Hottie murrie trumain and ed fuck each other like crazy

Hottie murrie trumain and ed fuck each other like crazy
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Chapter 32 By the time Sara and I made it back to the hunting camp, the party was in full swing. Couples and groups were clustered about the clearing, and some amongst the trees at the edge, and everywhere were bare flesh and passionate cries. The smell of sex in the air was overpowering, and the pheromones carried on the breeze began working their magic on me, getting me hornier by the minute.

Near the path I spied John's pale ass pumping between Angela's spread legs. She was egging him on, shouting, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!" and it looked like the lucky boy was doing his best to comply. I was a little jealous that he had outlasted me, but I remembered he had already blown one load before I had left and felt a little better. Hell, maybe he was on his third already. Nearby were Missy and Logan. He was on his back as she rode his young cock slowly, and I watched her pale, slim body move sinuously on top of him.

Her light tan nipples jiggled slightly with each rocking motion, and Logan was playing with them deliriously, enjoying his first naked girl to the fullest.

The girl eyed me as I walked into the clearing hand in hand with Sara, and with a wink blew me a kiss.

I waved at her, and, showing off for us I'm sure, she reached behind her ass to grab Logan's nuts and give them a squeeze, making him yelp and jump. Sara giggled, and whispered, "Ride 'em, cowgirl!" to herself. Janie was near the fire pit, Emily sitting on her face moaning while Nina scissored her violently.

The sight of their two brunette pussies grinding against each other was so entrancing I had to stop and watch for a moment, my cock fully erect now. "That is pretty hot," Sara murmured. "Your girlfriend has an awesome body." "You got that right," I sighed, moving onward.

Emma was in a writhing mass of girls, having both tits and her pussy sucked while another girl, Hannah it turned out as we got closer, fed her some tit while she buried her fingers in her own red-haired snatch.

"Oooh, look at the new girl," Sara breathed. "She's getting the deluxe treatment." "How did you guys know to invite those two?" I asked. "Is your gaydar that good?" Sara laughed. "No. Alexis caught them sucking that French girl's tits this morning. We figured they were our type." Eying Megan, I had to agree. She was deep into a session of sixty-nining with Samantha, and I could hear the lapping noises emanating from the two pussies as we walked by.

Desperate moans were coming from each girl as they pleasured one another, lost in their own little world. In the center of things, on a log near the fire pit, Mary and Danielle sat, caressing each other sensually while they surveyed their kingdom of hedonism.

Sara led me to them, then departed with a small kiss on my cheek. "Thanks for the fuck, Dave! It was sick!" "I assume that's good?" I asked the two women. Danielle laughed, eying my prick languidly while Mary sucked her nipples. "Yes, it's good. We get to keep up with the slang, working day in and day out with these girls. It changes constantly." Mary popped her mouth off of her lover's breast long enough to ask me, "So you got to dip your wick into that fine little pussy of hers, huh, Doc?" "We had a fantastic time down by the stream," I agreed, nearly drooling as I watched her gently tongue Danielle's puffy brown nipple.

Danielle surprised me by lightly stroking my throbbing erection, which was poking out at her insolently. "That's a nice cock you've got there, Dave. I haven't had one in a long time." Mary spoke up again.

"That's what I said last time he was here. Do you miss it at all?" "Oh, I don't know," Danielle sighed, still playing with me idly. "I love girls so much better. They're just softer and gentler all around." "I dare you to suck it," Mary said with a naughty grin.

"Mare! Are you serious?" "Yeah, go on. Do it. See if you still have what it takes." Danielle stared at her partner, who returned the glare impishly and moved her hand down to the dark-haired woman's bush, stroking it. She seemed to come to some sort of internal decision, and surprised us both by leaning over and popping my dick into her mouth. I gasped as she swirled her tongue around the helmet with a flourish, showing me that yes, she definitely still had it.

"Now you do it, too," she demanded, leaving a hanging drop of saliva on the end as she withdrew. Mary chuckled, and grabbing the base of my penis in her hand, engulfed the rest of it with her mouth. She lacked the finesse of Danielle, but made up for it in enthusiasm, placing her hands on my ass and pulling her face onto my meat until she was gagging as the swollen head hit the back of her throat.

