Mia khalifa hot best 3x story

Mia khalifa hot best 3x story
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The day I Became a Slut! Hello, my name is Amy. The strangest, most beautiful and incredible thing happened to me today! I feel so wonderfully liberated, because I became a slut tonight!

My mind is in a whirl of euphoria, and I am having more fun than I could ever imagine!

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I feel so totally free and wildly wanton. I've finally admitted to myself who I really am and what I'm really like. It is so absolutely, incredibly exciting to throw off the shackles of prudish monogamy so that I don't have to pretend not to lust for sex with other people I meet, anymore.

By fucking another man tonight, I allowed myself the freedom to enjoy sex and nudity, and all their wonderful variations, as one of the things that make being human bearable.


Today, I have finally entered into the swinging lifestyle by acknowledging my true nature. Yes, I now freely admit that I am a slut who loves to be fucked, and needs to be fucked by lots and lots of sweet hard cocks. I am a middle-aged, average weight, but still pretty, married slut, with big married tits, a round married ass, and a juicy-wet married pussy, who just loves to fuck and suck other men.

OK, you probably think it sounds like I'm going pretty wild and crazy, and most people might say that I am engaging in abnormal and risky behavior.

Maybe I am going overboard with all the slut-whore stuff. But I like it. I don't think of them as bad names. Instead of being demeaning, the names slut and whore give me a sense of completeness, empowerment and liberation.

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To me, a slut or a whore is just a strong, sexually self assured woman who is not afraid to go against societal norms and fully explore and express her sexuality in the same way that men have always expressed theirs.

Who says we women can't be sexually assertive just like men are? What's wrong with openly going after sweet hard cock? A slut can do that, a "lady" can't. Anyway, how can something that is so beautiful, that feels so good and right, that is so much fun and natural, be wrong or bad for me?

Especially if my husband feels so positive and is so encouraging and supportive about what I'm doing? So tonight, to help me maintain an even keel, to keep things sorted out and quiet down my whirling mind, I'm starting a sort of journal of my experiences. I'll call it my Slut's Diary, and this is my first entry: Okay, I admit it. As of tonight, I am a slut. I'm married woman who fucks and sucks other guys, in addition to my husband, whenever I feel like it.

That makes me what everyone calls a slut or a whore, right? Well, I love it! It makes me finally free to be myself - a sexual being who is free to choose my own sexual behavior and partners.

What makes everything even more fun and exciting, is that my sweet husband Will loves the new me (or, as Will says, the real me) even more than before. It's thrilling, and I can't believe I'm such a lucky girl!

I knew I was especially lucky when Will fucked me so hard and so sweetly after I came home tonight and told him how I had just fucked my new boyfriend, Tom. I also told my husband that I wanted to keep fucking Tom regularly. Will just fucked me harder. If Will is going to keep fucking me like that whenever I have sex with other men, I can't wait for every chance I can get to fuck Tom again! I guess I should start at the beginning. I've always had a strong sex drive and loved to fuck.

I've been strongly attracted to other people all my life, and I've always been especially fascinated with cocks and the men they're attached to. So many different shapes and sizes - so little time! I adore the way cute little soft cocks get big and hard when I suck on them, and the different personalities they all have. I love the sounds men make when they fuck me and the silly look of surprise on their faces when they come.

I was a girl of the late '70's, and I first started fucking when I was fourteen. I was pretty wild and adventurous before I got married, and got to know a couple of dozen sweet penises very intimately. So, I guess I've always been a slut. When we were dating, Will confessed that his first marriage had been an open marriage. When he proposed to me, he promised that he would never place any restrictions on me, and that if I wanted to have other lovers he would not limit me.

He also promised that he would never pressure me into doing anything I didn't want to do and that as long as I was monogamous, he would be, as well. But when I got married to Will I bought into the conventional morality that married people weren't supposed to fuck around, that husbands and wives are supposed to only have sex with each other, and that sex outside of marriage would lead to breakup and divorce.

Nevertheless, I've always needed to have several orgasms every day, and even though Will and I have always had great sex and he always makes sure I cum when he fucks me every day, I usually masturbate a couple of times each day and fantasize about sucking and fucking other guys whenever I do. But, for the last fourteen years, I've limited myself to fucking only my husband. Tonight everything changed. For about a year now I've been flirting with a cute guy five or six years younger than I am, who works for another company in an office on the same floor of the building where I work.

I always thought I ought to feel guilty, but it was fun and exciting to flirt with Tom in the hallways at work, on my lunch breaks and at a nearby bar where Will and I hang out after work with friends. Tom is pretty good looking, and he knows it, so he came on to me pretty strongly right from the start, making it obvious that he was attracted to me and wanted to fuck me.

