Amazing twinks Isaac pulverizes him doggy style for a while getting

Amazing twinks Isaac pulverizes him doggy style for a while  getting
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Hi, my name is Jamie. I live in a small town in the middle of no where.


We have a school and there is a city near by but not very big. I have my group of friends who I hang out with and you will meet later. We don't do much but hang out, play games and drive around like typical teenagers. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town but sit around and hang out. I woke up this morning for school just like every other day.

I got my clothes together then hopped in the shower. I usually don't take too long in the shower so I was out in about ten minutes, I dried off and then went to my room to put my clothes on.

I looked at my phone and my friend Toni texted me wanting to hang out for morning spare. I said sure, so I got dressed ad left my house. We met at the usual spot people meet to hang out or whatever. She jumped in my car and we started to talk. "What's up?" she asked. "Not much, just chilling," I said with a laugh. "Ah I see, anything new?" she asked again making conversation. "No just same old school, you know boring as usual, and yourself?" I answered.

"Ya I know its so boring around here we have nothing to do anymore," she said acting a little different than usual. "No kidding haha," I replied as I leaned my seat back, "man I'm tiered I hardly got any sleep." I didn't hear a reply after a little bit so I opened my eyes and her face was almost at mine, about kiss me with eyes closed.

Toni isn't a bad looking girl, she is skinnier, about A cup breasts, about 5'9" with long slender legs that come up to a (especially nice in jeans) tight ass that always has a bright colored thong sticking out. She has just shorter than shoulder length blonde wavy (today) hair. She recently got her lip pierced at the side and it makes he look really sexy. I looked up at her and kissed her back as I have liked her for quite a while now. She was kind of surprised but then we just kept kissing.

She started to kiss me really hard and we were getting into it pretty good. I saw her starting to take off her shirt so I let her get it off. After she got it off I lifted her over onto me in the seat so I could feel her and kiss her easily.

We were making out and I started to play with her nipples which she apparently seemed to really like. I broke off and started to lick her nipples, then she started moaning and thrusting my head into her chest.

Her boobs aren't all that big but they are still very nice and I love almost any kind of tits. I have been dreaming of this moment for a while and couldn't believe it was happening. She heard her phone ring and saw the time. "Holy shit! We are late for class!" she was so worked up from my tongue licking all over her cute little pink nipples but couldn't be late for class again.

"We have to finish this later," she gave me a deep tongue kiss, threw her shirt on and got in her car then left. I was kind of stunned at what happened, but very excited for what was to come.

I got to class and everyone was there, I sat by my friend Mark who was sitting infront of his girlfriend Karlee, who herself is very hot. She has the almost goth/reggae/ditsy look. I saw Toni and sat by her, she still looked a little flustered and I smiled knowing it was me who caused it. Class went by really slow but it eventually ended. Toni and I both have spare right after second period so I knew what we were going to do. We went to my car and left the school as fast as we could.

She had her shirt off in no time and her hand was down my pants feeling my dick. "Ahh, I never did get to feel this last time, my nipples have been so perky ever since this morning!" she excitedly said working me. I slid my seat back and pulled my pants down, she went straight for my cock tasting it and loving every second. I laid back and grabbed her ass, she was doing a very good job and it got better when I started to massage her ass. "Oh wow that feels so good Toni!" I sighed out. "I love the taste of you so much." she came up to my face and I looked at her sexy face and kissed her with all the passion I had.

I had wanted her so bad that I didn't care she was just sucking me. She came up farther and started to unzip her short shorts, I decided I would help and they slid off easy. I leaned in and smelled the sopping wet outside of her thong giving it a little lick. She shuddered rolling her eyes back. I grabbed the tiny strings and pulled down revealing her shaven pink pussy.

She was leaning on my steering wheel with her legs on my shoulders now I leaned my head down, grabbed her ass and thrust my tongue into her sopping wet pussy.

It tasted wonderful, I was in heaven licking this amazing thing. I looked up and Toni was in complete extacy feeling her tits and screaming out my name.

"Ahhhhhh, I'm cummmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg Jaaaaammmiiee!!!!!" Toni screamed clamping my head in her legs and weaving her fingers through my hair.

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I drank up all the juices that came out of her, when she finally came down from her orgasm she looked at me smiled, then we kissed. "Ok I'm ready for it now" she said lustily. I grabbed my dick, about 6.5-7 inches long and 4.5 around, and teased her pussy for a while before setting it in. I eased it in and Toni gasped for air taking it all, she was extremely wet so I slid in easily and she moaned the whole way in. I was rubbing her clit and sucking on her tit while she slided up and down me.

