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Fat babysitter experience pussy anal casting
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Authors Note- this is a huge fantasy of mine so hopefully you like it. So without farther wait. Fellow Gothics, Punks, and Rejects. Crazy Ass Life Ch.1 I love the peacefulness of a cemetery. Especially at night, I was reading all the names on the headstones as me and my friends walked.

Jimmy Scribbner, Zach Stepnezki, Allen Lucarrio. "Earth to Cody, you want this or what?" Ally asked me. "huh.oh.ya." I said taking the pipe. I took a drag of my cigg then took a hit from the pipe. I tapped the pipe out and handed it back to her "you guys want to go to my place?" mike asked. "sure" Amy said. As the three of them started to walk. "you coming?" Ally asked. "Na I'm just gonna stay here" I said sitting down on a headstone. "ok" she said. Running off to catch up to the others.

I sat there taking drags of my cigg thinking. I looked down into a puddle looking at my reflection. Pale white skin, light green eyes, messy black hair, i was wearing a three days grace t-shirt and black jean shorts. I heard a scream, I looked up.

I saw a girl running through the graveyard. I stood up and notice there was a balled guy in a leather jacket running after her.

I started to run towards them. Then I saw her trip and fall so I started to run faster. The guy came up to her. "You stupid bitch, you fucken stabbed me. Your gonna pay for that" I saw him kick her in the stomach. She looked up at him with a bloody face and spit blood toward him and her head collapsed to the ground. I finally reached them. I tackled the guy at full speed. I punched him in the face over and over and over again.

Then I stood up. He started to get up spitting out blood. "who the hell are you" he said slowly. "I'm your worst nightmare." I said kicking him in the gut before he could get back up. "your gonna pay for that you son of a bitch" he said starting to get back up. He was on his hands and knees so I took the opportunity and kick him in the face. He was knock out. I stepped over his body to the girl. She was wearing a tight black tang top and blue skinny jeans.

She had streaks of blue in her black hair and a nose ring in the right nostril. She had snake bites and small hoops going all the way up her ears. I turned her over and lifted her head, she opened her eyes. "you ok?" I asked her, worried. "ya, I think so" she said with pain in her voice as I helped her up. "Let's go to my place so you can get cleaned up.

Its only two blocks away." "ok" she said. We reached my house and walked in. "the bathroom is down the hall you can take a shower if you want" thanks for all the help" she said giving me a kiss.She broke the kiss and walked down the hall.

I watch her ass jiggle as she walked. I went to the living room and my brother was in there. I sat on the couch and said what's up. "who's that?" my older brother Joey asked. My brother is pretty much the same as me, he's more stronger then me though but has the same black hair and usually wears all black like I do.

We don't really look the same though just the same style. "you won't believe me but I was hanging out in the cemetery when I saw some guy chasing her. So I went to check it out. Then she trips and he starts to kick her in the stomach, so I tackle him, punch him in the face a couple of times, kick him a couple of times and here we are." "Damn dude that's crazy" he said. she comes walking into the living room and sits down next to me. "hey guys" she says with a smile.

She had a few cuts on her face from the lowlife. "hey so what's your name?" I asked her. "my names Kayla" she said.

"who was that guy?" I asked. "that was my ex Jason. I broke up with him. So he hit me and I stabbed him with a fork and bolted out the door of his house and through the grave yard. You better watch out though, him and his friends will find you!" my brother laughed. "let them find us" my brother isn't a pussy and nether am I. He doesn't look for trouble but he sure knows how to end it.

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"Kayla you don't have to worry about us. But I do recommend you stay here for the night. I have one more question." I said.

"what's the question?" "what school do you and that guy go to?" I asked.

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"we go to south high." she answered. "that's good cause we go to south high, so we can protect you."I told her. Joey went to bed. "thanks again for all your help" she said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "as long as I'm around no one will ever hurt you again" she had her head down tears running down her cheeks. I pulled her head up and planted a kiss on her lips.

Things started to get hot and heavy. We made it to my room without breaking the kiss.

I pulled off her shirt and I swear her breast had to be DDs. I ripped Her bra off and started sucking and biting her nipples. "ohh" she moaned. I flicked my tong up and down her left nipple while I rubbed her right breast occasionally twisting her nipple. "oh ya" she moaned putting her hand on the back of my head pushing it harder against her breast. I pulled my head away from her breast.

