Anal maravilhoso com comedor de casadas

Anal maravilhoso com comedor de casadas
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This is a rewrite from previous techniques (Parts 1-3). It seems I got a lot of very, ah, degrading comments asking for better writing of the dialogue sections, better punctuation, quotes, etc.

I have revised the entirety of this section to attempt to comply. Constructive comments are greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy. Part 4 I woke up in my truck to a text message notification. It was from Debbie. It said; "Hello slave, I know you are on your way home but I wanted to tell you that I will be at your place on Monday after work." "You will be required to service my needs." I thought, should I call her; no I better not, she may not be able to talk and this conversation is going to get interesting.

I decided to text her back and see how it goes. My reply said this, "Miss Debbie; I would love to see you Monday after work." "I do however; have plans to have dinner with my landlady Sara." "BTW, she asked me to invite you for dinner as well." Holy shit, I thought, how will she respond. "WTF," her reply started out, "Did you tell her about me?" "Why the fuck would you do that." "Are you a fucking idiot?" Yep, I could expect that response.

So I reply. "Miss Debbie, you don't understand." "Sara and her friend heard everything we were doing upstairs even though we closed the bathroom door." "She confronted me and said she was going to talk to her friend at the plant." "Her friend is Marcie, your boss!" "Holy Fuck," she replies. "What the fuck do I do now?" Her next text says. "I am so fucked!" "Sara said that if you come to dinner Monday, she will not talk to anyone until she talks to you." "I think all you have to do is come to dinner and hear what she has to say." "If you do that, I think we will be OK." "You better hope so Jack, I can't afford to fuck this internship up!" She replied.

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"I can't either," I fired back. DEBBIE MEETS SARA I finally got home at midnight Friday after stopping two more times for caffeine. When I arrived, I immediately went up to bed to pass the fuck out. Donna was already home and passed out herself. That's fine with me I thought, I was in no shape to bang and honestly not horny at all. The rest of the weekend was uneventful, sex wise that is. Donna was hung-over and sick on Saturday and we had to meet her parents on Sunday for brunch.

By the time brunch was done and we visited with them for a while, it was time for me to set sail back to my Apartment. Donna asked as I was getting in my truck, "Are you being good out there?" "Of course," I said, "this internship is very important for us and my future." "I have to keep my nose to the grindstone." "Good, and don't forget that," she said. "What do you have planned this week?" I asked. "Well Jenny ended up hooking up with that guy she liked and we are all going to go to dinner on Wednesday." "Who is We," I asked?

"Well," she said, "it will be Jenny and me, meeting Doug and a few of his frat brothers." "Really?" I said. "you're going on a date." "No silly," she replied, "it's not a date." "Jenny just wants me there to back her up in case things go south." "Yeah, whatever you want to call it." I kissed her good-by and drove off knowing what was in store for me when I got back to the house.

No sense in fighting about that if I was headed back to continue my service as a sex slave, I thought. A couple hours into the drive, I get a text. It's from Sara. The text says simply; "u driving?" "Yep," I replied. "Good, what is your ETA," she responds. "I will arrive at the house at approximately 7 or 7:30." She replies, "you may want to stop for dinner because you will miss dinner here and you will need your stamina." "Ok," I reply.

"Ok, what," she writes. Yeah I get it, I thought. So I tap out, "OK Miss Sara." "Better, I'll see you soon," was her last text. I get a call from Debbie and answer. "Thank god you answered," she says, "I have been stressing about this dinner all weekend." "Do you think she is serious about this?" "Do you think she will talk to Marcie?" I said to her, "Debbie, I think all will be fine once she meets you." "She was disappointed with me, and didn't seem to have an issue with you at all." "Why would she have a problem with you?" "Well, she felt that she had to keep an eye on me since my Fiancé was not here." "She is disappointed with me cheating on her." "Fuck," she said, "that will teach me for getting involved with a married man." "Hey, I'm not married yet," I said.

"You might as well be," she replied. "Debbie, I really don't think it's going to be a big deal." "In fact, I think you and Sara will hit it off." "Why do you think that?" she asked. "Well I think you both have a lot in common." "Like what?" she inquires. "Well, for one, you both are pretty dominant personalities." "How is that going to go over though, If we are both dominant?" "I guess you will have to take turns then," I laughed.

