Brunette teen Carre likes to fuck

Brunette teen Carre likes to fuck
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Part Eight I made my way to bed, already deciding that I would not mention the business of being carried to bed to Mike. I think I was asleep before I smelt the pillow and if Mike kissed me goodnight, I didn't feel it. I slept well. The next morning began quite normally with Mum shouting us all down to a full cooked breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee.

We all chomped quietly and Mum started to ask what our plans were for the day. Before we could answer, she announced that she and John were going to the beach and we were welcome to join them but decide quickly as she had to pack up food and drink as necessary.


I said, quite genuinely that I had a bit of sunburn from our Athens trip and didn't really fancy a beach day if she didn't mind. John then suggested that Mike might stay at home if we promised not to squabble.

We laughed at that and Mike said he would have a day by the pool too. My heart skipped a beat and the potential for the day was already making my head spin. Like all good things in life, the worst part was the waiting and it felt like my Mum was taking forever to pack her cool box for the beach. Even John told her to get a move on as he packed the deck chairs and beach umbrellas into the car. While she was packing, I had already been upstairs to shower and put my flowing sundress on, minus knickers as a surprise for Mike.

I had re-shaved my pussy very carefully, scared of cutting myself. I had noticed some stubbly bits and wanted myself perfectly smooth, ready for Mike's tongue. As I entered the kitchen, Mum seemed to be finally ready and ignored John's huffing and impatience. She kissed me goodbye and they set off, promising to be back by 7pm to make dinner.

Nearly nine hours alone.

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Bliss! As the car drove away, I stepped back into the kitchen where Mike was leaning back against the sink with a smug smile.

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I ran over and threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. His hands went straight to my bum under my dress and immediately noticed the lack of underwear. He cooed his approval as we kissed and he lifted me and plonked me down on the worktop. No sooner than my bottom had hit the surface, Mike dropped to his knees, pulled me to the very edge and plunged his head into the soft flesh of my crotch.

His tongue hit the jackpot on its first stab and I squealed my pleasure and grabbed his hair to pull him in deeper with one hand and unbuttoned the front of my summer dress with the other. I needed to be naked for my lover.

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Mike pulled me closer to the edge and I held my legs as far apart as I could to give his wonderful tongue the access it deserved. His tongue was flicking, digging, swirling and probing as fingers helped in the assault on my pussy which was now pouring with my juices as my first orgasm of the day approached like an out of control train.

My cries rang out around the empty house and I threw my head back, eyes closed as the shock waves blasted through my body and while I revelled in my pleasure I gasped as Mike pushed his full length into me in one rapid movement. The shock and the bit of pain left me breathless and I lifted my head forward and looked into the passion filled eyes of my tormentor. I threw my arms around his neck as he began his piston like pumping of my tiny frame. His body was slamming into mine and the items on the surface were rocking in time with the vicious fucking I was receiving.

I began screaming at Mike to fuck me harder and harder and he complied, gripping my bum and pulling me forward to meet each thrust. I looked down to see a perfect view of my teen cunt stretched wide over his tool which glistened with my cum and the sight of it going nearly all the way out and then thumping back in to the hilt made me, if it was even possible, even hornier and my orgasm which hadn't ended from before, began growing to another crescendo.

I begged Mike to cum in me quickly, I desperately wanted him to cum with me and I wasn't disappointed. My screams were almost drowned out by the roar from Mike as he unloaded his balls deep inside my body! The eye make-up I had put on earlier was now smeared down my face from the tears of joy, coursing down my cheeks. I collapsed onto Mike's shoulder as we panted together and I expected him to stay there for a while but I felt a sudden disappointment as I felt him slide his still hard prick from me.

As he pulled away he pushed my body back a little and as I was about to protest, he dropped back to my pussy and began to loudly slurp on our combined love juice, lapping at my sopping wet hole. My sensitivity down there was driving me insane but as I tried to stop him, his tongue only went deeper, slurping even harder until his job was done.

When he finally left my pussy alone, I was shaking like a leaf and with an evil little chuckle, he lifted me from the counter and took me, naked, into the back garden.

We weren't overlooked but it still felt a little alien to me. As he sat me down, he popped back into the house, grabbed some drinks and joined me, now also naked, on a sun lounger. I kept looking over my shoulder to the house, panicking that we would be seen and Mike calmed me down, 'Listen baby, firstly, I don't want to stay out here but we both needed a drink.

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Then we should have a quick swim to freshen up and then we can go to our room. How does that sound?' I smiled and gave him a kiss, Then I responded, 'That sounds perfect, just like you!


I just want to be careful that our folks don't catch us!' 'Jeez, you panic way too much Lucy' Mike said teasingly, 'Even if we were shagging, we would hear the car on the gravel and would have plenty of time to get dressed before they came in!' I thought about it for a second, he had a good point so I downed the rest of my drink and ran to the pool and dived in. Mike soon followed and we splashed around in the water for twenty minutes or so until he started to get randy again.

I suggested we took it to somewhere a little less 'outdoors'.

Mike laughed, and agreed. Walking hand in hand with my naked lover felt so right and when we lay down on the bed, our hands never stopped exploring and caressing each other as we kissed. We had opened the window to listen for the crunch of gravel and left the door open to allow a breeze to pass through, the temperature was already in the mid 30's and the room was only going to get hotter.

As we were kissing, I felt Mike reaching over to his bedside drawer.

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As we broke our kiss, he produced a bottle of lube oil and he wiggled his eyebrows at me. I wiggled mine back, knowing what he wanted and turned over, rubbing my bum against the steel rod that was his penis. I heard the cap click open and looked around as he smeared a liberal dose on his cock and then applied some more to his hand which he then placed between my bum cheeks. His finger was soon pushing deep inside me, quickly followed by a second, gently stretching me in preparation for his tool.


I gave a hint that I was ready by pulling him closer by his manhood. It didn't take a big hint!

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He slid slowly into me and when he was fully planted, his oily hands stroked my belly and boobs, giving my whole body a silky sheen. Then, holding me tight, he rolled onto his back, put his legs inside mine, bent his knees and then opened his legs and began to pump.

I was held tight, legs almost painfully spread and he upped the tempo. I was already moaning my pleasure as he instructed me to play with my pussy while he fucked my arse which I was more than happy to do. That full feeling in my bum was so incredible and once again, he had full control of me and I loved hit.

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My head was back on his shoulder I was in a whole other place and was deliriously happy. The only problem was, we were not alone. A pair of eyes stood in the doorway of the bedroom watching us. This was going to change things, forever!