Novinha da bucetinha rosa fodendo gostoso

Novinha da bucetinha rosa fodendo gostoso
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Mary only cared about profit and how little help she could do it with. She had inherited the large horse stud farm from her parents after they were killed in an auto accident. Mary was in her mid 30s about 5'7" with nice build on her. She had never dated much she spent most of her time with the horses on the ranch.

She had never gotten along with the help on the ranch, thought they were over paid and under worked. There were 36 prize stud horses and ponies that they collected and sold the semen. Shorty after she took over the stud farm she started to look in ways to cut help. After looking at some ways she resided that one way could be automated the whole system, like some of the new stud farms. The old way was couple of hands would prep the breeding dummy with a sleeve to collect the seaman and raise or lower the dummy by hand as need best fit the height of each horse.

A couple more would bring each stud to the room someone else would spray some mare essence on the dummy. The horse would mount the dummy unload his daily load then be taken back to his stall.

The sleeve would be removed. All of the records were done by hand and mistakes could be very costly and this would be repeated 36 times every day. With two breeding rooms going all day and a staff of about a dozen. Labor costs were high to Mary. So Mary hired James to design and set up the new system, that when done could run itself.

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first was to install new system of automated gates that would open and close letting each horse thought a number of set of new alleys and gates leading them to the breeding dummy room and back the their own stall. After a bit of time each horse learned the when the gate opened and they breed the dummy and food would be there back in there stall. Slowly the system was coming together for Mary each step she would let more staff go as the system was installed and the bugs worked out by James.

During the process to automation lots of cameras were installed to track the horses from their stall and back and during the whole progress of the breeding in the breeding room. Next was to redesign the breeding room with automation James was able to go to one high tec room and dummy.

Installing an automatic spray system for the mare essence that was tripped when a horse would entered the room a photo eye was easy.


The dummy was installed in a hydraulic lift the would match the best breeding heights and maximal depth as each horse was let out of his stall. By the computer. One the hardest part was the sleeve installer and remover. but after lots of work James was able to design a robotic arm it would pick up new sleeve on a shaft on the end of the blow up in size to be sure sleeve was not twisted or anything then the arm would slide it in to the dummy and snap in to place the arm reduce in size and would slide out.

after the horse was done a second arm would unsnap sleeve pull it out of the dummy, tag, seal and store the collected semen sleeve in to the coolers.

For pick up later. As more staff was let go James and Mary fought more and more over the care of the horses with so little contact with people.

Also over the costs of the systems was higher than Mary wanted. At one some points they had almost stop talking Mary had started to holding pay back from James till the system was done and working fully.

As the months when by the system got better and better. Finally after about a year it was done and working very well each morning one by one the horses would be let out do their job and return the their stall, with no staff need for the whole possess. Taking about 15 min per horse from the time they got let out there stall and back and ready for the next horse.

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James had also set up automated feed and water systems. James tried showing Mary how well the system worked how everything changed based on the size of each horse and was automate in the system. But Mary didn't care she just wanted semen collect and sold for big money and spend time herself with the horses. The horses ranged in size from small ponies to Mary's prize black Clydesdale Thunder and everywhere in between. With everything running smooth Mary decided it was time for James to go now too.

After James found out Mary was letting him go and shorting him a big part of his pay he was furrois.

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But had thought she might pull something like this and had a plan how to deal with her that Saturday morning when all of the rest staff was off for the weekend.

He slipped a knock out drug in her coffee followed by as shot to keep her out for the day. It would take all day to set everything up that would be needed. In the early designing of the breeding dummy he had a frame system for straps and a harness along with cabling to camera system up inside the dummy.

the sides unbolted from the frame so James could mount Mary into the breeding dummy he had set it up whoever was mounted in the frame could be moved up and down and forward and back within the frame all controlled by the system computer base on the measures after Mary was mounted in the frame.

She could aligned better for each horse. The hole for the sleeve could also be moved up and down to better fit each horse. After getting her all set and adding some other stuff he was all set and so was Mary. She did know it yet but she was going to spend some time with each and every horse on the farm not just her special ones.

Mary awoke face down unable to move strapped inside of some kind of metal frame and with some type of gag in her mouth. Everything was dark and she had no idea where she was. She was naked and felt a breeze on her back side. At 6:00 am it was time to start the nine hour breeding day to start. James turned on the monitors inside the breeding dummy so Mary could see all of the cameras in the breeding barn and stalls plus two extra cameras she did not know about one pointed out the back side of the dummy just below the mounting hole.

And other was in the floor pointed at the hole.


Mary was tiring to figure out what was going on when James came on to one of the monitors. To explain what her new job was as breeding hole on the dummy she was in horror. First he was going to start with the small ponies and work her though all of the 36 horses today being that none had been run thought the system the day before while he was install Mary in to the system all of them were ready to go this morning.