Debbie said, "I don't think it's very funny Jack." "Debbie, I really don't think you have to worry I will see her when I get to the house." "If I think there is anything to worry about I will call you, OK?" "OK Jack, you better call me anyway." "OK Debbie," I replied and we hung up. As I drive to Sara's I start thinking about how crazy last Thursday and Friday were. I think about sucking Debbie's twat and start thinking about Friday morning fucking Sara's ass.

My cock begins to bulge in my pants a little. I've gone all weekend with no sex and now I'm starting to feel horny again. I start wondering what Sara has in store for me. It will just be me and her tonight because Lisa went home today. I hope I see her again soon, I thought.

I get to the house and walk up to the stairs with my suit case. Sara heard me drive up and she is waiting at the side door. I took one step on the stairs and I hear Sara call out. "And where do you think you are going Jack?" "I just need to unpack Miss Sara." "I did my laundry while I was home and I was going to put it away." "Perfect," Sara says, "bring it in here." "I have cleared a couple drawers for you in my dresser." "You can unpack them in there and you will not need to leave the house." "But, but what about when your husband comes home," I asked?

"He will be away for the next two weeks so we have plenty of time to put you back in your apartment." Holy crap, she is really serious about this, I thought. I drug my laundry and case into Sara's house and drug it back to her bedroom. "Jack," she says, "are you forgetting something." "No, Miss Sara, I will remove my clothing immediately." "Very good Jack, come out to the kitchen when you are ready." I have some dirty work for you." "Shall I prepare my cock for you Miss Sara?" "That will not be necessary right now Jack but thank you for asking." "Very well Miss Sara," I replied.

I unpacked my clothes and quickly undressed. As I made my way to the kitchen, Sara called out, "Jack?" "Yes Miss Sara, I am coming now." "Oh no you're not," she said with a laugh. I chuckled to myself as well.


I like her banter, she is really quite witty. When I got to the kitchen she handed me an apron and said, "Ok Jack, I want you to wash the dishes in the sink." "You may wear the apron because I do not want you to slop on that beautiful cock." "Thank you Miss Sara." As I put the apron on, Sara started asking me about the weekend.

"So Jack, did you have a nice weekend?" "It was OK Miss Sara," I replied. "Were you able to get your needs satisfied," she asked? "Well, Miss Sara, when I arrived home I didn't have any needs so I just passed out and Saturday, Donna was sick, and then Sunday we had to meet her parents for Brunch." "I had to leave to come back here shortly after that." "Honestly Miss Sara, I did not get horny all weekend until I was on my way back here." "Oh, so you're horny again?" she asked.

"Well I did start to get a bit hard on the way here." "Well, you see Jack, the punishment is working!" "After Friday morning, you were good for a few days." "But it looks like you have much more to endure because you are horny again now." "You will have to be able to last much longer." That was music to my ears, I was thinking.

I like the idea of more work to do! "So have you talked to Debbie since Friday morning?" "Yes I did Miss Sara." "I told her she is invited for dinner here tomorrow." "Excellent Jack, the sooner we deal with that the better." "Well Miss Sara, I told her about dinner this Friday via Text message." "She didn't understand why I told you about her." "I told her you and Lisa could hear us through the air ducts." "Good thinking Jack," she replied.

"Did she handle it well?" "No, not at all Miss Sara." "She has been worried all weekend about what you might do." "In fact, I am supposed to call her tonight and let her know if I talk to you about it." "Perfect, Jack." "Call her now and tell her to come over tonight." "Oh, tonight, Miss Sara?" I asked. "Yep," she said, "no sense in dragging out her suspense any longer." "Just invite her for drinks." "I think she will be glad to know what's going on." "I think you're right Miss Sara." I dialed Debbie's phone and she picked up saying, "so what the fuck is going on?" "Debbie I don't think you have anything to worry about." "Sara wanted to know if you would like to come over for drinks right now?" She stammered a bit, "uh, uh, mm, ok, I guess I can." "Are you sure there is nothing to worry about?" "Yes, I am sure it will all be ok," I replied.

