Tell us who has the sexiest feet

Tell us who has the sexiest feet
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The story so far: Phil's girlfriend, Sadie, has a teenage daughter called Kiara. By now, Phil is regularly raping Kiara, oblivious to the fact she has her own boyfriend: Jake. Yesterday, Kiara and Jake were going to celebrate their six month anniversary together. That was until Phil kidnapped her and took her to a hotel for a night with him instead.

Chapter Seven Early the next morning, Phil woke up to the sound of voices. They were muffled, and the words were indistinct, but the din was still loud enough to break through his fuzzy dreams. He sat up, wondering who it could've been disturbing his sleep. After a few seconds he'd managed to get his bearings, and he let out a tired sigh.

It was only other hotel guests passing by outside their door, making their way down to breakfast, but not being very conspicuous about it. Feeling relieved, he yawned and then laid back, his mouth dry. He fumbled for the glass on the table and leaned over to glug down the rest of the champagne, the drink now totally flat. He licked his lips and rubbed his hand over his face, turning over to look across at Kiara, still situated on the chair beside the bed.

She'd remained naked, curled up into a tight ball, her knees pushed up against her chest as she slept. The pose didn't look all that comfortable, with her head resting on the wooden arm of the seat, her breathing still deep as she continued to slumber.

The entire night her sleep had been troubled by nightmares. Several times she'd woken up, gasping for breath as she hallucinated feeling his breath on her cheek. She was sure she could see his steely eyes glimmering in the darkness, hovering above her as he came over to ravage her body again. By the time she realised it was just another terrifying nightmare, she was already fully awake and her heart was racing. Watching the girl's serene expression this right now though, as her weary body tried to get some sort of rest, no one would've possibly guessed that she'd been viciously anally raped the night before.

Phil stretched himself out under the warm cover, breathing some life back into his stiff limbs. Even now, some twelve hours after the event, he could still feel the pinch of Kiara's sexy ass stretched around his thrusting cock. It gradually began to stiffen at the memories, and he reached down to jerk himself to semi-hardness. It was just a couple of strokes, but as he rustled the bedclothes, she quickly stirred.

She woke with a start, forgetting for a second exactly where she was. But the uncomfortable solid wooden slat under her head, and the rhythmic throbbing in her sore anus, were soon reminder enough. She groaned out in pain and fluttered her eyes open, adjusting her vision before seeing his face smiling over at her.

She spotted his hand leisurely masturbating under the covers and recoiled quickly in petrified fear. She gave a loud yelp of surprise as her head bumped against the padded back of the chair. Her body felt cramped and uncomfortable. She went to sit up in the chair to relax her muscles some but the result was agony. Every movement caused her buttocks to rub together, making her asshole sting like crazy.

She whined and screwed her face up, trying to readjust herself as gingerly as she could. She looked warily over at him, pain etched all over her face as she tried to grow accustomed to it. She trembled slightly, watching him carefully, scared that he was already gearing himself up to inflict more sexual abuse on her defenceless young body this morning. "Still hurt a bit does it?" he asked concerned, as if he weren't the root cause of it in the first place.


"It will do for a while." He took his hand from his cock, and rolled himself over to the edge of the bed nearest her, looking straight into her distressed tear-stained face. Though he couldn't expect much different, the disgust and fear in her eyes hurt him. "I'll buy you some cream for it or something, ok?" he looked lovingly over to her, almost as if he were a parent buying her painkillers for a tummy ache.

He kicked the covers off of him and sat up, sitting opposite her now and taking in the sight of her crumpled naked body. His cock sat semi-erect in his lap and Phil was sizing up the situation. He hadn't originally planned on doing anything to her for the rest of the stay here, and yet, she still looked so hot just sitting there, completely naked.

