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The time the twins and I had spent together over the past school year were priceless. It was now getting toward the end of the school year, thank God. I was having a tough time in school the past few weeks, and my grades were on the edge of failing. I was really trying my hardest, but both classes that I was failing, Math and Spanish, Nancy was in.

Another thing that didn't help was that both my teachers were young, just finished college, and very good looking. Ms. Daniels, had long black hair, that she usualy had up in a bun, with glasses that covered her brown eyes. Ms. Daniels was the proclaimed hottest teacher in school, and only fitting that I would had to deal with her attitude, her looks, and her terrible teaching style.

Nancy was one of the smartest girls in our grade, making honor roll three quarters in a row. Nancy wanted to help me with my studies, but whenever we tried to study, it ended up in us making out, or feeling each other up.

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The twins, and I hadn't had sex in about a month, because Nina and Nancy started to gain the fear of becoming pregnant. All those time I had ejaculated into their pussies, and nothing happened. Math was my hardest subject, and it was obvious that I needed help. "Ryan, can you come up to the board and solve this problem?" Ms. Daniels said. "Uhh I'll try to." I said nervously.

I walked up to the board and turned toward Nancy. She had the look of "You can do it." In her eyes. "Ms.

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Daniels, I have no idea what I'm doing." I finally said to her, staring at the board for what seemed like forever. "Well, Ryan, its great that you'll have the extra practice this summer than huh?" She said.

"Are you implying you're going to fail me Ms. Daniels?" I said angrily to her. "At the rate your going, you probably won't even pass that." She replied annoyed at my tone. "Well I'm just saying, we still have two more tests and a final. My average is right on the border." I said, trying to plead in front of the class. "Ryan, sit down, before I throw you out." Ms. Daniels stated, trying to win the arguement.

"Woah, Ms. Daniels, I just want to know why you're counting me out before I get a chance." I said. Nancy was sitting in her seat amazed that I was trying to defend myself.

"Ryan, that's it! Go to the principals office right now!" Ms. Daniels finally said. "Gladly." I said as I stormed out of the room. I stopped in the hallway and leaned against the wall to gather my thoughts. I than heard a familiar voice say "You know Ms. Daniels, he has been trying very hard." the voice was cut out. "That's it Nancy, you can go too. I'm tired of all your attitudes, Ms.


Daniels yelled. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree Ms. Daniels, the attitude of the student shows the attitude of the teacher." Nancy said. "Get out now young lady you and Ryan go to the principals office." Ms. Daniels said asserting her authority.

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Nancy walked out into the hall, and saw me sitting outside the room. "Oh there you are, I thought you had gone down to Mr. Groneman." She said to me. "Nah," I replied. "I've just been sitting here." Nancy sat next to me on the cold hallway floor, as every once in a while, the occasional male student would pass by, and as they walked passed us, they took long glances at Nancy's sexy tanned legs. "Ryan Ms. Daniels is a bitch. We'll go down to Mr. Groneman, and explain that she doesn't want you to pass at all." Nancy said.

"I don't care anymore Nancy, you've even tried to help me pass this class and nothings worked." I said. "Ryan, don't worry you'll get through this." She reassured me.

Nancy gave me a soft kiss on the lips as she said that. Ever since our snow day, I had been fantasizing a lot about having sex with Nancy during school. It excited me to apoint that I would sometimes go to the bathroom and rub a quick load out. "Nancy, are you on birth control yet?" I asked her still sitting in the hall. "No, not yet, stop Ryan, you need to concentrate on school right now, I want you to pass so we can spend summer together." Nancy said with almost a tear in her eye. "I know sweetie." I said "I've been trying, Spanish has gotten better at least." I said.

Spanish was our next class, after Math. "Come on Ryan, let's go down to Mr.

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Groneman and explain your situation." Nancy said. "Alright, I'll go but I want you there with me." I said. We started walking downstairs to our principals office, and it was clear it was almost the end of the period.

Injure kids, walked with crutches and partners who carried their books to their lockers and next class for them. Nancy and I had reached the first floor and walked toward the principal's office. "Well here we go." Nancy said nervously. "Yup. Let's hope he agrees with us." I said.

