Big Ass bhabhi fucking with boyfriend when husband at work

Big Ass bhabhi fucking with boyfriend when husband at work
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"Oh, my god! I can't believe I'm finally getting to see you in the flesh!" "I'm not really "in the flesh"" "Oh, I know but still. it sure beats seeing photos anyway. At least now you're actually moving and talking." It was our first ever Skype call and it honestly felt great to finally see Marcus (even though we've had our fair share of endless conversations over the phone). He looked good. really good. "Better than what I've seen in photos and ever expected" good.

He'd cut his hair short and although I didn't have many high hopes about it, he looked great which, coming from me, is shocking enough being as long hair is where all the fun is. We were all smiles and laughs within a matter of seconds and things just feel in so smoothly during the duration of the call. I hadn't known him for long but I felt comfortable with him. It was as though I'd known him for a long time, I felt at peace when I was talking to him, which is something that doesn't happen often to me.

But, eventually, my hormones got the best of me and I could barely control myself. Whether it be his humour, confidence or his cute boy-toy smile, I was starting to lose my inner battle; I just wanted to jump through the iPad screen and ride him like a fucking bull. He played all the right moves and he knew full well what he was doing to me. The more I tried to hold myself back, the harder he pushed and broke down my walls. I hated it. a lot, but it was a quirk that made him who he is and one that I'd actually come to enjoy and love.

"Ah, c'mon Liz, can't you just sneak out of the house for a little while? Just five minutes I promise." He asked.

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"I wish I could. Plus, you and I both know that five minutes won't even be close to enough." "I just want to see you so I could grab you and throw you up against a wall, slamming you with kisses while my hands travel up and down your body, squeezing you in all the right places." I took in a deep breath as my mind reeled with ideas and made him a promise; "Both of us have the day off tomorrow so I'll drop by your place around 12pm.

Sound good?" "Sound's great." He replied with a wink. ****** It was around 10am when I woke up and ran in for a quick shower.

Before jumping in, I decided to take a few photos and send to Marcus as a good morning present. His reply came almost instantly urging me to hurry up and leave the house. I wore my black skinnys and a purple top with black flats and, leaving my hair out and wet, locked up the house and made my way to his house.

Within a few minutes I was knocking away at his door but his reply came from the garage. I walked over to the garage door as it was opening up and saw him standing in nothing but shorts and an old oiled up rag over his right shoulder.

The sight was more than anything my body could handle and in the blink of an eye my knees wobbled mid- step and fell right in front of him. Way to go embarrassing yourself Liz, real nice. "Woah, woah, easy there. I haven't even started with you and already you're collapsing on me." I didn't even have to look at his face to know that he had that cheeky smile on his face.

"Oh, shush you." I said, looking up slightly embarrassed. "I just wasn't expecting to see you like. this," I said, motioning with my hands at his figure.

"Ah, I was just working a bit on my bike while I waited for you." He opened up his arms and we embraced in the tightest hug for a while before he held me up against the side wall.

I let out a quick breath before he slammed his lips against mine, parting them and letting his lips and tongue take control. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and wrapped my arm around his head while my other hand was pulling him closer to me from the waist.


My hand ran through his hair as I enjoyed the kiss more than having ice cream on a hot day. Although he was in jeans, his excitement was hard to miss which sent me on a high knowing that I was doing this to him.

I slipped my hands just under his jeans to undo the button and zipper.

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He slipped his hand under my top and threw it off, lowering himself enough to be able to bury his face between my breasts and softly bite them. He held me one more time and took me to his room where he threw me on the bed and got on top of me.

He lowered himself slowly, rubbing me with his boner before pulling back up and teasing me all over again. He wore that cocky smile on his face and in that instant I just wanted to lunge at him but the teasing was so good I almost didn't want him to stop at all.

I got up on my elbows and unlatched my bra then proceeded to undo my skinnys and toss them away, staying in my panties only. He just looked at me, dazed and lost in thought, and I knew what was going through his head and what he wanted in that instant.

I pushed him away from me so he was lying on the bed and got on top of him on all fours. I kissed him softly, barely brushing my breasts against his bare chest, and then started trailing kisses from his jaw down to the top of his jeans. Snail trails never were my thing but the excitement of seeing what it lead to made me shiver all over.

