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Desi Indian Young Lovers Full Fucking
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Chapter 11: Hannah the Pitiful Whore Hannah screamed in shock as a splash of frigid water abruptly woke her. She was still hanging in the air and instantly expected another blow from one of the horrible canes to land on her body.

After the bikers had finished with her, they'd simply left her in the room, allowing her to dangle lifelessly. It had taken the Asian just seconds to lose consciousness, as she'd been so exhausted and consumed with pain. "Wake up slut!" Tank shouted, setting a large bucket that had been filled with ice water on the floor. "Eeeeeuuuggghhhh!!" Hannah squealed into her gag, trembling nervously. "Damn bitch, maybe we had a little too much fun with the canes last night," Tank remarked, smiling as he gazed at the Asian's bruised and bloody ass.

Hannah whimpered as the Outlaw unfastened the cuffs on her wrists and lowered her back to the floor. After being hung from the ceiling all night, her shoulders ached tremendously and felt like they'd been dislocated. Hannah collapsed on her knees and cried at the terrible pain. "Open your mouth slut," Tank commanded, slapping the Asian's face hard after removing the ball-gag from her lips.

"Please…oh my God please just stop," Hannah pleaded, looking up at the Outlaw in sheer misery. Tank fished his cock from his pants and pointed it straight at the Asian's face. He smacked her again, repeating his order for her to open her mouth. Hannah wisely complied, staring up at the brute's ugly penis while she spread her jaws wide. She felt the trepidation in her belly as Tank forced the tip of his cock against her soft lips.

Hannah sighed and waited for the inevitable stream of urine to start its flow. "You better not spill a single fucking drop," the biker warned, before unleashing a heavy torrent of piss into Hannah's mouth. Hannah groaned in dismay as her mouth instantly filled with the disgusting fluid.

She closed her eyes and simply swallowed gulp after gulp of Tank's urine, trying her best not to think about it. Although she'd consumed literally over a gallon of piss from him and the other Outlaws, Hannah didn't think she could ever get used to drinking the filthy juice.

"Good work slut," Tank said, pulling his dick from the Asian's mouth once she was finished. "How'd that taste?" Hannah shrank away from the evil giant and tried to fight back tears. She felt nauseous as the huge load of urine settled inside her stomach. She could feel Tank grinning down at her and did not even want to look at the repugnant man. After a few seconds, she felt him grab her hair and did not resist as he yanked her off the floor. "Get dressed slut, you're going on a little field trip today," the Outlaw declared, shoving Hannah toward the mattress where her clothes lay.

Hannah thought about turning around and pleading with the man, but knew it would be pointless. She slipped on the same whorish outfit she'd worn the night earlier—the micro-skirt, 6" heels, fishnet stockings, and a tiny pink halter. The top was so small that the hem of it barely covered her nipples.

When she was finished, Tank grabbed the Asian's arm and escorted her out of the room. He marched Hannah out to the parking lot where more than 20 other Devil's Outlaws were waiting and smoking near their bikes. As usual, Tank made her sit in front of him and then joined his peers as they all made their way onto the road. The sea of bikers travelled for a few miles down a long and mostly deserted stretch of road.

Each additional minute of driving seemed to bring the group into towns and neighborhoods that seemed more and more archaic and shanty. Eventually the path the gang was travelling on became less paved as they began driving into a densely wooded area with farms scattered about. They pulled into the driveway of one of them and drove around to the back of the ranch where a stable was located. There were already dozens of other motorcycles parked outside the barn.

"Looks like we're just in time for the show," Tank declared excitedly, as he climbed off his chopper and yanked Hannah with him. "This should be real fun we haven't done it for awhile. Let's go whore." Hannah struggled to keep up as the huge biker grabbed her hair and yanked her along with him toward the entrance of the barn. She stumbled along clumsily in the towering heels as Tank hastily dragged her. Many of the other bikers smacked and grabbed her ass while they passed by.

In a short moment Hannah was pulled inside the large barn where dozens of other Outlaws were gathered around a small fenced-off enclosure.

In the middle of the area was a large, menacing black stallion. "Where is she?" Tank asked one of the other men. "You know Earl and them," the biker replied. "They probably all fucked that tight little pussy one last time. She's a hot little bitch man it's a shame she won't learn her place." "Yeah it is," Tank agreed. "I really liked her too.

Who knows, maybe she'll live." While Tank and the other biker continued their discussion, the rest of the Devil's Outlaws quickly noticed Hannah's presence and began crowding around her. Hannah had been raped many times by all of them and recognized most of their faces.

Several of them slipped their rough hands beneath her skirt and halter and started groping her cunt and bruised breasts. Hannah began to cry as they all informed her how they were going to pay her a visit later in the day. Tank offered her no help as the crazed men quickly pulled her clothes off and bent her over at the waist while another jammed two fingers into her aching vagina.

Hannah screamed in terror and struggled desperately to escape their grasp. Just when she thought they were all going to gang-rape her there was a chorus of loud and excited cheers and the men released her. "They're here!" One of the bikers shouted happily. Hannah was crying and shaking in fear still.

She could not see what the commotion was about as dozens of bikers stepped aside to allow a few of their buddies through. Within seconds, however, she saw the source of their excitement. Struggling and crying hysterically between two massive bikers that held her was an absolutely stunning 20-year-old brunette named Tammy Fritz. At 5'3" and 100 lbs, she was very petite and slender. She had on a pair of tiny jean shorts, a black bikini top, and a similar pair of trashy 6" heels that Hannah wore.

Her face and hair were streaked with cum and it was pretty obvious she'd been raped by many men just moments earlier. Tammy was a part-time student from Arizona. She was a big party girl and spent almost all of her weekends at clubs, often times as a go-go dancer for one of them. She also spent plenty of time out in the sun with her friends, as was evidenced by her perfectly bronzed skin. Because of her striking looks, Tammy was very popular among the boys, and conversely rubbed many other females the wrong way.

She was a very conceited and uppity girl, who had no problem saying what was on her mind and getting in the face of anyone. The Outlaws had gotten their hands on young Tammy with the help of a friend. The guy's name was TJ and he was a good-looking 29-year-old man who often frequented clubs in Arizona. He'd flirted with the brunette and slipped a roofie into her drink, shortly after which he took her back to his place. He'd kept the girl for two days, fucking and beating her plenty of times before selling her to the Outlaws for $8,000.

That sale had occurred less than two weeks ago, and the biker gang had been using Tammy very hard every day since. Unlike Hannah and the others, however, Tammy was a very obstinate young girl, and simply refused to be tamed.

No matter how many times the Outlaws beat and caned her, Tammy repeatedly fought them, refused their orders, and even tried to take their guns from them on more than one occasion. She had no intention of being an obedient whore to the gang, and had tried to escape several times. "Jim, thanks again for your hospitality," one of the bikers said, turning to an old man in dirty overalls. "No worries boys, you're welcome anytime," the farmer replied back with a disgusting grin.

"I know Dasher sure loves these visits." "Let's go, get the bench," one of the bikers holding the brunette instructed the mob of Outlaws. "Please! What're you doing?? Please stop! I'm sorry! Please I'm sorry!" Tammy begged desperately, staring at the massive horse in sheer terror as the bikers slowly hauled her into the enclosure. Several other men were laboring as they followed the little brunette in with a large wooden contraption between them. It did not take Hannah very long at all to realize what it was.

