Sexy asian masseuse marica hase smashed by nasty client

Sexy asian masseuse marica hase smashed by nasty client
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It had been one of those days, when nothing seems to go the way you think it should. I'm thirty eight years old, divorced, and raising a sixteen year old son. I finished work, and decided to go out with the girls. I called my son Eddie, and told him I'd be home a little later, It was Wednesday, and we all met at this little place to unwind, and have a few laughs.

" Like they say time flies when you're having fun," and I had already had more to drink, than I needed. Our little party broke up, Oh, I guess around ten o'clock, and I headed home.

I came into the house to find my son Eddie stretched out on the sofa, all the lights in the house on, and the music blaring away.

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He was laying there in his boxer shorts with a huge erection." Oh my god," I hadn't been with a man in eleven years. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I turned down the music and shut off the lights, and began undressing myself.I don't know what came over me, but I went over and set down on his huge cock. He woke up, and somehow, I ended up on the bottom with his cock buried deep inside me.

It had to be the quickest fuck in history. He unloaded in me immediately. that's about all I can remember about that. I woke up the following morning to find myself laying there on the sofa with him. I felt so ashamed of what I had let happen, I went to the bath, and showered, and got ready to go to work.

I woke him as I left. I was so ashamed, I barely spoke to him. All day I kept asking myself, why I would let something like that happen.

Hell, I didn't even enjoy it. I felt ashamed, and mad at myself, and wondered how I would face him that evening. I came home that night, very little was said between us. I could hardly bring myself to look at him. I was totally embarrassed at the thoughts of what I had done with him. Friday night I arrived home, and went on into the kitchen, put away the groceries I'd picked up on the way home.

Eddie came in and asked "Mom are you mad at me"? "No"I replied. I'm mad at myself" .What happened the other night should never have happened ! I went on.


It's wrong just totally wrong.".Well I'm glad you're not mad at me." Eddie spoke, moving towards me and putting his arms around me.

" I love you Mom" he said hugging my neck. I was afraid I'd made you mad at me .he went on. I could feel his stiff cock bumping up against me.

I kissed him, and started backing up towards the table. My panties and skirt hit the floor and I stepped out of them, and he took me there on the kitchen table. I tried to slow him downbut he shot off his load, the instant the head of his cock, entering my pussy.He backed up, an a large squirt shot all over my belly.

"Oh God mom"! I know I came to quick, but I couldn't help it.he sounded so excited.


Well baby, we'll have to work on that, I assured him. I reached down and picked my clothes up off the floor and walked to the bathroom, I took a quick shower put on my robe and came back into the kitchen. " Mom you're so beautiful"Eddie remarked. I wish you'd take off that robe so I can look at you.Let me fix us something to eat first, and we'll start all over. I told him.

We finished eating, and I cleaned up the dishes. I took a blanket, and a couple of pillows and laid them down on the living room floor.I laid down on the blanket removing my robe.

Eddie pulled off his boxer shorts and joined me.I began telling him about the parts of my body showing him my clitoris, and explaining to him what, and how it worked.I took his hand in mine, and slowly led his fingers to it, and showed him how to massage it with his fingers.My cunt is covered with a heavy thick bush. and he asked me if I'd mind if we trimmed it so he could see my pussy better. I told him no, I didn't mind.We went to the bathroom, and I trimmed the most of it with the scissors.

I had never realised how much pubic hair, I had down there. " Well it's your turn now" I told him laughing. Eddie carefully used a razor on the final trim. He was ever so gentle, and it felt so good the way he was grooming my pussy.When he was finished, I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the door, and smiled to myself.I liked it.

We went back into the living room, and laid down together on the blanket. I began telling him all about touching and kissing all parts of the body, erotic places on a woman, and how they helped make her hot. He was getting more excited by the minute. His cock was hard, and I took it in my hand, and slowly stroked it, I kept on talking to him about foreplay, and the facts of life.I was getting hot myself just talking about it.I told him all about the ways to lick a pussy, and ask him if he'd like to try it.He wasn't sure about that, but he was willing to try.