Then system came to life adjusting the dummy lower the right height for the first pony. and alineing Mary with the hole Mary watched as the arm with the sleeve lined up on her pussy and punch its way in and snap in to place next she saw one of the pony let out of his stall and head for the breeding room when he entered the room she heard the spay of the mare essence.

With all the cameras going in the room all she could do is watch as the pony dropped down his cock getting ready to do what his job was produce semen in the sleeve because of the way James had designed the dummy no one would know. So even if was around today they staff would had no idea Mary has in there and about to be breed by the first of many horses today. Mary watch and felt and the pony jump on the back of the breeding dummy she could see though the rear camera just below the where her pussy was his cock circling for his target soon enough bearing all 16" in to Mary at one time after a few min.

Mary felt as the pony stiffen up his cock head flared as he depoted his seed deep in the in sleeve.


He then dropped down and off to his stall to get his food. Then out came the 2nd arm removed the cum filled sleeve from Mary and the dummy. A new sleeve is crammed in the Mary's pussy and the next pony is on his way to dump his load for the day after the first 4 or 5 ponies James asked Mary if her pussy was sore yet she nodded so he would know.

He told her that we could give her sore pussy a break. Mary though they were going to stop. Instead the frame work holding Mary started to move again and lowered her a few inches.

About that time Mary heard the arm with the sleeve coming at her but this time was lined up with her ass. As it punched it way in to her ass.

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Then she saw another gate open another pony heading her way for her ass this time. Again the she was sprayed with mare essences.

up he goes looking for his target he found to sleeve but was confused when the head of his cock reach her ass but this pony was on a mission and slowly prided open her ass and sank all the way in and started to pound away at her till he flared and came in the sleeve somewhere deep in Mary's ass. Then off he went having enjoyed this new tight ass tighter than he had in some time. After 2 more ass fucking the pony were starting to get bigger and start to move into the horses with bigger cocks to match.

James switched her back so her pussy was being used again about this time James asked Mary if she need something to drink she relucktly nodded again. confessed she when the frame moved up a few inches saw as one of the larger high volume producing horses came out of his stall headed he way.

But this time no sleeve had been inserted. And yet another time she watch as she was mounted and stuff with horse cock. without the sleeve she could really feel the heat coming off his cock and his head flare as unload his seed she was tiring to recover as the horse head back the stall she didn't see that 2 more horses headed her way at the same time when they got there they fought for Mary's pussy first one finally mounted up and filled Mary with more cum Mary could feel the cum running from both horses out of her falling somewhere below her.

After the 2nd finish the 3rd quickly mounted her and pounded away. By this point day Mary could tell about the time they would unload and just as he started to flair. this time she heard a motor of some kind start just a little the horse came and Mary's mouth filled with horse cum from the past two horses was forced straight down her throat in the her stomach.

After all of cum ran out of her pussy in to the catch area it all pump back in to her though her mouth. James asks if she wants more to drink she shook her head no. James let Mary know He thought that that system was working very well and glad she was able to spend some time with all of her horses. He also needed Run do a few thing but he would be back some time soon.

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He turned the system to full automatic leaving Mary to collect the semen from more or the horses. at 4 horse per hour Mary was starting to lose her mind her pussy felt like you could drive a truck in it after most of the day strangely she starting to enjoy her pounding like she want never had before.

James returned to see as Mary was being mounted by another large stallion. After that he stop the system to check on Mary to see if things still working well after watching Mary with all the ponies and horse so far made him horny.

He removed the outer front cover on the dummy to see Mary in her helpless state. he removed the center of the gag he had made it to fit cock his and was able stuff his cock in and force it down her throat without removing the gag and proceeded to face fuck her till he unload deep down her throat.

He told her they needed to keep going to try and fill the quota she had speced and she had set and she since she had drank a couple of loads and they need to be made up. he closed her back in and restarted the system now it was getting point that the length of the she longer than Mary could handle the system moved her forward inside the dummy.

The larger girths she was just need to deal with. As the cocks got bigger Mary started to pass out from the grith got to a size when the horse would flair and cum.

on seeing this James gave Mary injection so she would not pass out. By mid afternoon James had seen that semen volume was up for every horse they must be enjoying Mary's pussy and ass. With production nearly to quota and only few only few others and Thunder to go for the day. James thought he would step it up some with Thunder. Most of the time horses mount and cum in a few min.

but there was a new drug they had samples of would keep a aroused horse going for 30 - 60 min and product 10 times as much semen one of the side effects is the horse can be more aggressive during sex so James decided to try it with Thunder.

