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Initially Ash and I didn't want to go. The very concept seemed. Creepy. However, just like so many of our prior lifestyle prejudices, we couldn't have been more wrong. We just needed new mentors to help us along the way. ------------- Sharon is very bright. Mensa bright. Her persuasiveness is only outmatched by her persistence.

That meant she and I were going to have many bizarre conversations. similar to this one. "Jim, you and Ash have to come to our club. She's going to love it and I bet you'll be surprised how we are affecting people there. You've been counselors. You, of all people, should understand how masturbation sets our sexual identity and inhibitions. And yet you won't even come check it out. I just don't understand your resistance.

How about this? You both get in free. Can I put you down for Saturday or are you still too much of a wimp? What's it gunna take?" "Sharon. How many guys did you say will be there? Ahh. 50? 100? All standing around watching each other jack off? No thanks babe! But you can tell me this.

How the hell do you get that many guys to pay you so they can come watch each other stroke themselves?" "Geezus Jim! That's why you need to come and see. None of the guys are paying much attention to each other. They are all busy watching the women play in the middle of the room. It's fucking hot. And it will be for you too! Ash will love being part of those scenes, playing with guys, playing with women and being the object of desire for so many men at the same time.

Come to think of it. that might be too intense for you, but I know Ashley pretty well and I KNOW she will love it. Are you going to deny her that much fun just because of your masturbation hang-ups?

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Hell, I bet the whole event might even help someone like you. Or. if you are just too chicken, just stay home and let her tell ya all about it afterwards!" "Sharon my goofy dear.

who said I had any masturbation hang-ups?" "Jim. do you and Ashley ever masturbate in front of each other? Have you ever watched her? More importantly, has she ever watched you?

When was the last time you've done that together?" "Well, we never have." "OH MY GOD! Why not? Because you are too ashamed? Because you've hidden it all your life? Please tell me you don't still feel guilty about stroking yourself!

I bet you are too embarrassed to admit to Ash that you get yourself off! Married over 20 damn years, and still hiding it! And I thought you were evolved. Fuck! We're gunna fix that!

You are coming this weekend!" "Sharon, now just hold on a damn minute! Masturbation is great but it's just not that big a deal with us. We get each other off instead almost everyday!" "No big deal? Liar! Well how many times a day do you masturbate?


And be honest Jim!" "Per day? Not everyday" "Ok. How many times per week?" "Several, maybe." "And I'm sure she does too, probably more than you, and if you'll be really honest I bet you average close to once per day!" "I doubt that but I never keep track. How many times per day do you, my sexy little friend.

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do the deed?" "Oh, I'm sure at least six. Sometimes twice that." "At least six per day? Sharon, you've got to be kidding.


Nobody does it that much. You're way too busy all day for that anyway. How could you even find the time?" "Jim. Do you get headaches? Don't answer that. I already know you do almost everyday. Sun headaches from being outside right? What do you take for them?" "Ibuprofen." "That's not good to take everyday. It will mess up your GI tract! I get headaches and neck aches and back aches everyday. I'm at a computer screen all day and talking with party applicants and members for hours on end.

We get into some pretty serious sexual issues. It's stressful but I never take medicine for relief. In between calls, I just lie down and give myself an orgasm.

And just like that.the headache is gone, faster than a pill and much better for me. Only takes a few minutes. I've learned how to do it fast after talking about sex on every call.

So six times, maybe 12 times.hell yea. Just a few minutes lying down, a few new mental images and magic, I'm a new woman!

You should try it sometime. Oh I forgot. You aren't multi-orgasmic like me. Poor baby!" —————— Sharon would talk confrontational shit like that on a regular basis and sometimes a hellava lot worse! I've never met any woman like moment sweet and sexy and the next, scary and sexy. I loved her a lot but I was always on guard. So did we go? No one says no to Sharon very easily. Before I knew it, she had conspired with Ash behind my back and got her all revved up by promising to put her on "the team," the team responsible for the party's "eye candy sexy scenes" that got all the guys at their parties drooling all over themselves.

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That team was way too tempting for Ash to pass up. So. I might as well tell you how they ran their "special little group." I'll describe the possibilities they had for their sexy scenes.

——————- The Club met in a nice big hotel suite with plenty of room for a crowd. But before you were allowed into the party, every new person was required to attend a 2-3 hour seminar during that Saturday afternoon.

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At 3:00 pm, Sharon and Frank would begin expounding their perspectives on masturbation and believe me, it was good. The seminar alone was worth the price of admission. If you were there, you were going to get the latest medical statistics and advice on how self sex stimulates your endocrine system, how it balances your mood, relieves your stress, lowers your blood pressure, stimulates your immune system, and promotes prostate and vaginal health.