She let me go, choking slightly, and Danielle burst out laughing. "I think you forgot how to do it, honey. Maybe you should stick to pussy." "I thought she did a fine job," I said, defending the blonde woman. "But you ladies need to stop torturing me. If you're not going to get me off, point me to someone who will." Mary, eyes still watering, choked out, "Go find Samantha.

She's been talking all day about getting your cock in her." "I didn't want to bother her; she's with Megan." "Oh, go ahead," insisted Danielle. "Join them. I don't think they'll mind." Hormones over caution again. I walked over to where Megan was working on Samantha's dark pussy. I knelt over her head, between the spread brown legs of the hunter, and watched Megan's pink tongue caress the brown folds of Samantha's cunt for a moment.

Megan's eyes were closed and she was so lost in the moment, her own snatch getting worked over by the black girl lying on top of her, that she didn't even notice me straddling her head.

Stroking my dick as I stared, I was soon rigid as an iron bar and ready to go. "Sorry to interrupt, Megan, but I owe this young lady a fuck." The cheerleader's eyes opened in surprise, and she found herself staring at my erect penis hanging inches over her face.

Her mouth opened, and I thought she was going to protest, but instead let out a mighty groan as Samantha must have hit a particularly sensitive spot. Since I heard no complaint, I took that as agreement, and grabbed Samantha's generous hips, pulling her up in the air a few inches and leaving her resting on her knees.

Now I could enter that chocolate tunnel. I placed my engorged cockhead at her entrance, loving the contrast between my pale prick and her dusky pussy.

I used my thumbs to spread her wider, demonstrating the old adage: they are all pink on the inside. Her gash was a brilliant coral color between the dangling brown folds, almost matching the hue of my swollen member.

She was slick with saliva and vaginal secretions, and I felt compelled to thrust into her; I couldn't hold off any longer. As my cock plowed into that warm, wet chute, Samantha gave a little yelp, pulling her lips from Megan's lower ones for a moment. "Dave! Glad you could join us." "How did you know it was me?" I asked, slowly sliding in and out of her, enjoying the wonderful sensation of her ribbed vaginal vault caressing the length of my shaft. "Those other boys are cute, but that's a man's cock in me.

Who else would it be?" She fell silent as she went back to work on the spread labia under her face. Megan started moaning again, adding a little spice to this sweet fuck. Samantha's hips were moving in a circular motion, enhancing my penetration of her and increasing the divine friction between us.

I think she must have been getting more excited, because she seemed to attack Megan's cunt with renewed vigor, getting more aggressive with it and causing the white girl to yelp and squeal. I felt Megan's tongue return to its rightful place, massaging the dark nub at the top of Samantha's labia. The young cheerleader didn't seem to mind being displaced from the lower reaches of Samantha's gash, content to work on the sensitive clit for now.

Every now and then I felt the tip of her tongue slip off the other girl's vulva and onto the shaft of my dick, tickling me lightly as I plowed her friend. Soon it seemed that her tongue was on my dick more than on the pussy, as the little cutie must have discovered she liked the taste of the frothy cream my cock was churning out of the dusky beauty's hole. The combination of the tight, warm embrace of my new lover's cunny, the moans of the two girls piercing the night air, the heady scent of pussy on the breeze, and the oral caresses Megan was giving me began to have their predictable effect.

I was getting pretty worked up. My thrusting became wilder, and I pounded the pussy surrounding my meat with abandon, slamming into her with the force of a pile driver. We were all making sounds now, me grunting like a beast, Samantha actually growling as she attacked Megan's tender twat, and Megan screaming as the other girl worked her over. I suspected Samantha, in the heat of the moment, had begun chewing on the sensitive tissues of the cheerleader's nether regions, for the poor girl was now shuddering wildly, screeching like a banshee.

I missed the added tongue action, but the cheerleader seemed a little distracted at the moment. That didn't last, however, and after her climax she must have lost all inhibitions about her bi-curiosity.

