This white girl is a cum dodger but she loves sucking big black dick

This white girl is a cum dodger but she loves sucking big black dick
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Im not the best story writer so i would love any feedback i can get. Im obsessed with the thought of a party slut, so there will be more stories to follow about Tash getting sluttier and sluttier. Enjoy! I walked into the party wearing my new ultra short skirt and a loose grey top i got from the Zara store opening last weekend.

I'm wearing deadly high heels that make my legs look amazing, and as i walk in i see a few of the guys have noticed. I walk over to the make-shift bar to get myself a drink when Decker places his hand on my arm spinning me around to greet him. "Hey Tash," he says in his sexy husky voice. His muscles are rippling under his tight black t shirt, the package in his pants barely contained behind the white denim shorts he dons. Damn he is big, i think to myself.

"Hey Decker, can i drink this?" I say to him reaching to my left for a bottle of some bright pink drink. "Yeah sure, whatever you want." He says, grabbing two other drinks next to it - one for himself and "Have this one too, for later" he says. I take the second drink too and he motions for me to follow him. I open my pink drink and follow him through the crowd and outside.

"So glad you came! Did you bring any girls?" Decker says as we slow down near a grassy patch on the back lawn. The party is pumping inside and a few of the guys are outside on the back deck drinking and laughing. "No i had to come alone, Haylie is working until 10 with her parents and then she said she'll pop by," I replied, taking another sip of my drink and looking up into Deckers eyes.

He is so fucking sexy. Decker and i talked for a good hour alone outside, sitting on the grass watching the party and the guys on the deck. I was feeling a little tipsy after finishing my second drink when Decker looked deep into my eyes, put his hand on my knee and leant a little closer. "Can i kiss you?" he asked. Instantly i was breathless, matching his stare and did nothing but nod the slightest little nod.

He leant in and kissed me hard, like he was worried he would never get this again. I kissed him back just as hard, letting him know i want this and he can kiss me as much as he wants to.

Slowly he started moving his hand from my knee, and up my thigh. My breathing got a little heavier and my pussy dampened before i came to and realised where we were.

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I gently pushed him away and uttered the words, No. He looked around and motioned to the guys on the deck, "no one is looking babe, let me," he prompted. My pussy was throbbing with the thought of getting caught on this lawn being finger fucked by Decker.

Before i could answer he had his lips on my neck, sending shivers down my spine making me want this so badly. We started kissing again, and he placed his hand on my thigh once more, moving slowly up higher and higher to my now dripping wet hole. When he noticed i wasn't fighting back he gently moved aside my underwear with two fingers, then started to softly caress my clit. "You like that?" he whispered in my ear, nibbling on the lobe and moving down my neck with soft wet kisses.


My breath was staggered and i nodded, looking up at the guys on the deck making sure nobody could see. I grabbed his head and started kissing him again as he slowly moved his fingers from rubbing my clit to circling the entrance to my pussy.

He's making me wait for it, making me want it so badly just circling the entrance slowly. "Tell me you want it," he whispered. I nodded. "Tell me Tash," he whispered forcefully. "I want it. please," i breathed. He smiled and pushed both fingers inside me making me moan a little and throw my head back.

My breathing picked up as he finger fucked me harder and faster. I opened my legs a bit more so he could have a bit more access to my soaking, throbbing cunt. Suddenly he pulled his fingers out making me open my eyes and look up at him. "Shh," he said and started pulling my underwear down to my ankles. I nervously looked around making sure nobody could see him removing them. He threw them over to the bushes by the fence and laughed.

I pushed him back playfully and he started kissing me again. He slowly inched my skirt up to my waist leaving my whole crotch exposed on the back lawn while there was a party in full swing only a few meters away.

I was about to protest when he replaced his two fingers deep inside me, and started thrusting in and out, making me again forget where i was.

I threw my head back and started softly moaning as my pussy got wetter and wetter. He pushed my legs a little further open so he had a clear view of my cunt, and also enough space to manoeuvre his hand and add a third finger. I usually wouldn't let anyone use more than 2 fingers but i was feeling tipsy and it felt so damn good. What a slut, i thought to myself.

If anyone looks over from the deck they'll see directly into my pussy getting finger fucked with three fingers. The thought made me even hotter. Decker started kissing me again, while wiggling a fourth finger in.

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I tried to say No but he kept kissing me whispering, "Shh baby," moving his fingers in and out of me. I was so wet and i could hear the sloshing from his fingers entering and exiting. I opened my eyes to grab Decker and kiss him when i noticed four of his friends now watching me be fingered on the lawn by Decker.


Before i could react my body was already reacting and i could feel an orgasm come on. I didn't do anything but lie there looking at Decker as he had 4 fingers working my pussy, and 4 of his friends watching this happen. The orgasm ran through me and i moaned out load as i came, throwing my head back again and spreading my legs further to feel the full blow. I heard his friends laughing and cheering and i felt so humiliated and turned on and sexy all at the same time.

Once the sensations subsided, i gathered my thoughts and tried to move away and close my legs, but Decker was forcefully holding them open. "Decker," i breathed. "Please." I looked at him dead in the eye begging him to let me up, shame washing over me. Instead of moving he started circling my hole with one finger and using his thumb to softly caress my lit.