He could easily just get up, grasp her ankles, stretch each of her legs over the arms of the chair and take her. A quick hard fuck, just before breakfast. Though the idea of cumming inside her pussy this early in the morning was very tempting, he knew it would only make the hurt in her eyes even stronger. Maybe it was time to relent a little and let the girl have a breather. After all, if he pushed her too far, she might actually end up telling someone, and then he could never have her again.

He therefore chose to ignore his impetuous cock, and try to think of the long-term. She felt so vulnerable sitting there, knowing that she was as naked as he was. "Stop staring at me" she protested, her voice sounding feeble and nasal from her weeping. She tried hopelessly to cover her private areas with her small hands, still leaving plenty on show for him. She knew of course that by now he'd seen every inch of her body countless times, yet she still couldn't quite give up her natural sense of modesty.

She squeezed her legs tightly together as she felt his eyes burning into her skin. The silent staring soon became too much for her to handle and she stood up to find some clothing to shield herself properly from his penetrating gaze.

The pain, which had eased a little came back instantly and she winced, trying not to shriek out from it. She steeled herself to move over to her bag, as quickly and comfortably as she could.

She limped awkwardly forward, then turned herself away so that her ass wasn't too much on show to him as she bent over to rummage for fresh clothes. Her puckered little hole still showed though, a flaming sore mess of dried cum and her own blood. She picked out the new summer dress she'd brought along, and it instantly reminded her of Jake.

She tried her best to ignore what should've actually been happening right at this moment. Originally she was meant to be waking up in a warm cosy tent, still in the comfort of Jake's arms.

They should be together, laughing, flirting and touching, maybe even making love once more before getting dressed and parting. Instead she was here: In a strange hotel room with her mum's vile boyfriend, feeling more defiled than ever. She delicately pulled on her spare underwear, a light blue bra with matching panties, and then slipped the peach coloured cotton dress over her head.

It flowed elegantly around her, running to just above her knees. She suddenly noticed he was still watching her and she deliberately turned to face away from him. She knew she looked cute in this dress, that's exactly why she'd chosen to bring it, but she resented Phil even getting to see her in it.

She ignored him and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was looking like a mess from her tears, and how she had slept. She gathered it all together and pulled it up into a ponytail, slipping the tight elastic hair band from yesterday back around it. He moved to the end of the bed, sitting with his hands on his bare knees as he studied her. His cock still twitched as he took in every move she made. As soon as he saw the dress fall down around her, he knew he had to touch the soft material.

He stood up and peered over her shoulder, appearing in the reflection behind her as she sorted out her hair. "Yep. You look beautiful." he offered approvingly, his smile appearing right beside her bitter grimace in the glass. He kissed her lightly on the cheek, ran his fingers down the patterned embroidery on her sleeve, and then turned to dress himself. His own spare clothes were in the boot of the van, but he still had his stuff from the night before.

He pulled his boxers on, and then freed his overalls from the hanger. "I've got work this afternoon," he said gruffly. "I don't know what you're doing with yourself." he buttoned his shirt back up, smelling the sleeve to check its freshness. "I'm going to see Jake" she muttered, as she perched on the edge of the bed and slipped on her flat shoes, looking down at the floor for a few moments.

Her voice was in a perfect monotone, keeping free from any emotion. She was trying to stay cold and unreachable to him, even though he'd now had himself buried in every intimate part of her body she had. She stood up sharply and looked past him, grabbing her bag, hoping to get out of this place as quickly as possible.

Inside, she was already extremely nervous how Jake would react to her. What would he say? Even though it wasn't her fault, she knew he would be heartbroken, and she had this dreadful heavy feeling that he would blame her for it all. He wasn't like all the other guys at school. He was sensitive yet strong, playful yet loving towards her.

It was exactly all those traits that had sent her tumbling in love with him in the first place. They'd been through so much together, but now what would he think of her. Would he feel so betrayed that he would just end it all? Finish their whole relationship? She feared that was exactly what he might do, and yet, she feared telling him the truth even more. For now she put those black thoughts to the back of her mind. Her priority right now was to get safely out of this building and away from Phil.

