Natalie Mars Sweet Bubble Ass Gets Barebacked

Natalie Mars Sweet Bubble Ass Gets Barebacked
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The hand on my arm grips and starts leading me a little ways away then pushes me down to the ground. I felt the grass against my skin, it is chilly and wet. I lay sprawled there for a couple minutes, then someone snatches my hair and pulls my head up, my body follows and now I'm kneeling there and my face is pushed into a lap, one of them hits me in the face with a softening cock so I'm not surprised when the tip is pushed against my lips, a finger is pressed into my jaw forcing my teeth open and he shoves his now hard cock into the moistness of my mouth.

He starts to thrust not caring that there is no suction, only wet heat. He cuffs my ear growling, "Suck it tramp, keep it hard" he is still stiff from just fucking me and I close my lips around the head and he starts moving again, mouth fucking me. He grips the hair at the top of my head to hold me in place and pounds his dick farther and farther, I push against the invading pole with my tongue because I have a bad gag reflex but he doesn't notice and just keeps moving in and out.

Another set of hands grab my hips but I'm to low to get into so the man I'm blowing stops and they move me to another location. They push me over something waist high, it's rough and digs into the soft skin of my belly, the grip on my hair slides down to my neck and I open my mouth to get the cock again while I feel fingers separating my neither lips so another cock can slip into me from behind.

I'm held immobile while the two cocks beat into me, they make a bet: first one to cum wins twenty dollars.

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Now they are both determined and the cock in my mouth starts going down into my throat. He is moving too fast to hit my reflex, they are both pulling me in different direction to assist their penetration into my holes.

The man fucking my pussy goes deep and freezes, laughing because he won the bet. The man in front gets mad and slaps me in the face "you bitch you cost me twenty bucks, you cock sucking whore, you better start sucking my dick better you should have sucked me off by now.

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You better get on it, if I haven't filled your mouth in five minutes I'm going to whip you." I tried, I sucked and sucked, going up and down as fast as I could.

The five minutes passed as I still lean over my prop.


He growls "slut you haven't swallowed my cum yet, I know how to get you working" I hear a whistle in the air and a willow branch snaps against my back, again and again the switch comes down leaving welts on the skin of my back and rear end.

Every lash is followed by a thrust into my throat.

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The movement of bringing down the branch pushes his cock in and out of my mouth. I start moaning from the pain and this excites him and he hits me faster, after a few more swings I feel his hand cup the back of my head as he shoves the head of his cock deep into my wind pipe, he pushes deep into my mouth until my lips hit his groin and his balls slap my chin, he hits me one last time with all his might and I cry out around his dick causing him to start pulsing, his hot thick salty semen flowing unchecked down my open throat.

When he is done he pulls his softening staff slowly out of my mouth and pushes me off my perch, back onto the ground. I'm given a reprieve, they leave me alone for about ten minutes, the first man that raped me in the truck call out "come here my little whore, crawl to me my dirty little slut." Afraid of what would happen if I don't I start to slowly crawl toward his voice, he guides me to him "over here whore, come to me, to your right my sweet little tramp." My hands touch his feet, he pulls me up and guides my mouth to his hard prick and silently I start to suck him, going deep as I can without urging afraid he too will hit me.

He doesn't want to cum in my mouth he tells me, "I want to screw you sweet hot pussy, I want to feel your tight fuck hole around my cock, I want to see you ride my dick." He stands and turns around pulling me with him before he sits back down tugging me back into him facing away from him, separating my knees around his legs, he tugs me down after positioning his hard hot cock at my cunt entrance, he allows me to slide down impaling myself on his pole, "ride me whore make my dick feel good.


Show me how good you are at fucking" he says into my ear. I start to ride his stiff dick moving slowly because of my soreness.

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He reaches around me and fondles my tits molding them, squeezing and releasing them, teasing the nipple of one while palming the other. The manipulation causes my nipples to harden like points, he feels this and starts to pinch them whispering to me "see how you like getting fucked, see what a whore you are.

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You know you like being our whore, don't you?" I shake my head in response "feel how your body responds, feel this (he pinches my nipple harder) you like this, you know you do." I shake my head again "oh yes you do you little liar, you're a cock hungry whore, you like my dick fucking your dirty little pussy.

I can feel your cunt wet around my cock." He continues to squeeze and pinch my breasts and now he nips and sucks the skin of my neck and shoulder while I ride his cock, my head falls back to rest on his shoulder causing him to laugh "see you can't help being a slut, it's in your genes, give you whores a hard cock and your pussy gets wet, now fuck my cock!" He pushes my shoulders forward and I reach out to keep from falling and touch cool metal, the truck.

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I grasp the metal bracket for the mirror and use the leverage to pull myself up as he grips my hips and is causing me to rock around his dick, he leans back slightly to send his prick deeper than before. He lightly slaps my thigh, "move it my own little whore, I'm going to make you my personal little fucking whore.

" I pull harder on the bracket while he uses my hips to slam me back down. He talks to me the whole time telling me "fuck my cock right, harder, ride it harder, your such a sweet little cock fucking dirty whore" he shouts "yeah take it bitch" as he shoots his load, I feel the hot jets spurting deep inside me.


He holds me there for long minutes, not moving, then dumps me off his lap and hollers "let's go boys" I hear footsteps then the truck starts and I hear it leaving, fading into quiet.

I lay there awhile before taking off the blindfold and looking around. They are gone, I get up and head to my car. There on the driver's seat is my clothes, I put them on and get in.

I notice that my wallet is sitting on the dash so check to make sure everything is still there and I put it away in my purse which is still on the floorboard, I try the ignition, surprise the car starts but what should I do, call the cops?

go to the hospital?

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but I didn't see anyone's face I remember so I drive home, shower, and go to bed.