"Ok then, I'm nervous as fuck, but I am on my way." "I'll see you in about 15 minutes." "Ok Debbie, sounds good." When I hung up, Sara told me that I could go get dressed to greet Debbie at the door.

"We don't want to shock her all at once, right?" "Probably not Miss Sara." As I walked past her removing the apron she reached out and grabbed me by my dick. "Just a minute Jack, I have to get a taste of that big prick." She pushed the head of my cock in her mouth and gave it a few bobs.

"mmmm pretty good, thank you Jack, you may continue." I just finished dressing and I heard a car pull up front. I looked at the clock, wow, she got here fast. I can tell she is really worried! I hurried to the front door and peeked through the glass. "Debbie's here Miss Sara." "Good, invite her in and pour her a glass of the wine on the counter." "Try to put her at ease Jack." "Yes Miss Sara," I replied. I opened the door before she had a chance to knock.

Her eyes were bulging with concern. She looked at me as if she was pissed off and nervous all in one. I asked her to come into the kitchen and I handed her a glass of wine. She said, "Jack, I don't think I'm in the mood for wine." "Go ahead and have a glass, you might need a drink." "Why, what's happening?

"Where is this woman?" "Calm down Debbie," I said, It's all going to be cool." "Just have a drink for god's sake." She grabbed the glass and tipped it up for a large gulp. I said, "Sara is in the back, she will be out in a minute." I hear Sara call out as she is walking down the hall, "Is Debbie here yet Jack?" "Yes Miss Sara," I replied. I saw, Debbie's eyes get huge at that response.

Sara came around the corner at that moment and greeted Debbie with open arms and went in for a close hug. "Hello Debbie, I am so glad you could make it tonight." Debbie kept her stair on me with bulging eyes as if she was saying what the fuck? Debbie hesitantly returned her greeting, "hello Sara, nice to meet you." "Oh yes Debbie, I've been looking forward to it all weekend." Debbie continued to look at me and didn't know what to say to Sara. "Let's all have a seat in the living room," Sara suggested.

Debbie and I followed her in and sat down. I sat next to Sara on the couch and Debbie sat across from us in a wing back chair. Debbie has already finished her first glass of wine and set the glass down on the table next to her.

Sara said, "Jack, why don't you get Debbie a refill." "Yes Miss Sara," I said, as I got up to take Debbie's glass." Again, Debbie looked at me with big eyes when she heard this response.


She was really getting worried! I can hear Sara begin talking to Debbie, "Jack said you were worried about meeting me and I wanted to put you at ease as soon as possible." "While this is a serious matter, I am not upset with you at all." Debbie said, "That is a relief to hear Sara, I was very concerned." "Debbie, you see, I promised Jack that I would look after him while he was here and that I would keep him from straying from his Fiancé." I heard this comment as I returned to the Living room and I could see Debbie turn red and look down.

She obviously felt ashamed about our escapades at that moment. "Oh no, Debbie, don't get me wrong." "Jack got with you because he wanted to." "It was his responsibility to resist temptation." "He is a handsome man, so I don't blame you at all." "In fact, at first, I was jealous of you." Debbie wrinkled her brow but began to relax and sat back against the chair.

She was confused now, but not nearly as nervous. Debbie said, "yeah, I thought about all that during the weekend and I felt a little dirty for getting involved." "Sara, we just hit it off so well last week and I thought we would be good friends." "You're right Sara, he didn't do anything to resist temptation." "In fact, he put great effort into hooking up with me." "I can tell you now, that I am not going to repeat that again." "Well," Sara said, "that is where the problem lies." "You see, I am not convinced that Jack has learned his lesson." "How do mean," Debbie asked?

"Well, my friend Lisa had a brilliant Idea on how to teach Jack his lesson about being a cheatin fuck and I wanted to get your help with that." "hm, ok," she said hesitantly, "how can I help?" "How are you going to teach him?" "Interestingly enough, Jack told us about your arrangement with him." Debbie turned red and looked at me. I could tell she was quite angry.

