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Lavando mi verga despues de cojer
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Chapter one Gribble It was a bright sunny Friday afternoon in mid June when Bobby, and his best friend Joseph turned their bikes into the driveway of the Hill house. Both the boys as Joseph said " guess ill see you later dude " and rode back to the Gribbles house as he pulled his bike into the drive way he saw John Redcorn exiting through his parents bed room for year know he had known that his very seductively beautiful mother Nancy had been cheating on his so called Father Dale.

He parked his bike in the open garage as be headed towards the kitchen as he opened the refrigerator door and grabbed a gator aid his mother walked in wearing a blue pants suit that she usually wore when she was going to be doing a field report for channel 86 news a job which although she did enjoy she secretly wished for a larger role in news casting world but sadly after he ordeal in Houston where she had gotten drunk during a parade and been fired their after she would be stuck hosting a failing news program for the rest of her life.

It was this fact of her life that had driven he back into the arms of her long time off and on again lover John Redcorn. As she fixed her earring she told her son that she was going to be covering a special report at the Arlen university tonight and that him and Dale should just order a pizza for dinner.

She said good bye and jumped in the back of John Redcorns jeep and speed off towards the freeway before Joseph had even been able to say good bye. Joseph looked out the door at the smoke from the burnout and said goodbye. He stood their looking at the place where his mother had yet again decided to run off with her lover to her job yet again leaving him home alone, it was fine though because it wouldn't be to long before his beloved father Dale arrived home.

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Even though he had his ideas that John Redcorn might have had something to do with his conception he would never be able to see him as anything more then the man who threatened his parents marriage and refused to leave them alone.

Joseph walked towards his bedroom to play some video games when he noticed that his parents bedroom door was slightly ajar he approached it very slowly some how afraid of finding the aftermath of his mothers adultery. As he swung the door open his eyes beheld a sight that was sadly a to familiar to the boy, in the hurried that his mother and her lover had been in the had barley thrown the room back together.

Joseph looked at it with an expression that showed both the horrible sadness that he felt for himself and his father, and a since of mundane boredom that yet again he would be cleaning up after his mothers adulterous activities.

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Joseph reached behind his parents dresser where he had stashed a roll of trash bags he had hidden. He began cleaning the room throwing away the used condoms, liquor bottles, and off brand imitation Mexican cigaret packages that only the cheapskate John Redcorn smoked.

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He began making the bed as he looked into the bath room and noticed that his mother had left her complete outfit just lying on the floor. He muttered to himself " she can't even try to clean up" as he picked up the blue jeans and pink shirt he then grabbed her bra and panties as he threw the clothes into the hamper his mothers panties had failed to make it into the basket he walked over and grabbed them and as he picked them up he noticed that they were obviously still wet with his mothers sex juices the young 14 year old held them mortified that he was feeling the result of the his mother infidelity.

The youths eyes began to fill with tears as he threw the disgusting worn and used underwear into the hamper and ran off to his bedroom and began openly crying and screaming " why does she hate me so much why isn't my daddy anof for her " he laid their screaming and crying for about fifteen minutes before he knocked the remote controls off of his bed and the tv turned on.

As he sobbed he began to notice the television it was on TBS and they were airing a rerun of ' miss. doubt fire ' and that's when it hit him if his mother wouldn't be the women in his fathers life then he would be the women in his father life. Chapter 2 the hills Bobby threw his bike onto the lawn disregarding his fathers request for the thousandth time. As he entered the living room he said hello to lucky and Luanne, and his mother as be headed towards his bedroom. " we'll hey their Bobby I got you a present " lucky said as the boy turned towards his room Bobby stopped and looked at his uncle lucky with a smile " what is it lucky another coffee can lid firssby ?

" lucky just smiled " why no silly I got you the new spider man movie I heard that you didn't get to see it in theaters so I though you might like to watch it now ".

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Bobby held the movie in his hands starring at its pg-13 rated glory. " lucky thanks mom can I keep it " he asked in a obviously anxious and worried tone. " we'll as long as your father Doesn't find out I don't see why not " Peggy responded and before she could her a thank you the boy had locked himself into his room and powers on his tv and ps2.