Everything was so sensitive from the orgasm that i instantly moaned. "What do you want Tash?" he said looking up at me, slowly sliding one finger in, then out, then circling my hole again.

All the while still circling my clit. I looked up at the guys watching me who now all had massive bulges in their pants. I felt like such a slut but i wanted this so bad, i was beyond wet and horny and any second i could come again. I threw my head back as Decker repeating the motion of inserting his finger and then circling my hole, over and over again. I started moaning and relaxing my legs a little and i heard one of the boys say "Alright!!" and laugh.

Decker started inserting his finger again, followed by a second and third. He started finger fucking my hard, moving over to my side to give the boys a better view. I knew in my mind i should protest or stop, but i just couldn't. I would do anything to come right now. I want a dick inside me, i thought, fuck this bad but fuck i need a dick. Decker slowly started to wiggle in his fourth finger, before one of the boys came over and helped open my legs a little more.

I felt like such a cheap slut, but i was loving it. Slowly i felt Decker attempt to put his thumb in too, and edge his knuckles in gently. It felt so fucking good i didn't want to stop him even though i knew he was about to fist me infront of all of these guys. "You like that?" he asked me, fitting his knuckles inside me. He was now up to the middle of his hand when i felt him clench it into a fist and force the rest of it inside me.

I let out a long moan as he started pumping his fist up and down inside me. I felt those familiar waves wash over me and i knew i was going to come again. It felt so good i kept moaning louder and louder. "You like that Tash?" he asked me again, "Yes" i breathed opening my eyes and seeing i now had an audience of 6 or 7, all with their dicks out wanking over me.

The minute i saw them i started cuming hard around Deckers fist, saturating it in my pussy juices. He slowly pulled his fist out of me leaving me feeling open and empty and like a cheap whore sitting on the grass with my legs spread in front of all of his friends. He shook his hand and walked off patting one of his friends on the back. Before i could gather myself and get up, Trey one of Deckers friends was already lowering himself onto me. I tried squirming and moving away but he grabbed my hands and pinned me down, "What you don't wanna be fucked?" he said to me.

I shook my head, "Aw come on, yes you do," he said and forced his dick inside me. "Aw see your still wet from all that fisting, you do want this," he coaxed me, sticking his dick further and further inside me. I didn't want it, but it felt so nice having a dick inside me i didnt do anything further to stop him.

He started fucking me hard and fast and i felt like i was going to come again. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me. "I don't think so," he said.

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"What?" I breathed. "I wanna be on bottom slut," he said and lay down. "Mount me." he commanded.


All of his friends were still watching and i nervously got up and sat hovering over his hard erect cock.

He held my hips to guide me onto it, but instead he just guide me down onto his knob and then back up again. "Please," i begged, whispering softly and needily. "Please what?" he coaxed. I was so horny and dripping my juices onto his dick as he held me just above it. "Please let me fuck it," i said, begging him with my half open sex eyes. He laughed at me and his friends joined too. "Okay," he said and lowered my down onto his knob again, then pulled me up quickly.

I was getting wetter and wetter, it felt like i couldn't get any wetter. I just wanted that dick inside me and he was teasing me with it, and in front of everybody too. His friends all had a prime view from behind of my pussy needing Treys dick, as he continued to lower me onto the knob and quickly pull me off it. I tried so hard to lower my pussy onto his dick when he lowered me but he wouldn't let it happen and all i got was the knob.

I could hear his friends all laughing behind me and cheering Trey on. "Ha ha this slut wants it bad boys," he cajoled. I wanted it so bad. He lowered me again onto his knob, this time when i thought he was going to pull me up again he slammed me down onto his cock, forcing it into me balls deep. I moaned so loudly, feeling like i was going to come when he lifted me again. Quickly i lowered myself again and started fucking him so hard and fast before he pulled me up yet again.

I was so frustrated and turned on and needy. "What a dirty bitch, you like the dick?" He asked me.

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I nodded, feeling like such a slut and loving every second of it. "Im gonna let you come slut, but you have to do something first." He said and motioned to his friends. I nodded, "Anything," i breathed, completely lost in the moment, wanting nothing more than to come. I didn't care what he wanted i just wanted to come. One of his friends came to our side with his iPhone and Trey pointed to him, "He's gonna film," he said. I nodded and tried to lower myself onto Treys dick again but he again stopped me.

He laughed, "No no no slut, he's going to film, and he's going to mount you from behind," he said pointing his other friend Kyle standing behind me. I turned around and saw his big cock, and nodded. The boys all laughed and cheered as Kyle started lowering himself behind me, and aiming his cock into my needy hole. Trey leant me forward positioning me on his dick so Kyle could enter me as well. The minute i heard the video recording ding to indicate recording started and felt both dicks full my pussy i felt the waves start to wash over me again.

I started moaning as Kyle starting ramming into me, the friction of the two dicks in my stretched pussy and all of these guys watching me and laughing at how much of a slut i was being sent me over the edge. I started cuming hard, moaning loudly as the boys kept thrusting. I have never come so hard before, it felt like ecstasy. Before long Kyle pulled out and Trey shoved me off him, "Thanks slut," he said as he buttoned up his pants and stood up.

The boys that were watching finished wanking and came on me, spat on me and walked away. I felt like the biggest slut, lying there panting with my skirt at my waist and my panties in the bushes. Fuck that was good.