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"Yes my sweet little angel, you and your lover have been sold." "What?

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Oh my god this can't be happening to me. You are lying lady. Tell me that you are lying." Selena did nothing but smirk at Carmen. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I can tell you this is all in that pretty little head of yours, but it's not, you have been sold to be our servant or slave. It's however you want to view it honey." "What? You can't do this to me lady." Carmen said getting of the bed very frustrated and confused. "Who would do such a thing?" "Your lover's brother that's who.

He sold the both of you for his own benefits." Carmen just sat there dumbfounded. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Archer would do such a thing, to his own sister no less.

What benefits could he have gained by selling them off to some strange people that they didn't know? But then again this is Archer they were talking about. She had never felt right about him since the first time they met. Closing her eyes in order to process everything, Carmen's heart sank with such pain at being sold just like some cattle.

She wanted to break down in tears at the pain she was feeling. The vampire lady must have heard her thoughts, because she got up from the bed and started walking towards her. "Oh, my sweet little angel. There, there. Don't feel so traumatized about it.

I know that you are upset right now but in due time you will come to be comfortable with your position here." Carmen just looked up at the vampire in disbelief. This bitch can't be serious can she? "Listen lady I don't know who you are but, you really need to back the fuck up and not try to fucking patronize me. This is all some sick fucking joke isn't it? This what you vampires like to do to people like me huh?

Admit it.


Whenever vampires get bored or don't have shit else to do they like to fuck with beings lesser then them, is that it? If you and your mate are so fucking bored why don't you find some other vamps to play your silly little games with you fucking leech-" Instantly cut off by the vice like grip around her throat, Carmen found herself staring into the angry, blood red eyes of the vampire. Her bared fangs seemed even longer, making them appear like lions teeth.

Carmen had never seen a vampire up close, especially like this. Now she would find out if all the horrible things that her people said about them were true, about how evil and cruel they could be. She was going to get a first hand helping of their cruelty, as she felt herself struggle for breath and for release.

"As long as you are in this house, you will not let that word slip from your tongue. Do you understand me?" "Answer me." Selena said with the dominance of a predator. "Ye&hellip. yes. Please. Let me." Carmen said in a frightened voice. With that, Selena gently turned her loose. "You know despite your appearance little angel, you have a wicked tongue that should be put to better use. Now believe it or not how you got here is now irrelevant. What matters now is that you are here for a purpose." Feeling defeated Carmen had nothing else to do, but to think about the situation she was now in.

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Although people confused her with an angel, she was nothing more than a human with wings. So her trying anything funny, would get her neck snapped in less than a heartbeat. Letting out a depressed sigh, she realized that she didn't have too many options now.

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She asked the obvious question. "What all do I have to do here as your servant? Do I have to cook or clean or do some errands or something, what do you want from me?" Before Selena could respond a deep, dark, icy voice spoke. "Everything of course." The voice paused then continued "Everything you have to offer." Although she didn't know the voices' full name she would knew that voice anywhere. That same voice has haunted her dreams every since the day she met him.

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Closing her eyes hoping who she was about to see wasn't real. She felt fear and confusion rise up in her throat once he stepped into the room. The man she prayed to God to never see again was standing right in front of her with a big fangy smile upon his face.

With pain in her heart, she could do nothing else but let the tears roll down her soft cheeks. "It's you." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Lola slept like a rock throughout that whole night. She had no choice but to, with the way she was ripped from her slumber by that immature werewolf.

She arose from the couch that she was sleeping on, because she refused to sleep in the bed that the wolf slept in whether he was in it or not.

She looked around the room and felt sadness of being only half demon; she could do nothing to this man. She was smart enough to know if he had servants, he damn sure had security or bodyguards around, she didn't have to leave the room to find that out. Not only that she was pretty sure he had got a whiff of her scent, so that made escape a house built of false hope.

Now the only thing she could do was be an out right bitch towards him and hopefully he would just let her go. Sitting up on the couch she pulled the beige throw around her to get warm. The big fireplace had run out of firewood and being naked she was freezing. She wrapped her tail around her waist under the throw so she could get extra warmth. She would have asked him to do something about the freezing room once she got up, but when she looked over at his bed it was empty.

All she could do now was sit here naked in a cold room and wait for him to return, or she could snoop around little bit. At that thought she gave herself a little smirk and did some snooping. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Christian was in his office going over the reports and paperwork for the agency, when he heard breathing on the other side of the door.

"Why are you wasting your time standing on the other side Jenna? You know you want to come in." With that said a Hawaiian woman with smooth flawless skin, and long thick healthy hair down to her waist walked in with a seductive smile upon her face. "Hello there lover, need some company." "I don't, but I know you need some company sweetheart.

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I could smell your arousal all throughout the mansion." "Mmmm haha. I bet you did honey. And you are right, I do need some company." Jenna said as she crawled upon his desk "I've been waiting to get this demonic wolf dick inside of me all fucking week baby." She reached over and grabbed Christian's cock with determination. "Where have you been babe, you weren't around last night for our nightly fuck session, I missed you." "I had important things to do sweetie.

