Asian coworker fucked on work trip firsttime and homemade

Asian coworker fucked on work trip firsttime and homemade
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Your blood was boiling, it's not that you wanted to feel or to be felt, it is that you needed it. Surely everyone understands the feeling, that moment when you are sitting in a café and suddenly a woman walks by.

You have to take a second glance because you simply cannot believe what you are seeing. Everything around you, around her fads away and you are transfixed by her image.

But reality soon sinks in when she picks up her coffee and walks out the door.

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You try to connect, your eyes beaming with a slight smile, but she's on her phone, she never sees you, you don't exist.

Immediately you find yourself feeling empty, pained, alone, and then a thought creeps into your mind. You can't help it, you body is making the decisions now, it is controlling you. You begin to think about all the things you would do to her, given the chance.

Forcing her mouth your dick, coming on her body, fucking her from behind.

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For a brief moment you don't just desire it, but you need it. You desperately have to have it. "Would you like a refill?" A voice comes from the faded distance and quickly you are brought back to reality. You silently nod and try to shake the thought from your mind. It's not that you are bad looking, you have a body that anyone would want, and a personality that would always keep things lively.

You are just shy, you are anxious about those first words, if only you didn't need to speak them.

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If only you just could snap your fingers and you would be there, in your bed, naked while she rides your cock. That's why we have texting right? No, that hasn't worked out either. You still have to say those first words in public. You wont make it any further, but that woman will be on your mind for the rest of the day. You will wish for her, pray for her, desperation becomes ruthless until you simply give up.

You walk back to your apartment, it's not empty per say, it's filled with things you have bought with your spare money, loneliness has its perks, apparently.

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Throwing your bag down on the couch you walk to the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge, your nightly dinner. A loud ding rings out throughout the apartment, you look up from the fridge towards your bag.

That was the text alert from your cell phone, but who would be texting you there is no one actually out there that wants you. You close the fridge door and walk to the couch looking down at the bag. You take a few sips of your beer and dive in. At the bottom you find your phone, "One new text message," it was from a number you don't have in your contacts.

You unlock your phone and read, "hey I know this is weird, but I got your name from the register from the coffee shop. I was in a hurry and didn't have a chance to introduce myself. If this is too weird, don't text back, I understand. Kay." "What the fuck?" Escapes from your mouth, this can't possibly be happening.


Was it the girl you were wishing for? Was it the one that you had all, but given up on?

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You sit there, starring at your phone, unsure what to say. This was the easy way out, texting, yet it was difficult to know what to say. Curiosity led you.

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"Why did you want my number?" You sent, and waited, that dreaded time between texts when you have no idea what was about to happen. "I thought you were cute. What's your name?" She responded, you took a sigh of relief, and began to type. "My name is Nic, I'm sorry I don't remember exactly who you are there were lots of girls in the café." You tried to play it off cool, like your attention could have been on anyone of the other girls.

And then she sent me this, It all immediately came back to you.


It was her, it was the girl. A perfect five and a half foot tall, petite, but perky girl.

Beautiful brown hair and those blue eyes you tried connecting with. God damnit you needed them. "I do remember you now!" you responded, trying not to be too excited, but interested all at the same time.

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"Nic, I have to be really honest I thought you were cute, but I am not looking to date." Immediately friendzoned you thought to myself. Fuck.

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"Nic, I need someone to fuck me." you were stunned into silence. "You need?" you asked, you had no idea where this was going, you had wished on this, but truly, you had no idea this could even be a reality.


"I have anxiety, the only way to relieve it is to fuck. Obviously I need to be attracted to the guy. Can you be attracted to me?" And then she sent you this You were stunned into silence. You simply wrote back, "where do you want to meet?" "Give me your address and I will let you know when I need you." This is the beginning of a journey that you will take, one that will show you truly what it is like to not only have a woman want you, but a woman to need you.

You will feel the power of what it really is like to be needed and able to control everything you want. Part 2 will be posted in the next coming days.