Cute Blonde Samantha Sucks Cock In A Bathroom

Cute Blonde Samantha Sucks Cock In A Bathroom
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Brian pulled his ten year old Honda Civic around the building, parked it and got out. With his round, doughy face, thick glasses and oval shaped, chubby build; Brian was every bit as unremarkable as his car. In truth, his entire existence was patently unremarkable. He was a thirty four year old, single, social awkward night watchman who still lived in the small, cheap apartment he had moved into eleven years before. He was not, however, a man without a desire for more.

Throughout his life, he had tried to turn himself into the man he wanted to be. He had sought better jobs but, his shyness made him beyond horrible in interviews. Likewise, he tried frequently to find a woman but, with rare exception, his lack of confidence made him seem creepy to most women and "friendzoned" him with the rest.

Brian, though, was an eternal optimist and had never let his failures stop him from dreaming or working to achieve his dreams. He appreciated the things he did have in his life already and that kept him from despair.

He straightened his uniform and opened the trunk of his car. He put on his duty belt, complete with the gun he was required to wear, and threw the strap of his duffel bag over his shoulder. Thusly prepared, he unlocked the back door, removed his flashlight from his belt, clicked it on and entered the abandoned, junk filled old warehouse that was his place of work.

Being the night watchman of an abandoned building was never going to make him wealthy but, Brian had found enough silver linings to actually enjoy it. It was an easy job. All he had to do was make his rounds once few hours and make sure nobody was inside or on the premises. In the ten months he had had the job, only once had he seen anybody. Even then, it had been nothing more threatening than a group of curious ten year old boys who had fled at his first shout of "Hey".

Other than his rounds, his time was his to use as he wished. Two months prior, Brian had decided to use his downtime at work in pursuit of a dream. He had begun writing a novel. He had scavenged a desk and desk chair, as well as an old, musty but very comfortable arm chair and made a comfortable little work area in one of the old upstairs offices. Everything else, including two rechargeable l.e.d. lanterns to see by, he carried in his duffel bag.

He made his first sweep mechanically, following the flashlight beam with his feet and eyes but, mentally, in the world of his novel. Finished with the rest of the building, he headed for his work room. Brian stepped into the room and swept the cluttered space with the beam of his flashlight, tending to his duty and responsibilities automatically.

He had so little expectation of actually finding anything that he didn't mentally register the very out of place pink cloth until his light had ran across it and moved on. Suddenly, his brain caught up with his eyes and he jerked the flashlight back. So strange and unexpected was the thing revealed in the beam of light that, for a moment, his conscious mind refused to accept it.

He stared, gape mouthed and unable to move, at the young black woman that lay, asleep or (what he feared) dead, atop a stack of flattened old boxes. Brian's body gave a jerk as his mental and physical paralysis broke. Unsure of what to do, he started forward, then stepped back quickly. His mind raced chaotically, making it impossible to think clearly.

He closed his eyes, took slow, deep breaths and forced himself to relax. He opened his eyes, dropped his duffel and hurried across the room. He knelt next to the young woman, swallowed nervously and spoke. "Hey, miss," he croaked through his fear dried throat. He cleared it, swallowed hard again and gave it another try. "Hey! Miss!" He was so keyed up and nervous that the loudness of his voice startled him a little.

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The woman though, reacted not at all. Fear sweat beaded on his forehead as he became more convinced she was dead. He shined the light on her torso, looking for the rise and fall of breath. In the shaky light, he both thought he saw her breath and thought he hadn't.

Brian screwed up his courage, wiped his sweaty palm on the leg of his pants and reached out do the thing he had been avoiding. He grasped her hand and began searching for a pulse in her wrist, forcing himself to ignore the voice in his head that told him he was holding hands with a corpse.Suddenly, his fingers felt the beat of blood moving in her veins.

He exhaled the breath he had been holding unintentionally and the worst of his stress and fears left him with it. Satisfied that her pulse was both strong and regular, he lay his hand lightly on her chest.

His hand rose and fell with her steady, easy breathing. Moving quickly, he retrieved the lanterns from his duffel bag. He switched them on and set them near the young woman. Carefully, he checked her for head injury but, found no indication of it. Simultaneously looking for clues to the cause of her condition and deciding his next step, Brian let his gaze play over the unconscious young woman.

She was a very pretty girl; somewhere, he guessed, between nineteen and twenty two years old. She was dressed in a pink tank top and booty shorts that were neither designer, nor new but were clean. Her cleanliness and overall healthy appearance made him fairly certain she was not homeless. He decided to try again to wake her before calling 911. He lay his hand on her shoulder and shook her gently, calling for her to wake up.