"And just what did he tell you?" She asked in a concerned voice. Sara said, "Oh Debbie, don't be concerned, your arrangement is the basis of his lesson." "Ok," Debbie said, "what is this lesson." "Well, since Jack was caught with his hand in the preverbal cookie jar when he hooked up you, Lisa and I decided that the only way to teach him a lesson is to make him eat cookies until he is sick of them." Debbie looked a little confused and said "huh, what does that mean and how can I help?" Sara said, "if you are willing to participate, you, Lisa, and myself will all be his mistresses and he will be our sex slave until he learns his lesson." "What," Debbie said, "you want me to help punish him as our sex slave?" "Yes Debbie, that is what I am proposing." Immediately, all the tension evaporates from Debbie's posture.

Debbie thinks for a moment and says, "hm Sara, I think I like this idea." "And if it is in effort to teach him a lesson, count me in for sure." "Oh good Debbie," Sara replied.

"Jack was a bit concerned how you would react." "We didn't want to make a federal case of this at the plant." "I absolutely agree, no point in upsetting that apple cart, I will be more than willing to volunteer for such a righteous cause." Debbie was back to her devious self now that she understands why Sara wanted to talk to her.

She was glaring at me with fixed focus now. "Now I understand why he was calling you Miss Sara." "Exactly Debbie, you must have conditioned him well last week." "So Debbie, Lisa and I discussed this arrangement and decided that I will be the Queen and you and Lisa will serve as my captains." "I will rely on both you and Lisa to keep the punishment going when I cannot." "Oh, that will not be a problem Sara," Debbie agreed.

"You just call me when you need me." "Well, that was the other thing I wanted to discuss with you," Sara mentioned. "What is that," asked Debbie? "So Debbie, since I have a spare bedroom here and my husband is away most of the time traveling on business, I asked him if I could help out one of the interns by letting you stay here with me." My eyes just about popped out of my head!

I had no idea that Sara was going to go there! "What? Debbie smiled and asked, "you want me to stay here in your spare bedroom?" "Yes Debbie, I think that will make this process much easier if you were right here." "Oh my, that sounds like a fantastic idea Sara." "I will be glad to get out of that company hose sharing the bathroom and kitchen with everyone." "Yes Debbie, and I cleared it with my friend Marcie, your boss, at the plant." "She said that it would be up to you since your rent was covered by the company anyway." Holy crap, I started thinking, this is going to get serious.

For the next two weeks I will essentially be living with Sara and Debbie, both of whom want to punish me as a sex slave! Again I'm thinking, what am I into now? I have to admit, my cock is growing just thinking of the prospects I can imagine. "Ok then, it's settled" Sara proclaimed. "You can move your stuff over here tomorrow after work." "Awesome," Debbie exclaimed.

"I am so looking forward to this." "Now, there is one basic rule in the house Debbie." Oh, here it comes, I thought. "What is that Sara?" Debbie asked. "Jack is not allowed to wear clothes while in this house." "He must keep his cock on display for our access at any moment." "Sara, I like that rule," Debbie agreed.

"Alright Jack, you know what to do" Sara demanded. "Yes Miss Sara, I will provide my mistresses with access to my cock at all times," I said as I began to undress. Debbie was absolutely grinning ear to ear at this point. I could tell she was looking forward to this arrangement. Sara explained, "Debbie, this slave has been gone all weekend and did not have sex since that Friday morning." Debbie looked confused and questioned, "Friday morning?" "I haven't seen him since Thursday night?" she submitted.

"Well Debbie, after you left, Lisa and I were forced to begin the punishment immediately." "He was required to service both Lisa and I before going to work Friday." "We had already discussed the idea of bringing you on board that night as well." "Lisa and I hoped you would cooperate." "Oh, well of course Sara, the punishment had to be swift and must be severe." "While I have not met Lisa yet, I did hear the two of you enjoying your time together last Thursday night." "Oh, absolutely Debbie, I have a feeling you will like Lisa a lot." "I'm sure I will Debbie agreed.

"Our little audible show was supposed to give Jack something to satisfy himself by." "Oh, I see," said Debbie, "yes, that was really turning me on to." "I'm glad you enjoyed that Debbie because Lisa is coming back next week." "Fantastic Sara, I cannot wait to meet her," Debbie replied. "Alright Jack, go and get your mistresses some more wine." "When you return, we will begin tonight's punishment." "Yes mistresses, I will return shortly for tonight's punishment." While I was in the kitchen, I could hear them talking very softly but I could not make out what they were saying.