It seemed like he was going to just let her go, but she knew by now not to trust him an inch. He shrugged his heavy shoulders as he stepped into his boots and did up the thick laces.

"Puh really?" he asked, incredulous at her plans. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" he stood up and shook his head resignedly as he looked at her. "Come on Kiara. He won't want anything to do with you now. Not after yesterday. No kind of excuse can make up for what you did." She stared at him wide-eyed, totally shocked at his phrasing, as if she'd chosen to ruin her own special night. "I didn't do anything! You kidnapped me!" she cried out, tears starting to well up inside her.

She felt mortified at the thought of him twisting the facts to suit his own heartless selfish ways, but she wasn't going to cry, not in front of him again. Having been reminded about her mobile, Phil turned around and began to shove the heavy iron bedsteads apart to retrieve it.

"Here," he said dismissively, picking up the dead device and handing it over. "Take this with you. I'll drop you home shall I?" He slipped on his jacket, and after checking he still had the key card safely in his inside pocket, he headed towards the door. She felt weak and dizzy as he carried on his play acting that everything was quite normal. His offer to take her home sounded almost generous. And all this, despite his confession of love for her last night, then committing the most brutal form of rape on her virgin anus straight after.

Her head was swimming with all the injustice and contradictions going on. Was she going mad? Was any of this even real? "Why do you hate me so much to ruin my life?" she asked helplessly. Throughout all the confusion, all she did know was that this man was poisonous and she needed to keep herself away from him as much as possible. He seemed taken aback by the question and she suddenly just wanted out of there.

"I'm walking," she announced, her voice almost cracking from the strain of not crying. He followed her over to the door and gave her a brief hug, at least made brief by her shrinking away from his touch.

"Hey sshhh," he whispered. "I don't hate you. I love you. I keep telling you that." Her eyes looked fearfully up at him, totally incredulous. "I mean look. You and Jake. Well you were never going to work anyway. I always promised your mother I'd keep you on the straight and narrow, and that's what I'm doing.

You'll be happier in the long run I can assure you. He would've only broken your heart." Amazingly he kept his composure as he spouted the nonsense. Of course he failed to mention anything about the burning jealousy he felt by now at the thought of her with any other man. These last few seconds with her alone in the hotel room, were all he had to try and fill her head with some kind of propaganda.

Some ideas to make sure that she and Jake weren't just going to be forced closer together by him. Once he was back at work this afternoon, he could do nothing. By then he would certainly be crossing all of his fingers that she wouldn't just jump into Jake's bed when she saw him. She might just do it out of seeking comfort, or just to get revenge on him for his brutality.

She still stood firm, emotionless despite her stinging eyes. He moved in closer, hemming her into the corner as he touched her hair. "Hey. I know it wasn't ideal last night, but.

well I mean it when I say this. You really were incredible." he took one last look into her eyes, thinking, not for the first time, how lucky he was to have had his cock inside her so often. He kissed her lips quickly, one last memento of their night here together, before then pulling the door open and trying to link her hand, stepping out into the warm corridor.

As soon as she felt his fingers brush against hers, she pulled away, walking ahead of him, leaving him to check the door was locked, and then hurry to catch up with her. She felt strangely freed, and more secure out here in the open corridor. The idea of being in public comforted her, and once she spotted a family of four bustling their way into the lift ahead, she ran up and stepped inside, not even checking if Phil could catch up or not.

She smiled politely, but it quickly faded once she saw the father of the young children beckoning to someone behind her. He was now holding the lift doors open as Phil jogged up to get inside too. She turned just in time to have Phil's hulking figure squeezing inside just in front of her. "Thanks," he said brightly as the doors slid shut, holding them all inside the cramped space. "I really don't want to go losing you about this building Kiara," he said amiably. She scowled at his fake concern, aware that he was again pretending to play her doting father.