She didn't stir at all. In a move that was, for Brian, beyond bold, he grabbed the girl firmly under the arms and lifted her upper body off the floor. "Hey! Hey girl! Wake up," he screamed at her as he shook her forcefully back and forth and side to side.

She flopped like a ragdoll but remained unconscious. He lifted her further, bringing her butt off the floor as well. He stopped shaking her and began to lay her back down. As her butt touched the floor, he heard a rattling noise that was so faint, he almost ignored it.

Instead, he lifted and lowered her again. Again, something rattled. He lay her back down and rolled her onto her side. He reached into her back pocket and found the source of the rattle and, he guessed, the cause of her unconscious state. He pulled the pill bottle out of her back pocket and looked at the label.

It was a bottle of fairly well known, very potent sleeping pills; prescribed to a Robert D. Trainor. Highly doubting that the pretty girl's name was Robert, Brian was certain the pills were stolen. He was also pretty certain that he knew what had happened. His guess was that, the girl had stolen or bought the pills under the assumption that they were something else.

She had taken some (he guessed more than one) and expected to get high. Instead, she began to pass out and, not wanting to do so outside, had found a way in here.

Brian tossed the pills in his duffel and searched the girl for id or a phone. Finding nothing, he rolled the girl onto her back, once again debating a 911 call.

On the one hand, an overdose could be serious. On the other, she not only seemed fine (other than the unconscious thing) but, calling 911 could get her in serious legal trouble.

"What do you say? Think you will be okay just sleeping it off," he asked the unconscious girl. "Yeah, I think so too." Brian stared down at the girl's sleeping face. Now that his mind was free of it's previous debates, he became fully aware of how pretty she was and how much he wished he could have a girl as attractive.

His gaze began to slide from her face again, wanting to see the rest of her the way he had just seen her face. Wanting, in truth, to commit her to memory for later fantasies.

He looked only as far as her chest before becoming unable to go on. At some point, either as he shook her or, as he rolled her, one of the girl's large, full, braless breasts had slipped free of her tank top and now lay exposed to his delighted gaze. It had been over three years since Brian had seen or touched a woman sexually and the temptation to do so now was both powerful and arousing.

Touch it, a part of his mind spoke. Just reach out and grab it. Squeeze that big, beautiful chocolate titty. Pinch that big black nipple and make it hard. Put it in your mouth. She will never know.

Nobody will. No, it's wrong, another voice answered. Whether she knows or not, it's still a lot like rape. How many times have I fantasized about that? Almost every attractive female I encounter has been raped in my fantasies. That's fantasy, this is real. Brian ended the internal debate and decided on a middle ground.

He reached out and put his hand on the girl's exposed breast, intending only a quick feel as he tucked it away. The feel of her soft, warm skin was exquisite after so long.

He caressed a little more and suddenly, felt her nipple harden against his palm. In that instant, something primal awoke inside of him. Something powerful that cared nothing for right or wrong and was concerned only with desire. Brian straddled the unconscious girl and pressed his throbbing cock against her.

He pulled her shirt down and took hold of her other tit. He squeezed and rubbed, making no attempt at being any more gentle than he wanted to be. He treated her nipples the same. Pinching, flicking and pulling on them in ways that he knew would be painful were she awake. He lowered his mouth to her tit and sucked her long black nipple up between his lips and teeth.

He suckled gently for a moment then, bit down hard. He pulled his mouth off and did the same with the other. A lifetime of being rejected by women had left Brian with a vast store of buried hurt and anger. As he molested and abused the unconscious black beauty, those feelings rose to the surface. He grabbed the girl by the chin, turned her face toward him and leaned in close.

"Would you let me touch you if you could help it? Would you let me enjoy your big pretty titties? How bout the rest of your sexy body? Of course you wouldn't. Not a sexy little bitch like you. You whores walk around in your sexy little shorts with your tits nearly hanging out and you love the attention you get don't you?

Fuck yes you do. But, only if it's the right amount of attention. Too much and it's 'ewww, get away from me creeper' or even worse. 'I love you as a friend.' Yeah, I know what that means.


That means 'I'm going to make your dick hard and get you thinking if you do things for me, I'll fuck you. But, what I'm really going to do is get what I want and send you home to think about me while you spank it.' "That's how you bitches are and you know it. But guess what? Not today. Today, I am going to win one for guys like me everywhere and you are going to take it for sexy, teasing cunts like you." He kissed her hard and forced her mouth open with his tongue.

