Cockriding goth whore banged in closeup

Cockriding goth whore banged in closeup
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THE PROFESSOR'S DAUGHTER--Part IV Bedtime Stories My old professors daughter Stephanie is a just turned 18-year-old knockout. She has cutest face you have ever seen and a slim Korean-Caucasian-mix body with a tight, petite Asian frame. She's slim, quite tall and athletic (toned by ballet and gymnastics) with a nicely rounded firm ass and small but very firm tits. In my opinion Stephanie's body is flawless. While her breasts are on the smallish side larger ones might look unnatural on her very slender and toned, petite Asian frame.

Stephanie has been staying in my guesthouse for the summer working at an intern job with a medical device company to prepare for university. Unknown to me she concocted a plan to seduce me and lose her virginity. To this end Stephanie teased and flirted with me for over six-weeks. Finally, my resistance crumbled and she bedded me. Now Stephanie wants to learn everything she can about sex and she has selected me as her teacher.

Well, over the next three weeks or so Stephanie's curiosity about sex was insatiable. She kept quizzing me about what my fantasies were? What did I like most in bed? What did men like women to do for them sexually? What kind of clothes turned me on the most? At first I was reluctant and a bit reserved, feeling she was only 18 and might find my thoughts a bit kinky.

Each night however we would have phenomenal marathon sessions of sex and afterwards she would quiz me more and more about sex. As a result of her coy and flirtatious persistence ("Don't be shy Rob. C'mon tell me what you want. If you tell me I might do it.") I started to open up.

She asked if girls should be "slutty" in bed, or should they be "the girl next door" type? What turned men on more she would ask. Did I fantasize about being tied-up?

Did I ever do it with two girls at once? Did I like lingerie? Did I like her boobs? Were they too small? What did I think of her ass? Was it too big/small?? Did guys like fucking better or BJ's? Would I like her to shave her pussy? Stephanie had endless questions. It turns out that not only was Stephanie beautiful and bright, but she was also a very resourceful and imaginative 18 year-old.

One evening I was up in my study and Stephanie showed up after dinner dressed in a blue and white cheerleader outfit, a short blue pleated mini-skirt, white knee socks—the whole cheerleading outfit. She proceeded to do a sassy little cheer, sticking her butt out and grinding her hips. My cock, needless to say, responded by getting very hard and she then led me by the hand to the bedroom. Inside she had set up some music on her iPod and did a striptease for me.

She kept on her light blue bra and panties and pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to give me a fantastic blowjob. Her technique was very good now and she slowly brought me to a huge orgasm alternating between strong sucking and gentle strokes and tongue swirls. This girl was learning fast. The other time I thought was truly incredible was the night she dressed up as a "high school girl" in her east coast private girls school uniform. She put her hair in cute pigtails that made her look like she was in grade 9 or 10.

She had on black and white saddle shoes with knee high white stockings. Her skirt was a red tartan pleated mini and she had on a tight fitting crisp white blouse. Not only did she dress up for me, but she made up an entire fantasy "story" for me. She led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed and then she put a blindfold on me with one of her scarves.

She told me to put my arms to the side and not to move as she undid my pants and she began whispering in my ear. "You're not Rob, you're Dave. You're a teacher at a private girls high school.

You've been put in charge of the junior varsity girls cheer squad. These girls are in grade 9 and 10. You're a man, you just can't help it, but you're hot for these young nubile girls." Stephanie's hand reached inside my pants and she could tell by rubbing my cock that the story was getting me hard and horny.


She giggled knowing the effect her story was having. She continued, her warm breath and moist lips against my ear, "Kim is the captain of the team. She has a very tight grade 10 body with small firm tits and a small hard butt and you want to fuck her so badly, but obviously you can't, she's too young. The cheers are not working. It's Friday and Kim suggests coming to your house to work on the cheers after school.

Her parents are away on a trip and she has time she says. You head home after school with a pack of science papers to grade. Kim shows up later at your house dressed in her school uniform, her long hair in pigtails&hellip.she looks young and hot&hellip.a red tartan mini-skirt&hellip.a tight white blouse. She looks different though? At school Kim wears no make up, but now her lips are glistening a shimmering pink and she has on eye shadow.

As she moves past you at the door you smell the perfume. Your mind is a swirl? Why the make up? Why the perfume. Kim sits close to you on the sofa to look over the cheer booklet. You can smell her perfume. Her budding pert teen breasts are only inches from you pushing hard against her too tight white blouse. Two points hint at her hard nipples hiding underneath. She has undone two buttons on her blouse so you can sometimes glimpse the tops of her breasts and the white lace of her push up bra as you talk about cheers." Oh fuck I was getting horny from Stephanie's story and nothing had even happened yet.