The crude structure consisted of a huge horizontal cylinder supported by four sturdy legs. At the end of the cylinder were two planks that protruded out to either side.

Attached to each plank as well as the main cylinder was several rusty, adjustable steel bindings. In short, the device was a fucking machine. "No! Don't!! Oh my fucking God!! Let me go!!" The brunette shrieked, thrashing around wildly as a few bikers quickly stripped her naked and forced her onto the machine.

Tammy struggled with all of her might but the men easily overpowered her and pinned her against the main cylinder on her belly. They pulled her long, skinny legs out wide and secured them to the bindings on the planks. This way the girl's legs were drawn completely sideways and her defenseless pussy and asshole were right at the edge of the wooden log she lay on.

Two more bikers then wrapped the steel binding on the cylinder around the brunette's tiny waist and clamped it on so tightly that she literally could not move an inch. Hannah felt her heart sink as the girl began sobbing in absolute horror now. It was clear that she knew exactly what was about to happen to her. She continued to desperately try and escape from the wooden machine, even though she knew it was pointless.

When the farmer began leading the enormous black stallion behind her the brunette immediately began screaming in fear. "No!! Please!! Please don't!! Don't do this please!!! Please I'm sorry!! I'll be good!! I'll be good I swear to God I'll be good!!!" Tammy shrieked, rearing her head back as far as she could as the farmer, Jim, began rubbing lubricant on and inside her pussy.

"Pay attention slut," Tank commanded Hannah. "This is what we do with all our bitches who don't behave. That stupid cunt almost bit Ray's dick off the other night. So now she's about to get that pretty little pussy torn up by some horse cock." She wasn't even the one about to get her cunt destroyed, but Hannah felt the awful dread in her stomach as she watched the poor brunette sobbing and begging desperately for mercy.

The farmer had finished lubricating her pussy and was now busy stroking the huge stallion's penis. The shaft was not even close to fully erect, but already it was over a foot long and as thick as a baseball bat.

"No!!! Please!! PLEASE!!!

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I'M BEGGING YOU DON'T DO THIS!! PLEASE YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME!!!" Tammy screamed, as soon as the old man pressed the tip of Dasher's monstrous dick against her vagina. There must have been close to 100 Devil's Outlaws gathered around the little brunette, and they all were laughing or shouting at her.

Many of them commented on her unbelievably tight pussy and how it was finally about to become loose. Others yelled how they had thoroughly enjoyed her cunt the last couple of months and how they were going to truly miss it. "GUYS PLEASE I'M REALLY SORRY!! I'M SORRY I'LL BE GOOD I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!! PLEASE JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" Tammy screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she felt her pussy slowly getting stretched open by the stallion's dick.

"NO PLEASE!! DON'T DO THIS I'LL BE A GOOD GIRL!! YOU CAN ALL FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!!! I'LL FUCKING SWALLOW ALL YOUR CUM RIGHT NOW I SWEAR!!!" The brunette continued to beg desperately. The horse, meanwhile, was becoming extremely aroused and Jim was doing his best to keep it somewhat calm while he tried to lodge the tip of Dasher's dick into the girl's vagina.

The organ was completely erect now and measured nearly 20" in length and an incredible 4" in diameter. The animal was now bucking forward and wildly trying to get its dick inside Tammy's pussy, but because of its size it simply kept popping upwards before it could get embedded. "Stop it please!! Please help me guys!! Please it's gonna kill me!!!" Tammy wept pathetically, screaming in terror each time she felt the colossal dick nearly skewer her.

Hannah stood next to Tank beside the horse and slightly to the rear, so she had a complete and unobstructed view of both Tammy's tiny vagina and the horse's massive cock. Physically, sex between the two did not seem even remotely possible. Yet each time she watched the horse buck forward, Hannah could see the girl's pussy was eventually going to be penetrated. And when it did, Hannah did not even want to think about how horrifying it was going to be.

Just at that moment, Dasher gave a triumphant bellow as it lurched forward at just the perfect angle and ripped its cock deep into Tammy's cunt. The girl's entire body jolted like it was zapped with a million volts of electricity.

At first Tammy did not make a sound. Her eyes were about to bulge out of their sockets and the expression on her pale face was one of utter shock and agony. "AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!" The young brunette screamed, frantically trying to break out of the bindings around her legs and waist as her pussy was instantly and horrifically ruined.

The entire mob of bikers were roaring in approval and giving each other high fives. They were all indescribably excited to see that Dasher had finally broken through.

Now, the real fun of watching the stallion fuck Tammy's tight little cunt to shreds was about to begin. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Tammy wailed, as she futilely continued to try and break out of the manacles that held her while the horse slammed several more inches of cock into her sex. "Oh my God no please!! Please I can't take it!!

It hurts so much!!!" The petite girl begged, tears streaming down her cheeks as Dasher bellowed in delight. There was still over 12" of horse cock that had not tasted the inside of Tammy's cunt, meaning that only about 1/3rd of the monstrous shaft was buried inside the hole.

Hannah stared at the horrifically outstretched pussy in pure astonishment, and could not believe that something so huge could fit inside such a tight opening. Needless to say, it was never, ever going to be the same again, assuming the girl would even live through this ordeal. "GOD NOOOOOO!! PLEASE GET IT OFF ME!!! IT'S GONNA KILL ME PLEASE!!!" Tammy screamed wretchedly, as the enormous stallion rammed forward and viciously sank more than half of its cock into her pussy.

"OH MY GOD NO MORE!! PLEASE IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!" Tammy shrieked, staring at each and every biker in front of her with complete desperation. The look on the girl's face was full of so much agony and torture, but none of the Outlaws offered any sympathy.

It was clear that Dasher's cock had hit "maximum depth" on her pussy, as the horse jerked forward but did not appear to lodge any more of its penis inside the brunette. This meant that each thrust from now on was going to be exponentially more painful than the ones earlier. Tammy could already feel the tip pushing against her cervix and she didn't know how she could take any more.

As if on cue, the irritated stallion began violently bucking forward and stabbing its cock deeper and deeper into the bound and anguished girl. "AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!" Tammy wailed in sheer agony, as the massive horse began furiously slamming into her now with all of its strength. "I'd fucking love to see you in her place," one of the bikers said to Hannah, leering down at her lustfully. "I bet that stallion could bust your Asian pussy up real good.

Hopefully we get to see it someday once the boys get tired of fucking you." Tammy's cervix never had any chance whatsoever. In less than a minute of savage fucking, Dasher had torn right through the organ and was now jubilantly spearing all 19" of its dick in and out of her mangled vagina. Hannah could see the dozens of muscles in the stallion's hind legs and torso flexing brilliantly as it used them to rip its titanic penis deep into Tammy.

Yet even with 1800 lbs of force slamming against her, the bindings somehow kept the girl from moving, so her tiny body was forced to absorb all of the insanely vicious fucking. "NOOOOOOO!!!! PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!" Tammy screamed piercingly, writhing around in sheer agony now as the massive horse fucked her as deeply and roughly as it wanted. Many of the bikers had their cocks out and were stroking them as they watched the savage act of bestiality take place.