He got off of her and pulled the clothes from her unwillfully compliant body. He ran his hands up and down her body, enjoying the feel of her smooth dark skin.

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He pushed her legs open and began touching her bald black pussy. "I bet you're not a virgin," he said and forced his middle and ring finger into her still dry hole. "Nope. No cherry in this cunt." He had kept fingering her as he spoke and her body reacted. He felt her become wet.

"What a fucking slut! Even drugged unconscious you are ready to take a cock! Well bitch, you're going to get one. But first, I am going to get an answer to something I've wanted to know forever." He lay down between her legs, lifting them onto his shoulders and plunged his face into her puffy twat. He licked, sucked and bit at her black cunt lips and plunged his tongue into her pink hole.

With his fingers, he spread her lips and looked at her large, protruding pink clit. The sight of it heightened his arousal instantly. Like he had done with her nipples, he sucked it into his mouth and sank his teeth into it. His tongue growing sore, he lifted himself onto his hands and knees. "Well, now I know that black cunt does taste different than white," he informed the comatose girl.

He crawled forward, folding her pliant body. He guided his cock to her cunt and thrust it in. The feel of a pussy (even an unresponsive one) on his cock after so many years was heavenly.

He fucked the unconscious girl hard and fast, loving the way her pussy grew wetter for him even as her body flopped and bounced in erotic helplessness. "Oh fuck yeah bitch. Tonight, you are my fuck toy. My very own little doll to rape as much as I want!" He came, pushing his cock deep as he did. "Oh fuck yes! Take that bitch! Take my cum in your little whore's cunt!" He finished and pulled out of her. "I hope I just got you pregnant and you spend the rest of your life knowing that you were raped like a whore every time you look at our offspring." He arranged some more boxes and lay down, idly caressing the unconscious girl's body.

"Don't worry, I am not done with you yet," he said. "I have been fantasizing about raping some hot, cock teasing cunt like you for as long as I can remember and I intend to get the most out of it I can.

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So far, so good. Really, the only thing that could make it better is if you were awake; crying and begging." He began to shake her. "You want to wake up and cry for me? Wake up and beg me not to use you? Wake up and cry for me bitch. I said cry for me!" He punctuated his screamed command with a sharp slap to the girl's cheek. Quickly, a hand print appeared on her dark skin. The action brought him back to readiness. He got up and picked the girl up off the floor.

He carried her to the desk and lay her face down with her feet on the floor. "Well bitch, begging and crying or not, I am still going to get my pleasure from your body." He caressed her firm round ass, rubbed it and squeezed it hard in his hands. Then, he drew back his hand and brought it down hard. Her body rocked from the force of the blow. He did it again and again, not spanking her so much as truly beating her firm, shapely ass.

To his appreciation, her ass grew red and bruised. "You might not know what's happening now bitch, but for the next week or so you are going feel it every time you sit down.

I hope you're smart enough to know what the bruises are from and you go crazy wondering who they are from." He ceased his assault on her ass cheeks and instead, spread them apart. He gazed down at her clean, tight little asshole. "Could it be? Has a cock never entered the dark cave? It looks like that may be. Either way, there for sure haven't been very many." He rubbed his finger up and down across her puckered hole. He pressed on it, stopping before penetrating.

"I might need some kind of lube to get in there," he said, thinking not of the girl but of his cock. "Not too much though, after all, if it's going to be the first time either of us do anal, I want to feel your virgin hole stretch around my first time in there cock." He stepped away from her, grabbed his flashlight and began walking around the room, looking at the scattered leavings. He knew it was bordering on delusional to be holding a conversation with an unconscious girl but, it felt good to do it.

Kind of therapeutic. He picked a few odds and ends from the scattered junk and returned to the desk. He dropped everything on the floor except a ten inch long, lathe turned piece of wood that was about as big around as a softball bat at its largest part. It reminded him of an old bedpost. He turned the girl over, spread her legs and began working the bedpost into her pussy. He started talking again, relishing the way her dark cunt lips and pretty, bright pink hole stretched around the makeshift dildo.

"Oh, you didn't realize it is going to be my first time too? Well, let me tell you a few things, pretty bitch. It's been a night of firsts for me so far.

It has been the first time I have had my cock in an actually attractive female, for instance. First time with a black girl, too, actually. "Now, if you were not fucking comatose, I wouldn't have had to tell you that, I'm sure.

