Babe squirting during toy sex

Babe squirting during toy sex
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*** This Story is written for entertainment and as a time killer. Grammar and spelling may not be correct on occasion but it's readable so enjoy *** *** Anyone who enjoyed the first part please give me any feed back or if you would like a 3rd part *** -- Jessica stood leaning forwards against the mirror in the shower, her legs still spread with her feet on the floor against either side of the shower.

Alex's Cum continued to flow out of her ass and pussy along with the remains of her virgin blood. When her hands left the mirror two hand prints appeared with the steam from the hot water. She looked at herself deep in the eyes and asked herself. "what the hell just happened ?" She stood with the water at her back just staring into her reflection, wondering and thinking.

She felt confused and didn't know why she said the things she said or did the things she did. She even allowed herself to be taken in such a rough and passionate way which until a few hours ago she would never have even allowed a kiss without a few dates first.

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Alex had somehow overpowered her emotionally without her even knowing it. Jess could still feel her pussy tingling, it felt hot and still felt good but she immediately felt guilt at the sensation. She didn't know what to feel so she washed herself thoroughly and as quickly as possible but his cum was everywhere and super sticky. It wasn't an easy task. She then left the shower. Jess Wrapped herself in a towel that had been left on a rail in the bedroom. She was surprised to see that Alex had left a robe on the bed for her, it was made from silk and elegantly designed.

It looked Japanese with an orange dragon stitched into the blue fabric. Jess noticed her nipples pushing against the silk and wondered if she should put on her bra. She looked at herself in the mirror, her damp hair fell straight down her back, the robe only covered a small part of her upper leg and her nipples were super obvious. She didn't care, she had already gone over the edge and she liked the way she looked. All she had to do was figure out how Alex had dropped her defences so easily.

Jessica crept down the spiral stair case looking for Alex. She found him in the kitchen leaning against the counter drinking a cup of coffee. it was dull inside, the only light he had on was a small overhead lamp on the opposite work surface but there was still plenty light to see. All he was wearing was a pair of Calvin Boxers, They were tight fitted and Jess fought hard not to stare. She knew what he looked like but she still couldn't believe how large he was, everything that transpired just a few minuets ago felt almost like a dream.

His Perfectly formed six pack and rounded chest glistened in the light from the water that was left on his body. "Hey" Jess said softly while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Hey Yourself" Alex replied with a mischievous grin. He liked how Jess looked. "Look Detective. Or Alex or whatever I should call you, I don't know what came over m." Alex interjected.

"Its OK Jess I'm the one who should be apologising.

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I'm a cop and your so young it was out of order." Alex stared softly into Jessica's eyes with a slight frown. He wasn't really sorry.


He knew what he was doing and he wasn't even close to finished with her. but he had to keep her sweet. Alex Continued. "I don't know what came over me. I just had a weak moment and couldn't control my urges." "Your just." "Just what ?

" Jess quickly asked and with a pause before he replied. "So beautiful and the way you look now, your sexy as hell" "Your not so bad yourself detective" Jess bit her lip and smiled. She soon realised that he had done it again, before she knew it she was getting butterflies and having flash backs of their shower session together. She needed to get away from Alex for tonight and regain some of her thoughts. With the smile now gone she slowly spun around and made her way back up to her newly acquired room.

Alex slowly followed to the bottom of the stairs unnoticed and glanced up as she headed to the door. He knew he had made a good call with the robe. He got a perfect view of her firm ass and pink shaved pussy from where he was standing. The door closed and she was gone. for now. 3AM Alex slowly and stealthily opens the door to Jessica's room.

approaching the 4 poster bed he can see her lying on her back with one arm raised above her head. being in a real bed now Jess is completely out of it and has no idea Alex is standing there. Alex slowly removes the cover from Jess revealing her young naked body. Its dark but Alex can see just fine, His eyes have had time to adjust. He reaches over to her arm that is closest to him and brings it close to the top corner post. with a soft rope he loops it around her wrist careful not to move her too much.