Her warm mouth now sucked in one of my nuts, which had been swinging over her face, and began pulling on it aggressively. That was the final straw for me; I fountained into Samantha's depths, painting her cervix with my warm seed, my convulsions helping her to reach her own orgasm noisily. The two of us gasped and groaned our way down from our peak, me still twitching under the onslaught of Megan's tongue on my recently emptied nut.

As I pulled my softening prick out of the dark tunnel it was lodged in, Megan finally gave up sucking my scrotum and went back to her first love: pussy. She lifted her head off the ground enough to reach the dripping cunt above her, and began lapping up the semen as it leaked from her lover's spread lips.

Samantha settled back lower so her fuckbuddy didn't have to strain any more, and resumed her own licking. I sat back, catching my breath, as the two went back to work on each other, resuming their mutual pleasuring as if I had never even been there. I looked down at my limp cock, now spent and useless, and for the first time in my life wondered if it would have been better to be a girl.

After all, they could just keep going and going and going without this damned down time us guys were forced to endure. "Thank you sugar; that was nice," Samantha called to me from deep in Megan's snatch. Well, at least she had noticed me, I thought ruefully. With a biologically-enforced wait before I could enjoy participating in any more excitement, I wandered the surreal landscape of the clearing, observing sex acts in every direction.

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I've never been a prude, far from it, but this evening was turning out way beyond any party I'd ever been to, even in my drunken college days.

By the time I made it back to where Janie was, she and the other two girls were lying together in a pile, gently caressing each other's skin while taking a breather. I sat down next to them and joined in rubbing the sweaty female flesh before me, starting with Emily, who was rubbing Janie's feet. "Mmmm, that feels nice," she said, leaning into the back rub contentedly.

Her slender torso was well-muscled, and I enjoyed the contact with her sweet young body as I worked out the kinks in her trapezius. "You look like you've been busy," Janie said, gesturing to my limp cock, which was covered in thick white discharge from Samantha's cunt.

"You've been fucking Samantha, right?" Nina said. "Nobody creams up like she does." She was laying on her belly propped up on her elbows as Janie massaged the backs of her thighs.

"Guilty as charged," I laughed. The lovely teen reached out a delicate finger and swirled it around the base of my penis, collecting some of the still moist residue.

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She popped it into her mouth while eyeing me suggestively. "Yummy, yummy in my tummy!" she said.

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Christ, I must really need a recharge, I thought, as even that didn't get me hard again. I guess I wasn't a young man any more. Oh well, you've got all night I consoled myself. We watched as nearby John and Logan staggered to their feet, having evidently finished the required stud duties with their partners.

Both of them were sweaty and covered in a sheen of dampness, equal parts perspiration, feminine juices and saliva. Their eyes were still a little wild, but their dicks were now only at half-mast. They made their way over to us on unsteady legs.

"Wow, Dave," John managed. "This is some party! I've never seen anything like this. I didn't know things like this went on." "Yeah," agreed Logan. "I thought wild parties happened in college. I didn't think older people did this, too." "Older people?!" said Janie with a dangerous note in her voice.

"Who are you calling old, buddy?" "Uh, oh," I muttered to him. "Retreat, retreat!" "Not old," he sputtered.

"Just older than college. I don't think you're old. I think you're incredibly hot!" Janie appeared a little mollified. Maybe it was being around all these teenage girls, but I guess she was feeling a little insecure and needed to prove to herself she still had game.

Now she stood, her stunning body glistening in the firelight. She put her hands on her hips, tightening her pecs and making her fine tits stand out. "You like what you see?" she said huskily. "Shit yes!" breathed John, as Logan just gulped and nodded his head. Janie began caressing her breasts slowly, running her fingers around the nipples lightly, making them stand up.

"Have you boys been having naughty thoughts about me in class?" Oh, she was bringing out the heavy artillery.

Playing the teacher card; there was no better way to get a teen boy horny. They were fixated on her hands, one of which made its way over her taut abs and started combing through her pubes.