We walked in together and sat down at Mr. Groneman's desk. Mr. Groneman was on the phone, "Okay Mr. Stavren, I'll let Gina know." He said as he finished up the phone call "Good-bye, have a nice day." He finished and hung up the phone. "So what can I do for you two children." He asked. Mr. Groneman was a nice man, always had a smile on, and said hello to anyone, no matter who they were.

"Well what's the problem children?" He asked. "Well Ms. Daniels kicked us out of her class." Nancy began. "Well what did you guys do?" Mr. Groneman asked. "She asked me to go up to the board to complete a problem, and I couldn't do it. She than said that there basically wasn't much hope left for me to pass the class. All I was doing was defending myself by saying we still had a few tests left." I explained to our principal.

"And I was defending him, because Ms. Daniels overracted." Nancy supported me. "Ahh I see, well she is authority in this school, and on this campus." Mr. Groneman said. "You can't mouth off to her, I know she, and many other teachers here have a type of attitude that makes their students, either work harder, or not work at all." Mr Groneman said, almost ignoring the situation.

"But Mr. Groneman, she insulted me in front of thirty people." I said, starting to get frustrated. "Relax Ryan," Nancy said to me, "Don't look for suspension, its bad enough we're down in the principals office." "Well, Ryan, Nancy, I haven't heard anything bad about you two before, so I'll let this time slide." Mr.

Groneman said as the bell rang to signal next period. "Thank you Mr. Groneman." Nancy said as we walked out of his office. "What a bunch of bullshit," I said. "How could he let a teacher insult a student, and when he tries to defend himself, he still sides with the teacher!" I continued. My face was turning red from the frustration Ms.

Daniels had caused me. "I have another idea," Nancy said.

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"What?" I replied. "How bout we go talk to Ms. Daniels about it?" "Are you insane?" I said, "She'll give us detention, and I don't want to stay after for two hours doing nothing." I finished. "We won't know until we try." Nancy said, "For all we know she could say sorry and everything will fine." I had to agree, because Nancy did have a point. The next bell rang, signaling that we should be in class. "Fuck we're late for Spanish." I said.

"Don't worry, she never takes attendace." Nancy said. Nancy and I walked upstairs to Ms. Daniels room, and when we arrived, we saw that no one was there. "Jesus Christ, this woman is always taking breaks." I said. "I can't believe there's no classes in here right now." Nancy said. I was really pissed off now, and was ready to go on a man hunt for this teacher. Nancy sat on the windowsill by the open window, hoping for Ms. Daniels to come back into the room.

I sat in the desk directly next to the window, and stared out the window for about five minutes. "Okay, its obvious that she isn't coming back." I said.

"Yea your right." Nancy admitted. "Where's Nina right now?" I asked. "Lunch," Nancy said. "Ask her when she has Ms. Daniels, well come back than." I told her.

Nancy pulled out her phone and texted Nina, within a minute Nancy had a reply. She says, "Next period. Why?" "Tell her." I said. Nancy sat there explaining what had happened and told Nina to come up to Ms. Daniels classroom. Nina arrived a few minutes later. "Why are you guys up here all alone? What were you two doing?" Nina insisted that we were fooling around with each other in the empty room.


"Nothing, sitting here waiting for Ms. Bitch to get back here." I said. "Wow, you're really frustrated about this huh?" Nina asked. "Yes I am, and there's nothing we can do about it." I answered annoyed.


"I know what you need to take that frustration out." Nina said. "Not here, not now" Nancy said. "Why not? It'll be fun!" Nina replied. "Wow, Nina you're talking about taking a big chance." I said. "Yea I know, but what's life without taking chances? Besides, when was the last time me and Nancy had fun with you?" Nina had a great point. The sun beat inside the room, and laughter was heard outside in the senior courtyard. "Hmmm." I said there thinking. "I don't know Ryan, this is gonna be risky!" Nancy said.

"I know, but it makes me really excited just thinking about it." I said. Nina than made the first move, and sat on my lap.

Her firm ass cheeks sat perfectly on my legs. "Nina's down for it. I think we should try it Nancy." I said. We hadn't fucked in a while, and Nancy knew it.

