She sucks pounder as ice cream pornstar and hardcore

She sucks pounder as ice cream pornstar and hardcore
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The Meeting Chapter One: The Beginning First let me say that the events that happened in our marriage are as accurate as memory serves. Now I will tell you a little about us and what led up to this adventure. My husband and I met in college and were married right after graduating. Neither of us were virgins when we met, but he had much more sexual experiences than I did. I was a shy girl that only had sex with those I fell in love with while he would fuck anyone that appealed to him sexually with no strings attached and did often before we fell in love.

We decided early on not to have children until we had purchased a home and were financially capable of raising them without creating a hardship on us. Naturally, being young and healthy we had a very interesting and honest sex life. After years of marriage we both felt that we were becoming bored sexually.

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We still enjoyed sex but neither of us had that feeling of excited lust where our blood pumped hotly through our veins anymore.

One night we were lying in bed talking about how we could spice our sex life up as we had been married for seven years and decided we didn't want the proverbial "Seven Year Itch" to destroy our marriage. I mean there is only so much two people can do with each other and some boredom has to set in over the years and it had.

A few days before that night, while my SUV was being serviced, the dealership had gave me a loaner to use until mine was finished. While driving I had dropped my phone beside the seat and while groping for it I had found a DVD disk. I dropped it in my purse intending to give it to the service manager. When I got our SUV back I forgot completely about the disk until earlier this particular day.

I had been looking for my keys in my purse when I ran across it again. Being curious I turned on the TV placed it in our DVD player and began playing it. It was porn. I turned it off thinking that we would watch it together that night in bed. Remembering it I told Jack about it and then went and retrieved it to play in our bedroom player.

In our bedroom we had a TV hung on the wall at the foot of the bed about eye level when we were sitting in bed. I put the disk in the player and turned the TV on and set the source to the player then hit play on the remote. The disk appeared to be different scenes from various movies, sort of a best of the best compilation that had been copied from several disks.

The scenes were hot! Whoever had compiled it had done a wonderful job of picking scenes of big cocked guys and beautiful women and would miss this disk. I was leaning back with my head and shoulders against the headboard watching the movie when Jack began slowly kissing and licking down my body. His caresses and the action in the movie had my breathing rapid, deep and I wanted to feel what the women in the movie were experiencing, mainly a huge cock pounding me deep and hard.

Suddenly the scenes began to feature interracial sex. The black men actors had the longest, thickest cocks I had ever seen and the white women sucking and fucking them seemed to crave the hurt they were being subjected to. Jack grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed and sat on the floor as he began tormenting my pussy with his tongue. When I again gazed at the screen there was a black man between a white woman's thighs eating her pussy.

It appeared she was doing the filming as the scene was from her perspective. Staring at the TV as I felt Jacks tongue tormenting me it was easy to imagine the black man was eating me. Every lick and deep tongue thrust I felt seemed to be from the black man on the screen. God I was hot! I could hear my husband's tongue sloshing around inside my pussy as I gushed my arousement. I don't believe I had ever been so aroused as in my mind I became the woman in the movie.

I felt the black man tonguing my pussy as I watched him eating me on the screen. The thought of a black man between my thighs filled me with such intense emotions. I was raised to believe the races should remain separate and one of the sluttiest things a white woman could do was open her thighs to a black man. I watched the woman in the movie mirror my own responses as in my mind I was feeling a black man's tongue moving in my pussy.

The sight on the screen coupled with the feelings Jack imparted had me literally craving to cum. Then the man on the screen rolled the woman's hips up and I watched as he slid his tongue into her vagina repeatedly, fucking her deeply with his long tongue. As if he was watching the movie Jack suddenly rolled my own hips up and mimicked what I was watching on the screen. Seeing her pussy clenching his tongue as his black face moved above her pussy caused me to suddenly tense and cum explosively.

I was hunching, moaning, pulling his head to my pussy tightly as my pussy squeezed his flailing tongue. Imagining it was a black man eating me had me drowning Jack with my liquid arousement and orgasmic juices. My mind was overwhelmed by the straining release gripping me. But even as I tensed I knew I craved more as I exuded my moist relief. His tongue slickly laved, probed and instilled a craving need to fuck the black man I was watching.

God I wanted to feel his huge black dick fucking my pussy. Those cravings filled me with guilt but I couldn't help having them as I wondered how it would really feel to be impaled by such a man. Jack must have realized that I was abnormally aroused when I cum so intensely repeatedly. He raised his head and glanced at the TV screen and then at my face.

I felt my cheeks burning with my embarrassment as I blushed beet red. I knew he realized what I was imagining as I cum. With a slight grin on his face his mouth returned to my pussy and began lightly sucking my clit.

I couldn't prevent my gaze from returning to the TV. My chest began heaving and moans streamed from my lips as my hips lifted my clit to his avid licking and sucking. I was aroused not only by what he was doing to me but also by the knowledge that he knew I was thinking of a black man between my thighs and he had smiled knowing it and still returned to eating me.