Hannah could not believe that these heartless men could actually take joy in watching such an appalling, inhuman thing. They were all clearly aroused and filled with excitement as they witnessed the tiny brunette getting destroyed. Hannah could not take her eyes away from the horse's cock as it plunged into the little girl with such blistering fury.

Each time Dasher pulled back, its cock was completely drenched in blood. Yet it was the sight of it slamming back in that was impossible to fathom. Hannah simply had no idea how all 19" of it disappeared into the girl, because with her petite frame, it meant that it had to have been tearing through her entire midsection and up toward her lungs. This indeed seemed to be the case, because Tammy's screams were becoming very hoarse and she was beginning to cough up blood as well.

"Please!! Help me!!" Tammy gasped, tears coursing down her cheeks as she stared toward the wall with anguished eyes. Dasher continued to fuck her for several more minutes, and she somehow managed to stay conscious during the entire ordeal. Finally, the stallion released a primal roar and buried nearly its entire penis into the brunette before ejaculating into her pussy. When it had, the horse pulled out and Jim opened the fence and led it out of the area. The Devil's Outlaws immediately gathered behind Tammy to inspect the damage.

"Goddamn he tore that pussy up real nice," one of the men said in wonder. "That cunt's gonna be real sore tomorrow morning!" Another shouted, drawing laughter from everyone around. Hannah felt shivers run through her body as she stared at the opening in horror. It did not even resemble a vagina any longer, and instead was just a massive, hideously gaping hole large enough to stick an orange into.

Torrents of blood and thick horse sperm were oozing out of the orifice and down onto the floor. For the first time ever, sex with Big Joe did not seem like such a terrible fate to Hannah. Even many of the Devil's Outlaws were now filled with sadness as the realization that they would no longer be able to fuck the brunette began hitting them. When they'd found her and up until this very day, Tammy had had one of the tightest, prettiest, most incredible pussies—even tighter than the 15-year-old Miranda's.

Words could not describe the kind of amazing grip it had offered to all of them. Looking at how hideously destroyed it was now was a harsh reminder that they would never get to enjoy it again. Nevertheless, more than 50 of the bikers had had the opportunity to fuck it one last time this morning. "Think she'll live?" Hannah heard one of the bikers ask Tank next to her. "Not a chance, she's already turning pale," Tank replied.

"But at least she went out with a bang, huh?" "How'd that feel whore? I bet you fucking liked it bitch. Looks like you finally met a cock that can satisfy that nasty pussy of yours," one of the bikers said to the devastated brunette.

Tammy was groaning in complete misery and could barely comprehend the various taunts from the Devil's Outlaws. She was trembling from exhaustion and shock and her breath was ragged. Many of her internal organs had been badly mutilated, and the damage was irreversible. She could slowly feel herself losing consciousness. "Well, guess that's a wrap!" Tank shouted, before turning to Hannah.

"Let's get you over to Russ' slut." Hannah was appalled as two bikers grabbed her arms and towed her out of the barn. There were dozens of men inside the stable, but none of them gave a crap about the dying brunette strapped to the wooden bench. Hannah struggled to keep up as the Outlaws put her back on Tank's Harley. She was still completely naked except for the heels on her feet, but none of the Outlaws seemed to care.

They pulled out of the dirt parking lot and drove for about ten minutes before arriving at a shanty little home. Hannah immediately recognized it as the place where she'd been branded about a week or so ago.

"Get up slut, it's time to put some more decorations on you," Tank commanded, grabbing the Asian's hair and yanking her off his bike. "Please just leave me alone!!!" Hannah begged, as she was dragged into the garage. There were about 15 other bikers and they all followed Tank and the little Asian inside. Russ, the owner of the home, was already in the garage doing maintenance on an Outlaw's motorcycle. He immediately paused, however, once he saw Hannah.

He set aside the tools in his greasy hands and got to his feet. "Shit, ya'll got here quick," the hefty biker grinned. "How was the show?" "It was fucking awesome, like always," one of the other men replied. "Damn wish I could've made it," Russ said regretfully. "Anyways, we're piercing this bitch today right?" "Yup," Tank confirmed, as he pulled Hannah toward a dirty wooden counter near the wall.

"Get the nails." "Please, what are you—what are you doing??" Hannah asked nervously, as the large biker pushed her against the counter and forced her small breasts against its surface.

"No!! Please!!!" Hannah screamed, instantly struggling in terror as Russ appeared before her with a hammer and two long nails in his hands. "Hold still cunt!" Tank commanded, gripping the back of Hannah's neck with one hand while he pressed her right breast against the wooden counter. "Noooooo!! Don't!! Please don't!!!" The Asian shrieked, desperately trying to break free as Russ lined the tip of the nail directly above her little nipple.

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!" Hannah wailed, as the evil biker slammed his hammer against the head of the nail and drove it straight through her nipple and deep into the dirty counter. The searing pain of her sensitive bud getting instantly pierced was beyond awful. Hannah's eyes were wide with shock and agony as she looked down at her bloody nipple. Her first response had been to try and flee from the ledge, which had caused her breast and nipple to stretch in an excruciating way.

She quickly realized that her only option at this point was to remain still. "One more bitch," Russ declared, holding up the other nail right in front of the Asian's face. "Please stop!!!" Hannah begged, shuddering in terror as the Outlaw pressed the sharp point against her other nipple.

Russ held the shiny nail still for several long seconds, relishing the fear and anxiety of the miserable Asian. He then brutally smashed the hammer onto it, pounding it straight through Hannah's erect bud and also several inches into the wood.

Hannah emitted a blood-curdling scream and nearly fainted at the intense pain. She could feel a warm fluid dripping down her thighs and realized that she'd just urinated on herself. "Damn Russ, you're getting real good at this shit," Tank lauded his friend, as he inspected Hannah's skewered nipples.

The bikers left Hannah alone for a few minutes, watching the sobbing Asian with amusement. There was nothing the poor girl could do but remain standing with her battered tits stretched down and pinned against the wooden counter. After a few minutes, Russ produced two silver rings that were about an inch in diameter.

He yanked the nails out of Hannah's nipples and quickly replaced them with the two shiny loops. "Nice, I like the jewelry," Tank said, smiling as he gazed at the new adornments that hung from Hannah's bloody nipples.

"God please stop!! Why—why are you doing this to me?!" Hannah wept miserably. "Let's get her inside," Tank declared, motioning toward the other bikers. "Let's run a train through this little slut." Hannah barely struggled as two Outlaws took hold of her slender arms and hauled her into the living room of Russ' home. They bent her over the edge of an old sofa and kicked her legs wide. The Asian whimpered in fear but did not move away from the couch or put her legs back together.

Hannah knew it was pointless, and was resigned to the fact that she was going to get raped by every single biker in the home. "Aaooww!! Stop!!" The Asian shrieked, as one of the men got behind her and smacked his hand down hard on her bruised ass. "I've missed you slut," the muscular Outlaw said, stripping his pants and pushing the head of his massive cock against Hannah's anus. "Eeeeeuuuugggghhh!!!" Hannah screamed, digging her nails into the sofa cushion as the biker drove a couple inches of his dick into her ass.