You would have known right away that I was no kind of ladies man. Of course, if you weren't fucking comatose, I wouldn't have gotten my dick in you huh?" Brian laughed at his own joke and wondered if he hadn't gone crazy; or at least temporarily.

He considered the possibility and concluded that if he was losing his mind, he was okay with that. At the moment, after all, he was in the middle of the boldest, most adventurous, most exciting, most dream fulfilling night of his life. It was the first time he found himself successfully making dream into reality and if insanity was the price, he would pay gladly.

"Anyway. The few girls I have gotten into bed certainly weren't the kind of girls you think about when you jerk it. Most of them were cute enough, I guess, but a few?

Holy Shit were they nasty!" He pushed the bedpost dildo the rest of the way inside her, leaving just a few inches sticking out for retrieval.

He stood up and noticed the lump at the bottom of her stomach where the piece of wood pushed out. He pushed on it, finding it sexy to have her filled and stretched that much.

"Tonight is also the first time I have gotten to fulfill any of my actual sexual fantasies. That's right whore, every other time I have had sex, it felt like a more interesting version of jacking off.

Tonight, touching and biting you without your consent, raping you, beating you; those are all first times and fulfilled fantasies. And I am not done yet.

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Isn't that great?" He grabbed a handful of the girl's kinky black hair and lifted her head. "I said: isn't that great?" He jerked her by the hair, making her head nod jerkily. "Damn right it is." He sat her head back down and bent back to his collection of junk.

He stood up, holding three large black binder clips. He put one on each nipple and the last on her big, prominent clit. He grabbed the three foot long dowel rod he had found and lay it across the tops of her tits.

He brought it up and smacked it back down, using it like a cane. Up and down the length of her body he made use of the makeshift cane. He took his time, striking her skin as precisely as he could. He was not only living out his sadistic fantasies, but also creating something that, to him, would be visually appealing. He stepped back and looked at his with pride. On her dark skin, darker, red tinted welts and bruises grew visible. Their placement and shape closely resembled a tiger's stripes.

Brian lay the dowel rod aside, yanked the clips from the girl's swollen nipples and clit, pulled the bedpost thing out of her cunt and flipped her onto her stomach. He rushed to his duffel bag and retrieved the tube of triple antibiotic ointment. "This should work well enough as lube," He said as he took the cap off and squeezed a small dab onto his finger.

"It is mostly made of petroleum jelly after all. Preferring to use to little rather than to much, he spread a scant layer on the tip of his cock and did the same to her pretty little asshole.

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He touched the head of his cock to her hole. He ignored the part of him that wanted to shove into her violently in favor of the larger part of him that wanted to feel her asshole stretching over every millimeter of his cock. He thrust forward slowly, using more force little by little.

Although his cock was as hard as it had ever been, maybe harder, he felt it giving against the resistance of her dark cherry. He was considering adding more lube when her hole gave in and stretched over the very tip of his cock. The feeling was better than Brian had ever imagined and he was glad he had chosen to go slow.

He continued in the same manner, feeling her anus stretch and hug the length of him as he penetrated deeper and deeper into her. Finally, he worked the entire length of his cock into her ass.

He pulled out to the head, looked down and watched his cock slide back in slowly. He pulled back again, grabbed her hips and pulled back on them as he shot his hips forward. His pelvic area slammed into her bruised ass cheeks and he felt his nut sack bounce off her cunt. Over and over he repeated. Pulling back entirely and slamming back in. The pleasure built and he began fucking her faster and harder. He reached under her limp body and used her tits like he had used her hips.

He did the same with her thick black hair, grabbing it and yanking back like the reigns on a horse, loving the way her head snapped back every time.

Leaving one hand in her hair, he reached far forward with the other, wrapped his fingers around her throat and choked her as he ass raped her. He let go as her face became red, let her have a few breaths and and clamped back down. He came deep in her ass and pulled out.

He collapsed in the armchair, breathing hard and covered in sweat but smiling. He grabbed a bottle of water from his bag and drained it. He lay his head back in the chair and closed his eyes, resting up for round three. He opened his eyes fifteen minutes later and looked at the girl, still lying atop the desk.

Physically, he was still recovering but mentally, he felt he never wanted to stop. He got up, grabbed the girl and carried/drug her back to the chair. He flopped back down and sat her on his lap. He began groping and touching her. "It's too bad I can't take you home and lock you away," he whispered in her ear. "I would take pleasure in using you every day." He extended his foot and hooked his duty belt with his toe.