Most of that I already knew but the psychology end of their seminar was most fascinating. I'm not going to get all "classroom" on you about it, but their theory was essentially this. Early age masturbation is where our sexual identity is formed, normally within guilt and shame, and in ways that may transparently haunt us the rest of our lives. And. "If you want to fix your sexual hang ups, then begin back where it all started!" That was what they preached.

You want to know their most winning therapy? Simply bringing your past and present masturbation secrets out "into the light." That meant talking about it with them, with the club members, and with any other pertinent person until you realized you were not alone in your past shame, nor would be alone in your new found freedom to enjoy masturbation as a normal and healthy daily activity.

So after their little talk, everyone was asked to share what their early masturbation experiences were like. Where, when, who knew and what were the consequences, how often, and how did it make you feel during and after? The stories people told were quite intimate and often couched in tears. I knew one thing for sure at the seminar's conclusion.

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Sharon and Frank were on to something important and I haven't viewed masturbation the same way since. Members of the club often came to the seminar again and again just to support the new attendees and to review the content. We also "sat in" almost everytime we attended the party. Here's a little secret. During those group self disclosures, Ashley got to peek into the sexual issues and triggers with the new attendees.

She took mental notes which would help her later that night deciding how or what to perform within the party scenes. Devious little mind of hers at work! When the seminar concluded, the group moved to the hotel restaurant and had dinner together. It was always romantic and bonding in an intimate, family kind of way. Lots of actual club members came early to get in on the meal. I remember those times as great food, nice wine, and the anticipation of sex.

Does it get much better than that? I loved those meals surrounded by new people all excited about what the night might bring. After dessert, everyone had an hour or so to go back to their rooms and shower or nap before the fun began.

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The Party! I can't remember how they did this, but it seemed that the only real light in the large middle room of the suite was softly cast in the center where the scenes would be played out. That meant the crowd of men were positioned in the sideline soft lighting or shadows.

Oh. I can't forget this. Before things got really started, Sharon would require everyone to strip. Yup, strip!

And she did it in the most provocative way. For instance, imagine being there as a new person, pretty nervous and self conscious and not wanting to do it.

Sharon always picked the easy ones first and left the really self conscious ones like you to the last. But when she finally got to you. this tall sexy woman comes up, stands in front of you and starts coaxing you out of your clothes in a way that can not be easily denied.

Were you going to say no when there already were dozens of naked guys standing around you? Hell no and Sharon knew that. She also knew how important it was getting you naked like everyone else. In her mind, clothes are a big psychological barrier that had to come down before the evening could have maximum effect.

I don't care how embarrassed you were in that moment. You were going to strip for Sharon. She had this way, this power about her.


[Most of the attendees had no idea Sharon was secretly a dominatrix. That would come out later in the evening if she selected you.] The scene possibilities that were about to start could be quite varied.

They always involved multiple sexy women and a sexy guy or two. The women might be cast in either dominant or submissive roles.

Here are a few examples. Male on Female If the male was playing the dom, then the woman might be either "ordered" to perform certain things or was "forced" to perform. That may include demanding she remove her clothing while feigning shyness, intense embarrassment or fear. Acting like. "I don't want to do this in front of all these people" always made the scene hotter than your normal strip scene. If the two actors really wanted to take it to an extreme, the girl might be grabbed and during protests literally have her garments ripped off.

Either way, that initial reluctance made whatever she was required to do once standing there naked, much more erotic. From there, he might demand "his trembling young thing" to suck his cock or his balls in very specific and enthusiastic ways and. for as long as he wanted. That scenario might end of course with him cumming all over her face and boobs or in her mouth where she would show it to everyone or before she swallowed. Or it might go the intercourse route where he might make her suck his cock, get it lubed and then bend her over, spread her ass and pussy lips for all of us to see, and aggressively pound her from behind, doggy style.

That might even end up with him taking her anally or maybe even spanking her. Whatever happened, it all rested on the couple and what they were willing to act out and show.

Female on Male If the woman was playing the dominant one, then of course everything was reversed. She could simply be in control and force him to give her oral while lying down and giving him instructions. Or she might make it a bit more sexy by get him on his knees, step over his face, and make him suck her pussy. Or if she wanted to really ramp it up, she might direct and deride him into some kind of verbal humiliation, or get him to perform various acts that would sissify him.

[Note: I'm still amazed how quickly most guys recouped for their second, third or more orgasms throughout the night. In case you are wondering, there was always a large supply of soft cotton hand towels around the room for the "moments of truth!"] Female on Female The "female only scenes" would feature various lesbian acts, such as prolonged sexy as hell French kissing, slow seductive stripping, boob and nipple play, and energetic oral sex in ways only a woman can do for another woman.

Women making love to women is something I liked to study. I mean. I know for a fact that many women will tell a guy he did a great job "down there" when it really was in her mind "at best average." But a woman doing a woman will usually show you just how they actually crave it. Pay attention if you get the opportunity to watch in real life.

