Big tits milf bath xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves

Big tits milf bath xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves
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As Hannah was sitting on the bench waiting for the #7 train to arrive, she noticed how crowed the subway looked tonight. Knowing that the train cars would be packed full she signed as the she saw the train arriving at the station. She figured that once again she would be standing cramed packed in the train car.with bodies pressed against her in all directions.

This normally would have bothered her but she noticed that most of the people piling onto the train were men. Feeling abit aroused aready she was hoping that maybe she could have alittle fun on her ride home. As she pushed her way into the train car.she was secretly eyeing the passenger trying to decided which ones she would like to have pressed close to her.

Looking towards the back of the car she noticed a group of young business men.standing reading there papers. Hannah, being a bit of a nympho, saw her chance for fun. Being a very sexy 28 year old Secretary,she knew exaclty what to do.She wiggled her way towards the back of the cars,putting her back towards the business men.

She turned to look over her shoulder and was a little disappointed when none of them had even appeared to of noticed her presents. Pretiending like she had to sneeze, she instincly pressed her ass up against the young man behind her as she bent forward abit. Looking over her shoulder once more, she flashed him her i'm such a good girl smile, and said "oops sorry mister" before turning back around.

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Smiling to herself, she waited for what she knew was going to happen. Before Hannah had left work at her secretary position for a major business firm, she was hoping that she would get a little action on her way home.

She went into the restroom, removed bothher panty hose and her garters, leaving on only her silk panties under her short mini skirt. As she felt the man leaning forward abit, she was thanking herself for doing this before she had left work.

She was about to turn around once again when suddenly the train lurched forward. The young man standing behind her leaned forward pressing himself harder against her and told her not to turn around again.

She caught a quick glimpse of the man hand as he pulled her hair away from her shoulder, and noticed that it was not the young man that had been standing behind her, the hand that pulled her hair back was that of a black man. Feeling abit nervous now, Hannah just stared forward waiting to see what was going to happen next.

As the Train began its journey into the tunnels the lights would occasionaly go off for a few minutes then come back on. As they were passing through the first tunnel, Hannah felt a hand on her waist.

The hand traveled around her waist to her stomach, undoing the buttons on her blouse as it moved up towards her breast. Not wanting to alarm any passengers the hand slipped under her shirt after undoing a few buttons. Looking down she saw that it was still the same hand that had moved her hair only a few moments ago. The young man was now pressing himself up against Hannahs back. She could feel the bulge of his penis, pressing up against her.

As the man fondled her breast, Hannah reached back to feel his harding dick. As she undid his trousers and reached inside, her breath was taken away by what she felt. Inside the trousers was the biggest, hardest dick she had ever felt in her life. Feeling it up and down, she figured it had to be at least 10 inched long and as thick as her wrist.


Feeling abit nervous, Hannah tried to move forward abit, but the hand grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back up against the stranger. Her breathing was beginning to get heavier as his hand made its way down her thigh. As he was moving up her skirt, Hannah spread her legs further apart to give him better access to her dripping pussy.

As the strangers hand made his way up her skirt, he ran his finger along the silk panties covering her pussy. Feeling the wettness he proceeded to pulling the panties down to get a better feel. As Hannah, felt the stranger pulling her panties down, she pulled her thighs together to allow her panties to fall to her ankles. Pulling one leg out, she could now spread her legs a little further apart. Reaching behind her once again, she pulled the monster dick from its confides of the trousers.

She slowly stroked it up and down and the strangers fingers returned to her pussy. As he rubbed his fingers across her clit, she let out a low moan, causing the man in front of her to turn and look at her. As the man in front of her saw the look on her face, he looked down and saw movement in her skirt. He looked behind her and gave the man behind her a smile before shifting his movements, so he was now facing towards Hannah. As Hannah opened her eyes, she was now looking face to face with the man in front of her.

As luck would have it, as the train was headed into the next tunnel, It suddenly lurched forward again and made an awful screeching noise. The lights had went out, when the car suddenly stopped. After a few seconds the conducters voice came over the speaker, annoucing that the train had jumped off the track in front of them, and that there would be about a half hour delay.

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As many passengers moaned, Hannah was overcome with excitement as she now felt a second set of hand carresing her breast once again. With the first set of hands still working her clit, she second set was pinching and pulling at her nipples.

