Mall Santa Stuffs Her Stocking

Mall Santa Stuffs Her Stocking
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As soon as the plane landed, Jake turned his phone on and checked his messages. A week later, and still nothing from Katie, "shit, I really fucked up." he thought to himself, before scrolling through his remaining messages. Coach Hendricks had messaged him, he was pitching tomorrow.

He was eager to show the scouts that his last game wasn't a fluke. The family deboarded the plane, grabbed their luggage and headed home. Just as he got into his room, his phone chimed, it was Ms Dyers, "7pm sunday, 48 Harrison Lane" it read.

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Jake grinned, eager for another chance to get with her after she used him on his birthday a week ago. He got his gear ready for the next morning's game, and went to bed. He awoke the next morning, and got dressed for the game.

Once he got to the ballpark, he went through his pre-game routine and felt great in his bullpen session.

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He was lights out all morning, he allowed only 1 hit, striking out 12 in his first 5 innings of work, his offense hot, giving him a sizeable 5-0 lead. Until he noticed her, She was standing along the left field fence, barely tall enough to see over it, her arms folded along the top of the chain link fence, chin resting on her hands, blonde hair flowing in the light breeze, Katie had come. Things changed, he couldn't locate his pitches, none of his breaking balls had any movement.

He got shelled that inning, walking five batters, and allowing two home runs. 7 earned runs in an inning, he was pulled.

He sulked on the bench trying to piece together what happened, he noticed the scouts had all left shortly thereafter, his baseball career was doomed. His team was able to climb back from the deficit, and won 8-7 in a walk off hit in the final at bat by his best friend Chris, he congratulated his friend as he walked to his car, still upset from his performance. Katie was waiting for him, leaning against his jeep. He smiled weakly, as he approached her.

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"I'm sorry" he opened with, " "No, I'm sorry, it just caught me off guard and I over reacted." Katie interjected.

Jake smiled, took her hand and kissed her on the forehead. "Hey, so my parents are out of town this weekend, I was wondering if you wanted to you know&hellip." she winked, "spend the night? I'll make it up to you for being such a bitch the last week." Jake didn't hesitate, "I'll shower, and then head over" she kissed him on the cheek, before walking to her car.

Jake caught up with Chris in the parking lot, explained the situation, and asked if he could cover for him.


"Not a problem bro, I got you." Chris said. Jake went home, showered, change into sweatpants foregoing and underwear, recalling Katie's comment a week ago, a loose fitting tank top. He packed a bag of clothes for tomorrow and headed downstairs, he told his parents that he was spending the night at Chris' house. On the drive to his girlfriend's, he got a text, "front door is unlocked, let yourself in" it read.

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He pulled up and walked in the front door. He was greeted with a hand written note "lock the door and go upstairs" he followed the simple instructions. He got to the top of the stairs "my room" the next sign said.

Her door was closed, he opened it, surprised at what he found. Katie was on the bed, bent over at the knees, wearing black thigh high stockings and a garter belt.

She had managed to handcuff her wrists together, her forearms arms wrapped around her thighs, hands resting between her calves. Just above the end of the stockings, and below her butt, she wrote "punish me" in red lipstick. His sweatpants tented at this sexy sight. He looked around the room she had set up full length mirrors at either side of her bed, allowing for Jake to get better angles of the action.

He looked up, she had affixed cameras, on top of each of the mirrors and her head board. "She was recording this, that dirty minx" Jake thought to himself before continuing to gaze up and down her body.

He hadn't noticed from the angle when he walked in, but she was blindfolded and lightly gagged, her head facing the right side of her bed "cum here ->" written on her cheek pointing to the edge of her mouth. He moved next to her body, eying her up and down.

He pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and pulled down his sweat pants, his 7" cock sprang free, hitting her back.

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She reacted to his flesh hitting hers, eliciting a soft whimper through her gag. Jake reached down, grabbing one of her breasts with his right hand, squeezing it roughly "she wants to be punished, So that's what she'll get" he thought to himself.

He pinched her nipples as he reached his hand down, skimming it over her ass. He inserted a finger into her dripping wet pussy, she wasn't as tight as he hoped she would be. He coated his fingers with her juices. Katie let out a disappointed moan as he withdrew his fingers. He removed his hand from her breast, and used it to slide the gag out of her mouth, he immediately replaced his soaked fingers, "suck them clean" he demanded, Katie eagerly sucked them clean, pleasantly surprised at her taste.

Once jake was satisfied, he withdrew his fingers, replacing the gag. Jake moved around to the end of the bed, and resumed rubbing her pussy, slickening his finger before using her juices to stroke his cock. When he finished gazing over her vulnerable body, he kneeled on the bed placing his left hand on her hip, his right at the base of his cock, aligning his head into her glistening pussy.


He inserted slowly, her body instinctively shifting forward, Katie had never had a cock as large as his before. She slid back, slowly adjusted to his girth, Jake remained still, allowing his girlfriend to do the work, her wet pussy slowly gliding across his cock. She stopped when their waists met. Jake was slightly disappointed, he had hoped that with someone of Katie's stature, she would be much tighter, she felt good, but was much looser than any other girl that Jake had been with.

Jake, now wanting to take control of the situation, placed both hands on her hips thrust his hips forward trying to get as deep as he could inside her. He withdrew slowly, until only the head of his cock remained inside her. He drove home, slamming his rod into her as quickly as he could.

She whimpered in delight through her gag. He continued this effort, her whimpering increased. He slowed down slightly, spreading her buttcheeks, he aimed and spit just above her asshole. He used his left thumb, and rubbed the saliva around her rosebud. Once he was satisfied, he slowly inserted his thumb into her much tighter anus. Katie flinched at first, but once she adjusted, she began to enjoy the feeling of his finger insider her ass.