For some strange reason it excited me knowing that he knew I was thinking of fucking a black guy and he kept devouring me anyway. I was still staring mesmerized at the screen as he inserted his fingers inside me and began rolling my clit with his thumb, "Would you like to be that woman honey? Have a black guy eating your pussy", he asked? I knew he was aware of how the movie affected me and I was sure my answer could potentially wreck our marriage so I deflected the question with one of my own as I gasped, "What do you think, you know how I was raised?" If I wasn't afraid of his reaction I would have screamed, "YES!, YES!, Oh my god yes!" "I think you like thinking about it a lot, I've never seen you so hot and cum so hard", he said.

I knew there was no sense trying to hide what he already knew so I moaned, "Ohhhhhgod don't be mad, please. I never saw anything like that before and with you licking me it just seemed like he was licking me and the thought of a black guy between my thighs just got me sooo hot and horny. Are you mad cause it turns me on thinking of a black guy eating me, do you think I'm a slut now?

I'm sorry, I really am, but I just got so hot. Oh my god look at his dick! Oh damn, he's gonna fuck her. She's gonna let him put his black dick in her pussy. We watched as the woman reacted to his fat dick opening her, pressing into her by moaning loudly, "Oh fuck it's so damn big, so good!" I wanted to feel what she was feeling so badly, but I was trying not to show it, after all Jack was my husband.

I felt my arousement again expressing itself as my vagina clenched, clit pounded harshly while watching the black man fuck her slowly, still from the woman's viewpoint. I had just cum and now I was extremely aroused again as I watched his long thick black dick penetrating deeper and deeper into the woman as her moans became increasingly louder and her cries begged him not to stop.

With each lifting and falling of his thin black hips she seemed to become more excited and her hips moved wildly as she fucked her pussy up forcefully to his hardest, deepest thrusts.

I sat there mesmerized watching the woman's reaction to her pussy stretching to fit his gargantuan dick. Her hips undulated as if trying to stretch her pussy to conform to his extreme length and thickness. Her cries and moans told of the pain he was inflicting deep in her pussy but still she lifted to meet his most forceful thrusts as if addicted to the pain his swollen glans caused as it forced to her depths.

Every cell of my existence cried out to feel the pain she was experiencing. Until this day it had never entered my mind to fuck a black man. Now that I had opened my mind to the possible pleasure it would afford me, I found myself craving the experience.

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It was such a taboo thought, god, what would my friends, and especially my parents think if they found out I wanted that or had actually done it? Those thoughts made the act seem so much more delicious and compellingly taboo. I was so engrossed with the woman's plight as he fucked her roughly, deep, driving his entire long black dick into her to his balls, that I wasn't even aware that Jack had left the room.

When he returned he had interrupted my fingering of my pussy by saying, "Lay back against the headboard", I lay back obediently while still transfixed by how excitedly the woman was fucking the black cock impaling her pussy. She appeared to crave his hurtful thrusts, hips roughly fucking her pussy up into his deepest impalements then grinding into his swollen glans while pleading for him to fuck her deeper, harder, to cum in her pussy. I felt as if in a trance as I lay back watching the events unfolding in the movie.

I barely noticed as Jack lay down beside me, until he spread my thighs widely and began fingering my pussy while rolling my swollen clit beneath his thumb softly.

On the screen the black guy looked to his side and said, "Kiss your wife Brad and show her you still love her". A white man's face entered the picture and moved towards the camera and we could tell he kissed the woman being fucked. It was easily discerned that kissing her husband while the black man stroked in her pussy excited her immensely.

Her hands reached down to pull at the black guys hips and she cum violently as they kissed. Then the black pushed him away saying, "Now sit down and let me give your wife what she really needs." The man left the view of the camera and the black guy began fucking her hard, fast, deep. I cum hard, moaning, hunching as my whole body tensed and shook repeatedly.

My thighs clamped his hand as I hunched frantically into his probing fingers and then tensed again. I lay there trembling, body sporadically jerking, shudders wracking my body as I exclaimed, "Oh my god Jack her husband is watching her fuck that black guy.

How could he do that?" "I guess he loves her honey", He replied seriously. "How could he possibly love her and watch another guy fuck her, especially a black guy", I asked, astonished that he had said that?

My gaze returned to the screen, drawn by the woman's screams and cries as he continued persecuting her pussy deeply with his now hugely swollen black cock. Again my thighs squeezed hard and my breathing became deep, hurried. The woman's husband must have took the camera and was filming her face as she was fucked with her legs elevated and his black cock pistoning from balls to glans forcefully. His wife's face was etched with her plight, her eyes gaping widely, awed by the forceful stretching of her deepest flesh and the immensely pleasurable pain he presented her with each forceful downward stroke of his hips.

