Bootylicious teenager rides on a hard dick cumshot facial

Bootylicious teenager rides on a hard dick cumshot facial
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A flock of birds took off from a nearby tree. It was September. An hour later the sun rose from its horizon giving out it first rays of summer light that day. Everything was still. Sounds of people rising from the nearby house were distinguished from the sound coming from nearby places.

It was the Burrow. House of one of the most ancient Pure-Blood families alive. The house was a crooked sight. The first 2 floors formed a perfect base, then there were crooked shabby additions which were obviously added my magic. Overall the house rose to six floors. There was a bang and the Third floor window banged open. ''Fred would you stopped doing that?'' yelled a woman's voice from the kitchen.

''Sorry Mum, could'nt help it!'' shouted back Fred grinning at his brother. ''I still can't believe we can use magic outside school now that we are of age''. ''Yeah and a whole lot of good it has done to us'' replied George eyes closed.

''Well you mean the time when we used to Body Bind Katie Bell and give her a double penetration?''. ''Oh Freddie'' moaned George ''Stop talking about that! Look what you have done! I already have a hard-on!''.

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''Well'' said Fred rising from his bed, ''we can do her tonight if you want to! I can visualise my face in her cleavage already!''. ''Oh maan'' replied George rubbing his cock, ''we better climax before we get down or else the whole house can see my 7 inch dick popping out of my pant.''. ''Yeah we better'' said Fred, hopping on the bed and taking out his cock. ''But we defenitely should do her tonight!''. ''I'll owl her, asking to come to our usual fucking place'', said George jumping off from the bed.

Molly Weasley was shutting away the chickens at the backyard of the house. Because it was warm enough, she decided to wear a T-Shirt without a bra and put on a pair of old jeans. The sun was coming up and it was getting pretty hot. Better finish it quickly, thought Mrs.Weasley. The children have got to board the train at 10.30. ''Honeey'' a voice which belonged to Mr. Weasley came out of the kitchen. ''I'm done! I'm off to work.

The Ministry cars will be here at 9 to drop the kids at King's Cross.'' There wasnt a reply from Mrs.Weasley. The sound of the ckickens clukking was loud enough to drown Mr.Weasley's. He got out of the front door and walked quickly to the backyard.

Having a briefcase at hand. He din't know what happened to him next. He called ''Honey'' but before he could finish, his mouth froze. There in front of him was his awesome wife bending down too shoo the chickens revealing her awesome cleavage.

The sunshine caught her hair and it was a burning red. Even though she was 41 years old she maintained her figure well. Well enough to make out her round ass in the jean. The next thing he knew, he was standing inside the barn with his cock glued to Mrs.Weasley's Jeans at the exact place where her awesome cunt would be. ''Arthur! protested Mrs.Weasley. going full red in the face. ''The kids, they are awake!''. ''Come on Molly! The only one's that are awake are probably Fred and George. Besides I would have a raging hard-on the rest of the day at the ministry if I din't do you know!'' he said taking off Mrs.Weasley's top in one swift fluid motion.

Her round breasts bounced as if they were waiting to be freed.

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''Arthur! We just made up last night! moaned Mrs. Weasley as he squeezed her breasts and started to lick her left tit. ''You know how hard you make me Mollywobbles. Thats probably the reason why we have 7 kids!'' That stopped Mrs.Weasleys protests and instead she started using her hands to rub Mr.Weasleys buttocks.

''Mmm'' moaned Mr.Weasley as he started rubbing his cock on her cunt. He then foccused his attention on the other tit which was dry and started playing with it using his tongue. ''Arthur!'' whispered Mrs.Weasley as she had her head thrown back giving more freedom to Mr.Weasley to suck her nipples, ''We need to finish this quickly or we'll be late.''.

''Just a sec Molly'' he said as he continued rubbing his cock against her cunt and squeezing her breasts so that they looked like two small footballs. ''I love the feeling of this'' so saying he buried his head in her breasts. He loved it. Her super soft breasts on his eyes, his nose, his mouth.

''Mmmmmm'' he groaned as he pulled out. ''Lets make this a quickie Arthur. The ministry cars will be here in a couple of hours and I have to start cooking'' said Mrs Weasley frantically. Mr.Weasley acted without a word.

He lifted her off her feet and laid her down on a nearby table. He quickly undid the button of her jean and took off the white panties which was already drenched with pre-cum. Next he half-removed his pants and took out his 5 inch cock which was glistening with cum. ''You ready for this Hunny'' he smiled. ''After all this years Arthur! Ofcourse I can!' replied Mrs.Weasley spreading her legs wide.

It revealed the numerous folds of her pink pussy waiting to be humped.

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''Well, here goes'' he said plunging in. Her Cunt caught his dick fully. It was perfect. He went inside and kept thrusting harder and harder. After a full minute he got so deep that his balls started hitting the face of her dick.

He kept at it full pace for another couple of minutes his own heavy breathing louder than Mrs.Weasleys moans of ultimte pleasure. Even though she was lying down she lifted her head high enough to see her husbands cock flowing in and out and in and out of her wet cunt.


