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Powerful dong inside brazilian butt hardcore blowjob
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Caught Wet Handed Chapter Five by Simon Fear I was awakened at 6:30am by my cell phone ringing on my night stand next to my bed. I fumbled with it for a second and then I answered, "Hello." This sexy voice answered, "Morning baby, did you sleep well?" I smiled, "Morning sexy, mmmm yes I did." Jill giggled, "You sound like pleased, have fun last night." As I quickly told Jill what I had done in my bedroom, I slowly rubbed my nipples with my free hand making them hard.

I was still lying in bed, completely naked. I didn't sleep with any covers on that night, I hadn't cared if anyone had walked one, though no one is supposed to. When I finished telling Jill about my window voyeurism, she giggled again. Damn she was so sexy.


"Wow Stace, you sound like a natural exhibitionist, you just jumped right into it. Tell you what, I'm going to help you bring your exhibitionism out more. Tonight when we go to that club, I want you to wear something very sexy and provacative.

Will you do that for me." I smiled, "Sure hun, anything for you." Jill blew me a kiss over the phone, "I'll see you tonight sweety." I blew a kiss back her, and then said bye.

I got up and then went to the bathroom. I washed up and then step back into my room and turned the light on.

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It was still kind of dark, so I knew that with my light on anyone could clearly see me standing there naked. I took my time getting dressed. I pick out a pink blouse, and a white skirt. I finally got dressed and went downstairs and got some toast with jelly for breakfast. I quickly scanned over a chapter in my U.S. History book one last time for a test we had today in Mr. Gennely's class. While I was reading both my sisters came down and got themselves something to eat.

They sat down at the table and began whispering back and forth with each other, giggling and kept glancing in my direction. I pretended to ignore as I waded up a napkin in my hand. I quickly threw the napkin catching Sheryl by surprise as it hit her on her forehead. "Alright, what's so funny that you two have to be giggling over there like two young 6 year olds?" Sheryl threw the napkin back at but missed.

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"We were just wondering if you were going to take you little friend with you to school for show-and-tell." Ashley and Sheryl busted up laughing. I stuck my tongue out at them, "HA HA, your so funny." Ashley turned to Sheryl, "She avoided the question, I think she might have it in her purse." "I do not," I said.

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Sheryl then said, "I think we should check." "You'll do no such thing," I said pulling my purse to me. Sheryl got and walked over to me, "Let me see." She reached for my purse, which I slapped away. "Awww she's isn't playing nice," Ashley said. Sheryl smiled, "Well we know what to do about that, don't we sis?" Ashley nodded. Ashley reached for my purse, and when I tried to slap her hand away, Sherly grabbed my wrist, which of course started a wrestling match. I tried to grab at Sheryl, but she held me away from, and then I stumbled and fell to the floor, pulling Sheryl down with me.

We started rolling around, while Ashley took her time rummaging through my purse. Sheryl finally pinned me.

I was on my back and she was sitting on my tummy holding my arms to my side. I tried kicking my legs around to get leverage, but all it did was cause my skirt to skoot up, leaving my ass bare on the cold floor. I didn't care cause I knew we were just playing, as we do a lot. I finally gave up and just layed there while Ashley kept going through my purse.

Sheryl looked back her, "Well sis, anything?" Ashley put my purse back down, and sat on the table, "Nope, it's not there, but she is forgetting something else." Ashley pointed down behind Sheryl.

Sheryl looked back and down, and saw that my skirt up pushed up and was exposing my bare pussy. "Well now what have we here." She reached back with one hand and pulled my skirt further back, exposing my pelvis. Sheryl was still holding my skirt back, when I used my free hand and reached up and grabbed a hold of her tank top. I yanked down, causing both of her 36c cup tits to pop out. "EEEEk. Oh now your gonna pay for that sister dear.

Come hold her hands down Ash." Ashley got off the table and walked around to head and knelt taking both of my arms. I tried wiggling lose, but couldn't. Sheryl started unbutton my blouse and let it fall to the sides, exposing my bra covered tits.

Then Sheryl started tickling my sides. I began twisting this way and that way trying to get free while laughing my head. My sisters how ticklish I was. There had been several time where they had tickled me so much, I had actually pissed myself. Sheryl hadn't even bothered covering her titties, as she continued to tickle me on my sides and belly. Sheyl's tits kept jiggling in front of me, and during my thrashing I noticed Ashley was staring at them and had loosed her grip on my arms.

While I was laughing I took my opportunity and wrenched my hands free and then grabbed Ashley skirt and pulled it down, revealing her sexy blue thong. She shreaked, but before she could react I pulled on the waste band of her thong and snapped it against her waist.

"OWWW", she yelped. She stood up which cause her skirt to fall. "OOOHhh you are a bad little girl," She said smiling. "Well you did go through my purse," I said. Sheryl had stopped tickling, but she had forgotten that now my arms free. I reached up with both hands and tweaked both of her quarter size nipples.

"EEEk," She said cupping both tit. Sheryl got up still holding both her tits, "Bad girl doesn't even cover it, she is downright naughty, and needs to be punished." I had managed to sit up when Ashley grabbed my arms and pulled me up, but did not let go. Ashley sat down in a chair and then pulled me across her lap.