She started pushing back on him, trying to get both his cock and his thumb deeper inside her. He kept his thumb parked in her ass, reaching around with his right hand, and grasped her dangling breast. He picked up intensity of his thrusts, within minutes he could feel his balls starting to boil, he pulled out, spanked her ass with his left hand, and walked around to the right side of the bed.

He removed her gag, immediately replacing it with his cock, she readily sucked his member, savoring her juices coated on his cock. Jake placed his left hand on her face, pinning it to the bed, his thumb, which a minute ago was in her asshole, was now inches away from her nostril.

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Katie was secretly disgusted with herself that she not only enjoyed the taste of her juices on her boyfriends cock, but was also turned on smelling the remaining scent of her rectum still on Jakes fingers. She sucked with more eagerness and within a few minutes Jake grunted, "Oh fuck, I'm gunna cum Kate." Katie relaxed her pace, focusing on his sensitive head, her tongue running back and forth underneath his cock head.

Jake flooded her mouth with his ejaculate, which due to his ball draining experience 48 hours before, was not overly powerful. Katie, who was mentally prepared for his emission, swallowed all of his seed. She continued to suck him dry, savoring the taste of their mixed juices. Jake removed his cock, now overly sensitive from the attention it just got. He sat at the edge of the bed untying his girlfriend.

She rolled over on her back, giving him the space lay down next to her. Katie laid her head on his chest, "that was good" she managed to say, slightly panting. "I can't believe I waited so long to let that happen." They snuggled together, catching their breath. A few minutes later, Jake excused himself and went to the bathroom to relieved his bladder. Just as he finished, Katie walked through the door, fully undressed, and jumped in the shower.

Katie turned the hot water on, sitting under the downpour as Jake stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. With the height difference, his flaccid cock rested against her lower back. He reached over and grabbed the soap. He lathered his hands, pulled Katie away from the water and cleaned his girlfriend, he paid special attention to her breasts, then moved his way down, scrubbing the lipstick off her thighs as she cleaned off her face.

They switched, Katie helped clean Jake, lathering and ensuring every nook and cranny his cock and balls were nice and clean. They rinsed, dried off, and got ready for bed. Jake threw his sweatpants back on, while Katie wore a pair of yoga pants and a loose tank top, her breasts hanging free underneath. They went back to Katie's room, turned on the TV to watch a movie and laid down.


Katie snuggled close to Jake. As the movie started, Katie mentioned sheepishly "I was surprised at first, but i really liked it when you fingered my ass." Jake, not knowing what to say kissed her on the forehead and said "I aim to please" about halfway through the movie, Katie fell asleep.

Jake turned the TV off and closed his eyes for the night. Jake stirred in the morning to a sensation on his penis. Still groggy, and not wanting to open his eyes, he reached down to feel Katie's head bobbing up and down his cock, he reached the other hand down and cradled each side of her head, helping guide her pace as she sucked his member, slowly waking him up.

When he was fully awake, he pulled her head up to his, kissing her on the lips, before flipping her on her back. Knowing what was about to happen, Katie lifted her shirt, and threw it into the corner of her room.

Jake grabbed at the crotch of her yoga pants, and ripped them open. Tearing along the inside seam, her bald pussy exposed. She started to protest the destruction of her pajamas, but Jake put a hand on her mouth, silencing her as he impaled himself inside her. She let a moan through his hand, her pants now forgotten. As Jake continued to forcefully impale himself upon her, Katie wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him deeper into her depths.

This continued for several minutes until Jake wanted a change of position. He pulled her legs and threw them over his shoulder. With a deeper angle of penetration, Katie squealed with delight. Her arms went down, grabbing onto jakes hips, pulling him as deep as he could go. His thrusts got shorter and quicker, he felt a familiar sensation deep in his loins, he lowered Katie's legs, gave a few more thrusts, before he withdrew his cock, jerking it directly over her now empty vagina.

As he removed his member, Katie's hand swiftly replaced it, rubbing her clit as Jake ferociously masturbated inches away from her dripping loins. Kate announced that she was cumming, which sent Jake over the edge. He ejaculated, the first spurt hit her in the chin, the second and third on her breasts, the fourth on her stomach, and fifth and sixth drooled out, landing on the yoga pant fabric, seeping in to the destroyed pants.

His cock spent, he thrust it back inside Katie's pussy, and she gripped his cock with her vaginal muscles in appreciation. Jake leaned down and kissed his girlfriend, as they caught their breath. His cock now soft, he rolled over and laid on his back, Katie assessed her situation, pulling off her torn yoga pants, and used them to sponge off his semen that coated his body.

"You dick!" she jokingly said "these were comfy pants, you're buying me a new pair!" "Well it Sounds like I'm taking you shopping," Jake replied. They rolled out of bed and got showered and got dressed, Katie made them breakfast before Jake drove them to the mall. To make it up to his girlfriend, he got her two new pairs of pants, before she dragged him around the mall. She stopped at Victoria's Secret, had him wait outside while she bought some new lingerie for him.

Jake played on his phone while he was waiting. "7pm sharp!" His phone chimed. "I'll be there" he replied to Ms Dyers. He saw his sister walk up a few minutes afterwards, "Give me your money," Alexis demanded. "What? why?" He responded. "Remember that thing you owe me?

Consider this a partial payment." Jake handed his twin the contents of his wallet, and continued playing on his phone. After what seemed like an eternity, Katie emerged from the store carrying three Bags full of merchandise. Jake tried to peek in the bag, but Katie playfully slapped him away. "You'll see these when i want you to see them" she teased. Done shopping, the couple returned to his car, and Jake dropped Katie back to her place.

She gave him a goodbye kiss in the car before walking back into her house. Her hips swaying as she walked, Jake's eyes never left her ass as she walked back into her house.