She struggled to turn away from him in the claustrophobic lift, and the family seemed to already be deep in their own conversation anyway. The mother was trying to check she had everything and that her young children were looking presentable for the outside world.

Kiara had already decided that she didn't want to walk with Phil. She wanted to walk home, or rather, walk to Jake's house instead of driving in that dirty van of his. By the time the doors slid open, giving a blast of refreshing cool air, she waltzed resolutely out and quickly started in the direction of the huge glass entrance.

The attractive mother glanced at Phil as Kiara huffily walked off on her own. "Kids huh?" He chuckled pleasantly and brushed it off as best he could, walking quickly after her into reception.

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He handed his key card back to the beaming receptionist, also keeping one eye fixed on Kiara to make sure she wasn't actually leaving the hotel without him. "Was everything all right?" the lady trilled, her large silver earrings dancing about the side of her head. He nodded and waited impatiently for her to run his receipt off. "Thanks. Bye." He bid her farewell as brusquely as possible, glancing down at the ragged piece of paper she'd handed him.

It read 'P. Turner & 1 guest, one twin room, 1 night.' he crumpled it up and shoved it deep in the inside pocket of his jacket.

He'd have to get rid of that as soon as possible. If Sadie happened across it, she'd never believe that the builders just stopped off at the hotel and stayed in twos and threes there. He pushed his way through the bustling crowd in reception, grabbing Kiara's hand and nearly wrenching it from its socket as he dragged her out into the cold morning air. "Come on." he barked out as they approached the van, spotting refusal in her eyes already.

"No," she answered as firmly as she could. "I'm walking to Jake's place." He sighed and opened the heavy van door, leaning up against it and looking back at her. "Don't be so silly. You can't walk all that way. It's far too dangerous." Her mood made him feel like he was actually remonstrating with a teenage daughter, just because she didn't want to travel with her embarrassing old Dad in his work van.

She stepped back, her eyes seeming to already be searching out an escape. He bit his lip and glanced into the darkened cab, an idea forming and saving him just in the nick of time. "You. you don't want this ring after all then?" The mention of it was like electric current through her and she instantly turned back to face him.

He sensed distrust in her dull eyes, but he could tell that the idea of reclaiming her precious ring was starting to permeate. The wind whipped about her as she stood there, loud cars roaring past at top speed on the dual carriageway next to them. Perhaps she could run, run all the way to Jake's, but even if she didn't get killed on all the roads, or get lost, would she even find a warm welcome once she got there.

She was still petrified of the inside of that van, after everything that had gone on in there recently, but somewhere in her mind, she could feel the presence of Jake's ring calling to her. She really did want it back desperately and he'd promised he'd give it to her this morning. If she found it, then she could go to Jake's with it, show him that she'd still got it and that she hadn't just lost it or thrown it away. He would smile at seeing it, they would kiss, and everything would be ok again.

She hesitated for what seemed like an age, looking at Phil and blinking hard. Her better judgment was losing out as images of her and Jake flooded her brain. She hesitated, and then slowly, almost inexorably, she trudged forward, mechanically making her way around to the passenger's side and getting in.

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Something troubled her greatly, and she knew deep down that this was wrong. Yet she'd been pulled by some invisible force, still trusting that somehow this would help her and Jake be all right together.

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She sat there, sulking in her seat, like she'd been condemned. "Put your belt on," he said tersely, slamming his own door and now blatantly dropping the subject of the ring. She didn't move, ignoring him as he did his own up.

"I said put your belt on. You won't be safe otherwise." he dumped his heavy jacket in the seat behind him, not needing it any more, neither to keep him warm nor keep her quiet. "Like you care about that," she spat, staying still and turning her head to look out of the window.

She was determined not to obey his orders. She spoke again, but kept staring out to the road. At least if she didn't look at him, he couldn't have that power over her. "I want the ring now," she said flatly, refusing to let him avoid the subject altogether. "You said last night I could have it back." Even alluding to the events of yesterday sent a shiver down her spine, but she wasn't going to come away from this horrible night empty-handed.