I kissed down her body until I reached her jeans. I unbuttons her jeans and pulled them down.


Then i took my shorts and boxers off. She was wearing a black lacy thong, I laid her on the bed, climbing over her I kissed her passionately.


I moved her thong to the side and positioned my cock at her entranced and slowly pushed in my 7in cock. "Ohhh.baby" she moaned loudly. I started pumping in and of her. I increased my speed and started jackhammering her pusy. "Ohhhhh God.OHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOD. IM CUUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!" she screamed. "ME TOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I yelled string after string of my cum shot into her.

When we came down from our climaxes we laid down on the bed cuddled up together. I kissed her on the forehead and we past out. My alarm clock woke us up at 6:30, school starts at 8:00 so we had some time to relax. I ran kayla over to her house so she can grab some clothes and so she can tell her mom that she is gonna stay at her friends a couple days.

We all took showers and sat in the living room. Joey packed up a bowl and handed it to Kayla. "so how many guys will Jason come after us with?" Joey asked sparking up a cigg, I sparked one up to. She took a hit from the pipe. "most likely. About three or four." she answered his question. "oh that's nothing" he said taking a drag of his cigg. "well this is going to be a interesting day" I said laughing.

We got up and we walked out the door. We got into joeys car. Me and Kayla sat in the back. We picked up Mike, then Ally, then Amy. Mike and Ally sat in the back with me and Kayla. I explained the situation to them and they just couldn't believe it.

"are you ok" Ally asked putting her hand on her shoulder. "ya I'm fine, thanks to Cody." she said looking at me. We reached the school and people looked at us as we walked.

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"it's like they never seen goths." I said. God I hate people I thought to myself. I looked at Kayla who was holding my hand.

She was wearing a black green day t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Damn she looked sexy. I was wearing a plain black shirt and black jeans. I met up with my friend Johnny and told him whats about to go down.

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"can I count on you man" "ya man you know I like a good fight." He said laughing. So Ally, Kayla and Amy went to class and me, Joey, Mike and Johnny waited in the halls for Jason and his friend to walk by.

Me and Joey were leaning up against one wall and Johnny and Mike were up against the other. Sure enough he comes walking up, with three of his fiends.

These guys were big guys, I think they were school football players. Jasons face was black and blue from me kicking him in the face. "hello girls" I said. "who the hell are you.

Wait your the guy from the cemetery" Jason said all pissed off. "that's what I want to talk to you about, your going to leave Kayla alone or else" I said.

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"or else what" he said laughing. "you really want to find out!!" I flip open my knife stepping away from the wall towards them. They backed away a little bit. I put away my knife. He took a swing and hit me square in the jaw and I fell to the floor.

Then everybody started fighting. My brother hit one guy in the gut and kneed him in the head. I got back up. "payback time bitch" Jason said. "bring it on pussy" I said. He took another swing I ducked and hit him in the side then the stomach.

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I gave him a uppercut. He stumbled back but didn't go down. Then I felt someone hit me in the face from the side. I collapse, I saw feet kicking and stomping on me. I started to black out. The last thing I heard was multiple voices scream my name. Then I was out.

I woke up in the hospital, and saw my friends and brother. Both my parents are dead. They were hit by a drunk driver on there way home from dinner about a year and a half ago. The house was left to us so we just stayed living there. "are you ok" Kayla asked. "a little sore but I'll be fine" I said sitting up. "I'm so sorry for getting you guys into this." she said. "cmon it isn't your fault he's such a scumbag" I said giving her a hug. "So what's the plan for retaliation" mike asked.

I looked at my bro. "want to have a flash from the past?" I asked smiling. "what you have in mind" giving a smile back. "remember when mom cheated on dad?" I asked. "oh I see where your going with this." he said. "so guys we take them out when they least expect it. Kayla where do they hang out?" "they usually hang out at roosevelt park. They will stay there till around eleven." she said. "Ok we'll use the miniature brewer bats and take them out from behind, but remember we don't kill them." "ok" they said in unison.

"this is going to be fun"