"Y-yes," said John, looking guilty, turned-on, and totally shell-shocked. "You boys wanted to see me naked, didn't you?" "Oooh, yeah," Logan said fervently. "You are such a MILF!" "Oh, really?" she said, a small smile quirking her lips. "You want to fuck me?" She spread her feet slightly and started stroking her mound, her middle finger dipping into the furry crease of her gash.

"You think either of you boys is man enough?" Several of the girls had taken notice, and now a ring of faces had turned toward the scene. Both boys were now sporting woodies again, their pink peckers fully erect and waving in the night air.

I guess the evening's activities had boosted their confidence, because John confidently said, "I know I am." "But that's Jared's mom!" Logan hissed to his friend.

"We can't fuck her!" He turned to me in confusion.

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"Can we, Dave?" "If she's OK with it, why not? She's a grown woman; she knows what she's doing. Just make sure you do a good job. Just because it's not Tae Kwon Do doesn't mean she's still not going to evaluate your performance." "I can't believe we're gonna fuck Master Scarlatti," he said to himself, his voice quavering wildly. "Bring those cocks over here, boys. You know we have to check your equipment before a match." They walked over to her, erections leading the way, and stood silently in front of her.

I must have been imagining it, but I swore I could hear their hearts pounding in their chests, they looked so nervous. Janie knelt between them, putting her at eye level with their pricks.

She lightly stroked each scrotum, tickling the hairs on their young sacks. "Oh God!" John blurted out. Logan just took it in silence, still in shock. Taking a firmer grip, she massaged their balls, her index fingers visible to the audience between the boys' legs as she slipped them backwards, touching their assholes and making them both gasp.

The fingers trailed back over the twin pairs of nuts and slowly wrapped around the throbbing shafts of their penises. Carefully she began stroking them, looking each boy in the eye in turn. "The equipment seems to be in order. Are you students well-prepared for your class?" Her words mimicked our school's headmaster, although I don't think this is what he had in mind when he said them last time I saw him. The two nodded dumbly, in a blissed out stupor as the sexy instructor they had grown up fantasizing about jerked them off in front of a ring of hot, naked girls.

I wasn't surprised to see my own cock perking up, this was such an erotic fantasy come to life. "Well, then. A little warm up to start." And with that she pounced on Logan's knob, engulfing it in her mouth all at once. Several girls cheered, and Logan's knees almost gave out as she began sucking him like a two-dollar whore. Her slurps and his moans fought for supremacy in the air, and her left hand reached around to cup his ass as she gobbled him. Her right hand was still pulling John's pud, and he watched his friend's blow-job proceed right in front of him with amazement and a touch of jealousy.

Fortunately, Janie wasn't playing favorites, and she soon popped Logan's pecker out of her mouth and replaced it with John's, resuming jerking off Logan in the meantime. A muted but heartfelt "Oh, fuck!" erupted from the boy as she deep-throated him expertly, pulling back only after she had had his dickhead lodged in her throat for a good 10 seconds.

I started stroking my own meat, now fully in heat myself, but after only a couple of pulls I was dislodged by both Emily and Nina, who were sitting on either side of me, and apparently as turned on as I was. The two teens fondled me aggressively, taking turns between my cock and balls, sometimes both working my shaft at once. All the while their free hands were busy in their crotches, masturbating their sweet young pussies and filling the air with their sublime scent.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, and Emily took the hint, pulling her sticky fingers out of her snatch and letting me suck her honey off of them gratefully. When I had cleaned them off, she replaced the digits back in her cooze, and Nina took her turn, letting me lick her tangy juice off of her dripping fingers as well. We went back to watching the action, continuing in this vein while Janie did her thing.

Finished with warm-ups, she lay on her back, that wonderful, sopping pussy now gaping wetly as her legs were spread to their limit. "Who's up to the challenge first?" John practically dove on top of her, but Janie held him off, saying, "Hey!

Didn't you learn anything from your lessons tonight? It's about the girl's pleasure first." She pointed at her spread labia. "You got your warm-up exercises; now I need mine." Suitably chastised, John crawled backwards until he was kneeling between her feet.

