Stepdaughter wets herself when lectured by stepdad

Stepdaughter wets herself when lectured by stepdad
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First of all, let me tell you that I love blow jobs.

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From the time I was 14 when I first came in the mouth of a neighbor girl, I was obsessed with them. She swallowed it and told me she loved it. She swallowed it many times that summer. All my girlfriends since them gave them to me. Some liked it as much as I did, and some hated it. The ones that didn't like it didn't last long. I wouldn't compromise on that. Any girlfriend of mine was going to enjoy sucking the cum out of my body if she wanted to date me.

My last girlfriend broke up with me because, even though she loved swallowing my cum, she wanted me to tongue her ass while she did it. I couldn't do that more than once and she left me. Blow jobs and glory holes go hand in hand, so it's no surprise that I would become interested in them. I had read and fantasized about glory holes for years. I spilled many gallons of cum while reading about people being sucked off by anonymous mouths on the other side of a hole in the wall.

I was twenty two before getting enough courage to seek one out. My first experience wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I was just seeking a quick anonymous blow job from a person that I would never see. A wham bam, thank you mam (or man), blow job. Nothing more. I just wanted to fulfill a fantasy that I had for a long time. I searched all over the internet for ones in the Charlotte area and finally found where someone posted about a new one in a local park bathroom.

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The park was only ten minutes away from where I lived in Mint Hill. I had already been there a few times so I knew just where the bathroom was. I was very excited about finding one so close to home. The posting said to come right after dark on a Tuesday or Thursday and Sheila would drain my balls. It stated that it wouldn't be there for long because someone was always repairing the walls.

This bathroom had a wall panel that could be removed easily for access to the glory holes. This meant it had a chance to be there for a while. First chance I got, I headed to the park. I arrived near dark and headed straight to the bathroom.

As instructed I went to the end handicap booth and sure enough I found the trick panel and removed it. There were 4 holes in the wall. Two were just big enough for a big cock. One of them was down about two foot off the floor and another was about two foot above. A strange arrangement I thought. The other two were to the sides and big enough for my arms. They all had some kind of black fabric loosely covering them. It looked like it was set up so I could kneel and put my cock through the bottom hole and my arms through the ones to the side.

The top one I thought I could use to talk to the girl on the other side. (a rookie thought) The posting on the internet said to put my cock through which ever hole had a red ribbon in it.

It was real dark on the other side and you couldn't see a thing through the holes. The bottom hole had a red ribbon sticking through it.

I pulled down my pants down and stroked my cock a little to get it ready and then knelt on the floor and slowly put my arms through the arm holes and fed my seven inch cock through the bottom hole.

I was just about eye level with the higher hole but still couldn't see a thing. As soon as my cock got about half way through the thin wall I felt warm lips close on it. The lips sucked on the head of my cock and I could feel a tongue sliding under and around the head. I was being treated to a great blow job. My hands were guided to the very firm breasts of another young girl.

The girl's breasts were probably B cups with hard poking nipples and felt just great. I played with her breasts while my cock was being sucked.

I was in glory hole fantasy land. I thought it couldn't get better than this. I was as hard as I could get and was humping tight against the wall, trying to get deeper into the sucking mouth. I was seeking release for what felt like would be a gusher when my arms were pulled tight and I felt something tighten very tight around my cock. I tried to pull away but whoever had my arms didn't budge a bit. I quit trying to get away and thought "What now?" I was pulled tight up against the wall and could hardly move.


Soon a mans deep voice came through the top hole and explained what was going to happen. He told me to look down at my cock.

He let me pull back from the wall a little and I could see a knife blade beside my cock. I started to beg him to let me go. He told me to shut up and listen. He said if I valued my cock I would do everything I was told.

He said a cock was going to come through the top hole and if I treated it right I would eventually be able to go free unharmed. He asked if I was ok with that.

I told him I would do anything. He told me that I better do a good job and swallow everything. A half hard cock slowly came through the hole towards my face. I tenatively tasted my first cock ever. It had a little sweaty taste to it but nothing bad. I licked for a while and eventually started sucking it. It quickly became hard. I thought I might as well get this over with as quick as possible.

I gave the best of what I knew was good for getting off quick and had a mouth full of cum in no time. The cock withdrew and the voice told me to make sure I swallowed it all.

I confirmed that I did. The taste wasn't bad at all. The next thing I saw was the biggest, shiny, blackest cock I had ever seen coming through the hole in the wall straight for my face. I had no choice but to open my mouth and start sucking.

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It was all I could do to get my mouth open enough to get the head in. I was constantly reminded of my situation by a tugging and ocasional sucking on my cock.

In the position I was in I didn't have much room to move around and my head was stuck close to the wall. The guy with the monster cock knew this and proceeded to fuck my mouth but good. I didn't have much choice but to hug the wall and try to not be choked to death by this black monster. He had to be a foot long and barely fit through the hole in wall.

When he backed off I tried my best to suck the cum out of him quick so it would be over soon. He had some good staying power because he would let me suck the head real good and then would jamb it deep in my throat a few times trying to make me swallow it. Eventually he did get it down my throat and that is where he was when he let loose with his load of cum.

I could feel it building up and thought I had him when I was sucking on the head. I could feel it throb hard.

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He quickly slid it to the back of my throat and when the first spurt came I swallowed and that is when he slid it down my throat and he really let loose with his load. He came and came a lot. I could feel the heat from it going down my throat but couldn't taste it.