Stephanie pulled my pants down so my cock was tenting in my boxers. She straddled me and leaned her lips right against my ear. "Shall I continue with the story, or are you bored?" I nodded my head anxiously for her to continue. "If I continue do you promise to be a good boy and not fuck Kim until I say so?" I nodded again. "Say it Dave. Say I promise." I nodded again and said "I promise" in a weak voice. I needed Stephanie so bad right now. My cock was throbbing and pulsing, engorged with blood and I had tight painful balls.

I needed release badly and wanted to roll Stephanie over and just push inside her tight pussy, but I resisted, I wanted to hear the rest of the story. "Well Dave…" Stephanie continued, "Unknown to you Kim has a crush on you. She wants to tease you tonight. She wants you, but she's a virgin and she's shy and scared.

She's going to see how far she can go. Kim has butterflies in her stomach she is so nervous, but her pussy is aching to be touched by you. She wants to try to seduce you. After looking at the cheer charts for awhile Kim rubs her neck and sighs in mock pain.

You ask what's wrong and she tells you she is sore from the cheerleading work out. Kim makes her first move. She asks if you can rub her neck and shoulders.

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You agree thinking she is an innocent 15 year-old and there can be no harm. Kim undoes another two buttons and pulls her blouse down off her shoulders. You start to rub her long, slender, sexy neck and shoulders, pushing her silky hair out of the way. Dave you are entranced by her alabaster skin so smooth and soft that your fingers are trembling with desire. Looking over her shoulders you can now clearly see the swelling tops of her small breasts, pushed high up by her white lace demi-cup bra.

She is beyond beautiful; the innocence in her face is breathtaking." Stephanie starts to undo the buttons on my shirt and drag her nails over my chest, tweaking my nipples now and then. My cock is truly in a desperate state now, fully engorged with blood and rock hard.

This fantasy of Kim has now taken over my mind and I can think of nothing except fucking this imaginary teen. Stephanie whispers, "Kim makes her second move, leaning her head back against your chest and pushing her breasts out at the same time forcing your hands forward on her shoulders.

She looks sideways and upwards at you with her large almond shaped eyes and her sparkling sexy smile. Her eyelids droop and she tells you your hands feel so good, can you massage some more. She undoes another button on her blouse so, she says, you can "rub my neck better".

Now her bra is almost fully visible. Dave, your cock is so hard.

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Kim shifts her body directly in front of you on the sofa and puts her bum between your now spread legs. She places her hands on your inner thighs on each side and they tingle with electric shock at her touch.

This will be more comfortable for you she says. Her bum pushes back into you. Your mind is a swirl&hellip.Kim must feel your pulsing cock pushing against her firm 15 year-old ass? She sighs. You try to resist, but you can't help yourself. Her blouse falls open further and you pretend to let your hands slip forward so you can feel the tops of her breasts. You wait, almost breathless, to see if she will bolt away or slap you. Kim relaxes further and pushes back against your body.

Your fingers move in small circles, inching slowly down her breasts towards the lace of her bra. Your heart is beating so fast, you're so nervous. This young girl, her perfect tight body warm and supple under your fingers, is pure temptation. You are so aroused Dave that it is beyond your control. Kim with feminine instinct makes her final move to seduce you." Stephanie drags her fingers down my chest towards my thumping cock.

She rubs my cock lightly on the outside of my underwear. It thumps in reply. "How's my story? Shall I finish it or shall we just go to bed now? You don't really want to fuck a 15 year-old do you?

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Is this really one of your fantasies or shall I stop?" I nodded for her to continue. Then she made me plead for her to continue. She made me admit that I did want to fuck a 15 year-old. Stephanie continues her story, "Kim undoes the rest of her blouse. She says, well you've seen us all in sports bras in practice and you can't massage my neck with this blouse on.

Now her small breasts are there in front of you with only a delicate white lace bra stopping you. Your fingers are less than one inch from the lace edge. Her warm skin intoxicates you. Her perfume makes you dizzy.


Dave you move your hands further and she leans back into your chest closing her eyes, subtly encouraging you to go further. Your fingers touch the edge of the white lace.

You stop, your heart is pounding.

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You await Kim's reaction. Her chest rises and falls gently with her breathing, but her eyes stay closed. No reaction. Unknown to you Kim's heart is also pounding furiously. She can feel every centimeter that your fingers move forward. Her nipples are now hard and erect in anticipation of your touch. Her pussy juices are starting to flow and her stomach butterflies are dancing. She is desperately trying to control her crush on you.

She wants to turn in your arms and kiss you, to feel your lips on hers, to devour you. She is a 15 year-old teenage girl, a virgin, but tonight she wants to become a young woman.

She smiles coyly; it was easier than she thought. Your fingers move just under the lace. Still she says nothing. Her eyes remain shut. Kim shifts her bum sideways and her right hand lightly rubs your inner thigh only centimeters from your now fully hard cock. If she moves her hand only slightly she will feel your need and you will have no way to explain it away. Your head is dizzy…you don't know what to do.

