Legal age teenager chick gets screwed

Legal age teenager chick gets screwed
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It was an early summer evening, and Jack called, asking me to come over, as he had Joe with him. I knew what that meant, Jack's lovely young oriental wife Doris would be under Joe's magical spell and ready for use.

I had not expected it all to happen so soon, it was only this morning I had suggested to Jack that perhaps Doris could be hypnotised by Joe in a different way, not to do as she was told, but to resist doing what she was told. I was at the door in minutes, welcomed into their presence, Jack, Joe, and the delectable Doris, and told we were going for a walk. Doris had on a summery yellow dress just above the knee, with buttons all the way down the front, and in fairly high heels.

The dress was tight waisted, which showed off her curvy little bum very nicely, and it also fitted quite tightly across her pert little high set tits. Her pretty face framed by her mop of black hair looked strangely blank as she was introduced to me, but this was normal as she would not remember afterwards who was with her.

I had no idea where we were going to walk to, I just went along with whatever plan Jack and Joe had in mind. Near where we live there is a riverside path and this is where we were heading. Jack knew where he was going, he led us off the path and we threaded our way through more and more trees until we came to another track.

As we turned a corner, we saw a large van parked on the track. Two men got out and waited, grinning broadly as they looked at the small figure of Doris in her yellow dress approaching. "Hi Bob, Steve," Jack said as we got closer.

Steve opened the rear doors of the van, and Joe stepped in first. He held his hand out for Doris, who hesitated, looking slightly alarmed. "Get in," Jack said, and gave her a push. Doris turned as if to protest but Joe had her wrist and Jack lifted her tiny body and hoisted her into the van. We all followed. A bench seat ran alongside each side of the van, more than enough space for all six of us.

Bob and Jack sat with Doris between them, Steve and Joe and I sat opposite. Doris was not looking happy. "Where are we going," she asked nervously. "We've arrived," Jack replied with a grin. "These two gentlemen are friends of mine, Bob, and Steve. Gentlemen, this delicious young girl is Doris." Both of them were unashamedly staring at Doris, looking her up and down from her head to toe.

"She looks good," Bob began. "I like dark haired girls." "I think I want to go back," Doris said, "Can we go back now please." Jack gave a laugh. "We only just got here, Doris.

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And Bob and Steve want to get to know you better. I told them all about you." "What do you mean!" Doris looked at him anxiously. "I think we should go now." "Not yet," Jack replied. "I told them you were a horny little slut that liked a good time." Doris looked shocked. "What! I am nothing of the sort! I don't know what you mean! I'm leaving!" She tried to get up but Jack gripped her arm and kept her seated.

She was breathing hard. Her dress had ridden up a little, more thigh was showing, and Steve couldn't take his eyes off her legs. Doris used her free hand to try to shake Jack off, only to find Bob taking hold of her arm. The two men had her held where she was between them, both arms in their grip. Steve leaned forward and put both hands on Doris's knees. She tried to cross her legs but Steve stopped her. "You got lovely legs, Doris," he croaked.

"Why don't you. show us a bit more of them." Doris wriggled but her arms were held tight and Steve was gripping her knees. He slid one hand slowly along her thigh, pushing her dress higher.

Suddenly he used both hands to shove the dress up to the top of her thighs. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. "Look at that! The bitch is wearing stockings!" Doris's struggles increased and she cried out "Leave me alone!" By way of an answer, Bob and Jack twisted her arms behind her back and she was bent forward, hardly able to move. The sight of her slender legs in nylons with suspender straps visible was too much for Steve. One by one he began to undo the buttons down the front of her dress.

Doris was helpless. Her distraught face didn't stop Steve.


Grunting heavily, he reached the last button. Bob put his arm across Doris's throat and pulled her upright on the seat just as Steve swept aside the loosened dress and sat back, grinning, staring at Doris's slender body now exposed to view in her underwear.

Her small pert tits were held in an unnecessary lacy black bra, a tiny thing which still managed to push them up and closer together, offering a little cleavage.

Her stockings were attached to the straps of a suspender belt matching her bra, a narrow lacy band round her hips. Her pussy was barely concealed under tiny black lacy knickers forming a vee shape tapering to pencil thin side straps.

Doris is small, but her slim body is curvy in the right places. With her knees clamped together, her arms pinned behind her back, trembling, she looked helpless and vulnerable and very sexy. In his crude way, Steve muttered, "Fuck me, this is going to be good!" Doris stared back at him.