I was just about to pass out from lack of air when he pulled back and let me have the last spurt in my mouth. I was struggling for air while cleaning his cock. When he went soft he pulled his cock away. The mouth on my cock was still working on me and almost had me to the point of cumming when another long black cock came through the wall. This one was thin as a hot dog but still almost a foot long. He had his cock in my throat almost the whole time he fucked my face.

Thankfully it was thin enough that I could still breathe while getting deep throated. I got down to business and sucked hard and tried my best to get him off quick.

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This guy was quicker on the trigger and I had a throat full of cum before I knew it. This one came a lot and I could hear him moaning loudly on the other side of the wall. He pulled back for the last spurt and I swallowed it without hesitating. This one actually tasted good for some reason. I sucked him clean until he went soft and lost half his length.

It didn't take long for another cock to come through the wall. This one looked to be from a young white teen. I would have guessed him to be 14 or 15, if that. He wasn't that big at all, maybe 5 inches long and a thumb thick. I sucked him slower thinking he would pop quick no matter what. I was right. He didn't last two minutes before he was humping against the wall moaning up a storm.

For his size he came a lot and his cum was sweet as honey but very thick. Damned analytical mind, I was starting to compare the different cum I was ingesting. Before they let me go, I sucked the cum out of 11 different cocks, some of them 3 times.

The biggest one tried for 4 but couldn't do it again. I sucked him soft but he never hardened. They made me promise to come back again sometime, before letting me go. The girl. yes I found it was a girl sucking me, did a great job finishing me.

I came like never before. She swallowed my cum before letting me go.

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When I pulled my cock back through the wall I found a silky pair of panties wrapped around it. I left them wrapped around my cock, got dressed and went home.

My knees and cock hurt the entire trip home but I never went soft. I beat off 3 times with the silky panties that night reliving it all. I didn't last two days before deciding on going back.

I went back at least once a week for the next three months, most weeks three times. I found if I showed up, someone would be there. The assortment of cocks was different each time but there was always more than ten cocks to service. I could feel the person I was sucking through the arm holes but couldn't see them.

Some were muscular, some were fat as hell, some were old and wrinkled but most were young. The ones that I thought were younger guys always had thicker, sweeter tasting cum and came a lot. After that first trip, they took good care of my cock while I took care of theirs.

I always left the bathroom with some girl's panties around my hard cock and a belly full of cum. It didn't matter how many times they made me cum, I never went soft the whole time. I wouldn't go soft until I went home and beat off a couple more times with the new panties.

I had more than thirty pairs of silky panties of all sizes and styles before it was all over. I had little girl panties, g-strings, crotchless and granny panties, but always silky panties. My second time there I was sucked off 3 times while I serviced all the cocks that they were feeding me. There were four huge cocks for me to service with most of the rest being average size. One girl slid her pussy all over my cock while I sucked someone's cock. She greased me up good even letting me penetrate her for a while.

She pulled off just in time to catch my cum in her sweet lips. On one visit I broke a girl's cherry. She was rubbing her pussy all over my cock while I serviced others.

I could tell she was getting very juicy while doing this. She stopped and then I felt her in a different position. Other people must have been holding her so she could fuck me easier because she was sliding back and forth on the head of my cock, barely getting the head in. I timed it just right so that when she was coming down on my cock I thrust hard and I thought I felt her cherry pop and heard her cry out.

I kept pumping and they were going with me so soon were fucking deep. She was tight as ever. I held on as long as I could before cumming with all my might. It felt great cumming in her. She came to my arms and thanked me for breaking her cherry. She said my cum tasted good too. She sounded and felt like she couldn't have been ten years old.

I guess she sucked me off one of the times. I almost got sick and passed out. I felt terrible but continued with the rest of the visit. The biggest cock that ever came through the wall, barely made it through soft and after getting hard was stuck in the opening until it went back soft. He had to be 14 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can. I had two hands stacked and still couldn't get half of the rest in my mouth.


I worked him over good before he started cumming hard. I forced him into my throat after the first spurt to direct deposit because I knew I wouldn't be able to swallow quick enough. I could feel him spurting huge amounts filling my stomach. I could barely hold my breath long enough for him to stop cumming. I took the last of his cum onto my tongue as it drizzled out.

I sucked him another ten minutes before he went soft enough to escape my sucking mouth. He oozed cum the whole time I sucked him. One of the smallest cocks had to be from a child because it was barely 3 inches long hard and really didn't cum, although I tried my best to get him off.

Many younger boys were getting their rocks off in my mouth during my visits. Most had average size cocks but some were monsters. One smallish kid had a ten inch cock that I just couldn't imagine him walking around with.

He came twice before leaving the hole. His cum tasted great. One visit must have had a softball team there because the cocks were all sweaty and seemed the same age group. There were over a dozen cocks that day plus a couple of extra large ones from the coaches. All of them went two rounds at the hole. Some of them went three. They all gushed cum and I went home satisfied with a full stomach.

After that place shut down, I constantly searched the internet for new ones and visited all I found. I could never pass an adult bookstore without checking out the booths.

If they had glory holes I might spend a couple hours getting some action. I never did come upon another one like the one I called "The Trap". I never saw the faces of the people on the other side of the wall. The only ones that ever talked to me were the first guy that warned me and the little girl.

I know they and I both had a great time while it lasted. I would love to find another like this one. The person that set up the trap must have been the janitor for this bathroom since they would be the only ones with access to any back rooms.

I often wondered if they charged admission for any of the activity. I know I would have paid for the action I experienced. Now I'm looking for a girlfriend to take to the glory holes with me. I will let you know if I find one and tell you all about it.