Her moans were filled with the love of his deep impalement of her pussy. She'd cum and her mouth would open but no sound escaped as she tensed until I thought her back would break as he fucked her incessantly. Jack began pressing the large dildo into my pussy and I felt my vagina stretching as it resisted its thick girth.

It felt as if the man in the movie was entering me. Soon he had forced it past my restrictive muscles and began fucking me deeply with it as loud moans escaped my lips as its thickness became the black guy on the screen. In my mind I was fucking a black cock and I fucked my pussy up into it as wildly as the woman on the screen.

His words when he answered my question caused an excitement to fill me that had me tensing hard. He said, "I love you with all my heart honey and if you need a dick like that to be happy I'd find you one and watch you fuck him just like that guy." "Oh my god Jack, you mean you'd let a black guy fuck me like he's fucking her and still love me if I responded like she is.I.I.oh fuck I'm cummin baby, fuck me, oh god ram it me like he's fucking her", I screamed.

In my mind I became the woman and Jack was watching me fuck the black guy on the screen. My gaze never left the screen as the woman screamed how much bigger and better his black dick was than her husband's. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from screaming the same thing as the dildo was so much larger than Jack was.

The black guy was laying fully atop the woman fucking his dick deep inside her, grinding his hips as her own body undulated beneath his.

I could see the pleasure building in the woman, could feel her desperate need for release as his cock tormented her sanity. Then as her thighs tightened, heels pulling at his ass she reached up and kissed him, a passionate kiss, a kiss you would give your husband, not another man in front of your husband for sure. She was his! He had subjugated her with his huge cock as surely as if he had clubbed her and drug her off by her hair.

He owned her and it was a willing servitude. Her husband placed the camera on a tripod and sat on the bed next to them and she didn't even acknowledge his presence as her hips moved in tandem with her black lovers. Soft cries and moans spilled from her lips as her hands gripped him by his ass and held him deep inside her as she cum repeatedly while her husband gently stroked the hair on her wildly flailing head.

You could tell that he really did love her and wanted her to experience the pleasure she was totally lost to. At any other time she probably loved her husband also, but at that moment the only man she loved was the one stretching her pussy so deeply with his long, fat black cock.

Her cries and moans were filled with a passionate love of the pleasure roiling her body. When he would force his entire dick inside her and slowly grind his hips in small circular motions her face expressed the satisfaction consuming her as her moans told of the pleasure she felt.

It was obvious there was no other place she wanted to be but in the arms of the man inside her. I had to wonder of the thoughts in her husbands mind as he observed her total submission to the black man fucking her.

Could any marriage survive after him seeing her obviously overwhelmed by what she was experiencing? The scene ended with his black dick lodged deep in her throat as she relieved his pent-up balls of their hot slick cum. I could feel his dick in my own throat as I watched while wondering if Jack would ever kiss me again after watching a black guy or any guy for that matter, cum in my mouth and make me swallow every drop of it.

The next scene was more of the same except it showed a petite white woman my size being gang banged by five hugely hung black men. That scene had me searching my soul as I wondered if I could really participate in the things that woman experienced knowing Jack was watching every second of it. I could never deny that I wanted to, god knows that at that moment I would have loved to have a room full of hung black men torturing my body with their huge cocks and leaving their hot cum inside every hole I had, but real life was sometimes more intense than fantasy and I needed to know how something like that would change me if at all.

We fucked for quite a while until exhausted, I fell limp and said, "Turn that damn thing off". Laying there panting, gasping for breath as my body continued to tense, thighs squeezing tightly I asked sheepishly, "Do you really think those dicks are real or just some kind of special effects dildos that they rigged?" "Oh, they are real. I've seen black guys in college that big and one even larger than those", Jack assured me.

"You mean you've watched white girls fuck black guys in college like on that DVD? Did you think they were sluts, you know, because they fucked black guys", I asked curiously? I was feeling him out as to how he might feel about me if I were to fuck a black guy in front of him. His answer of, "No I thought they were girls that liked the feel of big dicks in their pussies.

I always found it extremely hot watching them fuck black cock just like it aroused you tonight! You want to be those women and experience what they were feeling don't you honey", he asked, while watching my face. I sat motionless and silent as I weighed my words carefully before asking, "What were you thinking while you watched them? I know it was pretty obvious how much it aroused me, but how did you feel about her husband watching her be taken by a guy with such a huge dick?

Please be honest Jack." "I'm afraid you're gonna think I don't love you when I say this, but you asked me to be honest so here goes; I wished I was him and that I was watching that black guy fuck you. I've always wanted to watch you with a huge cocked black guy Connie. I know you'd love it just like the women on the video. I also know you'd say and do things that will humiliate me as he fucks you like they did, but nothing you say or do while under the influence of a huge dick could ever make me quit loving you.

I would hope, if we ever did anything like that you'd respond just as those women did and completely lose control from the pleasure you'd experience and cum the whole time he was in you. Could you do it in real life honey now that you know I'd be ok with it and want you to?" His confession excited me and placed a craving in my mind and body along with a hope of actually fucking a black guy.