He wanted Mary to have a very special time with her baby thunder. While Mary finished up the last of the horses James gave Thunder the injection.

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He went back to Mary to let her know the ride she was in for. She had seen the drug used once with a stallion and live mare the mare barley made it though the sound breeding.

The drug took a bit to take effect so James would show Mary one other thing that he had added in. He took off both front and back cover of the dummy and then turned it around 180 deg he shoved a big plug in to her pussy and put the front cover on the back. Then brought out clear cover that matched the old back one also a big rubber cone with a bunch of straps on the small end. He removed to hose from her gag and replaced it with the cone when fully set Mary's mouth was pointed looking straight forward to the end of the dummy.

James told she need to drink more and he wanted her to see it coming after a couple a quick check on measurements James put the clear cover on the end with the cone. James look in to see the fear in Mary's eyes as she knew her mouth had replace her pussy as James asked are you ready?

She could just see the monitors with her head like this. She saw the system let out one of the younger larger horses and he was headed her way. She was shaking as the horse enters the room and spotted his hole. he quickly landed on the dummy with his cock cirleing for it mark and with one thrust sank all of the way on stopping just short of the gag in Mary's mouth.

When he started to thrust in and out he would pump air in and out of Mary. The cone his cock was in was some kind of rubber so the head seal inside the cone near the end. with the cone clear Mary could see as his whole cock started to swell and well as the head started to flair Mary knew it was only a matter of seconds before she would have 24' horse cock unloading at high pressure his seed only a inch from her lips and she was seal to it.

It only had one place to go and she was it.

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She felt the horse start to shake and closed her eyes as he started to fire his load. first her mouth filled then started to force it way down her throat when that was not enough to take all that cum under pressure it started to come out her nose.

Mary didn't even see that it was over and the horse was on his way back to his stall. James opened up the sides and front and back of the dummy to be sure Mary was ok so to speak.

James told her that it was dinner time and he needs a break. In about 2 hrs the drug will have kicked in on thunder and he would want to go right away then. James reminded Mary thunder had the largest cock of the entire stable. And in order to get him inside her and not rip her open she would need to be stretched more that she had today. He walk over to the wall a got an air hose with a device on it he connected it to the plug in her pussy it the plug started to grow inside her and then stopped held for short time then it would shrink some before grow larger the last time.

James left Mary with her pussy being stretch for 1 1/2 hour and got dinner when he got back he started to rerig Mary for Thunder. Thunder is 28" when fully hard much more than Mary survive so he adjusted the placement on the frame she would take most but not all 28" he also got a special cone in place of a sleeve that would help guide his massive cock in but they would be skin on skin. Thunder was going to enjoy his owner pussy instead of the some vinyl sleeve.

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James also removed her gag completely. Mary started beg not to do this but James walked back and turn back on the system on. The dummy rose higher so Mary could meet Thunders cock straight on. Mary watched as his gate opened and he made his way. Thunder is a big horse and moved slow. He makes his way to the breeding room by this time in the day the mare enesses is everywhere, when he drops his cock in nearly drags on the floor.

As it hardens Thunder gets more and more worked up. Mary is in tears begging James not to let this happen. But at this point James could not stop Thunder if he wanted too when he mounted her up the ground around shakes. and the camera pointing at his cock goes black because it cover the whole thing Thunder slow finds his mark and starts stuffing his cock in. like a giant stream press he forces his way in to Mary.

She screamed as she was being stretched even more than any of Mary's 35 studs that day already. After he is buried all of the way in. he start to thrust in and out with quicking stokes until he is pounding away and blazing speed.

Like a freight train. Mary is a rag doll on the end of is cock. After about 20 min James can see Mary's breathing is changing her screams have changed to moans, she is looking like she is enjoying the trashing the she is getting.

at around 30 min Mary stiffen up and cums very hard but thunder is not done with his owner yet if he even know she is there he is enjoying the warm hole he is pound away at. At around 45 min thunder is close to cumming and Mary is for the 2nd time too. Finally they erupt together. Thunder unloads nearly 1/2 gallon of his seed from one of the camera insides James could see her belly extended from the larger amount his seed that filled her then thunder heads back to his stall thinking nothing more of the hole he just unloaded.

James remover cover to see pool of semen in the catch area under Mary. The semen was not good to be sold and James thought she more to drink he pull her gag back in to place. then back to the control panel to pump out the catch area and thunder and others seed in to Mary that is about reized what James was doing and start to shake her head no. in short order the pump had move all of the semen in to Mary not dested stomach. after a short rest James removed Mary from the frame to the floor of the breeding room for a hour she shakes and trembles By morning Mary has ask James to on to manage the farm with a big pay raise so she can take a full time job being the hole in the breeding dummy.