I tried struggling but both my sisters had always been stronger than me. Sheryl was rubbing her nipples, "That hurt sis, now your really going to get it." Ashley then hiked my skirt up to my and proceeded to spank my bare ass. I cried out and tried getting with no success. After a few moment she stopped and then Sheryl came over and started spanking my ass.

While she was doing I reached behind Ashley and pinched her ass cheek. "OWW," she said, standing and dropping me to the floor. I quickly reached up and grabbed the waist band of her thong and jerked it down exposing her smooth pussy, with just a small strip of hair at the top. "EEEk, naughty naughty girl. She didn't bother pulling her thong back as she jumped down on top of me and we started wrestling.

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Sheryl didn't want to be left out so she jump in, and we all wound up wrestling and tickling each other. After a few we split apart trying to catch our breath, each with disheveled clothes and hair. I got and grabbed my purse and bookbag. Ashley got up and hugged me, "Have a good day." "I will." Ashley turned around and bent over to help Sheryl up and I couldn't resist.

I reared my hand and let a hard smack on Ashley's bare bottom. "EEEEEEEK," she screamed.

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She turned around to grab at me but I was already out the door and ran to school. I knew Ashley would pay me back for that last slap, so I would have to watch out. Our little wrestling match had caused me to run late, but I managed to make it in my first period class by the last bell.

I sat next to my best Jennifer who is also the captain of the Varsity Panther Cheerleader. "Wow Stace, you look a mess, get up on the wrong side bed," she teased.

I had forgotten that my hair got all messed up. "What did you do this morning, did you meet with some guy before school, is that why your running late, and your blouse is buttoned wrong," Jen giggled.

I glanced down at my blouse and began blushing. While I had been running to school I had been buttoning my shirt back up and I had accidently gotten a few mis-matched. Well I would have to fix that after class, I had it so screwed up that the only way to fix was to unbutton it completely exposing my bra to the whole, and even though I was getting into exhibitionism I was not about to do that.

I looked back at Jennifer. She had a pretty smile, and she was beautiful. She had ravishing long curly brown hair, 34c cups tits, and was 110 lbs at 5'8", with sparkling blue eyes. We had been best friends since 4 grade when my family had moved here. "I'll tell you all about it at lunch." "Oooohh I bet it's gonna be good." Classes went on that morning. I had fixed my blouse in the girls restroom after my first class and brush the tangles out of my hair, and put it in a ponytail.

Lunch time at 11:30 and Jennifer and I got in her car and headed towards the McDonalds. We had an hour for lunch. She has a convertable BMW that he dad bought for her when she had turned 16. I and another friend Pamela were the only other ones outside Jennifer's family allowed to drive. Jennifer drove it today and I sat next to her and Pam was in the backseat.

Pam leaned forward, "Stace your shorter than me, you should let me ride shotgun." I put my finger to my lips, "SHHH, you'll let me ride shotgun if you want to hear my story about yesterday." Pam stuck her tongue out, "Oh pooh, your no fun." Pamela was my other best friend from the 5th grade when she had moved here.

She had blonde hair to her neck, 36c cup tits, at 120lbs. Pam was very pretty. There was nothing that the three of us didn't tell each other.


As we pulled out of the school parking lot I quickly summarized all that had happened yesterday. By the time I was done, Jennifer and Pam were staring at me with their mouths at me. I just merely grinned. Finally the questions started pouring out.

"You drove half naked?" "You got raped by a female Police Officer?" "You bought a vibrator?" "Your dating Jill?" "You got caught by you mom and sisters in the backyard?" "You stripped in front of your window and fucked yourself in front of the neighbors?" "Did you like it?" I answered yes to all the questions.

Jennifer looked at me, "I always thought Jill was a sweet girl. I'm happy you two are together. I always thought she should have been in cheerleading with us." Pam started grinning, "Your just pulling our legs, that didn't happen." I just kept grinning.

Jennifer then got this sly on her face, "Ok if you really are getting into exhibitionism, I dare you to remove your top and bra." I acted shocked, "Wha.get naked out here, there are people driving around." Pam giggled, "I knew it, she's chicken, she wouldn't do all that." Well I couldn't just pass a dare.

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"Ok, you asked for it, but if I do this, then both of you will have to remove something." Jen piped up, "Oh like what?" I smiled, "Well I can't expect both of you to be as daring as me, so I would just have you both remove your skirts and panties, at least no one will be able to see unless they are right next to us. I'm the only one who will be on display." Jennifer acted shocked but she had sly grin on her face, "You can't think I will drive around with my pussy showing." I started making chicken sounds.

Pam started giggling, "Ok, I'll do it, come on Jennifer do it with me." Jennifer glanced at me, then at Pam, then back at me, "Her first." I smiled and started unbuttoning my blouse.