"What do you mean," she said. "You, darling," Steve answered. "You looked fuckable with your clothes on, and you're even more fuckable with your clothes off." He patted her thigh and ran his hand up and down, beyond the stocking top, slipping his fingers under the suspender strap.

"Didn't you know, slut, you're only here cos you've got a nice tight little cunt for us to fuck." With a look of panic, Doris started struggling again, kicking her legs, writhing, trying to free herself from the hands gripping her arms.

Of course it was useless. Joe caught one of her ankles, Steve the other, and between them they held Doris with her legs parted, half sitting, half lying, on the edge of the seat. Jack murmured "I've got both her arms." And now Bob had both hands free. Grinning broadly, he squeezed Doris's tits for a moment, saying, "Let's have a look at these little tits." He wrenched the bra downwards. Both of her tits sprang free, two little mounds capped by nipples that already looked a little stiffer than normal.

Bob ran his hands over them. "You want first go, Steve, I'll get the bitch warmed up for you." Doris looked appalled. "No, don't, don't," she stammered. Bob pinched both nipples at the same time just as Doris managed to get an arm free.

Jack quickly grabbed it before she could do anything, and pulled Doris on her back across his lap. Bob swung her leg behind him, trapping it along the length of the seat. Joe still had hold of her other ankle and pulled her legs apart as far as they would go. Doris was left in a spreadeagled position, on her back with Jack holding her arms. She cried out, "Let me go!" and started a wild struggle to free herself.

But she was too small and no match for the men holding her. With Bob fondling her exposed tits, Steve thrust his hand inside her knickers. Doris's mouth opened but no sound came out. Steve grunted and said, "Fuck me, her cunt really is fucking tight! I can hardly get my finger in!" Bob laughed as he used both hands to paw at Doris's tits.

"Go on then," he said. "What are you waiting for, get your cock into it!" Steve had already freed his cock, a thick hard shaft topped by a purple knob. "Turn the bitch over," he grunted, pushing his jeans down. The other men manhandled Doris, turning her face down and allowing her legs to come together.

Steve ripped the flimsy knickers down her thighs and left them wrapped round one ankle. Doris was making gurgling noises and still trying to struggle as he then separated her legs and moved himself between them.

He pushed his cock against her pussy lips and pressed down on her back to help keep her still. His cock nudged forward, spreading her lips and starting to penetrate her cunt. Doris gave an anguished cry of "No!


Nooooo!" as the cock pushed in deeper, her helpless cunt was taking half the shaft and Steve himself was grunting as he tried to force it deeper. "So fucking tight!" he muttered as he finally got the whole length buried in Doris's cunt. He paused for a moment then drew his cock out a little before thrusting it back in.

Doris gave out a squeal, she was pinned helplessly face down over Jack's lap with Steve's huge cock in her cunt and his weight pressing down on her. She could not move as Steve started to fuck her. Long slow thrusts to begin with, the cock almost withdrawn before slowly driven back deep into her cunt. Steve was making the most of enjoying the tightness round his cock. Gradually he speeded up his thrusts, shorter strokes but faster, ramming harder, jolting Doris's tiny body and making her whimper as each thrust drove in.

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After fucking for a few minutes, he pulled out. Bob was ready. They manhandled Doris onto her back and Bob wanted her legs in the air, showing off her lovely rounded arse with the suspender straps stretched tautly on either side of her cheeks. Her cunt lips were slightly parted, and Bob, holding his cock in one hand, ran his other hand over her arse and in between her legs and sank a finger into her cunt.

Doris gasped as his thumb met her clit and massaged it vigorously. "I'm gonna make you cum, Doris," he said with a laugh. "Your cunt is soaking, you like this, don't you. You want cock, don't you. You're a whore, you want us to fuck you, don't you." Doris screamed out "No! No!

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I'm not. You can't.

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No!" Her screams turned to wails as Bob pressed his cock against the waiting cunt and thrust forward. His cock disappeared into it and he began fucking her. Unlike Steve taking it slowly, his cock pummelled into Doris's cunt hard and fast. Her small slender body was jerked on every thrust, and with her hands now held above her head, she was panting and gasping and rolling her head from side to side.

Steve leaned over her and pressed his still hard cock against her mouth. "Suck it!" he barked out. Doris had no choice, he was holding her head and forcing his cock between her lips.