The two of them were giggling with almost an evil tone. uh oh, I thought, let the games begin! Upon my return to the living room, the two of them were now sitting side by side on the couch.

I handed the wine to the girls when Sara said sternly as she surveyed my flaccid member, "Now Jack, that is the second time you have presented yourself in poor condition to service your mistresses." "This is just not acceptable and you will have to be punished severely." "Miss Sara, I am sorry I have not met your expectations." "I am ready to receive my punishment." "Debbie," Sara asked, "would you like to begin the punishment?" "I would be happy to Sara, thank you." "Slave, I want you to kneel over the coffee table right there and grab the edges." Once I maneuver into position, I see Sara get up and pick up a riding crop from the corner of the room.

"Here Debbie, I thought this might come in handy tonight!" "Oh perfect Sara, this will work wonderfully." I'm sure my eyes are bulging right now because I knew how Debbie liked to smack my ass. I was about to get it good, I thought. Debbie said to me in a stern voice, "you will have to learn your lesson slave, you must be ready your mistresses when they demand." Smack, I jolt as the crop finds my ass. "Yes Miss Debbie, I did not think," Smack!

I jolted harder this time as Debbie cut me off. "You are not to think slave, only serve." Smack she hit me again.

I muttered, "Yes Miss Debbie." Smack!

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"What did you say slave?" In a louder voice I exclaim, "Yes! Miss Debbie!" "That's better slave." Oddly with the abuse on my ass my cock has begun to come alive. I did, I did like getting my ass beat.

Just then Debbie uses the crop to prod my cock and balls. Oh fuck, that felt awesome I thought. "Well slave, it doesn't look like you are ready yet." Smack, Smack, as I jolted again.

Now my cock is getting much harder and she returns to probing me again. "That is much better slave. You may rise now slave and present yourself to Miss Sara." I jumped up immediately and stood in front of Sara.

She said as she reached out and stroked my cock, "well done Debbie, you really whipped this dick into shape." "Come closer now." She devours my cock as I step in between her legs. Smack! and I jolt forward deeper into Sara's mouth by reflex. Smack! again I react by thrusting deeper. A few more smacks later and I feel my balls begin to boil.

Sara must have felt my cock twitching and backed off. "Ok Debbie, we don't want any accidents now." "Jack told us that he was not allowed to cum without permission." "Debbie replied, that is true Sara, We own his cum now." "We will tell him to cum only if it pleases us!" "Agreed," said Sara.


"Debbie, what can our slave do for you now?" "I think I would like him to bury his tongue in my twat and my asshole." "Oh Debbie," Sara says, "you are a woman after my own heart." "Do you mind if I suck his cock while he does that." "Not at all Sara, be my guest," she replies.

"Oh, but Sara, I tend to make quite the mess when I orgasm, we may want to move to a more appropriate environment." "hm, that sounds good Debbie, lets to my bedroom and have him undress us." "Perfect," Debbie agrees. "Let's go slave, move" Debbie demands. I begin to make for the hall and just as I say "Yes…," Smack, "…Miss Debbie." She hits me one more time.

Once in the bedroom Sara says, "Debbie, you first Hun; I would like to watch him disrobe my sexy captain." "Why thank you Sara she replies." Slave, get behind me and unfasten my jeans." "Push your cock in between my legs while you do." I get close behind Debbie and push my rock hard dick in between the legs of here jeans right up to her mound. Damn, even through her heavy jeans, I can feel moisture already. As soon as I place my dick her legs tighten up on my cock to hold it captive.

Debbie must have dressed to show great modesty because she was wearing comfortable jeans, and loose button up shirt. Her hair was in a pony again. Smack! She reached around with the crop and gave me another hit. My cock pushed deeper between her legs. Oh fuck, if she does this too much she is going to rub my cock raw. "Unfasten them slave; get with it already she demands." I quickly reach around and unfasten her jeans. "Pull them to my knees now," she says.

I start pulling them down around her ass with my cock still held tight. She releases my dick but quickly says; "get that cock back in there once there at my knees." I quickly slide them down and glance over at Sara. She had sat down in the chair and is leaning back beginning to massage her tits right through her form fitting tank.