This view pushed her to the limit. ''Aaaah Aaaaah AAAAAH' she screamed louder and louder. ''Arthur I'm going to CUM'' she screamed. But Mr.Weasley had already slowed down. He pulled his cock out looked and at it. It was fully red owing to the rush of the blood to his cock. He sighed. He looked at Mrs. Weasleys body on the table. Her legs were spread wide open and juices were flowing from her Vagina.

Her breasts were heaving up and down up and down in a rhythmitic motion giving the feeling of him wanting to bury his head in again. Her eyes were closed from the effot of not trying to orgasm. He snapped back. They had little time. ''Molly I want you on top of me'' he said ''Come on we have little time'' he reminded her.

She got up, her breasts still heaving from the effort. Mr Weasely lay down and closed his eyes as she began moving her hips back and forth. ''Faster'' he said looking at her in the eye. She closed her eyes from the pleasure of it and started rocking faster. Her arms were on his breasts. He looked again at her breasts. They were awesome, nice and white with medium sized nipples. He looked farther down and saw his cock engulfed in her pussy.

Not even an inch could be seen. The weight of her butt on his thigh gave him an awesome feeling.


Mrs.Weasley soon started to moan louder. ''Oh god Arthur! Aaaaah it feels mmm soo good! She threw her head back. He could'nt watch any longer. As she rocked harder and harder he got up while she was still humping and squeezed her breasts, bringing both the nipples together and started sucking on both of them at once. ''FFFFUUUUUCK'' screamed Mrs.Weasley as she couldnt take it anymore.

She pushed Mr.Weasley down and collapsed on him. Both the faces met, her breasts were squeezed on his chest. The stomachs were glued and both penis and cunt working furiously to deliver the final goods.

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Both the eyes met and an understanding passed through them. "Do it Arthur!'' she whispered ''harder than ever before. Please fuck me fuck me fuck me AAAArggghhhhhhhhhh!'' she screamed. He wrapped his arms around her back as it gave him more firmness to thrust. Thick cum flowed out of Mrs.Weasleys vagina as Mr.Weasleys cum shot into her pussy. Both the cum mixed and slopped onto the table.

''Aah shit aah aah that aah was the aah ahh the best Arthur!'' She said, panting, still lying on top of him. ''I know Molly. I havent cummed so hard in a long time.'' They both lay still for a couple of minutes enjoying the feelings of the happenings.

Then Mrs.Weasley started kissing him passionately. So passionately in a long time that she started getting aroused and sensed Mr.Weasley's dick getting harder in her cunt. He put his hands on her buttocks and started moving them again. ''Arthur. We got to stop. We can do it again tonight!'' said Mrs Weasley kissing him on the forehead. ''Your right Molly, I better get going!

I'm late!' he replied lifting her off his crotch and laying her down. He took out his wand and flicked it thrice. All the cum on the table, his panties and Mrs.

Weasleys cunt vanished. ''Well see you honey'' he waved looking one last time at her round breast before walking out of the barn. By the time Mrs.Weasley put on her clothes and got back out, he had vanished. She sighed. Well I'm not entirely satisfied myself she thought. But there's more tonight. The twins quickly put their head back in as Mr.Weasley reappeared from the barn. They had watched the entire scene rubbing their cocks from their window.

'Merlins beard! Did you watch how mum rode dad's dick?'' asked George. ''Holy crap that is better than what Katie Bell could do in a hundred years of experience!'' replied Fred, gripping his cock so tight. ''Fuck! To think that I had sucked from those beautiful hard nipples once! ''Are you thinking what I'm thinking Fred?'' asked George. ''What mum does'nt know wont hurt her.'' said Fred ''You read my mind''. Mrs.Weasley came out of the barn. ''Lucky Moody showed us those Unforgivables.'' said George whiping out his wand.

''Imperio'' he said pointing his wand at Mrs.Weasley back. She looked confused for a second and then walked briskly into the house and climbed the stairs. ''What do you think?'' he asked Fred as they both got out of all the clothes and waited nude to get every inch of their body on their mothers. ''Smashing'' he replied as he stroked his dick. The door opened and closed. Mrs.Weasley was standing before them just like she was in the morning.

Shirt without bra. Jeans and a white panties. The twins looked at each other. Both nude holding their cocks. '' Undress yourself mum'' Fred ordered ''And lie on the bed with your legs apart. Mrs Weasley obeyed immediatly. Spreading her legs showing her awesome pink soft pussy. "Lets do it Fred'' said George moving towards the bed. Mrs.Weasley did nothing but moan and ride Fred's dick. As George sucked her nipples. In a while she had double penetration.

Fred was going in her ass and George fucking her dripping cunt. They finished in an hour and they lay on top of each other. Fred was lying below Mrs.Weasly biting her exposed neck with his dick still in her ass.

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Mrs. Weasley had George's 7 inch in her pussy as he was kissing her passionately. The day was the best fuck of Mr,Weasley and Mrs.Weasley and the twins. Since she couldnt prepare breakfast in time, the other kids agrred to eat from the lunch trolly. The only thing was, Mr.Weasley was shocked at how her Cunt had stretched so much and he couldnt really pleasure her much after.

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So when the twins knew she wanted it. They did her fully. Without her knowing of course.