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He started to fuck her mouth, gazing down at his friend fucking her cunt. Doris closed her eyes and took both cocks. A few moments later, Bob pulled out and for a moment, Doris found herself free. She scrambled towards the van door, crying and sobbing. She did not get far before the men pulled her back. Her struggles began again, this time with arms and legs flailing around as the men tried to subdue her. Of course, it was hopeless, the men were going to continue fucking her no matter what Doris did.

They bent her over on her knees, her head and shoulders on the floor. While she was being held, Bob worked his finger into her arse. "Fucking whore," he snarled. "You gonna get a cock up your arse for that! Hold the bitch!" He managed to get two fingers into Doris's arse, then tried to get his cock into the tiny hole.

Ignoring Doris's desperate cries, he gradually he worked it in. The sight of Doris's almost naked body on her knees was one of extreme sex.

It was as if she was offering her neat round bottom, and getting rewarded by Bob's cock penetrating her arse. Her anguished cries only excited the men more.

As he started to fuck her arse, Bob reached for her tits, and used them to pull her back, until he was in a sitting position with Doris impaled on his cock sitting on top of him, his hands still clutching her bare tits and pulling her nipples. "The bitch hasn't cum off yet," Steve said. "Maybe she needs my cock in her cunt as well." He pushed Doris's legs wide apart.

Bob was lifting her up and down on his cock by pulling her tits, and Doris's screams had turned to whimpers. Her cunt was glistening, wet with her own juices mixed with precum from the cocks that had been fucking her. Steve lifted her legs to his shoulders, his cock hard as rock, guiding it between her thighs.

Doris looked terrified, she managed to croak, "Oh no, oh no, you can't, please, no!" and then the stiff throbbing cock was driving into her cunt alongside the cock in her arse. Doris let out a shriek as the men started fucking her in both holes. This time it was fierce, there was no gentleness, just hard fast fucking, with Doris's tiny body sandwiched between the two men merciless fucking her tiny tight cunt and arse. It may have been brutal but Doris did look so sexy with both stocking clad legs doubled up on Steve's shoulders, suspender straps tight over her round arse cheeks, her slender naked body continually jolted by the thrusts of the cocks into her holes.

Her head rolled from side to side, her mouth hanging open, her pretty oriental face screwed up, moaning and whimpering all the time the two men were fucking her. The size and stiffness of her nipples gave her away. Despite her cries, Doris was getting really well aroused by the two cocks pounding into her holes.

Knowing how horny Doris can be, from all the previous times I'd seen her being screwed, it was no surprise to hear her moans increasing, her hands clutching at Steve's body, her hips starting to jerk against the cocks invading her holes.


The horny little oriental slut was starting to cum, and Joe quickly moved forward, grabbed her head and gruffly ordered her to suck his cock. Doris closed her fist round the shaft and almost eagerly took it in her mouth. Her head started to bob, her lips and tongue were working hard, her hand moved up and down as she wanked Joe's cock into her mouth. She tossed him off at the same rate as Steve's cock was fucking her cunt, and within seconds she had Joe gasping. When Doris gives a blow job, she knows what she is doing.

This time she didn't care, Joe's cock exploded in her mouth and Doris kept on tossing him. His spunk spilled from her mouth over her hand. She still kept on wanking him, her hips jerking furiously as her own orgasm swept over her. Steve groaned and pulled his cock from her cunt, pushed Joe aside and thrust his spunk covered cock into Doris's mouth. Her hand gripped his shaft and she continued where she had left off with Joe, wanking the still stiff cock and closing her lips round the knob.

As the cock began to soften, Steve pulled her head close, and suddenly Doris was taking the whole length inside her mouth. I expect that Bob had cum off as well while shagging her arse, when I looked down, his cock was limp, Doris was lying still with her legs wide open, her cunt lips parted, and cum was trickling between her thighs. Her face too had cum all over her mouth and chin, her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly. Before we left, I overheard part of a whispered conversation between Steve and Jack.

"When can you bring the little cunt back," Steve was asking. "I got a lot of friends that would give their right arm to shag a sexy little bitch like her, fuck me, how the fuck is her cunt as tight as that?

What a great fuck she is!" Jack just nodded. Steve prattled on, what a looker Doris was, a horny chinese slut, what a fucking good ride she could give, what a great little fucking whore she was.

We sorted ourselves out, and started off back to the house. Doris had difficulty walking, and was leaning heavily on Jack most of the way, she probably didn't realise that she under her dress she had no knickers and no bra, and with several buttons undone at the top of her little yellow dress, her pert little tits were clearly visible to anyone passing. It had been a very pleasant little walk.