"Don't clench it bitch!" The huge man shouted, as he reached forward and viciously jerked on Hannah's hair. "It's only gonna hurt more for you. Just loosen up and enjoy the ride slut." Hannah cried in anguish as the powerful brute gripped her long, dark hair with both hands and started hammering his cock into her asshole. His penis was over 7" long, and it hurt like crazy as he violently slammed the entire thing in and out of the Asian's tender anus.

Thankfully for Hannah, he only lasted a few minutes before he exploded deep inside her sphincter. She wept in total misery as the biker emptied his sperm inside her ass before pulling out and stepping aside. "Nooooooo!!!" Hannah screamed, squirming around as she felt another pair of rough hands on her hips.

"Shut the fuck up whore!" Tank roared, as he flipped the small Asian around so that her back was on the edge of the sofa. "Please!! Don't hurt me!!" Hannah pleaded, looking up at the huge biker in fear.

Tank grabbed the Asian's slender legs and wrapped them tightly around his hips. He then brutally drove his cock deep into the girl's pussy, causing her to wail in agony. Hannah squirmed around in pain as the Outlaw proceeded to bash away at her cunt with his giant penis. He fucked her hard for more than ten minutes, clutching her slender waist and staring at her bruised and jiggling breasts the whole time.

"AAAAAAOOOOWWWW!!!" Hannah screeched, as Tank reached forward and tugged savagely on her nipple-rings. "Yeah baby! Stretch them little titties Tank!" One of the other bikers shouted, prompting Tank to tug on the silver loops even harder. "NOOOOOO!!!

PLEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!" Hannah screamed, instantly grabbing Tank's meaty forearms and gazing up at him in desperation. "Please stop!! It hurts!!!" "Don't lie to me bitch," Tank shot back. "I bet you like this shit, I bet it turns you on." "No please!! Please don't!!! PLEASE!!!" Hannah squealed, as the biker pulled more and more on the rings until her small breasts were hideously stretched. "Tell me how much you like this whore!" Tank commanded, yanking on the rings and nearly tearing the Asian's nipples off her chest.

"AAAGGGHHHH!! STOP!!! I LIKE IT!! PLEASE I LIKE IT!!!" Hannah screamed, slapping wildly at the biker's forearms. "Of course you do, fucking slut," Tank chuckled, mercifully letting go of the rings. The evil biker was not finished tormenting Hannah's breasts, however.

He leaned over the sobbing Asian and continued pounding her pussy with his cock, while cruelly slapping and pinching her blistered tits with his hands. Hannah's screams of misery filled the entire house, and she kept begging Tank to stop hurting her. The Outlaw did not grant her requests, of course, and continued to fuck Hannah and abuse her little breasts.

He went on for almost 15 minutes, raping the poor Asian whore until he shot his load deep inside her womb. When he was finished draining all of his semen inside Hannah's pussy, Tank pulled out of her and gave her tits one last vicious slap before walking away.

Over the next 5 hours, the large group of Outlaws proceeded to fuck and abuse Hannah inside the living room of Russ' home. They all raped the Asian at least once, and most of them enjoyed her for a second time.

They primarily fucked her on the sofa, usually by draping her over the edge on her back, so one man could use her pussy while the other squatted above her face and pounded her mouth. During her ordeal Hannah was forced to swallow over a dozen loads of sperm, in addition to about a liter of biker piss. She puked twice from having her throat constantly stuffed full of cocks, and she was forced to lick her own vomit off the carpet as well.

As dusk began approaching, the Outlaws bade farewell to Russ and hauled Hannah back out to the garage. Not surprisingly, the Asian was barely moving and her eyes were full of trauma and anguish. Tank cuffed her hands behind her back and sat her down in front of him on his chopper. "Cheer up slut, and get that energy back, you're gonna need it for all your clients tonight," he whispered into Hannah's ear, before revving his engine and rolling out of Russ' driveway. Less than an hour later Hannah was back in her filthy "office" and shaking in fear as she knelt before Tank.

She had on the same black micro-skirt, fishnet leggings, and 6" heels she'd worn the night earlier. After they'd brought her back to the bar the Outlaws had forced her to shower herself and eat a plate of leftovers from the afternoon customers.

Hannah could hear the voices of many patrons outside and knew that it was peak-time for the tavern. "Since you were about a thousand short last night, you gotta fetch us three grand tonight," Tank declared, as he loomed over the little Asian with the awful cane in his hand. "No, please!" Hannah blurted, burying her face into her hands. "There's no way! Please…just, just let me do two, I can do two thousand." "This ain't a negotiation bitch," Tank replied, poking Hannah's bruised and blistered chest with the cane.

"Three grand and I don't need to tell you what'll happen if you're short. Honestly, I don't know how many more beatings these little tits can take either." "Please!! I can't make that much!!" Hannah screamed, as she started breaking down in front of the evil biker. "Awww you can't make that much?" Tank asked mockingly. "Well I don't give a shit whore.

This is what you get for slacking last night. Now get out there! You're wasting valuable minutes bitch." Hannah let out a howl of frustration and slowly got to her feet. She wiped the tears from her eyes and made her way out of the room and into the bar.

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She felt her cheeks go flush as the dozens of patrons all seemed to stare at her at once and the tavern became much quieter. The Asian quickly approached the closest guy she saw and gently caressed his arm. "Hi," Hannah greeted the ugly slob, giving him the phoniest smile possible.

"Shit," the portly giant chuckled, staring at his nearby friend. "What's up slut?" "How are you?" Hannah asked, still with the fake smile on her face. "I'm fucking great, how you doing?" The man replied. "I'm—I'm good," Hannah answered, before finally getting to the point. "Would you like to, um, have fun with me?" "Have fun with you? You mean fuck you?" The disgusting john asked.

"Yes," Hannah confirmed, looking away. "Fuck yeah I'd like to fuck you, how much?" The man replied excitedly. "$200," Hannah declared quickly. "Two hundred bucks?! Are you serious bitch?" The fat beast shouted incredulously. "Yes, $200," Hannah confirmed, as she looked up at the man and smiled. "But, um, you can do whatever you want.

I promise I'll do whatever you want, anything." "How about $200 for me and him?" The man countered, pointing at his equally huge and repulsive friend after a bit of thought. "Um, what about $300 for both of you," Hannah responded, her face growing red from these lewd negotiations. "$300 and I'll do whatever you want, both you guys." "And we get to keep you for as long as we want too," the john added.

"Um…yes, that's fine," Hannah answered, before immediately regretting it. "Yo Carl, you cool with dropping $150 on this bitch?" The large goon asked his buddy.

"She says we can treat her real rough, as rough as we want." "Sure, I gotta pull out some cash though," Carl agreed. "You got yourself a deal slut," the john said to Hannah. "Okay, follow me," the Asian instructed, turning around and heading back to her room. Hannah's heart was beating hard as she entered her office. On one hand she was incredibly relieved and glad to have secured a $300 deal with the men, considering that some of her clients last night paid her just $20 or $30.