Whenever we met he would make little risqué comments about my body, my tits and ass, what a sexy mouth I have, and what we would be like together. He did nothing to hide the huge bulge in his pants that appeared when we were together, and it made me feel so desirable that I did absolutely nothing to discourage him and flirted right back.

Often, I would run into him in the kitchen when I went to get coffee on breaks. I knew the effect I had on him, so I would be sure to bend over and give him a good look at my ass when I got something from the refrigerator, or let my tits brush across his arm when I reached for the sugar. I'd often let a drop of cream "accidentally" fall on my fingers so I could look him in the eye and slowly lick it off. And best of all, if I had to squeeze past him to get to the microwave, I would make sure that my ass rubbed against his hardness.

I admit, I was a horrible cock-tease, but it was tremendously exciting and made me feel so sexy and attractive. Tom would pout and tell me that I was driving him crazy with lust. I would just laugh and teasingly remind him that I'm married.

But afterwards, I'd go back to my desk with my mind in a whirl and a dripping wet pussy, close my office door so I could finger my clit under my desk and quietly bring myself to orgasm, imagining what his cock looked like and how it would feel in my mouth or pussy. Later that night, I would almost rape my husband, imagining Tom's cock. Oh, I wanted to fuck Tom so badly! I have a great boss who usually closes the office and lets us leave early on Friday afternoons, if we are all caught up with our work.

Will and I had tickets to see a show that evening, but it was only about 3:00 PM when we closed the office, so I decided to relax and have a drink or two before going home to shower and change for the theater. Plenty of time before the eight o'clock curtain, right? I was standing at the bar, laughing and kicking back with John, the bartender (another hunky guy I'd love to fuck) and several of the regulars.

I was about half way through my first drink, when Tom came in. Like I said, I've desperately wanted to fuck other guys, especially Tom, for a long time now. However, I've stubbornly resisted, inventing all kinds of lame "married" excuses to avoid it. I really don't know what changed tonight. I guess the dam holding back all my sexual repression just burst. The fact is, everything did change, and it was amazingly easy and natural to let myself start being a slut.

I didn't even really know I was doing it. It just was right. The moment I saw Tom, I felt that delicious ache in my pussy and instantly threw all caution to the wind. He took a seat on a nearby bar stool and I swung my hips as I walked over to his side and started flirting with him shamelessly. Somehow, a couple of buttons on my blouse "mysteriously" came open, so Tom (and everyone else) could clearly see the cleavage of my full 38DD breasts jiggling in the lacy bra I was wearing.

I enjoyed all the stares I was getting as I gave Tom a big hug. I started making lots of physical contact with him, touching his hand or resting my hand on his leg. My nipples were almost painfully erect, poking through the thin fabric of my bra, and I found plenty of opportunities to brush my tits against him as we talked, thrusting my breast out to him, making my hard nipples gently brush back and forth against his arm.

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Every time we shared a laugh, I leaned into him, brazenly letting my hand rest higher and higher on his thigh. The other men and women we were talking with could hardly keep their eyes from staring at my hand, and it was obvious that I could feel his hardening cock whenever it throbbed or twitched. I wanted it so badly, it was all I could do not to grab it right there. Finally, after a particularly funny moment, when I had collapsed on his chest in laughter, we found ourselves looking into each other's eyes and I impulsively just reached up and pulled his mouth down to mine.

There I stood, a married woman brazenly kissing a man who was not my husband right in front of our mutual friends and drinking buddies. I pressed my tits against his chest and ground my pussy against his leg.

I let his tongue explore my mouth, feeling his arms around me, inhaling his manly scent, so similar, yet different than my husband's.

I suddenly felt so deliciously free to kiss him like that! I felt so beautifully warm and lovely and wanton! Everyone who hangs out there knows I'm married to Will, and now it is obvious to all what a naughty slut I am. It just made me hotter and wetter to know that they were watching me and thinking what a slut I was making of myself. I know they will never think the same way about me again, but I just didn't care. In fact, I loved it! I knew that most of the men there (and some of the women!) now were thinking that they now might have a chance to fuck me, and the thought was making my knees weak and my pussy wet.

My pussy ached for a cock. I licked and nibbled Tom's ear as I whispered to him that it was time to fuck me. I told him I wanted his cock, that I needed his cock, and that I wanted him to make me his slut. Who knew? When it finally happened, it was so incredibly easy to let go! The police didn't burst in to arrest me. I didn't turn into a toad. The sky didn't fall, the world didn't end. I wasn't thrown into the street and stoned. All that happened was that Tom immediately said that I should go home with him, so we could fuck.

However, I just gently squeezed his hard on and told him that I didn't want to wait that long for his cock. I said that I had a better idea that would allow him to fuck me right away. "Bye, Johnny.


See you later! Tell Will I'll see him at home." I grinned at everyone watching us, waved goodbye, took his hand and I led him out of the bar. I really don't know where I got the guts to do what happened next. I was so hot for him that I was out of control.