I could see she was obviously excited as she stared at Debbie. I may as well not even been in the room. Smack! "What is taking so long slave!" "Sorry, Miss Debbie." I stood up and placed my cock back between her legs and she clamped down again.

Smack! I knew that was coming. My cock slid much easier across her moist silk panties. Fuck that felt great. "Now I want you to remove my pony slave." I slid the band out of her hair and she shook her hair forward to cover her chest. "Good slave, now unbutton my blouse under my hair." Holy shit, I thought, she was putting on a show for Sara. Fuck she was teasing her. Sara was eating it up to. Smack! And my cock slides inward against her wet panties again.

"On with it slave." I reach up under her hair and start unbuttoning from the top down. I reach the bottom, and she says softly, "you may slide the blouse off me now and then release my bra." The blouse slides down between us and hangs on my cock and her ass. The silk feels great on my skin. I reach up to unclasp her bra and it falls to the floor. Sara is in the chair and reaching between her legs and rubbing her mound through the grey running shorts she was wearing.

Her pussy has already made a sizeable stain in the front. Smack! Debbie hit me one more time and released her grip on my cock.

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She immediately turned to face me as the shirt fell to the floor across my cock. "Pull my jeans off slave," she demanded. I dropped to my knees to pull them off her feet and tossed them aside. Sara was staring at Debbie's ass and going to town on her pussy and tits.

"Very good slave, you may attend to Miss Sara now." Sara's eyes lit up as she gave me the come hither finger. I started to get up and she stopped and said "nope, crawl to me boy." "Yes Miss Sara," I said, "I am yours to command." "Very good Jack, while you are down there slide my shorts off of my legs." She moved her hips off the chair to allow them to slide under her ass. Quickly they were off and tossed aside.

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I could smell the sweet melon pussy I remembered from last week. Fuck this is hot, I'm thinking. Sara stands up in front of my face and tells me to burry my face in her panties. Gladly I push my face nose first into that lovely wet spot as I inhale deeply. Smack! Debbie hits me from behind causing me to push even harder against Sara's pussy and demands, "get that face in there slave." "Miss Sara told you to bury it." Sara smiles big and moans while I continue to push my face into her.

"Get up now Jack," Sara says pulling my ears upward. "Pull my shirt off now and burry that wet nose in my cleavage." With a quick motion, her shirt is off exposing her huge bra and ample cleavage.

I reach behind her to release her tits. She pushes her tits together as her bra falls away and I drive in nose first again. "Oh god, I love this face in my tits," she says as she shakes from side to side. You do it now Jack, push my tits onto your face and pinch my nipple while you do. I grab two handfuls of tits and start pinching and mashing.

Smack! Debbie says, "mash those tits harder slave." You must do as your mistress asks." "Yes, Miss Debbie," I try to say with a face full of tits. "Better slave." "Put a tit nipple in your mouth while I smack you again." Smack!

This time she hits my shoulder pushing my face onto her nipple harder. Sara moans hard. She is liking Debbie's help.

"Ok Jack, Debbie and I are going to lie on the bed." "You are going to put that cock in my mouth while you service her pussy and ass." I jump onto the bed and straddle Sara's head and bend down to approach Debbie from behind. Debbie is reaching under her pussy with the crop as I descend on her asshole. From beneath, Sara is stroking my cock toward her face and then devours the head.

I push into Debbie's ass with my tongue directly on her hole. She comes around with the crop onto my shoulder and pushes me closer with it. I know she is going to&hellip.

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Smack! I knew it! my tongue darted right into her asshole with the jolt. She moans loudly. "Oh yeah, that's it." Smack! and she gasps as I penetrate again. "Give me that tongue Jack, shove it in deep." "I'll smack you if I have to!" Smack! my tongue is up to my teeth in her ass licking inside her hole.

She moves the crop around to her clit and starts rubbing. Her hips start rolling against my face and she starts panting wildly. "Oh Fuck, I'm gona cum," she says and then Smack! She slammed the crop against her own ass. Smack!

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Smack! two more times and her pussy starts basting both Sara and I. Smack! Every time she smacks herself, she squirts again.

