Kein churrasco liberal o prato preferido foi a calabresa crua

Kein churrasco liberal o prato preferido foi a calabresa crua
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Recently, I went to visit chicago and see some family. I was particularly close with my cousin. Although she was only sixteen, and I was 19 we had a lot in common.

Each summer, I would get on the bus, and head to her place for a few weeks. This summer was going to be a little bit different . "David!" she ran right up to me, and gave me huge hug. Right away I noticed something about her was a bit different.

She looked so much more athletic, and well toned. She mentioned she had been playing tennis alot lately. She gave a flirty smile, and I think she caught me checking her out. We put my bags in the car, and headed back to her place.

"so I have some really good news!". "Tell me!". "Well my parents are going to be out of town for the next couple of day, so we are going to have quite the party".

I smiled back at her, "sweet". It was already pretty late when we got to her house. We talked a bit more, and both headed off to bed. I fell asleep in my boxers because I was to tired to unpack my pyjamas.

A few hours later I felt a soft hand on my limp cock, "what the fuck!". She placed her her finger on my mouth, and whispered in my ear, "stop pretending, I feel you get hard by the second". She rubbed my cock up and down a bit, while pressing her body against mine. She was wearing flannel pyjamas, so I could feel everything.

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She went on top of me, and I could feel her soaking wet cunt dripping through her pyjamas. I reached for her ass, and squeezed. "I hope you like my ass, because I need you to fuck it hard". I smiled at her, and i'm pretty sure we both were happy about the idea of fucking her ass. I tore her shirt right off, and the buttons flew everywhere "you dirty fucker, you like it kinky" She took her pants off and shoved her pussy in my face.


"eat me through my panties, you fuck!". I licked her through her panties, and could barely taste her because she was dripping so much. She bent forward, and teased my cock through my boxers, as I teased her through her panties.

She reached back and pulled her panties to the side "like me for real!". I licked her sopping cunt back and forth, and felt her gagging back and forth on my cock.


"I taste precum". she mumbled. "don't you dare cum" She stopped sucking my cock, and bent forward. "if you wanna fuck my ass, you are going to have to get it ready". I licked in and out of her cute little ass.

She was moaning with so much pleasure. After a few minutes I squeezed a finger in, and felt her jump. she took some lube out from near her desk. "put this on your cock, and fuck me!" I put some on my cock, and fucked her gently at first.

I started to build the rythm, and fucked her a bit harder. "to much!" she screamed. She quickly got off me. "dont worry, we are not done" she said, smiling at me.

She lay flat on the bed, and spread her legs wide open.

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I pushed my cock far into her, and she wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her really really hard.

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She was loving every second of it. "come on top", I whispered in her ear. She grabbed my head, and put her tongue far into my mouth.

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We made out for a few minutes. It was the best makeout session ever. Her lips were so warm, and inviting. She finally went on top, and rode me like a pornstar. I grabbed her ass hard, and shoved my cock deep in and out of her. I could feel a stream of hot cum dripping onto my balls.

I grabbed her breast and bit her nipple hard. "oooohhhhh fuuck!" she screamed. I did the same thing to the other one. I was going to cum any minute but I was ready just yet. I threw her off me, and grabbed her by the arm. I shoved her on to the wall with her hand facing the wall. She was so naked, and vulnerable.

I grabbed her neck, and choked her a bit, with my cock deep insided her pussy. "oh fuck me!" she screamed. I grabbed her tits, and she used the wall to balance.

I fucked her so hard, I knew I was going to come very soon. "I'm cummming.:" I moaned. She quickly turned around, and bent down. I finished cumming all over her face, mouth, and breasts. she licked all the cum from everywhere.

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I pressed her face on the floor, "you missed some you slut!". J Just as she finsihed getting up off the floor, her mom walks in. "what the fuck!". "mom. its not what you think". Her mom took her by the pony tail, and threw her on the bed. Her mom lifted up her skirt, and exposed her clean shave clit. "You better take care of mom, before your dad gets home". She spread her legs open, and shoved my cousins face deep into her pussy.

"lick me!".


"And david, get over here, and put that cock in my mouth before I tell your mom what you did, you filthy cousin fucker. I had no choice. I put my cock right in her mouth, and she sucked it really hard. "You are going to fuck my the same way you fucked your cousin, and if you dont." she squeezed my balls hard so I got the idea. Things got really hot that night but we didnt get far as soon as the door opened we all scrambled. My uncle looked upset "I got called on emergency business, so looks like it will be you three for the next few days.

At the dinner table I felt two hand reach for my cock.I'm sure my uncle will be missed.