I pulled his jeans down slightly and started softly biting his boner through his boxers. I heard him let out a few tiny moans so I bit down on the top of his boxers and pulled them down with my teeth, exposing him. Prior to this, I had never seen him before and hearing about it being big is not even close to actually seeing how big it really is.

He had a more than a slight bend to the left but if anything it just sent me lost in a world of thoughts and pleasure. I had never experienced anything before apart from this moment with him and I instantly knew that this would be one experience that would shine brighter than any other.

Reason being: because of his curve. I guess he must have saw my reaction to it because he let out a little chuckle and said; "See I told you it was big. Still think you could handle it?" Without even replying, I took him in my hand and started rubbing him, paying close attention to his sensitive spots. I planted soft kisses along his shaft and a few nibbles. I knew he wanted me to wrap my lips around him and suck him like mad but teasing him was too much fun.

I started rubbing him harder and faster, feeling him throb more and more in my hand. His moans grew louder and I could feel that he was close to reaching his climax. Then I let go and sat next to him with a smile on my face. Cruel, I know. But it just felt so good! The look on his face was priceless until that smile crept back onto his lips. Something dark was brewing in his brain and I quickly regretted my actions.

"Ahhh, so that's how you wanna play? Ok then." He grabbed me by the shoulders and lay me down under him, mimicking my actions by running soft kisses down my chest and stomach till he reached my waist. Without pulling my panties down, he pushed my legs apart and started softly biting and rubbing me.

I knew this would be a short-lived pleasure but it felt so good. He bit down on the rim of my panties and slid them down and off my legs, throwing them away. I opened my legs up wider so he was between me. His hands parted my lips and began rubbing my clit with his thumb, fast. I was moaning like crazy, back arched and my nails digging into my stomach. I knew he would stop any second now but I was too high to even care. But he did stop just in the nick of time and at that moment I wanted to kill him.

I lay breathing heavily for a moment before I finally regained strength and got up to sit on him. I sat with my both legs hanging off to one side, just enough to feel him pressed up against me.

I kissed him softly on his lips as he wrapped his arms around me. I let myself get lost in the kiss as it deepened.

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His grip tightened around me as he moved me off him and lay me on his bed. He still had his jeans and boxers on so he stood up to take them off before lying on top of me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked "Mhmm." I replied, looking at him with pure lust and hunger in my eyes. "I love when you do that." Fun fact: both of us were still virgins. Though we've had our fair share of fun, we've never swiped our v cards (which might be shocking to hear coming from an eighteen and a twenty year old). But we've both agreed that we were comfortable with each other enough to share the experience which meant a lot to the both of us.

I opened my legs around him as he found his way into my wet and waiting hole. I dug my nails into his shoulders as he pushed himself deeper into me. I held my breath until his full size was in me. Being as he had a slight curve to the left, I assumed the pleasure I was feeling was not near the same as whether he was straight rather than curved.

He stayed motionless for half a second, allowing me to catch my breath, before he started slowly thrusting himself in and out of me. The pain was outdone by the pleasure and within minutes I was moaning and lost in a trance.

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I lowered my hands to the small of his back and dug my nails in, urging him to pick up his pace to loosen up my hole more. I heard his soft moans as he began quickening his pace and feeling my walls tightening around him. I felt myself coming close to my first orgasm and wrapped my legs around his waist, tightening my grip on him and pushing him deeper into me while moaning and screaming for him to go faster and harder.

I dug my nails deep into his upper back and scratched my way down as I arched my back and reached my first ever climax.

Although I had just orgasmed, he still hadn't and began really quickening his pace. I felt him throbbing deep inside of me as his boner reached its full size and began deeply penetrating my now very wet hole. I could hear ever slam and clap as he thrust into me. He came within a matter of minutes and emptied his juices in me. He lowered himself and gave me a soft peck on the lips before lying beside me to regain his breath.

I lay motionless with my eyes closed, still lost in a world I've never experienced before.