Kim pushes back harder against your chest and her hair is now against your nose, her perfume overtakes you. Her pushing back causes your fingers to move further down her chest and you can now feel her erect nipples lightly touching your fingers. This is too much. You rationalize it. We will only pet a little you say to yourself.

I won't fuck her. I can't. She's only 15 you tell yourself. You let your thumb and forefinger grasp each nipple very, very lightly still waiting to see if Kim will stop you. She arches her back, pushing her breasts into your hands and lets out a light sigh. Her eyes are still closed. You press lightly on each nipple. Kim moans in response and her head twists and she pushes her lips up. Your head looks down and as if in a trance your lips move down and meet Kim's to melt into a passionate kiss." At this point Stephanie kisses me lying on the bed, or is it Kim?

I am confused and I am really starting to lose control, but I desperately want to hear the rest of the story.

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I'm so aroused. "Kim's hand brushes over your cock Dave and she can feel the swell. Kim asks, Did I do this Dave? You nod. Her body turns into you and you continue kissing. You lay Kim out on the big sofa and your lips move to her small pink nipples sucking on these erect little nibs. Meanwhile, Kim's small slender hands pull at your belt and pants. The two of you are now in a frenzy of need. Kim is calling out your name.

Your lips are sucking on the finest little pert 15 year old breasts you have ever seen and the young girl you have been fantasizing about is below you.

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You find the zipper on the side of her skirt and pull it down. Dave, you push the skirt away revealing a delicate white thong panty. Your lips move down Kim's firm toned belly. You meet her panty and use your lips to push it aside while your fingers tease Kim's nipples. Kim is moaning repeatedly now and pushing her hips up towards your lips. Your touch has released a dormant female need and she is desperate for more.

Your tongue finds her pussy lips already glistening with slick juices. Your tongue penetrates slightly and she trembles and grabs your head; her fingernails digging into your scalp frantically as the spasm of pleasure wave over her teen body. This is her first time with a man.

You start to flick your tongue and find her clit. The effect is electric. You build her slowly and slide your tongue in and out, swirling it around her clit. Her hands grip your head pushing your lips harder against her womanhood. She cries out. Her hips thrust up. You can hardly hold on. Kim has her first orgasm. Now Kim rolls and flips you so you are lying on the sofa.

She looks down at you her eyes as if in a glaze. The orgasm has stunned her.

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She eagerly pulls your pants away and reveals the huge swelled cock. Kim straddles you Dave and begins to rub her lubed and slick pussy lips against the length of your eight inch cock." At this stage in the story Stephanie begins to rub her pussy along my cock as if she is Kim in the story. Stephanie's juices are running and my cock is soon coated in her slick cream.

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Stephanie reaches down and pulls off my blindfold. I look up and there she is straddling me in a white lace bra, red tartan mini skirt, white knee sock. Is it Kim? Is it Stephanie?

I am in a daze, I don't know, but I want it to be Kim. Stephanie continues, "Dave, you tell Kim, "No Kim, we can't do this. We can only kiss. I'm too old for you. It's not right." Kim only smiles and reaches down positioning your cock at the entrance to her tight virgin pussy. Your mind tells you to pull away Dave, but you are in her spell and you can't move." Stephanie, matching her story, takes my cock and places it at the entrance to her tight 18 year-old pussy.

"Dave, this is your fantasy…you don't really want Kim to stop do you?" I nod my head "No". Say it Dave. Say you want Kim to continue, say you want to fuck her, to fuck a 15 year-old." I nod and say it. Stephanie eases her hips forwards and pushes down, pushing my cock into her pussy ever so slowly. It's so wet my cock slides in easily even though Kim, I mean Stephanie, is super tight.


Stephanie finally gets me all inside and starts to rock her hips in a slow gentle rhythm. She throws her head back, biting her lower lip as her orgasm starts to build. Stephanie's story about Kim has taken me to an incredible point of total sexual tension. My hips push up to get my cock as deep into her pussy as I can. My hands reach up and roll her erect nipples. Is it Kim? Is it Stephanie? I'm lost, but to me she is Kim. "Dave. You're now inside her. You're inside Kim that little 15 year-old nymphet that you have been masturbating over for the past year.

Her pussy is so tight isn't it Dave. Her breasts are so small and firm." As she tells the story Stephanie increases the pace of her hips and thrusts faster and faster. We are both at the point of no return and she collapses onto my chest. Her hips thrash against me uncontrollably as Kim, I mean Stephanie, explodes in orgasm. My hips shift up and I grab her as hard as I can as my come explodes into her tight pussy. I can feel the pussy walls grabbing at my cock.

We both collapse in release. Stephanie looks down at me giggling lightly. She's happy and smiles and asks how I liked her "bedtime story". I tell her it is probably the most erotic time I have ever spent and I can't believe she is only 18 and was able to play with my mind like that. Clearly this girl is something special, but she's been taking the initiative and I'm still no closer to penetrating her bum. I need to take control. TO BE CONTINUED……………