On the other hand, though, she was also very nervous about her promise that they would have no restrictions on using her. However, she figured nothing could be as bad as what the Outlaws had already done to her. Furthermore, she knew that the most important thing was making as much money as she possibly could tonight, and if it meant having to make promises like that then so be it.

The Asian grabbed two condoms from a bucket and turned around only to receive the hardest, most vicious slap she'd ever gotten in her life. Her cheek exploded in pain and she immediately screamed before crumpling to the floor. "Why—why did you hit me??" Hannah demanded, gazing up the huge man in fear and shock. "You said we could do whatever we want to you, right bitch?" The smiling john replied. "No, I mean yes, I did, but please," the Asian stammered in terror, her ear still ringing from the savage blow.

"Please don't hit me, you can—you can fuck me anywhere, my ass, whatever. I'll drink your cum too." "No, you said whatever we want whore," the menacing fiend retorted, stepping toward the small Asian with clenched fists. "And don't worry, you'll get fucked plenty by the both of us. But right now I'm a lot more interested in beating your skinny little Asian ass." "No!! Please stop!! NO!!" Hannah screamed, shuffling away from the huge lunatic as he reached down and grabbed a chunk of her hair.

"Get your ass over here gook," the evil man hissed, as he dragged Hannah to her feet. "Please stop!! Don't hurt me!! I'll do whatever you want!!" Hannah begged the enormous brute. "Shit Wayne, you couldn't wait for me?" The other man asked, as he burst through the door with the cash in his hand. "Relax man, I'm just getting started with this little Asian cunt," Wayne replied, brutally slapping Hannah again across the face. "Aaaggghhh!! Stop!! Let me go!!" The Asian shrieked, as she frantically tried to free herself from the overweight psycho.

"Take your belt off Carl," Wayne said, slapping Hannah three more times before she finally quit struggling. Carl quickly pulled his leather belt from his jeans and joined his friend. Hannah was already starting to weep as she stood next to Wayne.

Her knees were very wobbly and she was shaking in complete fear. As the other john came over, she realized for the first time how massive both men were. They each towered over her by at least a foot, and must have outweighed her by 150 lbs or more.

While they weren't the size of Big Joe, they were definitely bigger than most of the Outlaws. Both men had played football together at a small college in Utah, though that had been over 10 years ago.

And while they hardly resembled athletes now with their fat, hairy guts and incredibly broad shoulders, the two giants were still undoubtedly tough and ominously powerful. "Now tell me something bitch," the evil giant said, yanking down on Hannah's hair and forcing her to look at his ugly face.

"Did you not say, with your own fucking mouth, that we could do whatever the hell we wanted to you? Huh?" "Yes I did, but," Hannah replied miserably. "But what? But what you, fucking Asian whore??" Wayne demanded. "Nothing! Please, I'm just—I'm just trying to make you happy," the Asian begged.

"Please, you don't have to hurt me. I'm just trying to be good, to please you. Just fuck me. Please just fuck me." "We'll fuck you good and proper when we're ready," Carl shot back. "But me and Wayne, we much prefer hurting bitches than fucking them, especially little city bitches like you. We heard all about you whore.

Heard you was at Mel's looking all high and mighty with your fancy car and nice clothes. But you ain't looking like such hot shit now, are you?" "Please, please don't hurt me," Hannah sobbed. "I said I'll do whatever, whatever you want. I'll—you can fuck me anywhere you want. I'll swallow your cum, your pee, anything. Just don't hurt me, please." "This stupid fucking chink still doesn't get it," Wayne snickered to his buddy. "I think it's time we show her what we do to stupid little Asian whores." "Damn straight," Carl agreed, tightening his grip on his belt.

"You wandered into the wrong town bitch. We don't like foreigners, and we especially don't like stuck-up little Asian city bitches. Now it's time to beat your little gook ass." "No!! Please!!!" Hannah screamed, twisting and jumping in horror as Carl began thrashing her legs with his belt. There was little the Asian could do to defend herself, as Wayne still had a firm grip on her hair and kept her firmly in one place.

She tried to pry his dirty fingers off with one hand while she used her other arm to unsuccessfully shield herself from Carl's belt.

Hannah's high heels clicked and clacked loudly on the cement floor as she continued to dance around in pain and terror. "Stop!! Please stop!!!" The Asian begged, as the behemoth viciously beat her thighs with the leather strap. "Carl, hold up," Wayne said, interrupting his sadistic friend. "Let's bend her over the bed, and get this skirt off too.

I wanna beat this pretty little ass of hers." "Get your fucking skirt off bitch," Carl commanded, striking the Asian's thighs two more times. Hannah instantly pushed her micro-skirt down her long, slender legs. She pleaded desperately with Wayne as he marched her over to the bed and bent her over the edge of the mattress.

He gave her upturned ass a hard kick with his boot as soon as she started to turn around. "Don't move cunt! You fucking stay in that position till we tell you different!" The huge man shouted. "Goddamn, looks like we ain't the only ones that like beating this dumb gook," Carl declared, as he stared at Hannah's severely battered buttocks.

"Jesus Christ, look at that fucking ass." "Damn whore, them Outlaws must really not like you," Wayne agreed, smiling at the sight of the Asian's bruised and lacerated ass. "Or maybe they like you a little too much? Shit, I'm sure I could spend all day hurting you too." "Please, don't—don't do this, don't hurt me," Hannah wept, grabbing the bed-sheets tightly as she braced for the inevitable lashing.

"I'm gonna beat your ass now whore," Carl declared, kicking Hannah's thigh roughly. "And when I get tired Wayne's gonna take over for me. We're gonna hit you a hundred times and you're gonna call them out, each one. If you lose count, or if you move, we're gonna start over again from zero.

You got that slut?" Hannah screamed miserably and pounded her fists against the bed. She was already regretting approaching these men and making a deal with them. She had no idea the bar's customers could be as evil as the Outlaws.

She could not understand why they weren't content to simply fuck her and be done with her. She was even willing to swallow their urine and lick their assholes if they commanded her to, but the prospect of them beating and hurting her was just too much.

"Aaaaggghhhhh!!!" Hannah wailed, jolting in pain as Carl ripped his belt across her ass-cheeks. "Say it bitch!! Count!!" The huge john ordered. "One!!!" Hannah screamed back at the man, prompting him to whip her ass once again. "Aaaggghhhh!!! Two!! Please!!!" The Asian squealed. "Keep that ass still!" Carl warned, delivering another vicious blow to Hannah's buttocks. "Threeeee!!!" The Asian screamed in agony, wiggling her little ass from side to side.

"Yeah!! Shake that ass sweetie!!" Wayne shouted, stroking his cock while he watched the petite Asian. "Aaauuuggghhh!! Fouuurrrr!! Please just stop!!!" Hannah begged, looking back at the man desperately but keeping her ass nice and high for him. "Turn around whore!!" Carl commanded, as he cocked the belt back once more. "Noooo!! Please stop it!! I'll do anything!!" The Asian cried, covering her ass with her hands.

"Get those hands off and turn around cunt!! I won't tell you again!" Carl yelled back. Hannah was starting to weep now as she put her hands back on the bed and turned her head around. The massive brute instantly slammed the belt against her ass with all of his strength, and it sounded like a firecracker exploded inside the small room. Hannah screamed in torment and barely was able to maintain her position. "Count you little gook whore!!" Hannah heard the man order behind her.