He was about to push harder for her to do her belt up, but it was obvious he wasn't going to get away with it that easily. He sat back in his chair, the slight gem of a plan glimmering in his mind.

He crossed his hands over each other, looking at her earnestly. "Well I did say you could have it but, quite honestly, I don't really know where it is. It's around here somewhere. If you can find it, you can keep it." He shrugged his shoulders, pulling the lever to slide his seat back and then hitching his legs up in front of him. He rested his boots on the dashboard, his legs leaning against the side of the steering wheel.

He undid his belt, then began to pick at his dirty nails, as if waiting for her to move.He looked absently out of the window, satisfied that he'd given her enough room to scour the floor for her present. He waited to see if she'd accept the challenge, already secretly knowing that her search would be futile anyway. On the day last week that he'd found it, lying on the floor of the vehicle, he'd totally forgotten to dispense of it at work. Once he got home though, to hide it from Sadie, he buried it deep in his workman's toolbox under the stairs.

And there it still lay now, far out of its owner's reach. Kiara eyed him curiously, wondering if it were some kind of trick. This time though, it really did look like he was reluctantly just sticking to his part of the deal.

He could hardly do anything to her in the public car-park to a hotel surely, even if they did happen to be tucked away in the corner bay. She thought for a second, then climbed down from her seat, determined to find her ring, and win this little victory over him.

She slipped herself down onto the floor, wrinkling her nose at the damp smell of all the muck and dirt down there. She scanned the matted carpet, trying to focus her eyes to make out if there was any sign of the ring. Unfortunately, she couldn't see into all the tiny nooks by the doors and underneath the seats.

Slowly she began crawling around, digging her hands into the unseen places, feeling for any sparkling metal. She tried to cram herself into all sorts of positions, wedging her arm down past the fixed seats to rummage amongst old sweet papers and cigarette ends. She continued to search, stuck on her hands and knees in the gloom, occasionally glancing at his legs to make sure he wasn't making any sudden movements.

Above her, Phil was smirking away to himself, rubbing his chin as she bumped and jostled herself around the cramped van. He smiled as he spotted her panties peeking out from under her peach dress. "Got to be down there somewhere. It's got to be." He chatted away thoughtfully, trying to encourage her. Once he felt her scrabbling around again at the front, he parted his legs slightly, feeling her shifting herself underneath them to check the corners by the driver's side.

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Just as she was in exactly the right position, he reached through and grabbed at her dress, yanking the collar tight and making her gulp for air. AS she did so, she raised her head in alarm, coming up in surprise right next to his crotch. Before she realized where she was, and had a chance to possibly pull away in disgust, he'd clamped his legs firmly together, trapping her shoulders exactly where they were. He chuckled quietly as she struggled, amazed at his plan working as easily as clockwork.

He looked down at her, and then leaned forward, stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Can't find it, no?" he grinned menacingly and shuffled forward in his seat, his strong muscles acting like a steel vice around her twisting body. He pushed his crotch closer to her face, his cock already swelling at the prospect of sticking it in her mouth. "I might be able to set you in the right direction if you." he trailed off, palming his hand against his overalls.

". want me to." Her heart was pelting away like mad in her chest. The smell of his unwashed crotch filled her nostrils and she felt her face flushing in disgust and fear.

She'd just wanted to get her prized gift back, then get off home. That was all. Hadn't he already done enough to her, without wanting more? "I don't want to do that!" she cried out. She could already see the tent of an erection starting to form in his trousers and its close proximity to her face made her panic.

She tried to jerk her shoulders, this way and that to try and wriggle free, but her arms were well and truly pinned to her sides, stopping her from even being able to attack him with her hands.

Her lip trembled at the idea of him trying to force her to suck his dirty cock. She hadn't even done it before, the only time she had was when he'd forced it into her mouth, and that was horrific enough.