Then secures it nice and tight around the post. Jess rolls her head slightly with a soft groan but doesn't wake.

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with a soft sigh of relief he slides his hands to her ankle and secures it to the bottom post. Moving silently but quickly he secures her other ankle and wrist. After the first one he's committed and needs to move fast in case she wakes before his choosing.

He stands at the bottom of the bed looking down on Jessica's vulnerable body, His large cock was already starting to rise towards Jess and his heart pounded in his chest. Her body splayed with legs spread wide again he needed to take her once more. Alex knelt between Jess's legs and slowly lowered his mouth just above her smooth pussy.

Alex extended his tongue to meet the parting of Jess's labia and gently pushed them apart moving up and down very slowly. The tip of his tongue touched her tightly shut pussy and he thought for a second if he should push his tongue inside her.

He thought not, instead Alex moved his tongue towards Jess's clit and started to circle. Jess started to arch her back and pull on the ropes, still asleep she groaned loader and gasped as Alex continued to circle her clit a little faster and push a little harder.

Jess groaned and opened her eyes. She soon realised what was happening and couldn't believe it. her body was weak from Alex lapping at her pussy and the tingling sensation she had in the shower returns and rushes up to her hard nipples. "Alex wh. what are you uh.

doing . uh" Alex looks up from between Jessica's legs and smiles.

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"What does it look like ? I'm licking your pussy and going to make you scream." Jess's eyes widen as she looks at him. She can barely see him and can't really say no, after all she is tied up but she really doesn't want to say know.

She has this amazing feeling again and doesn't want it to stop. She really knew now that there was no going back for her. Alex returned to Jess's pussy, with both index fingers Alex pulls her lips wider to expose her hard clit. even in the low light he can see how pink and juicy she looks. His mouth seals around her clit and he sucks gently making her arch again in pleasure.

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Her hands grip the rope tight as Alex's mouth grips her pussy. "Oh god" Jess moans "why are you doing this to me Alex? why are you teasing me like this?" Alex responds by sucking hard on her clit while flicking it side to side with his tongue. Jess lets out a loud cry and pulls harder on the ropes.

"Oh Fuck I think I can feel it building" Alex can feel Jess's clit pulsing under his tongue and its getting faster. Her pussy is getting wetter and his cock is getting harder and starting to drip. With his middle finger Alex slowly slides it inside her pussy and curls it up with a come here motion. immediately he feels her pussy tighten around his finger as she starts to thrust on his finger and push her pussy into his face.

"What do you want?" Alex asked "I want you" Jess cried "Want me how?" "I want you to fuck me! Put your fat cock inside me and fuck me like you did when you took my virginity!" Alex knelt up and Jess could see his cock pulsing just above her clit.

He slid his knees just under her spread legs and grabbed her by the hips. He pulled her hips up towards him and positioned her pussy right in front of the tip of his cock ready to enter her. They both stared at each other for a second and said nothing. Jess felt Alex grip her hips a little tighter and she knew that it was coming.

she knew that in any second Alex would be pushing his fat cock deep inside her. She just didn't know how. Alex pulled Jess towards him and his swollen bell slipped slowly into her wet pussy. Jess Gasped as she felt it enter her.

She hadn't noticed before because of the pain of her cherry being popped but she noticed now just how big he was. she felt like her pussy was being stretched wide by his girth. Alex continues to slowly push his cock inside. He then pulls back revealing a creamy coating on his cock. was this his from before or is this hers? he didn't care and started to push in again. her pussy was getting tighter with the soft motion of his cock sliding in a bit then out a bit.

"For Fuck sake!

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Just fuck me! STOP TEASING ME AND FUCK ME NOW PLEASE!!!" Alex gripped her hard now and gritted his teeth. Jess readied herself. Alex Pulled her in closer and closer pushing his cock deeper and deeper inch by inch by fat fucking inch, his cock went in and then met some resistance but he just kept pulling her in and pushing his hips towards her.

"UUUUHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCKKK" Jess Screamed. Her pussy was on fire and she loved it she could feel the pressure of his cock deep inside her pushing against her cervix and the lips of her pussy gripping around his cock. Alex pulled back slowly until his bell came to her entrance. with a nicely stretched pussy Alex thrusts hard into her as hard as he can. she asked to be fucked so hes going fuck her. Fucking her slow but very hard he feels her pussy getting tighter and tighter.

Alex pushes in all the way and Jess can feel his balls on her ass. With everything going on so fast before she hadn't taken much notice of his balls but they felt big. really big. His cock pulls back fast and pushes in even faster. "Oh god oh god" Jess started gasping again. Alex was pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as he could to make her cum before him but it was going to be close so for good measure he stared to flick her clit with his free hand.

"OH MY GOD YES YES YES PLEASE OH GOD! I'M C C CUMMI UUHH" Jess's legs shake uncontrollably as her pussy starts to leak onto Alex's big balls. But Alex doesn't stop he keeps fucking her deep and flicking her clit fast.

She flails her body and her legs continue to shake. Alex can see her eyes rolled up into her head with uncontrollable pleasure. She starts to squirt and Alex can feel her pussy trying to push him out but he isn't going to let that happen. With the force of his thrusting Jess's sweet Cum starts spraying his six pack and chest as she continues to scream. Now he can feel the Cum starting to build up in him and it wants to burst out and fill up her cunt. He pulls out and unties Jess's ankles and hands.

"Suck me!" Alex demands Alex stands and Jess scrambles to the floor. With her right hand she grabs the base of his cock and pulls down as she opens her mouth and extends her tongue. she licks her tongue from the base of his shaft right to the tip rolling over his string.

she goes down the same way and back up again smiling as she looks up at him. Alex puts both hands on her head and pushes it all the way down his cock. Jess gulps and gulps squeezing his cock in her throat.

Jess grabs his balls and she was right they are big they don't just look big. She had seen balls in SE Class and she knew his were much bigger. Cupping his balls in her hands gently squeezing she pulls away from him sucking hard on his cock.

Alex can feel the blood being pulled up to his bell and this makes him even more sensitive wanting to blow his load down her throat again. still sucking hard she pushed her head back down his cock only going half way and then pulling back again.

she got faster and faster just like he did when fucking her. with this Alex was about to cum he was just able to pinch her nipples from where she was and just as he was about to Cum he squeezed them hard. Gluging on his cock she knew it was about to happen. another monster load in her mouth. I'm Cumming Jess I'm gunna Cum. As Alex Started to Cum he grabbed Jess's head and pushed his cock into her throat and with each jet of Cum Pulsing out of his cock he thrusted into her.

Jess could feel an unbelievable force blasting down her neck which soon filled up her mouth. She didn't want to waste a single drop so she gulped and gulped until all his sticky mess was gone. Alex stood there head raised up looking at the roof. he couldn't believe he'd done it again. Jess stood up and turned away from him bending over. Alex looked down at her ass. His cock was still hard and he knew he could Cum again almost immediately if he started fucking now so without hesitation Alex grabbed Jess's hips again and thrusted deep again.

Causing Jess to scream. With each thrust he could feel his cock harden again and he knew he would cum again. Jess helped by reaching back and cupping his big balls. By the 10th thrust his cock was pulsing and throbbing hard as his Cum blasted into Jess's Pussy filling her up and gushing out onto the floor. Alex stayed buried inside Jess and he could feel both his and her cum running down their legs. Jess and Alex lay in the 4 poster bed together. "Alex I don't know how I can stay away now. You've turned me into a sex addict.

You make me feel so good" Alex just smiles and says "Believe me Jess we have plenty of good times ahead.


Jess Kisses Alex and rolls over. Alex holds her from behind as his cock rests between the cheeks of her ass ready for the morning ;-)