"Five!!!" The Asian yelled, in both pain and anger. Carl continued to patiently beat Hannah's buttocks for about five more minutes, tearing the leather strap against her ass as hard as he could.

He made the little Asian slut count each stroke out loud, of course, and savored the sound of her agonized screams. With each passing blow, Hannah felt more and more like the skin on her bottom was being ripped off. Her ass was already bruised and battered from the previous night, and it wasn't long before it started bleeding from Carl's assault.

After the 38th blow, Hannah simply could not take anymore and leapt to her feet before making a dash for the exit. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, where the fuck you think you're going bitch???" Wayne hissed, seizing the little Asian just before she reached the door.

"Nooooooo!!! Let me go!!" Hannah screamed, frantically trying to escape from the man's giant arms. "You're in big trouble slut," Wayne stated, clutching Hannah tightly while he dragged her back to the bed. "We told you it'd be 100 hits, and now you get to start back at one." "No!! Please!! No more!! I can't—no more!! Please let me go!!" Hannah shrieked, as the john tossed her back onto the mattress. "Turn around bitch! And get your ass up in the air again!" Carl commanded.

"Please just stop!" Hannah begged, as she got on her back and spread her legs wide for the two men. "Here, please just fuck me! No more hitting! Please just fuck me instead!!" "Look at this nasty little whore," Wayne said, chuckling at his friend. "No kidding, she's begging us to fuck that dirty Asian pussy," Carl agreed, licking his lips as he stared at Hannah's gorgeous, but heavily used vagina.

Hannah's cheeks were burning and she could not even look the men in their eyes. She felt so ashamed and it was unfathomable to her what she'd been reduced to.

The fact that she was begging these two huge, disgusting rednecks to fuck her was proof that she was nothing more now than a lowly whore. This was her only purpose in life, and she knew that it was in her best interests to get very good at it quickly.

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"Turn around slut, we'll fuck you when we're ready," Carl directed. "Get that ass in the air. We're starting over again from zero." "No please stop, don't hurt me anymore," Hannah continued begging. "Why do you have to hit me? I can—you can fuck me instead. Fuck my pussy, please, or let me suck you—suck your dick. I'll suck your dick so good, I promise." "I said turn around you little chink bitch!" The large john shouted impatiently.

Hannah whined in despair as she obeyed the giant's orders. She rolled over on the mattress and got on her hands and knees, with her ass turned up to the hulking men.

She was shaking badly and her heart was pounding with fear. Her ass hurt so badly, and Hannah had no idea how she was going to take 100 more shots from the two fiends. "Get in front of her Wayne, hold her hands so she can't run this time," Carl instructed his buddy. "Good idea," Wayne replied, as he quickly hopped onto the bed and knelt in front of the Asian. "Aaaggghhh!!" Hannah screamed, as the massive john gave her a vicious slap on the cheek before seizing her wrists.

"No running this time cunt," Wayne smiled, as he pinned the Asian's hands to the bed in front of him.

"You better keep that ass high in the air too." "You ready slut?" Hannah heard the john behind her ask. "Cause of you we gotta start back at one. It's alright though, we got all the time in the world, don't we Wayne?" "Sure do," Wayne replied with a huge grin. "This bitch said we could keep her as long as we wanted, right?" Carl asked. "That's right, she did," confirmed Wayne, as he smiled down at the miserable Asian. "Bet you regret that part of the deal, don't you?" "Well then I guess we're just gonna keep you for ourselves all night whore," Carl declared happily.

"Shit, for a hundred and fifty of my hard earned cash, you can bet your ass I'm gonna get every fucking cent outta you bitch." "Pleeeeaaaaase!!" Hannah begged, sobbing in sheer despair. "Start counting slut!

I'm goin' real fast this time, and you better keep up!" The burly john shouted, before unleashing a furious lash across Hannah's ass-cheeks. "Aaaaauuuuggghhh!! One!!!" Hannah screeched, closing her eyes in torture. "Look at me cunt!!" Wayne commanded, giving the Asian another brutal slap. "Open those chinky eyes of yours and look at me! You fucking look at me while he beats your ass!" "Two!!!" Hannah wailed, gazing up at Wayne in anguish and hatred while Carl struck her ass once more.

Carl spent the next 7-8 minutes happily thrashing the Asian's buttocks. He dispensed exactly 50 strokes on the girl's raw, burning flesh, and put all of his immense strength into each blow. For him, it was the most satisfying thing he'd ever done in his life. He'd always dreamed of having a high-class and gorgeous city girl like Hannah to fuck and abuse.

The fact that she was Asian only made it sweeter, as Carl hated all minorities with a burning passion. By the time she'd counted out the 50th hit, Hannah's voice was hoarse from screaming and she was in a daze of misery. The skin on her ass was red everywhere and starting to bleed again. On any other day the beating would have been awful, but considering the insane caning she'd taken just last night, Hannah was beyond agony.

Her cheeks stung badly as well, as Wayne had slapped her face at least a dozen times for breaking eye contact with him. "Your turn bro," Carl said, breathing hard from the intense thrashing he'd just given the Asian girl.

"Damn this shit is a helluva workout. Sure is fun though." "Thanks man," Wayne said, taking the belt from his friend and quickly switching places with him. "Ass up whore!" The huge john ordered, giving Hannah a hard lash on the back of her thigh. "You're only halfway done bitch, get that ass up so we can finish." "Please stop this!!

I can't—it hurts so much!!" Hannah beseeched the men, as she slowly elevated her ass for Wayne. "Say it! Count whore!" Wayne roared, after slamming the leather strap across Hannah's buttocks.

"Fifty-one!!!" The little Asian screamed. Roughly fifteen minutes or so passed as Wayne patiently and happily meted out another 50 shots to Hannah's raw, defenseless ass. The girl wailed in pain and begged him to stop the entire time, but it was all futile. About halfway through, she pressed her face against the bed and just broke down into a sobbing mess, lowering her ass and laying flat on the mattress.

Three ferocious slaps to the face from Carl, however, got the disobedient whore right back into position and counting the strokes again. "Okay man let's fuck this bitch, my dick's about to explode," Wayne declared, after laying the 100th and final blow on Hannah's buttocks.

"Me too dude," Carl concurred. "Which hole you want?" "Doesn't matter, I'm gonna fuck them all anyway eventually," Wayne replied.

"You can pick whatever." "Let me get her ass then," Carl requested anxiously. "Okay cool, I guess I'll start with her mouth," Wayne stated happily. "I'm gonna choke this bitch real good with my dick." Hannah was still weeping from the brutal thrashing by the two friends, and did not struggle one bit as they draped her over the edge of the bed on her stomach.

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Carl quickly removed his clothes and then got into position behind the small Asian. He inched her ass-cheeks apart and brusquely pressed the tip of his enormous dick against Hannah's tiny anus. The shaft was over 9" long and just about as thick as Big Joe's. As soon as Carl started penetrating into her, Hannah's body instantly tensed up and she whined in pain.