She wanted too, her eyes said it all. "Fine." Nancy said hesitantly. "Yess!" Nina and I said simultaneously. This seemed like the perfect revenge on Ms. Daniels, what better to do than have sex in her room, the period before she had another class.

"We have thirty minutes left in the period" Nancy said. "Okay, we can do this, with a little bit of time to spare." I said. "Hahaha." The twiins laughed together. I loved when they did that, and everytime they did I chuckled a little bit. Nancy closed the blinds for the window so people on the other side of school didn't see. The senior courtyard was full, and laughter was erupting the whole time. Nina was still on my lap, and turned to me and started kissing my neck.

Nancy's ass showed a little bit, out of her uniform skirt, when she reached up for the blinds so I decided that was my enetertainment to look at for the moment.

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I began to kiss Nina on her neck and lips, and I felt my cock getting hard. I begged to relax, to get some foreplay in, because I loved when the twins were pleased way before I was.

My cock rose up, and Nina obviously felt it, as she tried to get comfortable and move my dick into a position that was even with her slit, that I felt through my uniform pants and her thong. Nina began to slowly grind on my hard cock, and I was looking for Nancy.

Nancy was at the door making sure it was closed and locked from the outside. Nina got up off my lap, and pulled her blouse out of her uniform skirt.

Nina slowly and sensually unbuttoned her blouse and soon it was off. Her breasts popped out of her bra, and I couldn't stop staring. Nina and Nancy had grown over the past few months, and I couldn't have been happier. Nina unbuttoned her skirt, and it dropped to the floor, exposing her hips, and thighs.

Nancy stood next to Nina and soon did the same. Nancy and Nina were now undressed and moved over to Ms. Daniels desk, and got on all fours on it. I immediatley thought of how bitter sweet it would be to fuck the twins on the most hated teachers desk. I walked over to the blackboard and got Ms. Daniels yard-stick. "You ladies have been acting up in class lately, and I'm not too fond of it." I said, acting as a teach.

"Oh Professor, we need a lesson." Nancy said. "Oh yes, please Professor." Nina agreed. I started to slap the twins asses with the yard-stick, until their cheeks were red. "Ohhh I like that." Nancy and Nina said together, hissing with pleasure.

I grabbed the twins thongs and slid them down their legs. Nina and Nancy were ready to get to business. "Professor, give me everything you've got" Nancy said. "Oh I will sweet thing." I said moving in between their legs. I began to lick Nancy and Nina's legs, and their pussy lips. I fellt Nina's legs quiver slightly as I entered her vagina with my fingers and tongue. I was switching between Nancy and Nina, eating them out slowly.

Nancys head hit Ms. Daniels desk as her back was giving out from the pleasure I was giving her. Nina and Nancy moaned softly as I caressed their inner thighs.

"Ladies, I think its time your lesson be fully learned right now." I said. "Yes Professor!" Nancy moaned as she was rubbing her clit. Nina and Nancy were still on all fours. I moved over to Ms. Daniels chair, and sat down. Nina and Nancy began to share my cock. The way both their tongues moved up and down my shaft seemed like the best moment of my life.

"Wow girls, your D in this class just got pushed up to an A!" I said still acting like a professor. The rush of having sex during school excited me to a point where I almost came right away. "Ahh ladies that feels so good." I said grabbing Nancy and Nina's head begging for them to deepthroat my cock. My cock was throbbing. I was ready to fuck the twins now, but decided to go with the situation I was in. The twins were giving me the best head they had ever given me. "Ok girls, are you ready?" I said.

"Oh yes Professor, work our pussies." Nancy said seductively. I moved behind the twins now, looking at their round heart shaped asses, and their pussies were dripping wet, as their juices were rolling down their inner thighs. "Ok Nancy, you first, because Nina is the baddest of you two." I said. I grabbed my cock at the shaft and moved closer to Nancy's pussy. I slid into Nancy's cunt, and it had never been wetter.