He seemed mesmerized by the sight in front of him: the dripping wet, spread beaver of his friend's mom. His paralysis didn't last long, however, and he fell face first into her cunt and began lapping at it like a crazed deer on a salt lick. "Faster!" Janie yelled, although her ecstatic grin belied her faux-stern tone. "Get that tongue up in me farther." He struggled to comply.

"Now give me some long, slow licks from bottom to top. One, two, three, four." She counted in cadence, just like in class, and Emily giggled, bringing her hand to her face unconsciously. She seemed startled by the smell of it, and after glancing at it in surprise, remembered she'd had it buried knuckle-deep in her snatch a moment before.

She slipped it into her mouth, tasting herself, while returning her attention to the spectacle in front of her. That little gesture alone almost had me blowing my load, but I exerted what control I had learned from Anjali to settle myself down. I was at least helped by the fact I had just ejaculated about a quart of semen, in two recent doses.

"Now suck my clit!" Janie ordered, and we heard slurping noises as he bent to his task like the good student he was. Janie yanked the hand still wrapped around Logan's meat, getting his attention off of her cunt and onto her face.

"Don't just stand there!" she scolded. "When you're sparring with a partner, you can't miss any opportunity or lose focus. Sex is no different. Get to work on my boobs!" "Yes, ma'am!" he barked out reflexively, and fell to his knees beside her. In spite of her harsh tone, her arm cradled his head gently as he fastened on to her left tit and gave suck.

She let the boys work on her for a minute or two, cooing softly and stroking their hair like the mom she was, sparing a high-voltage smile for me when she looked up momentarily.

"Good job, boys," she finally told them.

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"Now let's move on to the next round. John, you're already between my legs. Get that dick inside me." "Yes, ma'am!" He scrambled on top of her, shaking like a leaf from pure adrenaline rush, and aimed his quivering cock at her gaping slot. As wide open a target as she was, she still had to guide him into her, his inexperience betraying him as he poked her labia a few times trying to line himself up.

"You're a black belt, John! You should be able to hit your target with more control than that. You obviously need more practice." "I can do that, ma'am!" he shouted out, beginning to thrust into her wildly, making both Nina and Emily laugh this time. I spared a glance at Nina's jiggling teen rack as she laughed, her hand still working my johnson as she enjoyed the show. I figured I owed them some reciprocation, and reaching over the arms leading to my groin, placed a hand on each girl's damp fur pie and began to rub them.

They both grinned at me, removing their own hands from their pussies and letting me take over. We all turned our attention back to the threesome before us as Janie continued her instruction. "OK, that's pretty good, John, but I expect more from my students. Pay attention to my responses. If you hear me gasp, or moan, you're doing something good. If I'm just laying there, you're boring me.

Your prick isn't magic, and it's certainly not the biggest I've had. You need to work to please a woman." "Yes, ma'am. What should I do?" "Here. Logan, let go of my boob for a minute and scoot back." The younger boy reluctantly did so, still staring at the sweet treat he had just had snatched from him. Janie gently pushed John back until his glistening young cock sprang from her pussy.

She rolled onto her side, facing Logan, and pulled her right knee up so her pussy was exposed to John's view from between her thighs. "Now, get your dick back in there, and this time try to hit the front wall of my pussy. That's where the sweet spot is. If you can hit that, you'll score points just like sparring." The horny teen was so randy by now he forgot his "Yes, ma'am" and wordlessly plowed back into Janie's cunny, a heavy sigh of contentment whooshing from his mouth as he sank into her welcoming warmth gain.

A look of concentration showed on his handsome young face beneath the curtain of blond hair hanging over his forehead as he strove to please his teacher. His pale ass churned quickly as he drove into her, his nuts rolling back and forth on her left thigh as he worked. "Mmmm, that's better!" Janie said with a smile. "Now you're hitting the target. Keep it up!" She turned to face Logan again. "You need to practice face-fucking, young man." She beckoned him closer with a crooked finger.