I just wanted to fuck him so badly that I couldn't wait. I used my office key and took him up to my boss's deserted office, just a block away.

We didn't speak a word on the way, but I was shaking with the incredible excitement and anticipation of doing something so risky and naughty. I had only had one drink, but I felt drunk with the euphoria of doing something so shockingly naughty and completely different from anything I had ever done before.

Of course, we were all over each other, feeling each other up in the elevator. Tom had my blouse open and my bra undone by the time we got to the sixth floor, and I stroked and tickled his hard cock which was straining for release. Leaving the lights off in the outer office, we went into the executive suite. I told Tom to sit down and make himself comfortable on my boss's big leather sofa. Before he fucked me, I wanted to be fully exposed to him.

I needed to shed the last vestiges of respectability. "Look at me. Look at the slut standing before you. You're so hot, I've wanted to fuck you for months." I wanted for him to see the nasty slut he was about to have. "Look at me. See how much I want your cock." Slowly, almost unconsciously, I began to put on a show for him, undressing, performing an erotic striptease that I seemed to instinctually know how to do.

"Look at me, see how horny I am. See how badly I want you to fuck me." In the light of the setting sun and my boss's giant fish tanks I blossomed into the slut I had been holding inside.

"Look at me. See how I want to be your slut." He just sat back and smiled as he watched me display myself to him. "Look at me. I want you to fuck me like a whore with that cock." I writhed as I looked deep into his eyes and physically showed him how much I wanted and needed to be fucked. I displayed every part of my body to him, until I stood before him completely naked.

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"I need your cock in my mouth. I want to suck it and drink your cum." I licked and pinched my nipples and fingered my dripping pussy. "I want your cock pounding in my cunt." I turned my back to him and bent over, spreading my ass cheeks and pussy lips to show my most intimate parts.

"Use me as your sex toy and cover me with your cum." Then, deliciously, totally exposed, I slumped back in my boss's big leather chair with my legs wide apart and masturbated for my new lover so he could see me cum. "Look at me! Watch me cum. See what a slut I am when I cum!" I needed for him to se me cum, to look into my eyes and see my insatiable need to cum. "Oh, God! Look at me! Look at what a slut I am!

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I'm a whore who needs your cock! I'm cumming! I'm cummmming!!" I collapsed on the carpet as my first huge orgasm washed across me. Crawling across the floor to him, legs splayed, tits swaying, I wantonly licked my own juices from my fingers. Tom had pulled out his lovely cock and was stroking his beautiful erection as he watched my lewd display.

"Look what I have for you, slut. You've wanted this ever since you first saw me, haven't you?" His hard cock jutted arrogantly in toward me, and was directly level with my face as I crawled. "Here's what you want. Come here and suck my cock, bitch." Oh, My God! His cock!

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His balls! His lovely, hard penis!! "Oh, God, it's beautiful!" I was transfixed - the first real live hard cock, other than Will's, that I had seen in 14 years! I couldn't take my eyes off it. God, it was unbelievably gorgeous! I ached for it. I had to have it. Panting, drooling, shaking, moaning and trembling with lust, I knelt before him like a wild creature and worshipped this lovely new penis.

I completely lost myself in a rush of lust as I closely examined every incredible inch of it. I inhaled his wonderful manly smell. I rubbed its silky length and hardness all over my face as I gave myself completely to this beautiful cock. "Suck it, whore. Show me how much you love cock." Greedily, hungrily, I voraciously licked and sucked this beautiful new cock, reveling in all the wonderful differences and similarities to Will's.

"Take it all, you nasty slut. Take it down your throat." It was a bit thicker than Will's, so I opened wide to get as much of his beautiful hardness as I could in my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum, sucking and nibbling on the helmet head, tonguing the sweet little hole at the tip.

My tongue ran around the sharply defined lip of his cock head. I licked up and down the hard shaft, feeling the bulging veins with my lips and tongue, trying to memorize every erotic detail of my new toy.

When I reached the base of his hard shaft, I slid my tongue slowly around his balls sack, tasting the musky manliness between his legs. I sucked each one into my mouth, feeling their weight. Releasing his balls, I licked farther back to the tangier taste of his asshole.

"Oh, yes! You nasty bitch, lick my ass. I'm yours!" Spreading his cheeks, I let my tongue circle his anus. The naughtiness of what I was doing was overwhelming. My fingers were playing over my clit, and I came violently, screaming as I plunged my tongue deep into his ass. "Oh, yes! You fucking dirty whore! Suck my ass, bitch!" Slowly, I worked my way back to his cock and eased the entire length into the back of my throat, until my nose rested in his soft pubic hair.