"Wow we haven't done this in a long time girls." I said hissing with pleasure. "Ohhhh yess Ryan! Fuck. fuck.

fuck. oooohhh" Nancy moaned. Nina was still on all fours waiting patiently for me to fuck her. Nancy than yelled "Oh fuck me!" As loud as she could.

Nancy's back and legs began to quiver, as she seemed to be getting close to an orgasm. Nancy was moaning in sporatic pulses "Oh. ugh. uh. ahhh" She let out falling onto Ms. Daniels desk. "Yes Nancy. take that dick deep in that pussy." I said. "Oohhhh Ryan I'm cumminnnggggg!" Nancy yelled. I felt Nancy's pussy tight around my shaft trying to pump my cum out of my cock. I pulled out of Nancy, and it was time for Nina. "Ok Nina, I hope your going to learn a thing or two from this." I said rubbing her pussy before I entered.

"Oh my God! Fuck me hard Ryan!" Nina yelled. Nina was very horny, and she couldn't wait to be fucked. I moved my face down to her pussy spit on her cunt and slowly moved my cock closer. "Just stick it in already." Nina moaned impatiently. "You got it baby." I replied. I shoved my cock in, and her pussy was significantly wetter thanNancy's. Nina hissed and moaned with pleasure the second I placed my cock into her beautiful pussy.

"Wow Nina, your cunt is so fucking tight and wet." I said with my eyes closed. "Oh my Goddddddddd!" Nina yelled very loudly. I was so in tune with Ninas body, that I didn't notice the laughter in the senior courtyard had stopped.

I didn't care. "Yesss this is the best sex we have had Nina." I said. "Yesssss. oh. fuck that tight cunt!" Nina moaned. Nancy had now recovered from her collapsing orgasm. I was still fucking Nina though, and I wasn't going to stop, because Nina was already going longer than her sister. I had felt like I needed to cum a while before this, but I held it in for so long, I forgot I had too cum. "Oh my god Nina, ride me now." I said as my hips were seering with pain from thrusting hard into Nina and her identical twin.

I pulled out of Nina's pussy and she was looking tired. I moved over to Ms. Daniels chair and sat down with a hard erection, and Nina crawled over the teachers desk, and slowly mounted my cock in the chair. Ms. Daniels chair bounced up and down as Nina did, so that made my working easier.

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"Oh my . God Ryan! This cock is mine now!" She said and she slapped me across my face. "Oh yess you hot little slut." I said. Nina's moans seemed to be getting louder, than all the sudden I heard a chant coming from the courtyard "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" "Oh. yes Ryan! Your cock is so big! Oh this is great." Nina moaned. "I'm cuum-mming!" She stuttered as her head fell to my shoulders. "Ugh! I'm cumming honey!" I yelled. Nina's pussy tightened around my shaft and pumped the cum out of it.

I pulled out and Nina's pussy was full. I had left her with her first creampie. Cheers eruppted from the courtyard through the window, and they had obviously noticed I had came. Nancy hopped off Ms. Daniels desk, and dropped to her knees in front of the chair I was sitting in. Nina had gotten off my cock, and also dropped to her knees to finish me off with a blowjob.

I was so horny, and excited still, I was ready to go. Nina began to deepthroat and Nancy was licking my balls. "Oh my. Professor, you gave Nina a lot of cum!" Nancy said as it dripped out of Nina's pussy. "Professor, your cock was so big." Nina said coming up, gasping for air from deepthroating my dick. Nacy gave my cock one last deepthroat, and I was ready to cum.

"Ok girls here it comes." And with that I came in Nina's mouth. Nina swirled the load around her mouth, and than blew a small bubble with it.

Nancy moved under Nina's face and as Nina saw this she bent her head forward and dropped half the load into Nancy's mouth. Both twins swallowed the load and licked their lips and fingers for any remaining cum The twins and I had put our uniforms back on just in time, because about one minute after we were fully dressed, thbell to signal the end of class had rang.

"That was amazing!" I said to them both as we left the room. "Yea and I have her right now, I wonder how shell take the mess of her desk and papers!" Nina said chuckling.

"I don't know, but once she sees that mess, she's going to be pissed" I said as the twins and I split up for the rest of the day. "See you guys later!" I said walking into my science class.