She shook her head at him pleadingly. "Please, I can't. You can't make me do that. I don't want the ring anymore.

Please, just let me go." She begged with all of her might, trying to seek out some kind of humane quality in this monster of a man. He'd taken everything from her, and even now he was proposing for her to suck his cock, that had barely been out of her ass twelve hours. She could however already see that her beseeching was fruitless. He had that mania in his eyes that he always got once he had his sights set on abusing her. Her shrill voice bounced around the interior of the van, but right now he was sick of her protestations and he simply bent his knee, curling his leg behind her head, driving it forward.

He grabbed her hair to help smother her face more with his bulge, rendering her words only muffled yelps against the fabric. "It's ok. Don't worry," he said soothingly. "It's quite easy. you were great at it last time." He held her head perfectly in place in the narrow triangle of space, her chin quivering against his balls as he pushed down his zip, and snapped open his button, flicking his thick cock out.

She quaked as it stood there, solid in front of her face, the shaft still stained with streaks of grime and encrusted blood from the night before. He slowly pulled the uncut skin down, exposing the moist purple head to her, letting her see in abject fear as it flexed and twitched eagerly. He shuffled himself down a little, and peaked out the windows to make sure they were definitely covered enough. Luckily the van's windows were tall enough for her to easily gag on his cock here in the front seat and still be obscured by his legs and the steering wheel.

As long as he didn't let on too much with his facial expression that she was blowing him, no one would be any the wiser. The tears that had threatened to fall earlier had now started their path down her cheeks.

She couldn't believe it. Yet another nightmare was starting, and she just couldn't help but give into her sadness like this and weep. "No, no," she kept repeating, over and over like a mantra.

"No, please, no." The word only made his job easier though, as he pinched her nose and guided his cock right between her lips, shaped into a convenient circle for him. As he pushed her head forwards, easing the rancid meat right to the back of her tongue, her protests became nothing more than muffled sounds emanating from her throat. He groaned out at the feel of her rough wet tongue dragging along the underside of his dick. She sobbed bitterly, screwing her eyes up as he tugged more on her hair, starting to roll his hips and nudge with the tip at her tight throat.

He shut his eyes and put his head back, relaxing and pretending to the outside world that he was maybe even having a nap. His restrained moans bounced around the cold van as he felt her lips go further down.

"That's it," he whispered, hardly even moving his lips. "Go on. Suck it for me. Suck it deep Kiara. Come on." His invasive cock felt huge as it dominated her mouth.

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The taste was foul against the back of her mouth and she instantly began to cough and gag against it. There was no chance to properly though, and she only managed to snort through her nose. She felt dizzy and sick as Phil pushed his leg against the back of her head, starting up a violent impatient rhythm in her mouth. He flung her head back and forth, using her mouth like she were some kind of ragdoll sextoy.

She just sat there, unable to do anything else but let him use her. Her hot tears flowed easily, and she felt his pubic hair tickling at her nose several times as she tried to keep conscious. Her chin drooped slackly open and her jaw was aching with the insistence of his thrusts. She let out wet strangulated noises as he pounded his cock against her young face.

He opened his eyes again, looking down, hoping to see hers. Instead they were tightly shut, tears sneaking out from under the lids. He gritted his teeth and looped her hair through the steering wheel to give him more leverage on it, holding it fast, suspending her head in place as he started to fuck her mouth harder. "Open your eyes. come on.


Open them up and look at me if you want that lovely ring again." he could feel her spluttering with revulsion against his cock as it started to make her throat bulge out. She slowly pulled her eyes open, looking up at his face, blurred from all of her crying. The metallic taste of her own blood was strong by now and she felt like she was going to be sick.

Her stomach was churning and grinding away, and her throat was on the verge of making her vomit. Every time she went to wretch though, it just left her throat gaping wide, allowing Phil to ram his cock into the vacant space, and stopping her body from doing what it wanted to. She did her best to resist the urge and close her eyes again, wincing every time her hair was pulled up with his relentless fucking of her mouth.

