger, and with a police escort, I headed for the hospital. A group of reporters surrounded the main entrance.

I raced into the hospital, to the flashing of their camera's and their shouts of questions. I took the elevator up to ICU, on the 2nd floor. My son Tom was there to meet me, with the heart doctor. They filled me in on Joyce's condition.

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"She is in critical condition, suffering from a major heart attack. She is now in a coma. Quite frankly I am surprised that she has survived this long. I would suggest that you have us disconnect life support and let her go peacefully. There is nothing more that I can do for her." He said as he laid everything out for me. Doing what he suggests is extremely hard to do to someone that you love dearly, and has stood by you, through thick and thin.

The doctor could see that I was in deep turmoil, over making this decision. "There is not going to be much change here, why don't you go home and discuss this with your family." He said to me.

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"If anything happens, we will call you." Tom and I left the hospital to a mob of reporters screaming questions at us from all direction. Security hustled us into a waiting car, which took us home. We contacted the rest of the immediate family and filled them in on their mother's condition.

I told them that I would fly them all out here to be with me when I had the hospital disconnect the life support. In 24 hours the kids were all here, and we left to go to the hospital. The kids and I arrived at the hospital, again there were some media people around to take our pictures, and try to get an interview with me.

We rode the elevator up to the ICU, and entered her ward. There was no change in her condition. I nodded to the doctor, and they began to unhook her from life support. She was still holding on to her life. Each of the children gave her a kiss and a hug. As I bent over to give her one last kiss goodbye, she open her eyes and reached up to give me a hug. "Don't quit" She whispered to me.

She released me and laid back down, and the heart monitor went red line with a beep, and she was gone. I bent over and gave her still warm lips a last kiss, as tears slowly ran down my cheeks.

Our hearts were heavy, as we left the hospital in great sorrow. The trip back to the estate, was deathly quiet.


We all were deep in thought, thinking about memories of her. The funeral was a couple days later, and then the kids all left to go back to their lives. I moped around the estate for a few days, trying to determine just what to do.

While I was out of touch, the campaign ground to a halt. Without me to man the ship, it was starting to sink. It was just after the Fourth of July holiday. My campaign manage came to visit, and we had a long discussion on just what to do. "My heart is just not into this campaign anymore, since Joyce's death." I told him.

"Stewart then you either have to withdraw right now, so as not to waste people's time, and money, or you need to get on your horse, and gallop right back into this race." He laid it out for me. "It is late, you are welcome to spend the night, let me sleep on it, and we will talk in the morning." I said to him with a yawn. All night long her words came back to haunt me. Don't quit, Don't quit, Don't quit, I could hear it over and over in my head.

I tossed and turned all night to those words. Finally at 5:00 a.m., I was up with a clear picture on what I was going to do. We spent the rest of the morning in a strategy session, planning our next move to get the campaign back on track. I decided to hold a press conference in front of Miami city hall to announce my intentions tomorrow.

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We arrived at city hall to a huge gathering of supports, and media personal. "Thank you all for showing up here this morning. The last words that my wife said to me before she died was Don't Quit.

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Those words have been echoing through my head ever since. I am going to follow my wife's words, and Don't Quit. This campaign is officially back on track. (large ovation). And and we will not stop until we reach the White House in Washington, D.C.

(another large ovation). I thank you all for being here, and let us take this campaign back on the road." I finished up with a flourish. It was going to be a four-month race to the finish line, and right now we are in third place. We need help, and lots of it. Both parties have their National Conventions yet to go, which will give them a big boost in the polls.

We need to figure something to counter act that boost. The only thing that I could think of, was good old fashion hard campaigning.

Town to town, door to door style. For the next couple of months I campaigned hard, I hit every state, pounding out my message. The super pac money was pouring into the advertising. I was slowly creeping up in the polls. The first of two debates were held, and I scored a knock down, if you believed the media.

I was in Nashville for a speech and a special with some Country Stars. There was a knock on my hotel door and my security guy came in. "There is a young lady outside who says her name is Lynn and she is from Miami." He told me.

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"By all means let her in." I replied to him. She walked in looking as good as ever(it has been a while since our threesome at the estate). We exchanged greetings, and I invited her to stay for dinner so we could chat. It is never fun to eat dinner alone. She agreed to join me. After dinner we returned to my hotel room for some after dinner drinks. One thing lead to another and we ended up in bed. As our kisses became more passionate, our tongues began probing each others mouth.

I was squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples. She was really getting turned on as she was moaning into my mouth. Slowly I worked my way down her body, kissing and biting softly her neck.

Man what a beautiful neck she has. I finally made it to those perfect mounds. I licked and sucked on her breast and nipples. I could see bumps form on her areola's. She finally started to talk dirty to me, "OOO that feels so fucking good, suck them harder you fucking bastard," She said with a loud gasp.