As she felt the stranger behind her lift her skirt up and press himself forward, Hannah attempted to guide his monster prick towards her pussy. As the stranger behind whispered into her ear, "not that one" Hannah knew what was about to happen. She was not only going to be fucked by one stranger on the subway ride home, but by two.

As the stranger behind her guided his dick towards her tight asshole, Hannah reached for the stranger in front of her.

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Unzipping his pants, Hannah proceeded in pulling his cock from his pants as well. Pulling the dick in front of her closer to her pussy, Hannah knew that when the stranger behind her pushed into her asshole, it would push the one in front of her into her pussy. Just as she had hoped, As the monster dick behind her began to push its way into her ass, It caused the dick in front of her to push into her pussy.

As the stranger in front of her felt his dick invading her pussy, her reached and grabbed her legs picking Hannah up off the ground.

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Wrapping her legs around the stranger in front of her allowed both invaders better access. With both dicks pistoning in and out of both of her holes, Hannah knew that the people around her knew what was happening.

As if by instinct, everyone began to move aside, allowing them more room. As the dick in her pussy began to quicking his actions, she was now being bounced on both dicks at the same time. She had never felt such excitment in her life. As the monster dick behind her was slamming into her ass, Hannah suddenly felt a hand on her breast again, followed by another on her other breast.

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She was being fondled by the other passengers as she was getting her brains fucked out by two monster dicks. As the assault continued on her ass and pussy, Hannah became aware that many of the other passengers were now moaning and well, and knew that alot of them were now masterbating.

This sent Hannah into one of the hardest Orgasms she had ever experienced. As she started moaning with the pleasure of the orgasm, she felt the stranger behind her pull her hard against his dick, as she felt one, two, three, and four spurts of cum being blasted into her ass, this set the stranger in front of her off as he cumed all in her pussy. She now realized that someone was sucking on her right breast as the strangers pulled out of her dripping pussy and asshole.

Feeling worn out already, Hannah was caught off guard, as she felt another man pulling up her skirt. As the stranger put his hand on her back, he pushed her forward, causing her to bend over into a man in front of her.

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As the man entered her from behind, Hannah couldn't believe it, but he felt bigger than the first man that had fucked her in the ass. Losing all control, Hannah reached out in front of her and grabbed the first dick she felt. Pulling the dick towards her, she heard the man sigh as she slipped the hard dick into her mouth.

As the man pounded away behind her, the man in front of her started slamming his dick in and out of her mouth. As Hannah started feeling weak in the knees, she was once again caught off guard, by someone crawling underneath her.


She felt the soft fingers pinching her nipples and licking her breast delicatley. She began to moan heavly again as she felt the mouth kissing her stomach, moving towards her pussy. As the huge dick was fucking her even faster now, she felt the mouth ingulf her clit, sucking and nibbling at it with all its might. Calapsing onto the mouth sucking her clit, Hannah had another mind blowing orgasm, which set the power fucker behind her off spilling his seed in her as well.

As Hannah was having her secong orgasm, the man in her mouth grabbed her by the back of her head, pushing his dick all the way down her throat. As Hannah felt the cock in her mouth spasm, she started to swallow, trying to keep it all in her mouth.

As the dick behind her pulled out, and the person underneath her crawled away, and the dick was removed from the mouth.

Hannah reached down to pull her panties back up, when she realized they were gone. As she stood back up, pushed her skirt down, she started attempting to straighten herself back out, when the train started moving forward again.

As the lights came back on, Hannah looking worn out and abused. Looked around her. No one was looking in her immediate direction, but what she saw shocked her. As she turned around she noticed that her panties where in the shirt pocket of an older black man, another black man was tucking his shirt in, a handsome white business man was zipping his pants, another white man was retying his tie, and a nice looking female was wipping the corners of her mouth with a klennex.

Looking on the floor, Hannah could see that it was covered with cum. As the car reached the next station, Hannah, feeling abit ashamed began exiting the car. As she passed by the stangers, they all gropped her ass once more before she exited. Once she was out of the car, she began walking towards the exit.


Walking past a window, she stopped, stunned at what she saw. Her blouse was still half unbuttoned. Her hair was sticking up all over her head, and she could feel cum running down both of her legs. Smiling to herself, Hannah turned and started the short walk home, Feeling satisfied, that is until her next subway ride home.