The thought of fucking a guy with a dick like the one in the video or any other guy than Jack, was weighing heavily on my sense of values and morals. Until that night it had never entered my mind that I would ever want to fuck another guy other than in fantasy and never a black guy.

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Finally I decided that I should be honest about my feelings so I admitted that, "Yes, it did really turn me on thinking of being one of the women in the vids. That admission was followed by my expressing all the fears and doubts that had to accompany a woman's desire to lose it completely while impaled on a black man's huge cock with her husband watching. Would our love survive it, would I love fucking black cock so much I'd leave him to have it or would I even have to?

Would he quit loving me after seeing me fucking a black man uninhibitedly and loving it so much I couldn't stop cumming on his dick? Would he kiss me after watching a black man cum in my mouth, because I knew I wanted that, craved it even? Watching black men asserting their masculinity by forcing their lovers to swallow their hot cum as they fucked their entire black cock down their throats almost uncaring of their plight, had really gotten me hot.

I wanted to feel a man use me, to give me no choice, to bend me to his sexual will.

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I believe Jacks love for me prevented him from being that callous and uncaring in his treatment of me and I understood that. But it still excited me to think of a man using me like a common slut, making me become one for him even though I resisted his efforts.

I understood those women excitedly caressing their black dicks with their tongues and lips as their heads were held to their large black dicks? They were freed of their personal responsibility by being forced to perform.

That allowed them to partake of any despicable act the men wished of them even though they really wanted to anyway. I had never seen men cum with such forceful volume.

Their balls just kept pumping and spewing cum as the women tried to swallow the copious amount of black ball juice they flooded their throat with. I craved to experience everything those woman had even though it instilled intense guilt in me because of it!

I needed to feel the heat and volume of cum those women experienced that had them crying out at the seething streams flooding their pussies as their black lovers spewed forcefully against their deepest flesh. I wanted to feel that seething hot lava-like expulsion flooding my pussy while I watched Jack's face. Just the thought of him watching a black man ramming his spewing dick into my pussy, his wife's pussy, while hearing me undoubtedly begging for it and seeing and hearing our groans and cries as we cum together made me so hot I could cum thinking it.

Each time I had that thought it sent a hard shudder through my body. It really did excite me thinking of my husband watching me being filled with another man's hot semen. I could close my eyes and imagine Jack kissing me passionately as I felt a black man's hands squeezing my breasts, holding me by them as he persecuted my pussy with hard, stabbing thrusts of his huge dick until he forced all thoughts of my husband from my mind and my moans forced me to break our kiss and roughly grab the man by his ass and pull him into my pussy as I cum wildly and when my eyes opened I'd be rubbing my clit frantically unable to stop as I cum in real life as I had in my mind.

I tried not to show my excitement at the possibility that I could experience what the women in the DVD had enjoyed even though my pussy was again filling with my moist arousal and my clit was begging to be mauled roughly. My voice seemed to quake with my sexual arousement as I answered him, "You know I want to Jack, I couldn't hide my reaction to seeing them fucking those women.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be them. It scares me now just knowing that you know I was turned on by wanting to be fucked by men like that, you know, black and everything. I mean damn, I'm your wife! I shouldn't have those kinds of feelings and desires and I feel guilty knowing how bad I want to do that.

What's even worse and really makes me feel slutty is that it makes me wet and throbbing thinking of you watching me cum on another guys dick. I really don't think I could do it, at least I hope not because it scares me knowing how much I'd love it. I know it's really exciting me talking about it and if we don't stop you're gonna have to fuck me or I'm gonna have to play with my pussy." He showed me his erect cock. All seven and a half inches were rigidly jerking and swelling as I admitted I wanted to fuck a black guy and how it excited me thinking of him watching me do it.

Jack pressed me back on the bed and slid between my thighs and placed his swollen glans inside my well fucked pussy and moaned as my warmth engulfed his dick.

He began fucking me slowly, sliding his dick in and out of my tightly gripping pussy flesh. His dick felt wonderful as my slick wet flesh milked his stiffened turgid rod tightly as it slid in and out smoothly. My body clenched him tightly as we fucked. My hips moved sensually while I savored the feel of his hot throbbing girth inside me. Would I remain this tight I wondered after fucking such a humongous black cock or would my husbands' white dick flail loosely inside my gaped pussy?

Would I be forced to fuck huge cocked men to feel the same fulfillment my husband can now give me? Jack lay down fully atop me as his dick caressed me internally. Our bodies moved as one as we ground against each other hungrily. I hated that my mind immediately conjured up the black men in the vids and Jack became one of them as he fucked me. I knew he could feel the increased wetness and the added warmth of my arousement juices flooding his stiff dick.