"Aaaaooowww!! Oh my God!!" The Asian cried out, bringing her legs together as Carl's python bore deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Fuck that feels nice man," Carl proclaimed, looking at his friend in wonder. "Christ, this bitch is tight as fuck." "Aaaagggghhhh!! Stooopppp!!!" Hannah screamed, as the huge goon continued drilling into her.

"Forget about Carl," Wayne declared, as he knelt down in front of the petite Asian and grabbed her hair. "You focus on me right now.

Open your mouth chink." Hannah screamed in revulsion as a hideously massive and rancid cock instantly appeared before her face. It was virtually identical to Carl's, with the only difference being a much thicker bush of pubic hair at its base.

The tip of it was oozing pre-cum and Hannah could see the many ugly veins all around the broad shaft. Wayne brought the swollen head of his dick to the Asian's lips but she refused to part them for him.

"I said open your fucking mouth whore!!" The brute roared, slapping Hannah's face so hard that her neck strained painfully. "Okay!!!" Hannah wailed, looking up at the hairy bastard in terror while she opened her mouth as wide as she could. "That's more like it," Wayne said, grunting in pleasure as he immediately rammed half his cock into Hannah's mouth.

"Aaaaauuuuggghhh!!!" The Asian screamed, thrashing around now as Carl began slamming his dick in and out of her asshole. Hannah tried to twist her head away once she felt Wayne stuffing more and more of his penis into her mouth and down her gullet, but he quickly clutched her head with both hands and held it still. Carl, meanwhile, grabbed the Asian's wrists and pulled them behind her back. Hannah was completely powerless now as Wayne brutally drove his cock deep down her throat. "Yeah bitch! Choke on it!!

Fucking choke on that cock you little Asian whore!!" The massive john growled, gripping Hannah's head tightly while he smashed his dick back and forth inside her frail throat. Hannah was gagging wretchedly and frantically tried to free her skull from the man's grasp. She could feel herself growing light headed and suffocating, but did not dare bite down on the huge cock in her mouth.

Hannah knew better than to do something so foolish. Eventually the man did grant her a reprieve, finally pulling his cock back after the Asian seemed on the verge of choking to death. "What the fuck bitch!! What kind of a retarded fucking whore are you?! How the fuck do you expect me to pay you when you can't even hold a cock in that throat?!" The hairy giant roared, giving Hannah yet another savage smack across her face.

"Aaaauuuggghh!! I'm—Aaaaggghhh!!! I'm sorry!! Please—Aaaaooowww!!!" Hannah apologized, shrieking in pain as Carl continued to pound her anus like a lunatic.

"Let's try that again whore, this time I want all my cock inside your mouth," Wayne declared, slapping his slimy dick against the Asian's lips. Hannah barely comprehended the man's orders, as she continued to scream in agony from Carl's brutal assault on her asshole. The crazed ogre was literally fucking her as hard as he could, and seemed intent on tearing up what was left of Hannah's anus. Tears were coursing down the Asian's cheeks, and each time Carl slammed all 9 inches of his dick inside her sphincter she screamed in absolute torture.

Wayne speared his penis into Hannah's open mouth and starting clobbering it as well, as if trying to match the ferocity of Carl. Hannah closed her eyes and put all her focus into trying not to choke, as the brute crammed his penis down her throat. Wayne laughed sadistically as he wrapped one hand around the Asian's slim neck and felt the huge bulge of his cock inside her gullet.

He was quite impressed, as she'd somehow taken almost the entire shaft inside her mouth and throat. He could hear her both gagging on his cock and grunting in pain from Carl's vicious thrusts.

The monstrous johns fucked Hannah like this for nearly ten excruciating minutes. Carl never once pulled out or slowed down, but Wayne had to repeatedly stop for a few seconds to save the Asian from choking to death. Whenever he did, of course, he ferociously slapped the girl's face a handful of times.

And the two times Hannah puked, the dirty giant hit her so hard that he nearly broke her jaw with his hand. "Aaaaaagggghhhhh!! Pleeeeaaaaaasssee!!!" Hannah screamed, as Carl finally sank his cock into her rectum one last time and started ejaculating inside it. "Shut up whore," Wayne said, smacking the Asian and shoving his dick back into her mouth.

The evil man used Hannah's mouth for a couple more minutes before he too finally shot his load down her throat. As absurd as it seems, Hannah was practically delighted as she swallowed the disgusting seed.

For her, it had been one of the worst blowjobs she'd ever had to give, and her throat felt like it had been shredded by the Wayne's massive cock. He'd also slapped her more than 40 times throughout the ordeal, and the Asian felt like her cheekbones were shattered. She was just thankful that the two bastards were finally done with her.

"Give me the money please," Hannah demanded, after taking several minutes to recover from the brutal assault. "Give you the money??" Carl asked incredulously. "Who the fuck said we're done with you, whore? Is that a fucking joke?" "What—what do you mean?" Hannah asked dreadfully. "You both finished. You already cummed, I'm done. Please give me the money." "No slut, you said we could keep you for as long as we wanted," Wayne replied. "Not just one fuck.

So that's what we're gonna do, we're keeping you for as long as we want." "No please!! I did what you wanted! I did everything, I let you hit me, fuck me, everything," the Asian pleaded. "Please just give me the money." "I said we'll give you your money when we're done with you," Wayne repeated. "And that won't be for a long, long time whore. You may as well just relax and get used to being in here with us, cause I'm pretty sure we're gonna be the only clients you see tonight.

Now get on the fucking floor and stick those little tits out, it's about time to beat you some more, slut." "No," Hannah shot back firmly. "I'm not, I won't. No more, I'm done with you guys, give me the money." Hannah felt her blood simmer as the pair of giants broke out in laughter. She would have given anything for a gun at the moment.

In the back of her mind she knew the men wouldn't listen to her or pay her, but she had no other choice but to refuse. She absolutely detested the sadistic, disgusting pair of bastards, and could not fathom being at their mercy any longer.

She looked at the door and was debating whether or not she should try to make a run for it again. "No??? Did you just say no to me bitch?!" Wayne fumed, instantly hopping onto the bed and grabbing the Asian by her hair. "No please!! Stop, I'm sorry!! I didn't—please stop!!!" Hannah shrieked in fear, as the huge john furiously yanked her off the mattress and twisted her to her knees.

"You don't ever fucking say no to me!! You got that slut?!" Wayne roared, slapping the Asian fiercely across her cheek. "Aaaaggghhhh!! Yes!! Yes!! I'm sorry, I won't!!" Hannah cried, bringing her arms up to shield herself.

"You're just a fucking piece of shit, gook slut!! Get that through your thick ass skull bitch!!" The hairy brute continued, batting Hannah's hands away and hitting her again. "What, you think you got rights in here?! You think you got any say in what the fuck we do to you?! You stupid fucking cunt, you're nothing but a cheap, nasty little whore!!

You got that?!" "Yes!!


I'm sorry!! Please stop, don't hit me, I'm sorry!!" Hannah answered hectically. "Hands behind your back slut, and stick your tits out," Wayne ordered, as he grabbed his belt from the floor. Hannah sighed in despair but linked her hands together behind her back and pushed her small breasts out. The skin on the two mounds was badly bruised and littered with ugly welts from last night. Even just touching or grabbing the breasts caused the Asian a great amount of pain, and she had no clue how she was going to take another beating.