Then pulled it off, sitting there in my bra. "Keep going," Pam chirped in. I giggled then reached behind me, and unclasped my bra and removed it. My tits were now on display for anyone around to see. Jen and Pam just stared at me as I sat back, "Ok now you two." Pam was the first to speak, "Well if you can do that then so can I." She then raised her ass off the seat and grabbing ahold of her waist band she slid her skirt and panties off and layed them in the seat next to her.

I looked back and saw Pam's pretty pussy. It was shaved with a little triangle patch of hair at the top. I glanced back at Jen, "Well anytime sweety." Jen grinned, "Take the wheel for a sec." I grabbed the wheel as Jennifer then raised her ass off the seat and slid her skirt and panties down. I looked down at Jen's lap.

She had a perfect little pussy, which was completely shaved bare. I could see a little moisture on her slit. I looked at Jen's face and saw she was biting her lower lip and was blushing.

"It's ok Jen, just relax." Jen looked at me, "I can't believe I'm actually doing this, I have thought about it, but never had the courage to try." I smile at her, "There is nothing to be embarresed about, you both are so sexy." I looked back at Pam and saw she was really enjoying this.

She had her legs spread and her arms behind her head relaxing. "This is so much fun," she said. I looked back at Jen and saw she was grinning. Pam leaned forward, "Stace get fully naked." I smiled and raised my hips off the seat and slid my skirt down. I was now completely naked. I could feel my pussy was dripping. I glanced back at Pam, and to my surprise saw that she had removed her t-shirt and bra and was now also completely naked.

"Come on Jen, remove your shirt," Pam said. "Nuh-uh, this is as far as I go," Jen giggled, "I'm not near as daring as you two." "Ahhh Pooh, what a party pooper," Pam giggled. We then pulled into the McDonnald's drive through. The line was kind of long. I looked around and saw quite a few heads turning to glance at us, and I started blushing. I could feel my self getting real hot, and my pussy was dripping madly.


Pam leaned forward, "Go ahead Stace, you know you want to." Jen glanced at me and smiled. I thought what the hell so I spread my legs and ran my finger tips over my slick slit.

"You're really going to it here, now?" Jen asked. I nodded my head. I slid my finger through my slit, "MMMMMM". I started playing with my clit. I heard Pam lean forward so as to get a better view, "God that is so sexy," she whispered. I continued to play with myself as I leaned back and closed my eyes. I felt Pam reach over as she started rubbing my tits, running her fingernails over my nipples.

I heard Jen whisper, "Oh wow." I slid my finger into my moist pussy as I started fucking my pussy. "UGGGhhh ohhhh yesss," I moaned. Pam continued to massage my breast as Jen watched. I heard a voice speak over an intercom but I was too into myself to care.

I continued to fuck my pussy as I slid another finger in, and starting rubbing my clit with my thumb. Pam slightly pulled on my extended nipple as I moaned out. "OOOHHhhhh fuck this feels so good, UUGGhhhhh oohh." I could feel my orgasm building and I new it would not take long at all. I started fucking my pussy fast as I lifted my ass off the seat. "OOHhhhhh fuck me yess, OOHHHHh yeessss," I moaned. Pam whispered in my ear, "OOHHHH Stace this is so hot, fuck that sexy little pussy of yours, cumm right here." I then thrust my fingers in deep and hard, "UUGGGhhhhh fuck me, OHHHHhh fuck I'mm gonna cum." I felt my orgasm expode as my juices gushed out.

"AAAHhhhHH," I screamed as I clamped down on my hand frigging my pussy faster. "UUGGHhhhh oh fuck yessss, UGGHHHHh." I thrust my finger in one last time and held them there as my orgasm continued flowing out. After a few minutes my orgasm started subsiding as I lowered my ass back in the seat, and pulled my hand out. I opened my eyes to see Jen grinning at me. I then looked up and saw two guys at the drive in window gaping at me. I started blushing as I felt my face getting hot. Pam was still massaging my tits.

"God Stacey that was so sexy," Jen whispered. I smiled and looked at the two guys in the window. Jen then reached into her purse, "I hope you don't mind hun, you were so into it, I went ahead and ordered your usuall." I smiled back her. Jennifer started handing the money to guys at the window.

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"UUHhhh no need ma'am, its uhh. its on the house, we'll take care of it. What we just saw was payment enough." Jen took our bags of food. "Feel free to come back anytime ladies," one of the men said. He looked to be the manager. "Thanks," I said, "I'm sure we will." Jen pulled away and drove off. She looked back at me and then at Pam who was still rubbing my tits.

I glanced back at Pam who had a huge grin. Then we all began laughing. I looked at the dash and saw that it was wet from my juices gushing out. "I'm sorry about the mess Jen, I'll clean it up." Jen giggled, "Nothing to be sorry about, that was so hot and sexy." Jen kept on driving as we quickly ate our lunch.

As we neared school we quickly pulled our clothes back on. Jen and Pam left the panties off. As we pulled into the parking lot, Pam piped up, "Shall we go to McDonalds again tomorrow for lunch?" Jennifer giggled, "Sure and maybe this time I can get the courage to go all the way myself.

We laughed again as we headed to our classes. I had just opened a whole new world for my two best friends. I knew we would be having a lot of fun in the future.