I couldn't help but moan in his ear, "I love you so much Jack. Could you really watch me fuck a guy like that", the sexual tension expressed by the nervous tremor in my voice told of the trepidation and excitement that thought filled me with.

"Close your eyes and kiss me and imagine you're feeling a black guy fucking his dick into your pussy. Imagine holding my dick in your hand as you feel him stretching your pussy painfully causing you to cry out how big he is and how bad it hurts." "Oh god no Jack, I.I.c.can.can't.fuck me.fuck me hard.oh god baby.yes.yes.could you.c.c.c.ould you.r.r.real.really.aarrgghhHHHHHHH.c.c.cum.cumming!!" "Yes baby I could and would.

I'd begin rubbing your clit until you're hunching up forcefully into his cock, fucking him." Then I'd look at you and ask, "You love his dick don't you honey?" I know you'll try not to admit you love him fucking you but when his dick begins stretching you deeply, opening you as no man ever has you'll gaze up at me and say, Yes, oh my god yes baby, I do, I do love fucking his black cock honey".

"Stop Jack! Oh god this is so wrong, you can't be serious.ohhhhhhh.Are you serious, you really.want me to of.oh god that's so hot.


fucking someone else while you're inside me", I ask incredulously as I see those black men and their huge dicks in my mind vividly? "Yes I do, I want you to think of fucking the guy in the video while I'm watching you", he assured me.

My eyes closed, head turned to the side and a long passionate moan escaped my lips. I immediately felt my warm liquid like expulsions engulfing his cock as my pussy filled with my wet excitement.

My thoughts drove my hips as they began rolling, hunching. Soon, as the vision of my being fucked by a black guy enveloped my mind I moaned, "Oh god, yes, yes fuck me", and my heels began pulling at his ass, his black ass, as I ground my pussy roughly up into his black dick's deep thrusts. "God you're making me so hot the way you're fucking his black cock honey, you want him to cum in you don't you, you want me to hear him groan and see him ram his cum deep in your pussy don't you baby", he taunted me.

"Oh god yes, yes, I do want that, want to feel his black balls exploding his hot cum in my pussy so bad. Ohhhhhhhhdamn.cumming.cumming on his hurts so good!" As Jack heard me say I wanted to feel a black cock exploding its ball juice in my pussy I felt a swelling within me, his dick jerking stiffly and then my imaginary black lover's dick began belching hotly inside my tightly clenching pussy.

My husband groaned, "Milk his dick baby, take all his cum. Fuck her, fuck your cum deep in my wife's pussy, pound it in her, hurt her pussy with that big black cock while you fill her up." We both were lost to the fantasy of me fucking a black man as we strained against each other.

"You really want to feel a black cock cumming in your pussy don't you baby, want me to kiss you while he pumps you full", he asked me as he fucked his hot cum deep inside me as I imagined it being a black man? "Yes, yes, god yes I do.can't stop.oh god fuck that white pussy.hurt it.aaiiieeeeEEEEEEYESS", I cried as I milked his spewing dick feverishly!

Then we both collapsed and lay there with our bodies jerking sporadically, twitching as we gasped for breath. "God I love thinking about doing it, but I'm not sure I really could.

Do you really want me to? I just can't imagine me laying with some black guy between my thighs allowing him to press his black cock in my pussy while I'm looking at you, knowing you're seeing me and approving of it. Besides I don't think I could just screw a guy I just met.

I'd want to get to know him first and see if I liked him. And what if I really loved it and wanted to do it again, how would you feel?" "Connie", it probably turns me on as much as it does you. Every time I think of you responding to a black guy fucking you like the girls in college did my dick gets rock hard and I need to beat off." "Are you saying you've beat off before thinking of me fucking a black guy, since we've been married", I asked, now curious how long he has had that fantasy.

"Ever since we met honey, back in college", he answered. It was then we both realized we really didn't know much about each other's fantasies and desires sexually.

We got to talking about our sexual fantasies, the ones we would masturbate to. We both agreed to hold nothing back and that what we revealed to each other were the fantasies that turned us on but we never actually believed they could ever be realized. The only fantasy he had that he had never mentioned to me was of me fucking a well hung black guy. When he was in college he had witnessed quite a few white girls being fucked by huge cocked black guys in the frat house and it always excited and aroused him to fever pitch seeing and hearing them as their pussies were stretched and filled with black dick.

He confessed he had watched several girls at different times fuck a few white guys and they never seemed to get into it much. Then the black guys would spread their thighs and begin feeding their black cocks into their well fucked pussies and immediately they would begin moaning, hips hunching, undulating around his fat dick, hands gripping his ass tightly as she screamed for him to fuck her, loudly exclaiming how big his black cock was and how he felt in her pussy.

They became entirely different women as they seemed to crave their black lovers cum. The black guys would just lay there and girls would ride their dicks frantically, cumming repeatedly. Every time they would cum it seemed like it made them want to cum more and more He then said that once we got together he would wonder if I would enjoy fucking black guys but he never had the courage to ask me for fear of us breaking up.