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I could feel a bit of his juices running down my thigh and I knew that I must've also bleed a lot but I was too exhausted to even care. "Th-that was. amazing Marcus." I said, almost breathlessly, adjusting myself so that my head was resting on his chest. "I love the way you say my name." I let out a small chuckle before drifting off into a well deserved sleep.

******* When I woke up I saw that he was still asleep and, from my quick glance out the window, most of the day had passed. I got off him and stretched, recollecting all that had happened. It turned me on just remembering it all so I decided to wake Marcus up with a little surprise.

I bent down on all fours on top of him and took his cock in my mouth. I went about it gently until I started feeling him getting harder in my mouth. He started slowly stirring as he came back to the land of the living and a smile crept across his face as he realised what I was doing.

"Ah babe, what a way to wake up." He said, as he tangled his hand in my hair.


I continued sucking him, feeling him getting harder and harder in my mouth, which just turned me on all the more. I massaged his sack with my hand and rubbed up and down his shaft as I started licking his head and leaving soft bites on and around his cock. He felt and tasted so good in my mouth; I could feel every pulse in his body and every throb from his shaft.

He started letting out moans and urging me to go deeper and faster. I did as told and pushed as much as I could of him down my throat while continuing to rub his sack. I quickened my pace as I felt him coming close to his climax. Within a matter of minutes he was frozen as he emptied his load down my throat. I made sure it all went down and licked his head before stretching myself out beside him.

"Good morning to you, too, gorgeous." "I've always wanted to do that. one of my many fantasies actually." "Hmmm, well I have a feeling that we'll be fulfilling a lot of your fantasies." He cradled my head in his palm, softly caressing me before he trailed his hand down from my neck to my breasts.

He squeezed them softly in his palm, caressing my nipples with his thumb and softly blowing on them making them elongate. He then continued trailing his hand over my belly towards my waist. My most sensitive and weak spots were my sides so the moment his hand rested on my waist I sucked in air and hoped he wouldn't notice my reaction.

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He turned and looked at me with his cheeky smile as he realised what effect that had on me. "So that's your sensitive spot aye?" I let out a heavy breath and nodded. He grabbed my waist hard, squeezing it with all his might as I held my breath in both pain and pleasure. When he let go I felt the blood rushing back to my sides.

"Ahh, you're an asshole." I exclaimed. He let out a small chuckle as he continued his way down towards my inner thighs. He parted my legs with his hands as his fingers started rubbing my clit. He leaned over me and started kissing me as his free hand held my side while the other continued rubbing me, increasing in pace and pressure. Yet again, I was lost in a world of pure pain and pleasure. As he started really picking up the pace, he pulled out of the kiss, bent down and sunk his teeth hard on my breast.

I held his head, pushing him to bite harder into my flesh. He let go and lowered himself even further till he was just inches away from my inner thighs. Lowering his head, he blew softly on my clit before bringing his lips to it and softly sucking away at my clit. The sensation I was feeling was more than anything I could ever imagine. He licked and sucked away with such skill I never knew he possessed, I started thinking whether he had ever done it before to another.

I tangled my hand through his hair and arched my back, pushing him deeper into me, loving the wet sensation I was feeling. "Faster Marcus, please," I breathed, as I felt myself coming close to my climax. He quickened his pace, nibbling me softly on my lips and clit. I felt myself explode in his mouth within a matter of seconds and his pace decreased as he licked away at my juices.

Then I felt pain shoot through my thigh as he sunk his teeth into my thigh. I screamed in pain till he let go and lifted myself up to examine my still fresh bite marks in his wall mirror.

"You fucking cunt!" I screamed, as I noticed a few spots of blood coming from both my breast and thigh. "What the fuck was that for?" I turned around and screamed at him. He didn't even reply, he just faced his back to me for me to examine my previous handiwork from when we had sex.

It looked like a tiger had just mauled him. There were scratch marks running up and down his back and some places had split open with blood spots dried up on them.

My nails had bruised the lower part of his back the most and a bite mark on his shoulder, which I don't even recall doing, started turning all the colours of the rainbow. "Yikes. I'm so sorry Marcus." "Don't worry about it, I like it." He said, as he came over to me and planted a hard kiss on my lips.