Overcome with his own lust, Tom quickly took control and held my head in his hands as he began to fuck my mouth. "Take it! Take my cock, slut!" I eagerly and completely submitted to his cock, relaxing past the gag reflex as I sucked and squeezed with my lips, worshipped with my tongue, trying to swallow more and more of him every time he thrust his hardness against the back of my throat, sucking to keep him there when he drew back for the next thrust.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth, slut! Oh, shit! Drink my cum like a whore! Oh, God!!" His pubic bone bumped against my nose, and he filled my hungry throat with spurt after spurt of his salty cum.

It was unbelievably delicious! Thrilling! Overwhelming! I orgasmed again, nearly fainting from the excitement of cheating on my husband and having another man's cum in my mouth, I greedily swallowed as much of his salty sperm as I could.

I sprawled back on the leather sofa and lewdly rubbed the cum dribbling out of my mouth into my face and tits. "That was delicious, lover. I needed that.

I hope there's more where that came from. I'm your slut and I want your cum." Tom laughed and laid me back on the sofa and eagerly began to taste my pussy. "Let's see how wet this slut's pussy is." By now, of course, I was dripping and so hot that Tom hardly had to do more than breathe on my clit before I exploded into a mind bending orgasm, screaming incoherently: "FUUUUUCK!!

Yes! Fuck me NOW! Take me, use me! Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!!! Fuck my slut-cunt!! I need your cock in my whore-pussy NOW!! Give me your cock! Fill me with your cum! What are you waiting for? FUCK ME!!!" Impatiently, I sucked him hard again, and he eagerly shoved his cock into my soaking cunt.

"Fuck me, you fucker!" I went absolutely crazy. I pushed him onto his back so I could ride his fat cock, bucking my pussy on his beautiful penis and fucking him on my boss's leather sofa. "You are a slut, aren't you? Tell what a slut you are." Tom pinched my nipples the way I love, roughly twisting and pulling them so they felt like they were on fire.

"Yes, I'm a nasty slut! Give me your cock!" I can't tell how deliciously wanton and naughty it made me feel to say it! "Fuck me, bitch! Fuck me with that slut-cunt!" I was screaming in orgasm after orgasm, shaking my tits, and rubbing my clit. "I'm a married slut and I'm fucking your cock!. I'm your slut, tonight! Your married whore to use and fuck with that gorgeous, beautiful, delicious fat cock! Fuck me, cock! Fuck me you whore fucker!" Tom flipped me over so I was kneeling on the floor and rammed his cock home.

"Whose slut are you?" He slammed his cock into me furiously, like it was his last fuck. "I'm your cock-loving slut, you fucker! Fuck me! I want your cum in my pussy! FUCK ME!" If anybody was working late and had been paying attention in the office building across the street they would have seen quite a show!

"Let's see if anybody's watching!" Tom pushed me up against the floor-to-ceiling plate glass window overlooking Broadway and fucked me hard and deep as I fingered my clit and pinched my nipples.

"Hey! Look up here!" I screamed through the thick glass. "Here I am! Look up here and see what a fucking slut I am! See what a whore looks like when she's getting fucked by a stud with a delicious hard cock!" I bucked back, slamming into his hard cock. "Fuck me! Slap my ass!

Slap my whore's ass! Make it sting!!" Tom's hand cracked down on my wide ass, making me jump with the pleasure of the pain and scream in another wrenching orgasm.

"Take it, you dirty, nasty whore! You love it, don't you slut?" "Oh, god, yes! Fuck me! Spank me! Ram that fucking cock in me, you fucker! I'm a fucking slut! So fuck me like a slut with that fucking cock! Come on, harder! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fuck me! FUUUUUCK MEEEEE!!!" Slapping my ass, the force of his fucking pushing my face up against the window, I exploded over and over in screaming orgasm before Tom finally came again, filling my cunt with his thick cum.

In exhaustion we collapsed in each other's arms, cum dribbling out of my pussy onto the plush oriental carpet. Tom tenderly cuddled me, and in his post-coital insecurity he was almost like a little boy. He sweetly told me how much he had enjoyed fucking me. He apologized for being so rough and calling me dirty names.

He said he felt ashamed at his behavior, and that he didn't really think I was a slut or a whore. I laughed, and told him not to worry. "I loved it! It's OK if you think I'm a slut and a whore. I am a slut and a whore, and I like it when you call me those things. It doesn't make me a bad person. I loved the way you were nasty and rough with me and fucked me so hard! I only hope that Will isn't upset by it, and that I can fuck you again, sometime." Of course, Tom immediately said I should to go home with him.

I laughed, and told Tom that it was only sex and that because I love my husband, it would never be anything more than just sex. I said that although I wanted to fuck him again sometime, it would depend upon what happened when I got home and faced Will. We cuddled for a while longer, and then Tom slowly walked me to the subway entrance and we shared a long and sweet goodnight kiss before I headed home to Will.

Home to my husband.