But still, every time he thought of his petite wife moaning and screaming as a black guy pumped her pussy full of his dick he had to beat off. Naturally he didn't feel it was something he could tell me, that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy, especially a black guy. The kinkiest thing he had ever revealed to me before that night was his desire to see me with another girl. I think he got an idea of how much I had been hiding from him when I told him that I fantasied about having sex in public somewhere that people could accidently surprise us and see me sucking or fucking while pretending not to know they were there watching me be a little slut.

Looking back, it is this moment in time that our adventure quit being a fantasy and took on the first aspects of reality. The story begins with Jack asking me if I wanted him to find a guy online that we could talk to and get to know through emails before meeting him, if I decided I really wanted to proceed, that is. He actually seemed elated that his biggest fantasy might be coming true before long. I know it sounds crazy for him to want to watch another guy fuck me, his wife, but it's just as strange for whatever reason for me to want to participate in his fantasy and be aroused by it just as he is.

Nothing else turns either of us on more than the thought of a huge cocked black man using me for his pleasure, or any huge cocked man really but especially a black man, while Jack watches it happen. I really didn't think anything would ever come of his wanting to find a guy to fuck me.

I figured it was just another role playing fantasy we both enjoyed and that sooner or later it would fade from being exciting so I flippantly replied, "Well, if I'm going to attempt to do this I am going to need you to find the guy and arrange everything so that I know you really want a black guy's cock in your wife's pussy.

Andddd, because I'm the one that has to fuck this guy I want him to be in his late twenties, very fit, very, very well hung and have enough stamina to fuck me all night. Oh yeah, it would be great if he is a multi-cummer and shoots huge loads of cum from his black balls too.

Think you can find a guy like that", I asked with a huge smile on my face thinking my requirements would insure his failure? "Hmmm that's the exact kind of guy I'd want you to be with honey.


I really do want it to be the best fuck you've ever had in your life if you do it baby", he replied. "I didn't know I married such a pervert, you're really weird", I replied laughing. "Says the woman that wants her husband to watch her lose her mind fucking a huge black cock.

Don't you dare try and say you don't want to either", he retorted immediately. I blushed, my cheeks becoming crimson red I'm sure as I began stammering."I.I.I didn't.ok so we're both fucked up.and yes I do want to fuck a black guy so shut up and find me one", I said as I laughed nervously, exhibiting the sexual tension I felt at his knowledge that I really did want this to happen.

He immediately went online and joined a swinger's site and began looking through the profiles for big cocked black men that were near us.

We were both 30 years old and wanted to find a guy our age, or younger, that we could possibly become "friends with benefits" with. We spent hours in front of the computer reading profiles and looking at pictures and movies of black men fucking white women and those hours would always end with us fucking like rabbits pretending he was a black man fucking me in front of my husband.

I knew he could tell my desire to be fucked by a black man was growing with each picture and movie I saw. He caught me many times on the swingers' site looking through many profiles that we had seen before while idly rolling my clit moaning.

Knowing he was willing to let me fuck other men had the craving within me almost an obsession to make it happen.

I found it hard to believe the millions of people engaging in this kind of sexual free for all as I roamed the profiles on the site. By now I knew Jack was serious about this and I couldn't contain my excitement at the thought of another man, hopefully a black man fucking me senseless. We really weren't having much luck finding a guy, black or white or any other race, that I liked and was near us. I was about to lower my standards just to get fucked by someone else.

Then one evening we received a message from a guy saying he saw our profile and was wondering if he could possibly view our private gallery. There was an Army base near us and to our surprise he was stationed there and I found him quite handsome.

But unlike most of the black men on the site he had not posted any "Dick" pics. I thought that was a good thing because he seemed to want to get to know people for more than just sex but I really wanted my first black man to be extremely well hung, fat and long!

From the pictures he did have posted it was obvious that he had been with quite a few white couples. Another thing I liked was that he didn't have a bunch of "Fuck" pictures on his profile.

There were women shown with him in various stages of undress (All of them wearing big smiles) but no "Action" shots. I was afraid he had a good personality but a small dick. I began reading the certifications the site allowed people to post on profiles to ascertain a person's legitimacy as to being who they say they are. The third one I read had a woman saying, "Willie is a wonderful person and a long standing friend but first timers should know that his dick is not for the faint of heart.

Plan on being with him a long while and bring throat lozenges, you will scream a lot I promise and he does have a throat full of hard thick cock that may leave you raw and sore if you like to deep throat!" I knew immediately this was my man. My thighs squeezed tightly with my excitement as my clit throbbed like a bass speaker at a rock concert.

I wrote him and told him our circumstances and how I wanted to get to know him before we met if he was interested and gave him permission to view our gallery where jack had posted a few pictures of us to include a few nude shots of me.