She couldn't take it, her mouth was full of cock and she felt worthless and betrayed yet again. Only then did the awful suspicion begin to dawn on her that he didn't have her ring after all. That she was doing this all for nothing, only to satisfy his animalistic urges towards her. The thoughts only made her feel even worse, and she cried harder, giving in totally to her desolation and helplessness. Before long his cock started to twitch harshly in her throat.

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his feelings of lust began to take him over, turned on even more by the realisation that he'd been in each one of her three holes in the last few hours. He shoved his ass to the edge of the seat, finally relenting a little and dropping his legs down over her shoulders.

His heels dug into her back as he pushed up and literally fucked at her mouth like it were her deep pussy. The cold zip of his fly tapped against her chin as he pounded away furiously at the last few strokes to take him into oblivion.

It already sounded like she were drowning from having his cock forcing its way so deep, and she gurgled uncontrollably as she involuntarily sent his cock over the edge. He roared out, slightly too loudly, pulling back and leaving just the tip inside as it began to spew his cum. He held her fast, making sure the first few streaks filled her mouth.

As the waves of orgasm continued, he pulled back even further, deliberately spraying the rest over her nose and chin, forcing it to drip down to her chest, staining the flowery collar of her clean dress. She sat there, bewildered and broken, crying into his lap and gulping desperately for air. His knees pressed heavily down on her shoulders, her tears now mixing with the hot fresh sperm coating her face. She couldn't believe this had happened, that it was happening, that even after everything he wouldn't let up on her.

Their eyes met, her tearful ones with his satisfied ones, it ripped her to the core, to have been made such a filthy and damaged girl, already at her young age. She would never be able to undo what he had done to her. It would lie there in her history forever, like a gigantic dark stain. Guilt also tore deep into her core, that she was having to satisfy the sexual needs of this man which her mum was still in love with. The emotional pain was the worst.

She had to deal with it all, whilst he sat there, smug and indifferent, without a care, no feelings, no nothing. She felt more scared than she ever had done before. It was as if something huge was haunting her and tracking her down to swallow her whole. Her tears ran down his overalls as she cradled her head against his thigh.

"I hate you. I just hate you so much. Please just let me go." She begged him, wanting to be free today, but also free to have her life back altogether. He simply blinked and released his grip around her hair, still keeping his eyes with hers. He felt elated, his cock resting in his lap, flexing randomly at the aftershocks of the orgasm. His creamy seed appeared to shimmer on her cheeks and somehow she looked more beautiful than ever. He wondered for a second if it was mostly because he was still getting one over on her young boyfriend.

But in fact no, it wasn't that at all. Her own young pretty innocence, mixed with glistening pearls of his hot cum all over her face did just look beautiful. He finally sighed out and came back from his reverie.

He realised that as he was staring, she'd actually been talking. They sounded like hateful and panicked words as well. His legs dropped from her shoulders and he sat back up, stuffing his overalls full again.

"Christ that's better," he said, ignoring her desperate monotonous pleas. He mopped his brow with his sleeve, then cleared his dry throat. "Right, I'll drop you home before work." he talked matter-of-factly, leaving her space to clamber free.

She scrabbled quickly back onto her seat, still feeling giddy and sick to the stomach as she buckled herself in. She had no more fight inside her. Her stream of tears seemed almost unending, even as he started the van up and happily drove off, ferrying the two of them back home. She sat there, feeling like an empty shell of a girl, looking out of the window, not even having the strength to wipe the thick cum running from her cheeks and down her chest.

As the old van bumped along the street, she could practically feel him smiling, smug satisfaction radiating from him next to her. She'd never felt such hate inside herself before at anyone. She brought her head forward, bowing it, not even asking about the ring. She knew now it was all just a plot in his mind. She'd never get it back now, and she couldn't bear to even give him the satisfaction of asking for it, only for him to smugly tell her the truth, that it was never here in the first place.