I can't just stop everything that I'm doing just to please you hon. But tonight I am free for every little dirty thing you have in mind sweetie. But for now I have a lot of work to do, and Dom should be coming shortly." Jenna gave a little pout "Alright have it your way then, but you better believe I will come back hot and ready to jump your bones." She said as she blew a kiss. As she was walking out she ran into Dominico as he was walking in. "Hello there my sweet Jenna.

I see my brother has unkindly turn down your advances, how rude of him?" "Hehehehe, I know he's been very rude this past week, but believe me he will make up for it tonight. Maybe you can help him," she said in her best seductive voice.

"Oh baby I would love to, but I will be very distracted this evening, so you and Chris will have to have all the fun without me." Dom leaned down and kisses the back of Jenna's hand. With that she walked away giving a glance back at Christian.

"So, I am thinking that the little succubus took up most of your time last night. I can't smell the usual scent of Jenna on you this morning brother." "Oh yeah the little bitch did. How come you didn't tell me taking her would be so difficult? She tried to kill me." Dominico couldn't help but to laugh at the thought of his cute little she-demon trying to do harm to his brother. He knew she was going to be a handful for Chris the moment that they met. And just hearing about Lola made him want to seek her out, right now, and punish her for her very exciting misdeeds.

"You don't need to punish her for trying to kill me, punish her for that filthy mouth of hers, all she did was call me pup, immature, dog, amateur, and I am pretty sure she threw in some assholes into the equation also. You didn't tell she was a Queen and older than us, how come?" "Ohhhh did the little succubus gave you a hard time. You, the great Christian, fierce warrior, the greatest alpha wolf the McLennan pack, leader of The Redemption agency that has our enemies shaking in their boots, and one of the most feared men in the world of the supernatural couldn't handle one little half-breed?" "Oh, shut up, asshole.

She must have been too hard for you to handle since you sent me to take her in the first place." "Bullshit, you know the only reason I asked you was because I had to finish business with her brother among other things. Lord only know how much I wanted to be with her and take her myself, and just hold her in my arms to comfort her, make her feel safe with us, but I couldn't.

Once I was done doing business with her brother, the vampire council called me in for an emergency meeting. Anyways, how's our little pet doing, where is she?" "She's in my room probably tearing it apart since she's still pissed about the kidnapping. Hell she still believes this is just a ransom, and her brother will pay to bring her back. I hate to tell her he did the exact opposite." "AH hell, don't get all soft about it brother I'll go and break the news to her.

I have been waiting for this moment since the first time I laid eyes on her." Dominico turned on his heel and headed towards his new cherished possession.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* "Damn, nothing there either." Lola cursed out loud to no one. There was nothing in this room to give her information about her kidnapper. This man was clean, well organized, and very private. Which meant she couldn't get to the bottom of why he took her in the first place. Hell, she even asked one his servants about him when she came to fix his bed, the girl just murmured something and ran out the room with her head down.

All she could do now was sit back on the couch and stare at nothing but the bed. His bed, it was soft enough to sleep in, she knew this from when he just dropped her on it the first night. Damn, it looked big enough to fit six large werewolves into.

Letting the temptation get the best of her she got up on the bed and started to jump. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* She was having so much fun jumping up and down on the werewolf's bed; she failed to realize that she had an audience of two very eager men enjoying the view.

She finally opened her eyes to see the two men staring at her as she bounced up and down on the bed.


She stopped once she saw the two men enjoying their view of her. She was pretty sure they got an eye full of her bouncing tits when she was lost in the joyous feeling of jumping on the bed. "Oh by all means don't stop on our account, my little she-demon, the view of you bouncing is quite lovely." The blonde haired man said. "Well it's about time you showed up, who is this?" She said, folding her arms across her breasts. Before Christian could answer Dominico stepped up and introduced himself.

"I'm Dominico, sweetie." There were a few seconds of silence before there was a swooshing noise. The next thing Lola knew she was in the arms of this man, Dominico, while he finished the last of his introduction, "and I am your master." Giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Lola was again shocked out of her wits. Did this man or vampire just say he was her master? Like hell he was because she was a Queen and was nobody's property, least of all to someone like him. He must have her confused with someone else. She heard a chuckle coming from the vampire who had been reading her thoughts, "I am not confusing you with someone else, I am your master and you are my slave, well mine and Christian's that is." It was the werewolf's turn to be surprised "what?!?

Are you sure about this Dom?" "Oh yes, I am very sure of what I am doing Christian. There was a reason why I bought her in the first place, but I will tell you both later.

