Cute gay fast cum When the emo youngster rides his prom date Conner

Cute gay fast cum When the emo youngster rides his prom date  Conner
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The rush hit him hard, his body paralyzed from the sensation. There was no pain, just a warm feeling running up and down his body. The only thing feeling alive on his body was his cock, which was getting hard with the tingling. He felt his breath leave his body every time he tried to draw some air in.

His eyes look down, seeing the dark red hair cover her face except her one eye. His eyes grew large as he saw them filled with red, and a yellow pupil fixed in on his eyes. He felt his heart beat start to slow down as he felt a drop of warm liquid slide down his neck. "Must not waste this sweet honey," she said as she lifted her head. Her lips covered in crimson, as her eyes stayed glued to his.

She lowered her head down and rolled her tongue up his neck, making sure to collect the drop of blood that escaped her. "Mm, very nice," she purred as she licked her lips. The blood still covers her red, velvet lips as she tastes his life. "Well, look at you;" she said with a wicked grin on her face, "It has been a few years since I've seen such a specimen." With one arm she lowered his upper body on the ground, the other slowly moving down his abdomen. Her long fingernails popping of his jean's buttons, brushing on his skin sending shivers over his body.

It was the first sensation he felt before she sank her teeth in. He felt his heart slowly gain strength as it struggle to pump. He lifted his head, looking right into her eyes as he saw his buttons fly off. Her long fingers glide down his lower abdomen. Her eyes stare up at him as she smiles right before she wraps her lips around his now throbbing member. "So this is where it all went to?" she playfully asked as her blood red lips smiled in delight.

As her long fingers wrapped around his member, slowly gliding up and down his shaft, her other hand moves over his shirt. She pulled hard, ripping his shirt off. Then moving her hand down, she playfully pulled his pants down around his ankles, allowing her to see his splendor. "Looks like I get a little desert with my dinner," she wickedly grinned. He softly moaned from the feeling her cold hand, gripping his hard cock as she pumped it slowly.

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It was the only sound he could make at this time. He saw her smile, and saw the tatter remains of his shirt. He slowly smiled, thinking what a way to die. He watches as a sexy demon stroke his cock. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, praying no pain comes. He prays that the pleasure never stops. She hovered over him, one hand gliding her fingertips over his strong body, enjoying every line his muscles show. Her other hand gliding up and down his shaft, feeling the pulse grow stronger with each stroke.

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Her eyes widen with delight, the taste of fresh blood still on her lips, she knew he would be able to quench her other thirst. His moans began to grow louder, he felt his strength returning. The pain on his neck began to grow, as well as the pleasure of her strong hand on his cock. He focused his energy and attention on her, not on his pain. A glimmer of hope finally found him, the thought that if he can satisfy her then maybe she will let his heart keep beating.

Her hand reached for his cheek, commanding him to lift his head and look into her eyes. They have changed, from the dark red yellow demon eyes to a soft green.

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She smiled, showing her fangs as she slowly crept down his body, her eyes never leaving his. Her hand grips his hard cock as she slowly opens her mouth, her long fangs bare to see, teasing him.

She saw the fear rush over him, filling her with excitement as she slowly retracted her red tinted piercers. She slowly lowered her lips around his shaft, wrapping them tightly as she slowly slid up his cock.

The blood left on her lips and in her mouth now smearing around his cock, giving it a dark red shade. She began to drool, loving the taste of flesh and blood, as she began to glide up and down on his shaft, her hand wrapping around the bottom of his shaft as her eyes stares into his.

He was desperately trying to keep his composure, staying calm but the sight of her fangs before she went down brought the fear of death back on him. He caught his breath, and focused his energy on his eyes. So mesmerizing, and beautiful, his mind racing as he watch her red lips move faster around his cock. Her hand massaging his balls, as the rush filled his body. He needed to stay calm, and not let his mind run away from him.

He needed to last, because her lips keep taking more and more of him and it is becoming harder and harder not to explode. He began to lick his lips, wanting to taste her flesh. His eyes move up and down her body, begging to touch her.

He looks back into her eyes, begging to pleasure her. She was enthralled with his cock, taking it deeper and deeper down her throat.

The taste thrilled her, making her pussy begins to drip, begin to throb begging to have his cock inside. Her eyes looked up at his, and soon she began to slow down, reading his mind and wanting to grant his wish. She popped his cock out of her mouth, knowing it would make him shiver. Then she stood and slowly unzipped the back of her dress, showing her pale skin. Her breast fully exposed her nipples hard and coming to a point.

She then lowered down, hovering over him as her pussy lowered over his mouth. She smiled as she saw his tongue welcome her sweet mound, as her hand wrapped around his cock.