Debbie falls forward when her legs just give out from the orgasm. Sara, pulls my cock from her squirt soaked face and laughs, "awesome Debbie, that was fucking awesome hun." She liked it as much as I did, wow.

Sara pats me on the ass to move. I roll over on the bed and look at Sara. Her hair and her face are soaked. She wipes her cheeks with her fingers and licks them. "mmmm yummy Debbie, that's nice she says." She wipes some off her tits and rubs it on my cock. "Very nice," she repeats. Debbie, rolls over after catching her breath and says, "sorry Sara, I should have warned you." "Oh no Debbie, that was hot." "I enjoyed that very much" as she continued to rub my cock.

"Do you mind If I ride this cock now Debbie," Sara says. "Of course not Sara, gitty up" she fires back. In a second, Sara straddles my waist and slides down on my prick. She starts riding hard really quick. "Oh fuck that's good, yeah, fuck," she grunts. As I'm lying there looking up at Sara's tits bouncing every which way. Debbie lowers her pussy to my face. "Time for my cunt to get your tongue now slave." Open your mouth wide and swallow my clit and push your tongue in my hole." Get it in there deep Jack, I am going to drown you this time." She pushes her mound down on my face hard and my tongue goes to work searching for her hole.

My upper lip is rubbing her giant clit. Even my teeth are brushing against it she is smothering me with her twat. Immediately, she starts rolling her hips and panting again. I know she is going to squirt right into my mouth this time. She may just drown me, I'm thinking. Sara is pouncing on my dick and yelling "oh fuck here it cums! Oh god, Oh god," and she shakes violently squeezing my cock with her pussy just as Debbie blasts a load of squirt right down my throat.

I start gagging and coughing and she moves away shaking and bucking. Both Debbie and Sara roll down on the bed side by side while I try to recover from the infusion from Debbie. Debbie pipes up, "now you know how it feels when you cum in a girls mouth slave." Wow, that almost was punishment, I thought, but fuck it was hot! "So what do you think Debbie, is that enough for tonight," Sara asked?

"Nope, not quite yet," Debbie replies. "I want that cock in my little asshole." "Oh, OK Debbie, he's all yours, I got a good fuck in already." "Are you ready slave," Debbie asks. "I am always ready to put my cock in your tight ass Mis Debbie." "Good slave, Sara will help you." "Why sure Debbie, how might I be of assistance?" she asks. "Just as slave is ready to penetrate my ass, I want you to smack his ass hard with the crop." "Oh absolutely, my pleasure," Sara replies.

Debbie gets on her knees and I position behind her. Sara reaches down between her legs to moisten her hand. She slides her juices on my shaft and head to lube it up. She does it once more and slathers it on Debbie's asshole. She grabs the crop with one hand and my cock with the other. Debbie looks back and says, "perfect Sara, drive his dick in my ass like a nail." Sara looks at me and winks as she presses my head against Debbie's hole. Smack! My head pushes right into Debbie's hole in a flash.

She gasps quickly, "Oh fuck that's good." Smack! Smack! My cock gets even harder and deeper in Debbie's ass. Debbie yells, "fuck yeah! Hammer that nail Sara." Smack!

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Smack! Two more times and my cock is buried fully in her ass. She pushes back against my hips and starts rocking and fucking my cock hard.

Smack! "Fuck yeah, I'm cuming she says." "Smack my ass now Sara," Debbie yells. Smack! and Debbie's twat unleashes a huge squirt and she grunts really fucking loud. Smack! Smack! two more squirts and her legs are shaking now and she falls forward off my cock. "Holy fuck," Debbie says, "that was the best ass fucking I have ever had!" "Holy shit, I will have to do that again" she added.

"That was awesome Debbie," Sara exclaimed. "I love getting my ass fucked as well, I think I might like it too." Sara and Debbie lie down together again and bump fists. I am kneeling there now and beginning to feel the welts from the crop. Good thing they didn't do this before I went home. You just can't explain these welts I thought.

"Now I'm finished," Debbie said. "I need to get back and start packing my clothes." "I am so excited to move in tomorrow." "Good Debbie, I so look forward to having you," Sara winks at Debbie.