For right now lets discuss other things." "Discuss what? What the hell are you talking about, jackass, get the fuck off me. How dare you touch me, I don't even know you. Get the fuck off of me, Off OFf OFF." Lola now royally pissed off by this man just grabbing her and saying what he said. In fact she was so pissed that she reached out and scratched his face with her long fingernails. "How dare you say that I belong to the both of you, I belong to no one, get your filthy vampire hands off of me." Getting more agitated by the second she was about to claw the vampire's face again until he caught her wrist in mid air, and held her arm over her head.

She was now face to face with an angry, pissed off vampire. This was no regular vampire either; this one had the same angry look that the werewolf had when she went over the limits with him. It was the same demonic black eyes with the red flicker in them that made her scared to do anything else.

It was then that it hit her, just like the werewolf, this was no ordinary vampire. A Vampire's eyes turned red with any emotion, not pure black, whereas a wolf's eyes turned amber or yellow with any emotion, again not black. With all her years of encounters with vampires and werewolves these two were an odd combination.

"My, my, my. What my brother has been saying about you is true, you do have a dirty mouth on you, and my, what a little lethal weapon you are hun. But, no worries all that will change in due time sweetie. For now I am going to break some bad news to you regarding your brother." Lowering Lola down to her feet. "You might need to sit down for what I am about to tell you honey." Lola sat on the bed looking at the tall gorgeous blonde vampire staring down at her.


At this point she had no other choice but to sit and listen, plus she was curious as to why she was kidnapped. "Lola you weren't kidnapped, baby you were sold by your brother." "What?!? How dare you say such a thing?

He would never sell me to some vampire and his pet wolf." Angrily throwing her arms in the air. "Hey, I am tried of all the pets that are flying out your mouth woman, now shut up and listen to the man." Lola shut her mouth and continued to listen as the blonde vampire spoke. "Like I was saying, you have been sold by your brother, I know you don't want to believe it, but it's true, you have been sold!" She felt tears well up in her eyes and the sharp pain like that of a knife sticking in her back going through to pierce her heart at his words.

She didn't want to believe it, but deep down, she knew her brother would do something like that. She just wanted to keep denying it until she convinced herself that it wasn't true. Crying, great sobs she had to ask the most obvious question. "Do you know why he did it? Why did he sell me to you?" "He told me because of debts and the benefits he would have with you being out of the way." Dominico said casually as he sat down on the bed next to Lola, and started caressing her cheek.

"Another reason he sold you to me is because I wanted you. I have since the first time I saw you when I was just a boy. You probably don't recognize me but I know you, and now that I finally have you I am not letting you go." At his words Lola finally broke down and started crying out all of the pain she felt at the betrayal by her brother, step-brother to be exact, but he was her brother none-the-less that just made the pain all that more intense. She felt two strong pairs of arms wrap around her trying to bring her comfort.

Despite the information just given to her, she felt at ease in the warmth these two brought to her, which was weird because she was their captive. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Carmen felt the fear riding her like a tidal wave. She couldn't believe she had been sold to the one man she detested with all her being. She almost wanted to throw up at the fact this man had the privilege to touch her no matter what she said.

But she couldn't let that happen. There had to be a way out of here, there had to be some way to get away from this horrible man. He walked over to his lover and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"It will be a joy to have you here Carmen. I am very pleased to be back in your presence." Carmen frowned at his statement.

Yeah this man would love to have her and torture her to death so they could have a romantic bubble bath in her blood. Well she would be damned if she would die without a fight. All she could do now was give a sarcastic smile "I bet you are, you sick perverted fuck. So tell me are you and your lover planning on fucking me death, or will you just rip off my wings and then fuck me death?" she said standing up from the floor.

"Whatever you may think of him that is not the man I know, so please keep you comments to yourself." She heard Selena say. "Oh just because this sick fucker treated you like a princess excuses him of all the other shit he has done. Did you know your sweet darling mate has killed hundreds of innocent Valkyries, and has probably raped women and children while he was at it, hmm?

I'll bet he didn't tell you that." Carmen could see the woman getting angrier by the second "Listen I know you are having trouble processing this situation but there is no need for you to be so insulting in this house." Selena said getting more pissed by the second. Carmen felt a slight breeze behind her, which made her smile a bit as she took a step back. "Oh! Why I shouldn't I be insulting in this house?" Carmen asked, taking a few steps back, as Selena took a few towards her. "You bought me like I was some fucking fat ass heifer at the auction, then I find out it was your mate who is the brains behind the whole operation.

Not only that, I wake up in a bed with a nasty leech touching me with her nasty hands that have probably never seen anything like soap and water." Carmen felt the breeze get stronger with each step "So tell me you two leech's aren't going to rape and kill me the same way you did Lola?

I mean being a mortal with wings, I knew I would die sometime, but this is not how I imagined my death would be. Quite honestly I would rather die by drinking poison while being gang-banged by fifteen incubuses, then to be a fucking slave for you two leeches. Especially a leech that sits by and is content with her big bully leech of a mate, that kills innocents and rapes women and children." With the last sentence leaving her mouth Carmen felt a quick, sudden force push her out the third story window.