"Same deal as before bitch," Wayne said, as he dangled the belt in front of the kneeling Asian. "100 shots, you count them out loud, and keep those hands behind your back." He waited for Hannah to respond, but she just hung her head and started crying in terror.

By now, she knew it was a waste of time to beseech the men for any kind of mercy. Wayne took a few seconds to gaze at the shaking Asian slut and her defenseless little tits. He loved the shiny golden rings that were attached to Hannah's firm nipples, and was going to take great pleasure in watching them shake while he pummeled her tits. Hannah held her breath and tensed her entire body as she watched the man raise his belt by his shoulders.


"Aaaaaggggggghhhhh!!!" The Asian screeched, almost toppling onto her side as Wayne ferociously blasted her pretty round breasts. "Count!!" The enormous man shouted, cocking the leather strap back once more and waiting for the word. "One!" Hannah yelped. "Thank him too slut!!" Carl barked. "What?" Hannah asked, staring up at him in confusion. "You thank him too after each hit," Carl continued, smiling down at the Asian slut.

"Aaaooowwww!! Two!! Thank you!" Hannah wailed, as the ugly giant tore his belt across her tits again. "Oh you're welcome sweetie, it's my pleasure," Wayne grinned, looking at the thick stripe that was already starting to appear on Hannah's chest. "Aaaaagggggghhhh!! Nooooooooo!!!" The Asian screamed, crossing her arms over her breasts as the third strike landed right on her pierced nipple. "Arms back slut!! And count you stupid little gook!!" Wayne roared. "PLEASE JUST STOP!! IT HURTS!!!" Hannah furiously shrieked at the top of her lungs, as she continued to shield her breasts.

"Carl, grab her arms," Wayne requested his friend. "No!!" Hannah shouted in panic, scrambling to her feet and bolting for the door again. This time the Asian didn't even get close to escaping, as she stumbled on her stripper heels and almost fell down. The two men quickly secured her and forced her back onto her knees. Hannah continued to struggle and try to break free from the brutes, but several very hard slaps to her face settled her down instantly.

Carl then knelt down behind her and pulled both of her arms behind her back, while also using his own to force her chest out. "Where were we bitch?" Wayne asked, dangling his belt in front of the miserable Asian.

"Can you please—please just stop?" Hannah sobbed. "Please anything else, just stop hitting me, please it hurts so much." "Four! Say it cunt!!" Wayne bellowed, sadistically whipping the Asian's breasts again. "Aaaauuugggghhh!! Fooouuurrrr!!" Hannah screeched, squirming around in agony. "Say thank you slut!" Carl commanded, holding the girl still.

"Thank you!" Hannah squealed, with her reward being another ferocious lash on her tits.

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"Aaaaaooooowwwww!! Stop it!!!" The Asian screamed, thrashing around wildly. "Say it!" Wayne shouted back.

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"Five! Five!! Thank you!!" Hannah cried out. It took the massive duo almost an hour, but they eventually doled out another 100 strokes on Hannah's breasts between them. Of course, they made her count each one and thank them after. Hannah screamed and bawled the entire time, and kept trying to break free from whichever man was holding her.

She somehow managed to stay conscious until the very last shot, although just barely. "You ready to fuck her again?" Wayne asked his friend, dragging Hannah back onto the mattress.

"You go ahead," Carl replied, his eyes gleaming evilly. "I wanna beat her tits some more." "Still??" Wayne laughed. "That's cool bro, go ahead. I'm just gonna fuck this bitch's pussy while you do." "Please leave me alone," Hannah whimpered, as the massive john got behind her and grabbed her waist. "Bring her closer," Carl instructed, still holding the belt in his hand.

The tormented Asian didn't struggle as Wayne positioned her on all fours near the edge of the mattress. Hannah moaned in pain as the disgusting beast spread her thighs apart and drove his huge cock deep into her cunt. Wayne buried his penis balls-deep inside the girl's sex, then pulled her arms out wide and pushed her tits out invitingly for his friend.

"Go ahead Carl, beat them tiny titties good for me," Wayne declared, as he started pumping his massive dick in and out of the Asian's twat. "Nooooooooo!!!" Hannah screamed, writhing around madly as Carl thrashed her breasts with all of his mighty strength. Carl's heart was racing with excitement as he mercilessly battered the Asian's chest over and over and over again. To him, the sight of her little tits and nipple rings jiggling and dancing was like a drug, and it made him want to beat the bloody mounds that much harder.

He also loved watching Hannah scream her lungs out in excruciating pain. He couldn't even imagine how agonizing it must have been for the Asian, as her breasts already looked like they'd gone through a grinder even before he or Wayne laid one hit on them. But that was entirely her problem to deal with. "Fuck! Don't stop man! She's fucking squeezing me so tight!" Wayne grunted in pleasure, as he continued to pound the Asian's vagina. "Keep going, hit her harder!" "No please!!

Stop it please just stop!!!" Hannah screamed, as Carl continued to whale away at her tits. "I'm gonna beat you till those fucking rings fall off whore!!" Carl bellowed. With the Asian constantly clenching her little pussy around his giant cock, it took Wayne less than five minutes to cum inside the girl.

Carl beat her tits as hard as humanly possible the whole time. As soon as Wayne pulled out of her vagina, the men switched places and turned Hannah around so her ass was facing the edge of the bed. Carl got down in front of her and buried his cock deep into mouth and proceeded to abuse it, while Wayne promptly began thrashing Hannah's buttocks again with his belt.

In the end, Wayne and Carl spent more than four hours beating and raping the helpless little Asian slut. They fucked her and whipped her so much that both their arms and dicks felt like they were going to fall off.

They treated Hannah worse than any whore deserved to be treated, as they continuously slapped her, spat on her, pissed on her, and made her lick their assholes. They also loved grabbing her nipple rings and jerking her all around the room, at times almost tearing the loops from her little chest. At times it was one of them fucking the Asian while the other pummeled her with his belt, and at other times they raped her together. But never once did more than a minute go by when they were actually not inflicting some kind of abuse on poor Hannah.

"God that was fucking awesome," Carl declared, as he and his friend finished putting their clothes back on. "Hell yeah man," Wayne agreed, as he stared at the cowering, sobbing Asian by the bed. "More than I'd like to pay for a nasty little chink, but it was worth it for sure." "Here bitch," Carl said, tossing $300 worth of bills at Hannah, who was weeping into her hands. "We'll be here tomorrow night too. Maybe you should give us a discount." The ugly slob turned around and laughed.

Hannah did not look at him as he and Wayne nonchalantly strolled out the door. As soon as they were gone, the Asian screamed in sheer anguish and started bawling uncontrollably. Every single part of her body was sore beyond belief, and her ass and breasts were completely raw and speckled with blood.

She had no idea what time it was, but felt like the men had literally kept her into the morning hours. After bawling hysterically for more than 20 minutes, Hannah finally got to her feet. She knew there was no way she was going to earn $2700 more tonight, but she knew she had no choice but to try. She was still crying as she put her skirt back on and staggered out of the room, heading back to the bar to find her next client.

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