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Comparitively, porn is fake and performed in the manner guys think it should be done vs the real way women prefer their pussy carressingly adored. If you ever get that chance, you will see the difference. The lesbian scenes got a bit more interesting if they ventured a little further into dominance and submissive roles.

For instance, I've always found it more intriguing if one of the women feigned being straight and acted very shy, embarrassed or scared. The other woman of course would play the unrelenting gay seducer.

That seduction scene could be set up as two beautiful "lipstick lesbians" (my favorite) or be more dominant if one of the women was the typical "butch lesbian." If that was the case, a "strap-on" was usually involved. and I'm telling you, there is a peculiar type of sexual energy when one woman is aggressively fucking another woman. You will see it on their faces and in the sounds they make together. I've found it to be a scene quite difficult to get out of my head. [There were so many ways to create new scenes.

The women had a blast doing them and I'm pretty sure the guys used as props, enjoyed themselves too.] Masturbation Scenes There nearly always was a woman's solo performance, showing and telling us exactly how she liked her vulva and clit stroked, and what she thought of or fantasised about while reaching her climax. However, I especially liked watching a woman sharing masturbation with another woman. There were many ways they would do it. Like lying next to each other while reaching over to the other's pussy and staring lustfully into each other's eyes.

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or something a little more intensely exotic, like two women with their legs forked together, pussy on pussy, in a "sissor grind." Have you ever seen two women do that in the same room with you? That's why guys paid to come to these parties! Sharon was right. With stuff like that happening, none of the guys were going to be aware that everyone around them was stroking themselves! I think "women only scenes" could sometimes be the hottest of the night because men usually don't believe it's possible for women to enjoy sex to their same degree.

Hell, many of these guys have lived with a woman or women that they've felt rarely enjoyed sex. Consequently they found it hard to believe their women masturbated at all and. I never heard any of them say they had actually seen how their woman did it. Being with a group of guys, all in the same room, all vibrating with the same sexual energy, all watching women rubbing their beautiful pussies.

well it exceeded anything you can see on this site. Trust me. Male Masturbation I only once saw a guy masturbate for a scene. He did it solo and had the entire crowd spellbound. Why? He was exceedingly slim and limber and could lie on his back, raise his feet and legs over his head, and self suck the head of his cock.

It was quite unbelievable, especially as he finally pulled out a bit and shot his cum down into his mouth. The whole scene took awhile before his very real "money shot." I don't care what your orientation was.

You had to watch that entire build up and release. At that moment I wished the fuck I could do that too. I've since discovered a very high percentage of guys have also wished they could suck their cock or had a dream about doing so. I guess we should be glad most us can't. Because if we could, we might never get anything else done!

Guy on Guy.Invitation Only Was there ever any guy on guy action? There probably was off to the side of the center room or in the shadows. I saw it sometimes, rarely, but in the moment it was very hot. However, "Sharon being Sharon", meant she would often hand select certain men that might have a hidden submissive side, and invite them to stay and play with her after the party. It probably was her favorite time of the night, being a Domme within a small group of sexy men.

However, if you were lucky enough to get invited, you were most likely going to end up sucking some damn dick and or get sucked. Did I mention it was really hard to say no to that crazy woman? Sharon simply reveled in that sense of accomplishment. getting normally very straight alpha type professional guys on their knees and "crossing that bisexual line." I was invited but never went.

My Bi days occurred a few years later. Why did I pass it up?. Sharon was fucking scary! My take on the club was this. No porn video ever made, could compare with you actually being in that room watching the scenes, hearing all the sex sounds, smelling all the sex in the room, feeling your cock as you edged closer to your orgasm, and on top of all that, being in the company of dozens of other people doing the same thing.

Nothing compares. And that my friend is why this club was so popular. Conclusions I learned many things from Frank and Sharon. I came away with a much broader sex positive attitude, particularly with masturbation but in other sexual areas too. They were essentially counselors like we had been, so discussing morality, ethics, dogmas, taboos was always meaningful and fun.

We did it often over nice meals and wine. All four of us seemed to look at sexuality from a similar perspective that required empathy for sexually starved or damaged individuals and a skeptical eye that scrutinized our original dogmas while debating if they actually might still benefit our society. We all agreed on one thing. Sexuality is incredibly complex and influences our lives in many ways that we might understand but also in ways we can't see or even imagine.

Their theory is this. Sexual complexity unravels best when masturbation is removed from a dark driven guilt ridden shameful place in someone's life and reinstalled as a core part that is celebrated and never again berated.

When you love sharing all the aspects of your masturbation with those you love. Well you've kinda arrived. So my friend, stroke away. It's a good thing to make part of your daily routine. Oh yea I almost forgot. What was it like watching Ashley perform in the middle of that crowded room? Hmmm. Sounds like a good future story.