Horny lesbian gets her pussy licked

Horny lesbian gets her pussy licked
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Debbie 4 I have to tell you that I so much enjoyed writing what I would call "The Confessions Of Debbie" that I decided to keep it going, at least to tell you what happened next.


The next big occasion in my life was my 16th birthday and my mother gave me what she considered to be a really nice "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party, which means of course that for me and my poor boobs and tushy it was just awful. One night at dinner Mom announced to my step brothers that I was about to turn 16 and that she had decided to invite a lot of neighborhood kids and their parents over on Saturday for a party.

"Is it going to be like a regular Satrurday," asked 11-year-old Jimmy, by which he meant would I be forced to go around naked and let him and my other step-brother, 9-year-old Billy do what ever they wanted to my body as long as they focused on my tushy hole and left my virginal pussy on view but untouched.

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"Well since all the neighborhood kids are going to be there," said Mom with an evil glint in her eye, "I thought you boys might think of something that would be even more entertaining.

So I'm asking you for ideas!" At this, I just burst into tears and asked if I could be excused from the table, to which Mommy replied that I could be excused long enough to get her new leather thong spanker from off the wall in my bedroom where all my punish implements were kept, and bring it down to the table.

"And make sure you come back completely naked," she added with a vicious smile. They obviously had stopped their conversation until I could return and the two boys smiled with pleasure when they considered my total nakedness and what was obviously going to happen to me next.

"Well there is this," said Jimmy, "Everybody has seen Debbie get enemas and everybody has watched her poop in the garden at one time or another by now. But nobody has seen any one shove a weeny or a dildo up her tush right through her poop." "What do you mean exactly," Mom asked. "Well you know Mommy, you've been letting Billy and me stick our things in her asshole if we wanted. "That's right," said Mommy, "On Saturdays every boy has the right to stick his thing up Debbies ass hole, as long as you shove some vaseline in there first to make sure there isn't any bleeding.

We could let the guests at Debbie's party do the same.

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And maybe I'll buy some electric vibrators so the girls can take part too." "Well that isn't just what I mean, Mom," said Jimmy. "What I want is we make her get up naked on a table and poop for us. And once she starts pooping, we have folks shove things up her poop filled ass hole and then she has to suck on whatever it is, a real cock or a dildo or whatever, and lick her own poop off of it." I gasped in horror.

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How could these little boys even think of such awful things? "That sounds like a wonderful idea," Mom said, "Let's give it a try right now.

It will give Debbie a taste of her own poop for her dessert. "Darling, please clear the table and put that plastic table cloth over the table top.

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Then you get up there and poop for us right now." "B-but what if I can't?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sure with a little persuasion you'll be able to do it," "Yeah," said Jimmy with a big grin. "We'll just keep shoving one thing or another up your ass hole until you poop." I must have turned as red as a beet but I knew there was no way out and I had to do what they said. "And no farting," said nine-year-old Billy. "Every time you fart you get ten whacks with the thong." "Now Debbie darling," said Mom, suppose you just bend over and grab your ankles right now and you'll get ten with the thong from each of us so you'll know what we're talking about.

And of course you count out the ten and say thank you Mom or thank you Jimmy or thank you Billy, may I have another?" while you take them." I knew it would do no good to argue when they were in this kind of mood so I just did as they said.

But it still wasn't good enough for little Billy. He asked Mommy to make me "stretch it" before he used the thong on my poor bottom, so I had to pull my bottom cheeks apart and let him whip me on my exposed pussy and ass hole. This was incredibly painful but every time I screamed they just all laughed with delight and there was no way to rush getting it over. I still had to control my crying to the point that I could say "Thank you Billy, could I have another?" after every whack!

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I had of course to bear down hard to make poo poo under these unbelievably humiliating conditions so of course I let go with a number of farts, some big some small, but I just couldn't make any poo poo any other way. And I have to say that sucking on those little boys cocks with my poo poo all over them was the most disgusting thing I ever had to do in my life. But as horrible as that was, the sweet sixteen party was even worse. Just to make things extra hard on me, mommy made me eat bowls of cold baked beans all that morning.

I was completely naked of course although mom did let me walk around with a roll of toilet paper just to more or less stay clean. That's the way I greeted our guests too, completely naked with a roll of toilet paper in my hand. There were probably twenty people at that party.

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They were mostly family but mom made sure that several teachers from school and boys from my class were there, along of course with that horrible pizza delivery boy. Since he'd been around for several of my weekend discipline sessions now, he took it on himself to tell the other guests just what they could do to me for their amusement. The crowd ranged in age from a couple of six and seven year old boy cousins up to one older retired school teacher who admitted he couldn't wait to shove his fingers up my asshole.

And when he did he made sure it wasn't any fun for me. He was old and a bit on the weak side so he had to take a couple of pills to make his dick hard, even though it was going directly into my shit, but he sure knew what he was doing. He seemed to get more poop on his thingy than anyone else at the party and of course I had to suck it all off.

The way it worked at the party was this: Completely naked, I had to crouch on this oil cloth covered table top my mom had used to check this out that night when Jimmy came up with the pooping idea. There was a bucket of water and some towels to help deal with the mess and I can tell you it did get messy.


Everybody had quite a bit to drink so they were in the mood for some no holds barred sex games. Well I'd be up on the table top when one of the male guests would say "OK, I'm ready to fuck Debbie's asshole." This was always greeted with laughter and applause. Then Mom would come over with a big smile on her face and a bowl of baked beans.

She would feed me a spoonful of beans while I crouched naked on the table top, after which I had to switch from a crouching position to on my hands and knees. Everybody would then shout "One, two three, Happy Sweet Sixteen, go Debbie go!" What would happen then is I was almost sure to fart and my little brothers would take turns whacking my bare asshole with the leather strap mom had given them.

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In a while a little poop would come dropping out of my ass and that's when I would get a prick shoved in there. Some guys came but most just wanted the thrill of fucking my asshole for a few shoves. Then they came around to the front and while still on my hands and knees I had to suck my shit off their cocks.

This happened about six times, after which it was clear that I just wasn't going to be able to do it any more. But before ending the game, two of my girl school mates each shoved the electric vibrator up my heinie and I had to lick that clean too. When they were finished this would have been a good time to end the party but oh no,Mom had another bright idea. I had to go into the hallway bathroom and lick both my brother's ass holes until they said they'd had enough.

When the old grey bearded teacher heard about that, he had to have some too, so I had to lick his dirty old asshole as well while my mom and the boys looked on. Finally, the party ended and I got to go up to my bedroom and get some sleep. Before I dozed off Mom told me that she was sorry that Dad hasn't been home to see it all, but that she was sure my brothers would be glad to give him a demonstration of what had happened as soon as he was back in town.