It didn't take him long to figure out, what made me feel good. He had me squirming all over the living room floor.His tongue was making me crazy, and I knew I wasn't far from cumming.".Oh God baby" " Yeeeeees" " Oh fuck " it's so good ! Oh Yeeeesssssss! Baby !!!!! I'm cumming Oh God !


! ! I'm cumming ! The release was great . I had needed this for so long.Oh yes Baby that's what Mommas talking about.".You did me so good, Baby" I could tell he felt proud of what he had just done to me.His cock was still standing at attention. I knew he needed a release .I rolled over on my back, spread my legs, and told him to put it in me. It did feel good, but he blew his load almost immediately.

Don't worry about it baby. I told him. We'll get it right. I want you to start sleeping with me in my room .From that night on, Eddie and I slept nude together in my bed. The following morning I awoke, and Eddie had a huge erection.

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I took the head of it into my mouth, licking my tongue all around the head. He woke up to find his Mother giving him his first blow job.".Oh God Mom " ! what are you doing ?

" Paying my boy back for that wonderful orgasm he gave his mother last night.

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" God mom, that feels great Oh God it feels good. He was getting more excitedall the time.I could taste his precum, as it began leaking out the head of his cock. Oh god Mom you're gonna make me cum, he was almost screaming with pleasure. "That's the idea baby" ! ! I replied, I started sucking him with long hard strokes, pushing his cock down my throat. I felt him start swelling in my mouth and then he unloaded his sperm deep inside my sucking mouth.".Oh god " " awgh" !!!!!!!

Mom. I'm cumming ! " AWGH " " OOOOOOOOH " Fuck !

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Oh Mom, I love you so much.I was swallowing his jism as he kept squirting shot after shot of his young seed.I ran my tongue up and down his shaft squeezing his cock with my hand milking all of his cum up out of his cock.

I took my tongue and licked the last little bit of cum off the head of his cock.He looked at me kind of bewildered, and asked? " Mom what did you do with it" .I swallowed it baby, I swallowed it. That was some good stuff baby, I loved it.He seemed amazed that I would swallow his spunk.Come on baby .time to get up.He followed me into the kitchen.

I put on a pot of coffee, we were both walking around nude. He put his arms around me, and kissed me.I sat down on the edge of the table, and pulled his body tight against mine . My tits hard against his chest.I felt his cock rubbing against my leg. He was hard again, I leaned backand my feet came off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his young firm body, and felt his cock hit home. He was deep inside me moving in and out of me with long, slow, deliberate strokes.".Had I created myself a monster" ?

I sure hoped so.Eddie kept fucking me. Moving his big cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. It was wonderful. He picked me up off the tableand carried me to the living room. and laid me on the sofa. He really did become a man, at that moment. He was slamming his cock into me with a passion only true lovers ever experience.

I was pushing back to meet his every stroke, and loving every moment.Mom, OH GOD!!

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Mom, I'm getting close. He was speaking with so much excitement in his voice. "Slow down baby" I coached him. I'm nearly there to baby. I reached down, and began rubbing my clit to help speed me along.Yes Baby OOOOOOOH GOD YES BABY, FUCK ME FAST! ! OH FUCK ME FAST!!!!!!!! It was super, my orgasm started out slow, and kept building to one hell of a blast.I felt Eddie's cock swell up andwhen his jism blasted into me.

my orgasm grew more intently.My boy had just given me one of the best fuckings, I ever remembered having.We held on to each other shaken, by what had just happened between us.Oh God baby that was wonderful.So beautiful baby.You were so good to Momma.I reached up and pulled his face to mine and gave him a long wet kiss. The following weeks, turned into months. Eddie had really learned how to control his body. I had groomed him into a lover, any woman would be proud to call their man!.

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