"I'm going to open my mouth, and you are going to fuck it just like it was Missy's pussy. Just be more gentle, because the mouth isn't quite the right shape for a dick. There's not as much room, and pussies don't gag." The young man hesitantly scooched forward on his knees, anxious not to hurt his new favorite teacher. Janie opened her mouth slightly, lips pursed, and closed her eyes as he slid into her.

Her free hand crept up to touch his dangling balls, letting them rest in her palm while he began thrusting. A look of sheer ecstasy was on his face as he worked, his prick undoubtedly getting tickled by her skilled tongue as he humped her face faster and faster.

Janie took her double-ended penetration for a few minutes, but apparently wanted to ensure equal instruction time for her students.

She gently disengaged from Logan's cock, and placing a hand on John's chest stopped his pumping. Gauging the harsh gasps emanating from his mouth, he wasn't going to last much longer. "Logan, your turn. You've had a little practice fucking my mouth, and you've heard my instructions to John. Let's see how you handle yourself balls-deep in a pussy." The boy's eyes lit up as he scrambled to her other end, then widened as she got on her hands and knees, presenting her ass to him.

"Make sure you get the right hole; anal is a lesson for another day." He knelt behind her, his wet prick pointed at her equally wet vagina, and eased in. An involuntary groan escaped his lips as he sank into her depths. He was motionless for a minute, reveling in the sensation, until Janie scolded him. "Don't lose focus! You're supposed to be pleasuring me, remember?" "Sorry, ma'am." He began briskly pounding into her, and she nodded to herself, satisfied.

She again turned her attention to John, who was standing next to her, a desperate look on his face. "You really want to come, don't you?" she said. "Yes, ma'am," he croaked, his hand unconsciously moving to encircle his twitching cock.

"But you're able to hold it; that's good. It shows strength of character." A smile crept onto her face as she considered her next move. "You won't always have a sparring partner, so sometimes you need to be able to take care of things yourself.

Why don't you jerk yourself off in my face. I'm sure you've had plenty of practice masturbating." "In front of everybody?" he asked, his wide eyes taking in the ring of eager spectators. "Yes. You need to be able to perform in front of others without fear.

It's important to gain confidence through practice. When you're ready to come, tell me, and I'll let you shoot in my mouth." I was certain he had never heard those words before, in or out of school. "Yes, ma'am," he murmured quietly, hesitantly stroking his firm young dick. "I can't hear you!" Janie barked. "Yes, MA'AM!" John shouted, the added energy erasing his fear. He began yanking on his meat aggressively, heedless of his audience.

"Oh, fuck, this is so hot!" Nina breathed. "I can only imagine if one of our teachers did this in algebra class. That would be awesome sauce!" She looked at me hungrily. "I need you to fuck me Dave; I'm so horny I can't stand it." She rolled on her side, mimicking the position Janie had been in moments ago. That way she could still watch the action, I guess. I looked between her pale, coltish legs, spying the dense thicket of dark hair peeking between them. I caressed her tight little ass for a moment, thinking that teen pussy was one of the finest things in the world.

My dick didn't want time to reflect, though, it wanted in this succulent dish.

Since I usually follow its lead, I buried Little Dave into her tight young snatch in a heartbeat, and began pumping away joyfully. Emily looked a little pouty, and said truculently, "What about me?" "You already fucked him last time," Nina said reasonably, her voice shaking as I slammed into her.

"It's my turn. But I know what you can do. Remember that yoga pose you were laughing at the other day?" Emily's face lit up. She scooted next to Nina's shoulders and hoisted her body up in the air in a headstand, facing toward Janie. She could still watch, just upside down. Nina supported her back with her free hand.

I was not sure how this was supposed to relieve her horniness, but I understood when she spread her legs wide, doing the splits. I pulled my head back sharply as her leg dipped under me, narrowly avoiding getting kneed in the jaw.

Now her lovely young pussy was on display just inches to my right, its heavenly fragrance wafting into my nose. "Dive in, Doc!" Nina said happily. "Emmy needs some lovin', too." Twist my arm, I thought, adjusting myself forward over Nina's hip and planting my face in that gorgeous, 15-year-old twat.