One of the pictures had me sitting on the bed with my thighs spread widely and my nicely shaved pussy glistening wetness while I held a sign with the words, "Place black cock here" and an arrow pointing down to my pussy. I remember how aroused I became knowing a black man was seeing my nude pictures, especially the one with the sign expressing my desire to fuck a black cock.

I also included our phone number and told him the best times to call to catch us both home. I told Jack what I had done and he read our messages and said, well I guess we'll wait and see if he liked what he saw.

I'm not sure who was more anxious and excited, me or my husband as we sat waiting for the clock to say it was time for him to call. I had told him 6:00 PM or later was the best time to catch us home. At exactly 6 O'Clock the phone rang and he was assuring Jack that yes, he would be honored to be his wife's first black man.

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Jack talked to him for almost an hour with me sitting next to him listening to their conversation on speakerphone. I couldn't hide the excitement I felt as he told my husband everything he wanted to do to me while Jack watched. I was also throbbing at the comments he made about my appearance, especially the nude photos of me on our profile and how he wished I were there with him so he could do as my sign instructed.

I noticed that Jack had removed his pants and underwear and was slowly stroking his cock as Willie told him how it would excite him for Jack to see me cumming on his black dick.

When he asked my husband if he had any reservations about him spewing his hot cum in his wife's mouth and making her swallow it, I saw Jack's dick visibly jerk and stiffen tautly. God I was hot!

Soon, as I listened to their convesation, I could feel my juices seeping from my pussy with my arousement. I stripped nude and went and got a beach towel and lay it on the couch and sat next to Jack holding my pussy and squeezing my thighs. Jack told him I was nude playing with my pussy while listening to us and told him he could talk to me if he wished.

He began talking to me, asking me how bad I actually wanted to be with a black guy. I told him that if he was here I would probably show him. When he told me he was also nude and stroking his dick as we talked, while gazing at my nude photos, my thighs squeezed and I glanced at Jack and silently mouthed, "I am so fucking hot". He also asked if I would be turned on knowing my husband would be watching me slut myself to a black man.

I trembled and shuddered as thrills raced from my groin at his question. He seemed to know everything that turned me on. We talked for quite a while and the longer we talked the hotter I got.

He told me that once I had become accustomed to fucking black guys with large cocks that maybe he would bring a few black friends with him sometime and I could be their slut with my husband watching me make them all cum. That thought had my thighs opening widely as I lay back on the couch with hips hunching my pussy into my hand. I was fingering my pussy roughly while rubbing my clit with the heel of my palm as we continued talking.

I'm sure I turned a darker shade of red when he said, "Your breathing sounds like you're close to cumming Connie, would you like to cum together. I've been trying not to, but thinking of having this dick in you while looking at your picture and hearing your voice has my balls about to explode." The thought of him stroking his dick and wanting to cum in me caused my thighs to tense and legs to straighten as I cum hard.

I was unable to talk or even breathe as I heard his low groan and excited moans as he also cum. My body was stretched straight out, hips lifted, hips out-turning as I cum thinking of Willie fucking his cum into my pussy. My body jerked, trembled, hips lowering and then rising with each new tensing wave as it held me captive. When I thought I was done I lay there panting as Jack rose and turned and began pumping his hot cum in pearlescent streams over my pussy, groin and breasts.

I moaned deeply as my hips again lifted and I cum again as I felt his hot juices splattering my body. Then Jack straddled my waist and pressed his cock into my mouth and I sucked the dregs of his cum from his balls as I wished Willie was there between my thighs emptying the dregs of his balls into my pussy deeply. "Mmmmmm, Willie moaned, I want to hear those gasps and cries in my ear as I pump you full of my hot cum Connie.

I hope I was as good in your mind as you were in mine"he panted over the phone. "Hmmmm I want you to just stand and beat off and cum all over me sometime Willie. Jack just did that to me and I think it would be hot seeing that white cum exploding from your black dick and feeling it hit my skin as you paint me with it. Then I want you to stick it in my mouth and let me suck it hard again so you can fuck me hard and deep. Will you do that for me", I asked? "Sure, anything you need babe", he replied.

He asked me how long I thought it would be before I would feel comfortable meeting him. I was still sooo hot I wanted to tell him to come on over but I was afraid I'd sound too eager and a complete slut to my husband so I said, "I believe you may be the man we're looking for Willie and I'd be willing for us to meet with you somewhere for coffee, dinner or whatever.

"I'll let you and Jack make the arrangements Willie but before I let you go I'm curious about something. I'm embarrassed to ask this but it's important to me as to deciding if we go forward with this or not.

My voice was tinged with the excitement I felt as I asked him, "Just how big is your dick Willie, I'm not that big down there and I know it's going to hurt if you're as big as some black guys I've seen in movies but I really want to feel full and stretched.

That is a large part of my fantasy of being with you". He replied, "I know what you're both looking for Connie and you won't be disappointed in the least I assure you. I am going to fuck you longer, deeper and harder than you ever dreamed a man could fuck you.