With a big grin, Debbie dresses and leaves. "You have done well tonight Jack." "Your Mistresses are pleased." "Miss Sara, do you think I can have a reward?" "hmm," she replies, "I am not sure about that." "What do you have in mind?" "Well, it has been a while since I have even jacked off." "Do you think I could blow my load Miss Sara?" "You want to fuck me again Jack?" she asked.

"If it pleases my mistress, yes!" "I will tell you what Jack, I will let you fuck my tittles and cum in my mouth." "I could use a real stiff drink!" "Oh Miss Sara! I said excitedly, that would be amazing." "I love those beautiful tits." "Ok Jack, come on up here and give me that dick." She reaches to the bed stand for some lotion and slathers it on her tits.

"I like this lotion Jack, it tastes like melons." "mmm, just like your pussy tastes Miss Sara." She pushed her tits together and said, "come on Jack fuck these bid d's hard and cum in my wanting mouth." I started pumping into her cleavage. The slick feeling and smell of the lotion was amazing. The touch of her wet lips and tongue with each stroke was teasing my prick.

The friction of my balls on her ribs started to spark a load down deep in them. Every time I pushed into her mouth she would suck hard on the head and lick the tip. I pushed even faster and felt my balls boiling. I knew it wouldn't be long. A few more pumps and my cock was pulsating with cum up through my shaft and I pushed into her waiting mouth.

My cum splashed into her mouth over and over. It felt like a gallon of cum pumping into her mouth. She kept swallowing and swallowing. Finally my cock stopped pumping cum and Sara licked that last few drop from my head.

"mmm that was good Jack, a good stiff drink," she laughed.

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"Thank you Miss Sara, fucking your tits was just dreamy." "Good Jack, we better get some rest now, it will be a long day and night tomorrow." "Yes Miss Sara, I will be ready for my mistresses tomorrow." "Good Jack, now spoon that cock against my ass again." "Sweet Dreams my mistress," I said.

"You too Jack," she said as we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning I actually woke up before Sara. I definitely had morning wood. I rolled toward sleeping Sara and pushed my cock against her ass gently. She stirred a bit and turned toward me. "I see you have learned to be prepared for your mistress." "Yes Miss Sara, I am ready for your command now." "Very good, She said, put that cock in my pussy Jack." "I would like you to fuck me without cumming." "I do not want you to cum at all this morning." "You will have to wait." "Yes, Miss Sara, I will not cum this morning." I climbed between her legs and guided my cock into her already wet lips.

Damn, is she constantly wet, I wondered? I pushed my pelvis down tight against hers to keep pressure on her clit while I began to thrust my cock deeper and deeper. She began moaning quickly as I entered and slid my shaft inside. "Yeah, fuck me Jack, push that hard cock inside me." I continued the rhythm for minutes and she grabbed my hips and said, "faster Jack, Harder Jack, fuck me." I started to push my hips deeper and faster.

Oh fuck, I'm thinking, I am really close to cuming now. I hope she goes soon. Thank god, I thought, she started to buck her hips and pant. She is cuming I thought. "Come on Jack, fuck me she said." "I am so close." Oh shit, I'm not going to make it, I thought. Oh fuck, what do I do? "Fuck me Jack," she yelled, "here it comes." I keep pushing hard and fast and I can feel my load leaving my balls just as her pussy convulses on my dick.

I pulled out of her twat and my cum shot up onto her tits and stomach. A moment later, Sara realizes what I had done.

She got her orgasm but I was bad, I came. She glared at me and said, "oh Jack, what did you just do?" "Miss Sara, I…," she cut me off. "Stop, I do not want to hear from you right now!" "I told you specifically not to cum this morning." "I, I&hellip. "Shut it!" she interrupted again. "You will have to be punished for this Jack." "Debbie and I will have to deal with this severely." "Get your shower and get to work." "We will discuss this tonight!" "Yes Miss Sara," I said softly and left the room.

DEBBIE'S ARRIVAL Later that morning I saw a text from Debbie that said; "You did very well last night." "I am more than happy with the way things worked out!" "I am going to enjoy teaching you this lesson." I just thought, yeah, well we will see what she does when she hears about this morning.

She invented that rule. There is going to be hell to pay! And, fuck, my cock was getting hard again just thinking about it. PLEASE COMMENT!!! THANK YOU!