Bang tidy Sophie plays with herself

Bang tidy Sophie plays with herself
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A rapist at 14 #3 My most recent rape before I turned seventeen happened by accident. There was a black girl in my history class that had the most magnificent ass I had ever seen in my 16 years. She was about 5'6" and about 120lbs. She didn't have very big tits but the tight skirts and jeans showed off her beautiful assand with her upturned big butt you never noticed anything else but her ass. She was slightly plump Her only problem was she had a mouth like a sewer.

Every other word was fuck or some other superlative. This particular night I had to stay late after school because I had missed a class and got detention because I had no excuse for it. She was there too because of her foul language she had used in class andhera teacher gave her detention because of it.

While there she was cursing under her breathe about missing basketball practice. It was almost five o'clock when we left. She said, "shit I guess I'll have to practice by myself, everyone will be gone by now. On impulse I went to my locker and got my tape gloves and mask.

I waited until about six pm and then walked over to the girl's gym. I peeked in and looked around. One of the gym teachers was in her office. I checked the woman's locker room and didn't see anyone.

I then looked into the gym and she was just finishing practice. She had on her gym clothes so I waited for her to go into the locker room and followed her in.

As she was undressing to take a shower the gym teacher came in and told her she had to leave and since everyone was gone she would fix the door so it would lock when she left. Lilly (that was her name) said Ok, Mrs. Brown. I waited till I was sure the teacher was gone. I watched Lilly taking a shower for a few minutes.


She spent quit a bit of time soaping her pussy and ass. While she was rinsing off I put on my gloves and mask and took out the tape and tore off a piece big enough to cover her mouth. I took my big pocket knife and opened the blade. I snuck up behind her just as she turned off the shower. I grabbed her around the head and bent her backwards and put the knife to her throat and told her if she screamed I'd cut her throat.

She nodded she understood and I put the tape over her mouth telling her to put her arms together. I tapped her wrists together and then I grabbed her by the hair and took her to a far corner of the locker room. I made her bend over a table that had a bunch of towels on it. I put my hands between her legs and felt her pussy.

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The hair around it was stiff like a brillow pad. When I shoved my finger into her pussy it opened up and I was able to get all four fingers in. I could tell she had been fucking someone with a big dick as I vigorously finger fucked her.

I shoved my cock into her and began to pump in and out of her doggy fashion. I used her pussy juice that I had gotten while finger fucking her and massaged it into her ass.

As soon as my dick was good and wet I shoved it hard up her ass. She let out a shriek through the tape and her sphincter muscle tightened around my cock and boy was she tight.

I fucked that beautiful creamy black ass as hard and ass fast as I could. She was squirming and trying to pull me out of her. I gave her a cuff on the back of her head and told her to hold still. After about five minutes I shot a load of sperm deep into her ass. I heard her moan as she felt my cum squirt up into her. I had a little shit on my dick when I took it out so I took her by the hair over to one of the showers and found a handicap shower, one that had a nozzle.

I took the head off and shoved about five inches of the hose up her ass and turned on the shower.


I saw her eyes bulge as the water must have filled her clear up into her colon. I took it out and a whole lot of water and shit came pouring out of her ass.

I stuck it back in and held it there for about three minutes until only clear water came out. Then I stuck it up her pussy and filled her up. I pointed the hard spray at her clit and held it there. I kept going from inside her cunt to her clit with the spray.

Suddenly I felt her legs go limp and new she had had a climax from the water spray.

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I soaped her ass and bent her over shoving my now hard cock back into her ass. I fucked her bent over like that and kept shoving her back toward the table with each inward stroke.

I fucked her and fucked her I just couldn't seem to get enough of her sexy black ass. The inside of her ass cavity was as smooth as velvet. The walls of her ass gripped my cock like a glove and I was sorry my dick wasn't bigger so I could go even deeper.

However she was taking all I could give her with ease. I finally came after about forty five minutes.

I looked at my watch and thought I better turn out the lights or someone will think there was someone still in the gym. I told her not to move or I would cut her. I turned off the gym lights except for the one in the shower. I noticed that my shoes were wet and made footmarks on the floor.

I took a towel and wiped up all the prints. After about half an hour I began to play with her tits. Her areolas were very large and black and she had very large purple nipples for a having such small tits and so young.

Her skin was a beautiful smooth light chocolate color. I laid her on her back and began to suck her nipples. First one then the other always kneading the one I wasn't sucking on. I could put almost all of her breast into my mouth. I sucked on her breasts for about half an hour until she was really breathing hard. I spread her legs and put my head between her legs and began to suck on her pussy lips.

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I stuck my tongue into her and her vulva opened up and I put half my face into her pussy and licked and pummeled her clit with my tongue. She had a pretty good sized clit about three quarters of an inch long and about a quarter inch around like a miniature dick.

I sucked on her clit for awhile until she had cum several times. My chin was getting a rash from her wiry cunt hair.

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Finally I slid up to her ear and whispered in my practice growl that I thought she had had a big dick fucking her for a long time and someone has been sucking your clit a lot haven't they. She looked at me kind of wide eyed.

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I raised her legs and began to fuck her hairy pussy. I could tell after awhile that I probably would not be able to cum again or it would take me a long time before I would. I fucked her awhile in the pussy and then her ass and then back to her pussy and then again in her ass. She was getting to where she could climax both from my fucking her pussy and her ass. Also based on her moaning she was really starting to like being fucked in her ass. I fucked her like that for over an hour. My dick was starting to get a little sore just when I felt that feeling in my balls.

I asked her if she took birth control pills and she shook her head no, so I pulled out of her cunt and shoved my cock in her ass. After about a minute I came deep in her ass cavity.

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We laid there with my cock in her ass and it took me a long time to go completely soft and slip out of her. I tied her hands to a locker and left her there naked as a jay bird. The next day it was all over school how Lilly was found naked in the gym and that she had been raped. The word was they were looking for a janitor that had been fired the previous week. She didn't come to school until the following Monday and until the end of the semester I sat in that class and every time I looked at her ass I remembered how good it felt with my cock up that lovely smooth black ass.

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