I will make you cum so hard and so often you'll be embarrassed to look your husband in the eyes afterwards. I know what you need. I know how badly you want to suck my black cock, to make it erupt in your mouth so you can drink my hot cum while your husband watches you do it." I blushed a crimson shade of red as I looked at Jack before saying, "Oh my god I believe I could cum again hearing you talk like that.

I can't believe I'm still this hot talking about this with you. Tell me Willie, doesn't it bother you knowing a woman's husband is watching you?" "No, actually it turns me on knowing he's seeing how much his wife loves my dick. Very few white guys can make their wife's pussy feel like I do or make them cum as hard as they do while fucking me. Knowing he's hearing his wife screaming her pleasure drives me to just keep making it better and better for you.

My goal is to addict you to black men fucking you. You do realize that your husband will enjoy watching you almost as much as you do fucking me. He too wants you to become addicted to large black cocks because he is a voyeur and he feels your pleasure as he sees you succumbing to your body's needs", Then to Jack he said, "Jack I think you should know that whenever we get together for me to fuck your wife I need you to place my dick in her pussy whenever it's not in her, you know, like the first time it goes in her, or when it accidently slips out while we're changing positions or something.

What better way to show her you really want my dick inside her pussy and you'll still love her after I cum in her? Can you do that for us buddy", he asked? "Oh my god Willie, you mean you want him to put his hand on your dick and place it at my pussy whenever I want it in me? That is so fucking hot!! Oh shit yes, will you do that honey? Oh damn I'm beginning to believe I'm really gonna love fucking you Willie." Jack was blushing and I'm sure a mite humiliated at Willie's suggestion as he looked at me.

That would be the ultimate humiliation, to feel Willie's cock throbbing in his hand knowing he was placing it at his wife's pussy so I could cum on it. He would have the memory of its thickness and weight burning in his mind as he heard my screams as it penetrated me deeply.

God Willie knew exactly how to arouse me. The thought of a black man between my thighs was arousing enough but to picture in my mind Jack holding his dick, guiding it to my pussy.mmmmmmmm.god I would need that cock in me so badly!

"Do you want Willie to fuck me bad enough to do that honey", I had to ask? "Of course he will. He needs me to fuck you even worse than you want it, isn't that right Jack", Willie asked? I'm sure Jack hated to admit it but he replied, "If you want me to put his dick in you then sure, I'll do it." I noticed his dick was again hard and jerking as he said he'd comply and I'd bet it turned him on as much as me thinking of actually holding Willie's black cock.

I was beginning to wonder if my husband didn't have a little Bi-sexuality in him. "Oh my god Jack, I can't believe you agreed to that. I love you so much", I said as I reached over and kissed him. "Hey Jack, I'm not sure how you feel about it but just so the both of you know, I'll let you suck this dick with Connie if you want.

I'm getting the feeling you might want to", Willie said almost gleefully. "I'm sure he does, he's kinky that way. Just so you know honey, I'd love to have you help me suck Willie's black dick.mmmmmm that's so fucking hot! I'm just so nervous about all this!

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I'm afraid I'll meet you and then not be able to do it and you both will be mad at me. Isn't that crazy that I'm afraid my husband will be mad at me because I can't fuck another guy. You seem like a guy that I would like, and you definitely know what I need and how I want to be treated.

If you were here now I'd probably be sucking your dick or something but still, I don't want to rush into anything until I know I'm really ok with it" "Listen Connie, if its ok with Jack and you, I'm going to be in town tomorrow evening and I was thinking maybe we could meet and have coffee or a drink or something and just talk.

We don't have to do anything but I'd love to meet the two of you. Hell we can meet at McDonalds if you want. I'll probably be wearing sweats so I don't want to go anywhere fancy. What part of town do you live in?" "In the southwest part", I replied. "Around Dixie Highway" "Yes, near the Dixie shopping center" "Think you'd like to meet at the McDonalds there around 7 PM for coffee or a coke or something?" I looked at Jack as I felt my heart pounding in my chest wildly.

I wanted to meet this man so badly but I wanted it to be Jacks decision. I felt a trepidation that he may say no but I asked, "Well what do you think, want to meet just to talk, but I'm telling you right now I'm not doing anything this soon".

I knew I was lying and really hoped that I could meet Willie and keep my hands off him but if he persisted I knew I would relent. "Sure I don't see any harm as long as he knows you're not doing anything upfront" I told him my condition for meeting and he was very gracious assuring me that I wouldn't be expected to do anything I didn't wish to. I agreed that we'd be inside on the back side of the building and he assured me he would easily recognize such a beautiful woman.

So it was set, our first meeting to accomplish my eventual debasement by a black man's big dick. This is the night before our marriage became a sexually charged whirlwind of depravity. It seemed that our actions the next night had far reaching affects that we could never have foretold or imagined. The Meeting, Chapter two: The Seduction, begins our adventure.