She had finished her period since I had last seen her this intimately, and her fresh young cunt now tasted tangy and sweet, almost like pineapple. I blissfully did my duty to the two young ladies as we watched Janie's sex-ed lesson come to a close. Looking around, I saw frenzied activity amongst the spectators in all directions as the universal horniness brought on by the erotic show going on in our midst reached a fever pitch.

Samantha and Megan had now joined Alexis and Hannah, and one of the girls had brought out the big, black dildo that Janie had borrowed the other day. They seemed to be taking turns cramming it into each other, making wailing noises as their tender pussies were spread to their limits. Missy and Angela were now squatting in front of Mary and Danielle, eating out their coaches, who were sitting next to each other on the log watching Janie work and playing with each other's tits.

Sara was toying with Toni's ass and pussy, while the lovely Italian girl rested on her knees and forearms, butt propped up in the air and eyes focused on the two teenage boys thrusting into their instructor. Logan was still pumping away into Janie's sweet cunt, sweating and gasping.

I was sure he had only lasted so long because he had already nutted several times already. John's hand was a blur as he yanked his meat furiously, driving hard for a climax, all performance anxiety gone by this point. "I'm gonna come!" he shouted, and true to her word, Janie opened wide to take his offering into her mouth.

The young man placed his now purple dickhead on her tongue, and with a few more jerks of his hand began spurting jets of semen into the waiting orifice. "Oh, shit! Oh, yeah!" he groaned, milking the last drops out of his overtaxed peter. A cheer went up from the girls as he blew his load, and they now began chanting Logan's name, encouraging him as he raced for the home stretch. As Janie swallowed John's seed, I saw a look of concentration on her face, and wondered if she were showing her student what a Master could do with her pussy.

My suspicions were confirmed when Logan began gasping, "Oh my God! What's happening? It's squeezing me!" Mary and Danielle laughed at the boy's delighted shock, and soon the girls were all clapping as he unloaded into his teacher and collapsed onto her, completely spent.

After a moment to catch her breath, Janie gently helped Logan off of her and they got to their feet. She led him over to John and had them stand next to each other. She stood opposite them, her ass to me, and I could see the sticky trail of semen leaking out of her snatch and down her thigh as she moved. Janie called them to attention, and they held the pose, bodies straight, eyes forward, and limp penises still trickling drops of pearly fluid from the ends.

"Bow to your instructor!" she commanded, and the boys complied, giving her a deep bow of respect. Respect the pussy, boys!

I thought, still thrusting my cock into Nina's and my tongue deep into Emily's. That's really who's in charge.

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The girls all began clapping and cheering wildly, and grins of amazed disbelief broke out on the faces of the two young men as what they had just experienced hit home. Janie relaxed her stern expression and held out her arms, and the boys ran into her embrace gladly as she took on her other role as mother figure to them, cuddling them to her chest happily. "Aaaw, that's sweet, said Emily from beneath me. "Not as sweet as your pussy," I told her, making her giggle.

"Suck my clit!" she ordered. "I'm about ready to come." I did as she bid, and surprised her with a bonus finger in her tight little asshole.

The extra stimulation was what she needed, and her body shuddered as she came, her succulent cunny juicing up as she climaxed.

I drank in her discharge, not spilling a drop, and then let her roll out of her headstand to collapse on the ground in a worn-out heap. She watched me finish fucking her teammate, a contented little smile on her face as she idly played with one of her small pink nipples.

Nina's eyes were closed and almost pained expression was set on her face as she sought her own release. I began concentrating on increasing the friction of my plunging rod against the front wall of her cooze, trying to get her off before I reached the point of no return. Figuring if it worked for one girl it would for the other, I began rubbing her sweaty anus with my thumb, stretching her until I could squeeze the fat digit inside her, thrusting it in and out in time with my penile motion.