He brought it within reach and pulled his revolver from it's holster. He turned the girl over and lay her across his lap. He worked the barrel of the gun into her pussy and moved it back and forth slowly, getting it wet. Then, he spread her ass cheeks and sodomized her with it.

Doing it, he felt the first stirrings in his cock. He moved her again, pushing her to the floor with her head in his lap. He wrapped his legs around her to hold her up, pried her mouth open and put his still mostly flaccid cock between her lips. Her mouth closed lightly around his dick. He moved her head around and rocked his hips.


His cock hardened in her mouth. Though she wasn't sucking, it still felt good and, to Brian, was more than sexy enough to make up for it. Before long, he was thrusting harder and faster. He shoved his cock into her throat, deepthroating a woman for the first time, and heard her gag. He froze, not because he was afraid of her waking up but, because the sound was tantalizing.

He began to control his thrusts, enraptured by the sounds she made as his cock entered her throat. She began to drool profusely. The clear, slippery fluid gushed down her chin, coated his cock and ran down to his balls. Her eyes watered and her nose began to run, covering her pretty face in a degrading mess that he found extraordinarily sexy.

Coated in her drool, his cock slid further into her throat. He thrust it in as deep as he could and held it. He could hear her retching and saw her face growing red.


Her eyelids fluttered open but, the gaze behind them was blank and cloudy. He pulled his cock out and watched as a flood of snotty, drooly mess poured from her mouth. He put it back in and came in a moment.

Finished, Brian lay her on the floor and took a moment to appreciate the gift that he had enjoyed that night. It was nearing three in the morning and he had to figure out what to do with her soon.

He couldn't let her wake up in her condition here. They would tie that together in half a second and his DNA was both inside and outside of the bitch. He got dressed and thought about my problem.

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Suddenly, he came up with a solution. Neither m His prints or DNA was on file so, all he had to do was not get tied to her and he was out of the woods and he knew how to do it.

Brian waited until four, the hour when his town was as deserted as it got. Because it turned him on, he left her body naked and the marks of his dream come true on display.

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He carried her to his car and placed her and her clothes in the trunk. He drove three blocks and pulled into another abandoned old building that bore similarities to his warehouse. He carried her inside, found a place and lay her down. He lay her clothes nearby but, suddenly thought of how humiliated she would be when she woke up sore, bruised and raped in all three of her cum holes and had to either find something to cover her shame in or go for help as he left her.

Imagining it, he got turned on all over again. He looked down at her sexy degraded body and was powerless to resist using her once more. After running to his car to trade the clothes for something he wanted for later; he stripped off his uniform and, using a few of the things laying around, propped her up in a sitting position with her face at blowjob height.

He held her by the hair and started fucking her face once again. The gagging noises and drool were no less enticing this time around but, his goal was make her as messy as he could. He shoved his cock into her throat, gagged her and, as he pulled out he tilted her head forward, letting the snot and drool spill onto her tits.

The parts of her face that had remained unspoiled, he painted with her gag mess by rubbing his cock on her face. Brian became enchanted by the degrading, brutal acts he was committing. He shoved his cock deeper and held it longer. He pushed it deep and held it longer than he had up to that point. Suddenly, she made a different noise and he felt something different on his cock. He ripped it free and tilted her face downward as she retched again.

Bile and liquid puke gushed out of her throat and mouth, covering her tits and running down her stomach. The sight was so nasty and so degrading that he grabbed his cock, stroked it's snot and drool coated length a few quick pumps and came, barely getting the tip into her still puke coated mouth as he did.

He held her still as his cock began to soften. As soon as he could, he grabbed his cock and shot a quick stream of piss into her mouth and on her face, cutting it off before his piss washed away her pukey mess. He tilted her head down and ran a longer stream into her beautiful hair. He cut that off as well, stopping with a still mostly full bladder.

He threw her face down on the floor and grabbed the funnel he had gone to his car to retrieve. He pushed the stem of the funnel into her ass. He grabbed his cock once more and began pissing into the funnel. He controlled the stream as best he could, filling her ass with all the piss he could manage. All but emptied, he removed the funnel from her asshole and knelt down by her head.

He lifted her face up by her piss wet hair, forced her mouth onto his cock and, straining, forced the very last squirt of his piss into her mouth. He held her mouth shut and massaged her throat until she swallowed.

He wiped my hands off as best as he could, dressed and left the pretty bitch to her fate.