Mom gets to fuck son all day

Mom gets to fuck son all day
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he looked at the broken glass in his hand. the shape was now smooth and rounded, a pale tan in color, and was to call to mind the breast that he was thinking of. quietly he cut a piece of lead came and molded it around the stained glass then set it into place in the window which he was making.

the picture was just beginning to take shape now. a woman was kneeling erect, naked, and playfully giving her large lab a hug it was a good picture.

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the sense of friendship between the two couldn't be mistaken. sue and rex were to be forever united in this art. but the craftsman making the window did not really belong as part of the mix. looking at the hard translucent glass he thought of those soft breasts and that beautiful naked body.


he remembered the first time he had encountered her. it was almost a surprise the first time she emerged from the shower and he was privileged to be there.

beads of water clung to her body and she shown in the morning light coming through the window. he crossed to her and after a glance in her eyes he bent over to dry the water from her.

with towel and tongue she allowed him to touch and then to bend over her for a kiss. he began not on her mouth but on her soft breasts licking the drops of water off. slowly, he swept his tongue around the nipples and over their mounds. first the right and then the left. he took the right nipple and bit down on it with his lips while encircling her with his arms.

sue rose up to push her breasts against him and allow him to further kiss and nip at her neck. drying as he went he felt the soft curve of her back and bent lower to caress her stomach with his tongue. he was in a hurry now and went to his knees to follow down to the flat belly and lower still. upon reaching her downy haired pussy he cupped her ass in his hands and buried his face between her legs.

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his tongue entered the clean scented cleft between her legs. sue let out a little yip as he quickly bit at her swollen clit. teasing her clit and licking all the moisture from her sex he kneaded her soft ass. sue spread her legs for his play. now with one hand reaching up and rolling a nipple between his fingers he took the other hand and started to fuck into that deepest of holes. in and out, up to suck the finger clean of juices and back into her.

sue pulled him into her pussy and ground her hips into his face forcing him to suck and lick without breath to recover and slow the pace. she lay on the bed and waited as he stripped. not taking her eyes off his cock, not large but oh so hard. when he came to her she took it in her hands and stroked gently, softly to savor the feeling of its warmth and hardness.


next, she kissed and then licked the head of his cock. now he was again licking her pussy as she sucked savagely on his cock. not wanting to wait she grabbed it and forcing him to his back she mounted and rammed his cock up into her cunt. sue no longer was in control of herself but was wantonly fucking his cock as hard as she could.

not getting enough she intensified her assault and shortly both began to feel the swelling urges of orgasms. sue shuddered and came with a gasp as he held and squeezed her breasts. just then he too came and filled her cunt with his cum. now, he looks at the glass in front of him, remembering that release and others. it is so hard to feel the flesh in the window which is being created in front of him.

it will be seen by others so there is so much that cannot be interpreted. especially the softness of that cunt as he took the clit in between his lips to suck on it.

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the deep moisture that he could claim from within that long valleyfrom her ass to front. he forced his tongue to go as far as possible entering her vagina and lapping the wetness from it. and he ached to repeat the sex fucking her hard and gentle at the same time. he did realize that there was a rival for her attentions though. the hard glass depicted sue with her arms embracing rex.

rex with a larger hard cock, with a longer wet tongue with the need to please without reward. rex had been present when he first fucked sue and even though he did not realize it sue even then was bitch to his attentions.

when sue told him about rex, she said that it was not intended at first. after looking at videos and relaxing naked in front of her computer, she had been masturbating when rex went upto her and lapped at her pussy. the shock of a large wet tongue on ones' exposed sex can really wake you up. sue tried pushing him off and scolding him. rex did not understand and did not know why sue--his idol-- would deny him this. when sue got over the shock she began to wonder herself why this couldn't be.

quickly it came down to an agreement that rex could lick and she would finger herself to great orgasms. sue did notice that rex was probably the best pussy licker that she had ever had. it became less fair to rex though that sue got all the release and he got none. as a result sue began to hold and play with his cock marveling at its size.

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finally, sue could stand it no more, to be only licked just didn't do it. she took a day when she had time and no one would be around. rex was happy to be with sue at any time, but she could see his mounting excitement when she removed her pants and panties baring her sex to his tongue.

in only a few moments rex began to show pink and as she looked he grew from his sheath to an imposing size. sue was not sure of how to act in this joining but she got down on her hands and knees exposing herself to rex. he quickly became aroused and began to lick her pussy.

sue grew wet and started to pant enjoying the coarse rasping of his tongue on her bare slit. rex did not want to just lick this time though and he lifted putting his paws on her back and brought his now hard swollen red dog cock to sues waiting pussy. this brought a couple of painful stabs as he tried to find the mark.

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now a lab is a big dog and sue is not a big woman. she yelled with quick pain as rex found the mark and entered her. fast, hard, driven rex fucked sue.


she tried to escape crawling forward on her knees as she was being forced by rex. rex for his part continued to follow and fuck, even to the corner. now, sue could go no further and was at the mercy of rex. it wasn't long before he forced his whole large cock into her cunt and held it and her. she could feel the cum shoot into her body, warm and forceful. when he was done rex pulled out with a plop and let a spurt of cum follow spilling onto the floor.

sue was unable to fully experience an orgasm this time but from then on it only got better. as time passed sue and rex explored sex in ways that sue felt could never happen. not content to simply fuck with rex she took him into her mouth and did for him all that she learned to do to the men of her life.

sue felt the soft silky skin of his cock in her mouth and sucked till he came. she let him fuck her hard pushing his cock into her cunt as deep as he could then letting the knot swell tieing her to him. she found that if he missed when he mounted her shooting for her cunt that he could slip and enter into her ass which he also fucked with abandon.

now it seemed that the memories might be all that remained. sue was bitch to rex and he could no longer compete with rex. so he continued to work with the glass.

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ouch! darn now he went and got a cut from that sharp edge. must be a little bit of blood to seal those memories. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------