We were both in pure ecstasy. She started to shake again and told me she was going to cum, I said I was going to too, I started pounding faster and she lost control and went limp for a second, I just held her panting. When she finally got her strength back she just kissed me and said, "that was awesome." We just sat there holding eachother for the rest of spare and most of lunch.


Not quite halfway through lunch Toni got a call to go hang out with her friend Shaundra. Shaundra is what you would call "perfect" or as close a person could be, she does lots for other people and has even went to other countries to help build buildings for them.

She is also vegitarian and like a modern day hippie. Shaundra has an awesome body, tan with wider hips that make a perfect ass leading down to long legs. Her boobs are about an A cup and she has long dirty blonde hair with a round, smaller face. Toni and her don't hang out too often but every once in a while they get together. So Toni went to hang out with Shaundra so I just went home to sleep.

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I went to fourth period and got through with that, I had to stay a bit longer to finish up so I was late for last class, gym. As I was walking down the hallway to the change room, Shaundra whispered from behind me. I looked back too see who it was and then I saw it was her. "Come here, quick!" Shaundra urged. I ran over there quick not realizing it was into the girls change room. "Why did you want me to come in here for?" I asked curiously. "Toni told me about what happened between you two today and I wanted to know if it was true.?" she half asked.

I was on the spot and didn't know what to say, "Uhh yeah I guess so" was all I could say. She looked kind of shocked and then said to herself at first, "Oh well I guess.Come here Jamie." She led me to the bench in the change room and then got real close to my face and kissed me. I kissed back and she broke off then looked at me and we went back to it.

She lowered down starting to take off my pants going straight for my cock. I just held her head and enjoyed her mouth to the fullest.

After a few minutes I pulled her head back and gave her a long kiss. While kissing her I reached down fir the bottom of her shirt and lifted it off her breaking our kiss. Her hand was going on my cock and pumping it pretty good. I took off the very sexy yellow bra off her kissing her lovely small tits, licking all over. I looked up at her beautiful round face and she too had her eyes rolled back, I smiled to myself and then noticed a movement in the corner of my eye.

It was Toni standing there against the wall in her loose gym shirt and a thong fingering herself and pinching her nipple with the other hand. She looked so sexy there like that. Shaundra noticing that I saw Toni in the back called out, "Youight as well come and join now Toni, he looks a little bigger now that he sees you." "Mmm, he looks so delicious and hard, but I want to taste you first Shaun" Toni said full of lust. The shirt cam off in one swoop along with the bra. Toni went and dropped infront of Shaundra and slowly teasing me pulled them down kissing all over Shaundras hips and pussy lips.

Tonis mouth was almost glued to Shaundras pussy with her moaning already. I couldn't take it anymore so I stood up and kneeled behind Toni issuing her shoulders and putting my hand in her thong. My left hand reached to her nipple and she moaned too hard she let go of Shaundra so i got in on that pussy for the first time.

It tasted wonderful, different from Tonis, probably because of their diet.

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Toni in the meanwhile was busy putting my dick in her pussy. I let off of Shaundras pussy so I could pump into her better. I grabbed her tits for something to hold on to and Shaun grabbed Tonis head and pushed it back into her.

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After a few minutes of that we decided to switch up, I sat on the bench and got Shaundra to come and lower herself on my now really hard dick. She was just about gasping for air she was so full.

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Toni helped her get down by licking her clit so she could focus on that. I licked my fingers so I could rub her nipple with my right hand and hold her with the left. We got a nice steady rhythm going and Toni moved over to my side so I could finger her or suck on her tits while she played with Shauns boobs. Shaundra was about to come so I sped up and made her scream almost too loud, Toni had moved down then to slurp up the cum that came out. I set Shaundra down on the bench as she was exhausted.

Toni came over to me, turned around and thrust her ass into my crotch. I stuck my dick into her pissy and began to fuck her hard. She soon began to scream and shudder hard squirting all over me. I still hadn't cum so I got the girls to both clean me off on their knees in front of me.

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They both kissed and played with eachother as well as my dick. I let both suck me until I came all over their faces and boobs. They sat there and rubbed my cum into themselves while also swapping it in their mouths and drinking it like milk. We soon heard the bell ring and we had to hurry and get out of there before anyone saw.

We left and got out the the school as fast as possible. And that was my day, and there are more to come (I hope