Her body shook randomly, still wracked with shock from everything that had happened over the last day. He sniffed and randomly licked his lips as they drove, still hazy from the whole experience of last night and this morning. The entire van smelt of sex now and he snorted contentedly at the air as they approached their neighbourhood.

He heard her weeping quietly beside him, gulping and choking over her uncontrollable tears. Even now he couldn't find it in himself to feel any true guilt. The sight of her naked last night, taking his cock, and then just now, deepthroating and taking his spunk on her pretty face. All of it was far too good to give up, and he could only congratulate himself at being so smart at getting her to do those things for him.

He pulled on the brakes, sending the old van to a shuddering halt just at the bottom of their path. ".Here we are," he said cheerily, unbuckling his belt and opening the door. "Home sweet home." He looked over at her, hunched in her seat like a scared little girl. Time was pressing for him to get back to the site, but he couldn't run the risk of her deliberately leaving herself in that mess for Sadie to find. "Come on, you need to get cleaned up." he tapped her knee before breezily jumping down and slamming his door.

She climbed stiffly out of the van and stood there like a statue. She had no strength for anything anymore. Right now, everything around her seemed so overwhelming and she didn't have a clue how she could ever face Jake's wrath today. She felt so fragile as she trudged towards the path. She bit on the tip of her thumb as she waited for him to unlock the door and let them both in. He took her hand and led her, like a robot through to the kitchen. She was on edge, jumping and twitching at every touch as he took a damp cloth and tried to mop up most of the worst stains.

She sniffled and shook violently as he dabbed at her, her tear ducts now well and truly exhausted. He made sure most of the cum was gone from her face and the slope of her chest. He tried to wipe her dress but by then it was soaked in pretty deep.

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"I'll look for that ring again ok?" he said, trying to act concerned. His eyes seemed to suggest he really would hunt for it, but Kiara knew the real truth deep down. She said nothing, too distraught to even argue with him about it. "There, all good as new." he dropped the cloth back in the sink and looked her over.

He recognised the vacant blank expression on her face, empty of any kind of emotion by now. Not even resignation left there anymore. "Hey. Cheer up," he said warmly, stepping closer to her. "It's not that bad. Where's that lovely smile hmm?" She looked down and shrugged before looking up again and giving him a watery smile.

Anything to just get rid of him. After cumming so soon, he'd surely not have any chance to abuse her any more times before he had to head off to work. He felt unnerved about her vague attitude. Hatred and anger at him was one thing, but this blatant indifference was tinged with danger. Maybe she was now intending on telling Sadie something. He put a hand on her shoulder, trying to scan her eyes for any kind of feeling at all.

"It's ok. Everything's going to be ok. I'll find the ring again and you can keep it, ok? I promise you that Kiara." It was all nonsense but he was worried, and it seemed a good idea to offer it as comfort right now.

He took a chance and hugged her before making to leave. She did nothing, standing stock still as he embraced her. "You go and have a nice sleep and get your strength back. Things will seem a lot better afterwards." He rested warm hands on her shoulders, then leaned to kiss her cheek.

"Now I've really got to go to work sweetheart. Will you be all right on your own?" She swallowed hard before nodding her head. He moved to wash his hands under the running tap and shook them dry on the side of the sink. He put his finger under her chin and raised it before he went to leave.

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"After you've slept, if you do go over and see that boy, just remember, respect for yourself ok?" he knew it was inevitable she would go sooner or later, but he was confident he'd done enough damage to make sure it would be a disaster.

He hugged her once more briefly before going over to the kitchen door. "Good luck. I love you." he didn't even wait for an answer but headed back out whistling cheerily. He locked the front door behind him, checking it before strolling happily down the path.

Not even the stresses and toil at work on the site could dampen a day that had started like this.