Bootylicious black bimbo gets a hard white cock

Bootylicious black bimbo gets a hard white cock
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For a few years now, I have wanted to have sex with my best friend Connor's mom, Anne. Anne had a way about her that I just couldn't resist. She wasn't the typical MILF, like the ones you see in porn or anything, but she had a much naughtier vibe about her than most women of her age, definitely more than my mom.

Anne was 52, had brownish hair, decent sized tits, and a nice round ass. Anne's son Connor and I had been friends since we were in preschool together. We had been apart for elementary and middle school, but now went to the same high school together and remained to be close friends. One Monday afternoon at the end of April, I had just gotten home from school when the phone rang.

It was Anne, and she wanted to know if my mom had a yoga mat. I told her that I didn't know, and that she should call my mom. My mom apparently told her that she did have one. Mom then called me and told me she wouldn't be coming home until 9:00 due to a last minute work dinner, and that I should make dinner for myself.

Moments later, Anne arrived at my door and I let her in to pick up the mat. That was when I realized that she was wearing a tight tank top that showed off her wonderful tits, and tight black yoga pants which complimented her ass beautifully.

I could vaguely see the outline of a g-string thong running up her crack underneath those tight pants. Then I did something that I will never forget. I have no idea what suddenly gave me the balls to do it, but as Anne reached for the mat, I put both of my hands on her ass, and then ran my hand down over her pussy through the pants.


Anne gasped, stood up straight, and backed away. "Jamie, what on earth do you think you are doing?", she asked. I decided I was already going to be in some deep shit, so I might as well tell her what I wanted to tell her. I proceeded to explain how I had been extremely attracted to her since I started going through puberty, and how much I wanted to have sex with her.

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I figured she would be creeped out, never let me see Connor again, and tell my mom how creepy her son was.

Instead, a look of excitement and naughtiness entered her eyes. "If you can keep a complete secret, Jamie, we might be able to help each other out here", she said. She then told me that she had always been attracted to me in my teenage years as one of Connor's friends, and that she and Craig's sex life was basically non-existent. I have figured that much, as their marriage seemed pretty dead. It seemed they were just holding on for the kids' sake. All of a sudden, she took my hand, closed and locked the front door, and led me down the hallway into our bathroom.

She told me to undress, get in the shower, but leave the shower door open and she would be in soon. She left the room and closed the door, and I undressed faster than I ever had, excitement unknown to my mind or body exploding from within me.

As soon as I was naked, my cock was as hard as a rock, and I quickly turned on the shower spray and got in.


I anxiously awaited her return. Then, about three minutes later, I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door. The doorknob turned and I looked down to see a bare foot step over the threshold. Anne entered the bathroom wearing nothing but the lacy, black thong which ran swiftly and beautifully up her crack.

Her breasts sparkled, perfectly formed, not a blemish visible after 52 years of life.


Her nipples pointed straight out. She took a long look at my gaping face staring at her from the shower, and then kneeled down and gracefully pulled the thong off her hips, down her legs, and to the floor.

I looked to see a vertical runway of dark brown pussy hair, in just the formation I had always imagined. She smiled and entered the shower. It began to hit me that I was standing naked in my own shower with the mom of my best friend since I was two years old. I could hardly hold back my exhilaration, and had an even more difficult time once Anne guided one of my hands to her boobs, one to her wet pussy, wrapped one of her hands around my cock, and kissed me deeply.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth, and it dueled with mine for what felt like forever. Then, she knelt down and took my rock hard penis into her warm mouth. She sucked up and down on my dick like it was a popsicle stick and tongued my hairy ball sack like an animal.

She was incredible at giving a blowjob and deep throated my penis for several minutes.

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I then went down on her, licking her beautiful vagina like a maniac and teasing her clit with my tongue. She screamed in ecstasy, and told me that I was doing a great job, but she wanted me inside her now. I wasn't complaining, as Anne grabbed my hard six-inch penis, and rubbed it back and forth against her slippery, warm pussy lips.

Then, suddenly, my penis pushed through something sticky, and entered an extremely tight, wet, and warm canal.

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I kept pushing until I was balls deep in Anne. I felt like I had left this planet. Nothing could feel this incredible, I thought. It couldn't be real. But it was. With Anne's beautiful vagina firmly wrapped around my hard penis, I began pushing in and out of her tight tube.

Several times I thought I was going to cum, but was able to refrain. Anne was moaning loudly throughout, and finally yelled that she was going to cum after almost 20 minutes.

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I too, felt like I was losing it, and pushed as far into Anne as my penis would go, feeling myself bump against her cervix. I felt Anne's walls tighten and contract around me. She came hard onto my dick, her fluids rapidly flowing over me, just as I began spurting jet after jet of cum deep into her warm vagina. After we had both finished cumming, she thanked me.

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We both, however, knew that we weren't even close to done. We both still had a ton left in us, so we got out of the shower and dried off together, still locked together, with my penis still deep in her vagina. We walked like that to my room, and settled down on my bed. Here, we began again. Anne rode my cock like a true cowgirl, and we also did doggie style, spread eagle, and spooning.

We tried anal for a while, which was extremely exciting. We wrapped up our love making fest with a second shower to rinse off, where I fucked Anne in the vagina and ass one last time, before cumming all over her gorgeous face and tits.

We got out of the shower, thanked each other again, and both promised never to say anything about it to anyone. Now Anne comes over twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays before my mom gets home and we fuck each other's brains out. She has brought different lingerie, bondage, etc. She has introduced me to my adult sex life, and I have provided her a young stallion for her to mount, suck, and fuck because she needs a nice juicy cock in her life.