"My fucking nipples are so sensitive." I took her nipple in my mouth and suck really hard on it, then took my teeth and started to nibble on it. Then I used my tongue to lick that hard budding nipple. While I was working on her breast, my hand moves down her tummy and through her bush, to her pussy. I gently rubbed her thighs, and then my fingers moved to her outer lips, gently stroking them.

She softly whispered in my ear, "My cunt is so fucking wet put your finger in me, and rub my fucking clit." I opened her lips and inserted my finger, and began to finger fuck her slippery slit.

She was really wet, and was moaning and groaning out loud. My finger found her hidden jewel, and I started to gently rub on her clit, getting her more stimulated. It was not long, and she moaned out loud, she clutched my arm tightly and locked her legs against my hand, as she was under the enchantment of an intense orgasm, that filled my hand full of her love juices.


I let her settle down, before I started to make my way down her body. She had a trim bush that smells full of her last orgasm. I spread her lips and inserted my tongue, and start to lick her pussy. I moved my tongue up and found her swollen clitoris, I started to lick and suck on her clit, momentarily she started to squirm again.

" O fucking shit, I going to cum again," She cried out as my face got a bath from her orgasm. I stayed put and licked up all of her honey dew that I could. "Ohhh baby you can sure in the fuck light my fire. I want to feel your cock in me. Fuck me now, Do it fucking now." She started to beg as she began to pull me up to her. I moved up to her on my knees and grabbed her legs and pushed them wide open, allowing me to invaded her wet hole with my cock.


I pounded away at her, with her feet riding over my shoulders. I knew that I would not last very long, as I was fucking her hard and fast. She started to softly scream, "O God baby you feel so fucking good, I 'm going to cum, I 'm going too fucking cum." She was so hot, that my nuts started to cook in my sack, causing my cum to start boiling.

It was not long and my cum was ready to explode up my shaft and out my exit hole. "Get ready baby I am ready to blow," I said as I blasted a load into her hot cunt.

We collapsed on the bed. We fell asleep in the arms of each other. I sure needed that release. She was just what the doctor ordered. She left the next morning, and I did not see her for the rest of the campaign. Two months to go and things were starting to tighten up. There was talk about what happens if no candidate gets enough electoral votes.

That was a raging debate on just how the President would be elected. A lot of talk about the 12th Amendment, and just what it said. The second debate was held and it seemed as if it was a draw for all three candidates.

One month to go, and I was exhausted. It seems like I did not even have a chance to change my underwear. The media blitz was overwhelming, my campaign was in a 24-hour mode, and getting a good night of sleep was out of the question. The crowds at our campaign rallies were getting larger all the time. Unlike the other two candidates who staged their rallies, mine wasn't.

I would speak to ten people or a thousand people, it did not matter to me, as every vote counted. I brought my Middle Class America (MCA) campaign to the big cities, and colleges, in the last few months. I was received very well by all the ethnic groups, and my speeches at the colleges drew large crowds. The bookies in London, originally had me at a 50-1 long shot in the Presidential race, now had me in at 10-1, with the President at 3-1, and the lady senator was at 9-2 odds.

Basically it is a coin toss between the three of us, but better odds on the other two.

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A week to go and the polls had the President in the lead. I was still third, but I was closing the gap quickly. It would be a mad dash to the finish line, as I tried to be everywhere at the same time. Election day, there is 538 electoral votes at stake, and 270 to win the election.

This was going to be a very interesting race. The polls still had the President in the lead. He won his usually northeastern states, and most of the rust belt states. In the east central part, and the bible belt of the country the Senator was holding her own. I started to win the states west of the Mississippi river. It would come down to the west coast states and Florida. The President has always done well out there. In a stun revisal I swept the west coast states and Florida, to win the most electoral votes, but not enough to win the election.

I had won 221 votes and about 41% of the popular vote, the President won 189 votes, and about 35% of the popular vote, and the Senator won 128 votes, and about 24% of the popular vote. The election is now in the hands of the House, as the Twelfth Amendment explains how this process works. The Senate votes for Vice-President, according to the same amendment. This has not been done since the early 1800"s. There were all kinds of shit going on, with the Supreme Court stepping to make some rulings, but finally things got straightened out.

In early December, the House and the Senate, both have done a couple of rounds of ballot voting, but nobody got enough votes for either office. Finally they decide to hold a joint session, and interview all the candidates. They allowed a day for each candidate. First up were the two Vice-Presidents. The Senate only has to take the top two vote getters for Vice-President. The House has to take the top three voter getters for President. First couple of days the two Vice-Presidents were interviewed.

The third day was the President turn, and the Senator was interviewed on the fourth day. Then finally it was my turn.