I still had a free hand, so I reached up between her legs and began massaging her clit at the same time. Loud grunts came from the girl, and Emily decided to help her out, fondling her breasts and pinching the nipples as I pounded into her. Abruptly she began bucking and writhing, a pitiful whine erupting from her clenched teeth.

The twitching of her pussy confirmed her orgasm was upon her, and having brought her to her destination, I now drove for my own.


A few thrusts into her tight young snatch and I was there, shouting, "Aw, fuck yes!" as I blasted my man juice into her happily. I rolled off her and lay against her back, my arm around her waist.

Not wanting to be left out, Emily cuddled up to her front, and we rested, basking in the sublime sensation of post-orgasmic bliss. Janie sat down beside us moments later, patting my rump affectionately.

"You three look like you've been having fun." "Dave was awesome," Nina enthused. "He made us both come at once!" "Aw, shucks," I said with a grin. "'Tweren't nuthin', little lady." "We got, like, sooo turned on by what you did with those boys," Emily said, eyes shining with excitement.

"I think I'd die if a hot teacher made me do stuff like that in class." "They're good boys," Janie said with a smile. "I wanted to show them how sex should be. Taking your time, thinking about your partner, communicating what you want, and lots of variety!" "And orgasms!" said Nina brightly. Janie laughed. "Yes, those, too." Mary helped Danielle hobble over to our love nest and the two dropped to the ground.

"That was really impressive how you handled those two, Janie," Danielle said. "Yeah," Mary added. "It made us reconsider our usual methods. Maybe we've been a little harsh in the past." "If it's worked for you before, I'm not sure you need to change anything. Just keep a light heart, and make sure you have the boys best interests in mind, not cruelty. Remember, I have years of conditioning them to my authority in place from Tae Kwon Do.

You might have to be a little more firm in order to get respect from your average teenage boy who doesn't know you. Half of them want to be thugs and playas, and the other half are clueless when it comes to women's bodies." "A little firm?" I muttered, remembering their treatment of me. "You got any complaints, Doc?" Mary asked with a small smile. "Not really." I grinned at her. "Just questioning the choice of words, not your methods." We were interrupted when the two boys in question walked, or more aptly staggered, over to our little group.

"Thank you so much, Master Scarlatti," Logan said fervently. "That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. It was even better than Missy." "Yeah," agreed John. "You are the sexiest woman in the world. Even if you are Jared's mom." "God, it's gonna be so weird when we see him next," Logan mused.

"I'm going to think of this party every time I look at him." "Don't worry," Janie chuckled. "He knows I have sex. He's even seen me doing it." The boys' eyes widened.


"Our family is pretty open about these things." She rubbed my back as she said this, and I was touched to be included as her "family." "Shit, I can't imagine watching my mom have sex. She's pretty and all, but I can't think of her that way." "She's a sexual being, too," Danielle pointed out.

"Remember, she had sex to make you, didn't she?" "I guess." He frowned, pondering his mother in a new light. "Still, I don't know&hellip." He trailed off, his mind opened to hitherto uncontemplated avenues. "You two young men need to not forget what happened when you first got here," Mary said sternly. "We punished you for a reason." "I'll never forget that as long as I live," Logan said seriously. "What happens here, stays here," she continued. "This is a private area.

You don't come here unless invited. And you don't talk to your friends about this. We don't need a bunch of horny boys bothering us. We went easy on you tonight. If you break our trust we will get severe on your asses." "That wasn't severe?" John muttered. "You have no idea, boy," I told him. I looked up at the blonde woman. "I have a better idea on how to keep them quiet, Mary." She raised her eyebrows in an invitation for me to continue. "First of all, if I hear any talk about this night from you or any of the other boys, I will tell them how you begged the girls to piss on you and offered to be their slaves.

How is that going to look to your buddies?" They looked suitably horrified, and Emily and Nina smirked. "Second, if you tell anyone about this place, I guarantee you will never be invited back. How's that for incentive?" "I promise, we'll never tell!" Logan blurted out frantically. "Yeah, me too!" agreed John. "Please, please let us come back!" "Et voila," I told the coaches as Janie laughed. "You have their silence ensured." To be continued.