Bobby sat watching the movie for hours before his father called him out into the livening " Bobby you've been in that god danged room all day why don't you go outside and throw your football " Hank said as he wiped the grease off of his hands with a terry cloth. " ok dad " bobby scuffed off towards the kitchen.


Hank looked at his hands he had just gotten off of his job at stricklen propane Jojake the head mechanic had failed to show up to work to day a habit Jojake had recently acquired.

This left hank to work on the trucks himself.

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Hank didn't mind this just another job to be done for his beloved strcklen propane. Hank had spent the last 10 hours at stricklen watching buck take " client after barley legal client " into his office hank didn't think anything of it he would always see buck as his beloved mentor and father figure even though buck had since become a drunken womanizer hell bent on extorting Hanks dedication leaving him free to spread his crabs all over Arlen.

Hank was his hard working patsy and was happy as long as he got to see stricklen succeed. Hank walked to the ally to meet up with his life long friends Bill,and Boomhour. Bill was at one time a fantastic young man with dreams of escaping his abusive father and becoming a war hero in Vietnam sadly just as he joined the army they stopped sending in troops this meant that the army had a surplus of cadets and since bill had dropped out of high school weeks from graduation he wasn't able to qualify for their officer training program instead Uncle Sam decided that he would cut the hair of many a solider any of which were just as qualified to do his job.

But Bill was happy in the begging as far as he was concerned he had a wonderful Job and his long time girl friend Lanoor whole he had decided was going to be his wife. Just over seventeen years later Bill had begin to realize just how sad and depressing his life rely was despite never taking a sick day or a personal day he had only made it to Sargent barber a largely ceremonial position as he was still cutting hair in the same chair he had been cutting hair in for the last decade and a half.

His ex-wife had taken half of his things in the divorce that had left him a clingy depressed man who formed extreme emotional attachment at the drop of a pin. Boomhouer was the complete opposite of Bill after high school Boomhouer had decided to attend college and got his degree in criminology he got a job on the Texas state troopers as a homicide detective this left him working large stints of time working undercover and air issuing stuff that he could never tell his friends despite us multable attempts to brig it up sadly they only seemed interested in the workings of hanks life.

This combined with the crippling depression he had from the Grissom fatigue of constantly being exposed to the gruesome scenes he saw on a daily bases. He had recently taken up using crystal meth as a way to dull the pain.

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They three men stood in the ally together as Hank spoke " Dale called he's going to be a little late he had to clear out the dead puppies from the mega-lo kennels " the other two men just said yeap, and mmmhhhmmm respectively.

The three of them stood their drinking Alamo and watching the beauty of suburbia. Back in the Hill household bobby was concerned about his fathers request to go outside. " mom dad wants me to practice growing the football what should I do " " we'll honey why don't you go hide out in mine and your fathers bed room and work on your prop comedy for a little while " " that's a great idea mom thanks " bobby said as he ram towards their room seeing Hank, Boomhouer, and Bill standing in the drive way as Dale walked into his house.Bobby entered the bed room and began working over his ruten.

Over the years bobby had tried to work his comedy ruten from a clean perspective but in the last few months the other youths in his class had grown bored of his acts of green beans in the nose and whoppy cushions on chairs and seemed more interested in what was inside each others pants.

Bobby had stayed up late the last few weeks watched fox and HBO to gain inspiration.


He had worked out several new routines he planed on displaying at the up and coming school talent show. But before that he needed a closing act Bobby laid on his parents bed thinking about Spider-Man and how he could be part of his new act.

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Bobby the noticed something sticking out from underneath his parents bed he reached down and pulled a pair of red cotton panties out. " ah a superhero mask" Bobby exclaimed as he quit threw the garment onto his face and head placing it so that his eyes were facing out of the leg holes and the crotch was right on his nose and mouth.

Bobby noticed a slight smell from them but it seemed distant like it had been dissipating for several weeks. Bobby quickly wrote down a seemingly hilarious joke. At that moment Hank opened the door and saw his son standing on his bed wearing his mothers panties on his face " gwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh " hank screamed as he passed out. Bobby ran to his father and screamed for his mother as Peggy came into the room she stopped and just stared at Bobby and knew that as soon as his father awakened their would be nothing she could do to help Bobby his fate was sealed.