Her long tongue slides up his shaft as she feels his tongue find her clit. The sensation causes her body to grow tense, and makes her pussy wetter. She wrapped her lips around his shaft again, taking him deeper into her throat as her tongue slid on the top of his cock as she moved up and down.

His eyes grew as he watched her lower herself. His tongue ready to greet her, and begging for the first taste. He felt his hands and arms finally come back to life, wrapping them around her strong thighs.

His tongue finally dipping into her sweet nectar, cause his body to fill with energy, with lust. He felt mad with it, feeling the lust just take control. His tongue spreads her sweet lips, finds her clit and begins to roll up and down over it. His hands grip tight, holding onto the demon tightly and driving his tongue deeper into her pussy. She began to moan as she felt his hard cock reach the back of her throat.


Her pussy vibrates from the sensation; his tongue begins to send sensation after sensation over her body. She felt her body tensing, as her hand stroked his cock. She felt wave after of wave hitting her, her teeth beginning to bare as she moaned louder and louder. Her nails growing, digging into his thigh as his tongue continued its magic.

She screamed, a somewhat animal primal roar, when the waves finally crashed hard sending her to orgasmic paradise. She sighed, looking over at her hand and seeing the blood dripping scratches she has put into his leg. She smiled, moving her tongue over the wounds and licking up the blood.


Her sweet nectar became sweeter when she finally screamed, his body numb from the drink. He cleaned up the dripping pussy, not caring of the wounds now on his leg.

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His mind just in euphoria, drugged from the honey he just tasted. His heart now pounds faster and faster, feeling the effects of the new drug, and his sees his cock continues to throb as to beg for more.

He was done lying down, he was done being still. Her eyes now blood red, the lust driving her to feel the hunger she quenched earlier. She desperately crawled off him, wanting to contain the hunger.

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She wanted more than blood; she wanted him deep inside her. But the more she fought, the more her fangs grew and the more her lust for blood took over. She was on all fours, her nails scraping across the ground as she begins to let the thirst take control. He looked up and saw she was bent over, and that is all he needed. His lust drove him now, his cock his guide. He stood and positioned himself behind her.

Before he knew it he had slid his cock deep into her wet, dripping pussy. His hands gripped her slender waist, feeling the soft cold skin, as he began to glide in and out her pussy. It was weird, feeling the cold flesh, but also the warm sensation coming from inside her. It sent goose bumps all over his body, but soon passed as he felt her begin to respond to his hard cock.

Trying to contain the lust distracted her instincts for just a brief moment, and that moment was enough for her to be vulnerable for him to surprise her. The rush of his large cock inside her pussy shocked her, and pleased her so much.

The long, fast thrust into her sent the blood lust away, her pussy dripping harder as her moans grew louder and louder. "Yes," she hissed as her fangs slowly retracted. Her long nails dug deep into the ground as another wave of sensation came over her. "Fuck," she screams again and again as her body shook.

He could feel her build up, her walls squeezing his cock again and again. Her blood eyes still there, but he could tell what ever has come over her was subsiding, and now she was screaming in pure pleasure. He kept up the pace, not letting her orgasm subside. He feared the red eyes, and knew the more pleasure for her the longer life for him.

The screams coming from her were now animalistic, raw and powerful. She growled as she felt the wave slowly subside, her fangs now fully exposed as she felt her prey's cock begin to throb again and again inside her. She reached down and pulled out his cock, looking at him, hungry for him. He began to shake, sweat from the sex and the fact she has now stopped, he was still with fear as her mouth moved close to his cock.

Her hand began to pump hard on the throbbing cock, her long tongue flicking under the head as her fangs tease his head. "Cum for me my pet," she whispered as her hand pulled harder and harder.

He couldn't resist, couldn't stop himself. He held on as long as he could, but the rush hit him again. This time more pleasant as he felt stream after stream ejecting from his hard cock, going down her throat and on her lips.

She purred as she tasted the sweet nectar, making sure get every drop into her mouth. She retracted her fangs, and sucked on the tip of cock one more time.

Getting the tasty, salty treat, then her fangs emerged again and she dug them into his thigh. She pulled off him, mixing the sweet and salty together as she moaned with pleasure. Taking her final taste, then swallowing her savory meal. He sighed, saying a last prayer as he felt her move towards him, looking at him with her eyes. He felt heavy, unable to stay awake.

He jumped from his bed, looking around, getting his bearings. Back in my room, he thought.

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The sun was up, and looked at his clock and realized it is almost 2 in the afternoon. He stood up and walked around, and then he felt it.


He slowly walked towards the mirror, seeing a piece of sticky paper in corner. "Thanks for the great night, see you soon," he read out loud.

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Signed with a kiss, ruby red lipstick, he then looked up into the mirror and saw his neck. "Fuck," he said as he realized it was not a bad dream.