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Preggo pornstar Georgia Peach bohrt Fett Pussy mit Spielzeug
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As i weakly pulled Mason into me ready to have sex with him again (even though i knew my body couldn't take another hammering) he smiled kissed me passionately and pulled away. "Don't you think your body has had enough abuse for today?' I looked at him and slightly shrugged. 'Do you think my bodies had enough abuse master?" He chuckled and started to put his clothes back on. I was pissed off because i was still horny for him but i wouldn't dare tell him that, so i turned and laid on my side as my body pulsated in pain from all the hitting biting and pounding.

Soon i closed my eyes and was asleep (i am a very light sleeper).

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As i slept i heard Jordan come into my room and sit on the bed next to me. I kept my eyes close not wanting him to know i was awake, i felt him kiss me gently on the lips and i slightly kissed back (not enough for him to know i was awake). He whispered"I love you Mya" and left the room .My eyes fluttered open in shock from what my brother just said and at how my heart started to beat fast. I looked around the room as it started to spin and whispered to myself "This is insect." We are twins how could i think of him in that way, how could i have sex with him.

We were going to hell and i knew it but at the sametime Mason was on my mind. He was my first and i loved the way he treated me but Jordan treats me the same way. " I really have nothing to worry about either way my relationship with both of them was strictly sex isn't it?"I said to myself still questioning the word s that came out my mouth.

Finally getting enough of just laying there i got up and got dress in one of Jordans shirts i stole and went downstairs. I sat on a chair left in the middle of the floor and started to think about how much i loved sex to be interrupted by heavy breathing coming from outside.

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I went to see what was going on and saw Mason with only black basketball shorts on and u.f.c gloves, He was jabbing away at one of the boys from the group earlier and was jumping side to said back and forth weaving left and right ducking the boys hit. He threw blows at the boy each time he did the harder his punches until the boy dropped and gave in. I gasp as my eyes lit up.The way he moved and hit sent chills through my body as i bit my lip lusting after his sweaty body.

"What are you doing?" Jordan called out making me jump back. "Oh nothing was just watching them, "what are you doing?' I said as i turned around only to see Jordan with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

I turned away quickly trying to hide my red face. "What the hell is wrong with you. you act like you just didn't see me naked loser". I snapped my head back at him giving him a dirty look. He laughed at me and i threw a shoe i found on the floor at him. he caught it and held it in the air. " Really your going to throw something that you knew i would easily catch, how dumb are you?" "Obviously not that dumb if you love me" I smirked.

"You were up, fucking bitch." He said walking towards me and grabbed me hitting me with my own hand playfully. I laughed and started to hit him with my other hand then stopped as i felt Masons breath on my neck making goose bumps appear. "Excuse me" he said gently pushing by me and shoving Jordan out the way. Jordan glared at him and bit his lip in frustration. "Um what did i miss, are you guys okay." "I'm fine just keep your pussy ass brother out my way." " Pussy ass?" i repeated in confusion.

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Jordan licked his lips balling his fist up. "Just like i told your sister i will hit you back don't fuck with me Jordan." "Jordan calm down okay." I said in fear." (i never saw my brother fight so i didn't know if he could and i definitely knew Mason could).

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Jordan smirked and punched the wall above me making a whole and calmly walked away. "At the end of it all Mason i always get the girl remember that." He said laughing before disappearing into my parents room. "What the fuck is wrong with you guys, you were both just tag teaming me a few hours ago!" "Shit changes in just a few hours." Mason said as he took a cigarette out and lit it and started inhaling it. "Fucking idiots." Mason licked his lips and came closer to me until we were face to face and he was blowing smoke in my face.

"Repeat that again sweetheart." I looked at him and he could see in my eyes i was way too terrified to.

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He chuckled and pulled me in for a kiss, i pulled him closer as my heart started to race. He lowered his hand to my pussy lips ( i didn't have any underwear on) and started to rub it slowly as moans escaped from my lips. He smiled and picked me up and walk to Jordan's room throwing me on his bed.

" This is Jordans ROOOOM!" i scream out as he started rubbing my clit faster and biting my right nipple. "I know it is, he can smell are love sent all over his bed and dream about the fucking he wish he got from you." I tried to open my mouth to reject but he slowly eased down to my pussy and took his time licking my clit swirling around it, and sucking on my clit slowly moving down my slit. I moved my hips against his face pulling his head against my pussy, he pulled my hands off of him pulling them to either side of me and really started to lick and suck my slit and clit.

He finally went down to my hole and stuck his tongue inside i moaned lowly trying not to let Jordan hear me. He put his thumb on my clit and started rubbing it as he licked inside my hole.He then stuck one finger inside my hole finding my sweet spot and licked my clit. My eyes rolled back as i cried out i was about to cum not caring if Jordan heard me.


He pulled his face away and smiled, i looked at him confused as he walked out the room and came back with a blue bag. I sat up and tilted my head "What is that?" "I'm about to make you feel better than you ever imagined baby." He said as he pulled two sets of handcuffs out, I let him put them on my wrist and chain me to the bed. He closed and locked the door and pulled chocolate syrup out of the bag.

I immediately got dripping wet and moaned in annoyance with his slow pace. He laughed and slowly poured the syrup on my breast moving down to my stomach and onto my pussy. I bit my lip waiting for him to lick it off but he didn't start yet i kicked my feet like a brat and put my head up to look at him. " Why are you being so mean to me?" He chuckled and sat at the edge of the bed. "Say what i want to hear and i lick you up like a starving dog baby." I paused trying to think about what he would want me to say and looked into his grey eyes i smiled.

"Please give me pleasure master". "He chuckled and laid on the bed next to me "that was a nice guess but no three words." I looked at him and started to blush, i knew i felt that way about him but did i really want him to know that.What the hell am i talking about he already knew i loved him and i wanted him to tongue my body down i was horny as fuck!

" I love you I really love you please lick my wet pussy." I said squirming around. He immediately got up and hovered over me and slowly started to lick the syrup of my right breast, swirling his tongue around and slowly licking to the other side making me moan and pull at my handcuffs. He licked back and forth between each breast for a while until he slowly moved his tongue up and down my stomach sucking on my tummy making me moan louder.

" Oh please go lower." i said biting my lip drawing blood. He looked up at me as he went back down my pussy and i automatically wrapped my legs around his head. He lapped up the chocolate and my pussy juicessucking and lightly biting my clit. He put two fingers inside me finding my Gspr and pressed on it making me orgasm hard and he started to suck up all my cum up.

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He lifted his head up and kissed me swapping my cum into my own mouth and stuck his tongue down my throat as we kept swapping the cum between our mouths i finally took the cum from his mouth and swallowed it knowing it would turned him on even more. He groaned as i felt his cock get harder i put my pussy against it and started to stroke it while it was still in his shorts he winked at me and kissed me again Then he finally un-cuffed me and rolled me on top of him and handed me the cuffs, i cuffed him to the bed and kissed his chest slowly moving down to his harden and kissed it still in his pants he groaned.

I smiled licking his cock through his shorts teasing him and slowly pulled his shorts and boxers off i looked into the blue bag to see what else he had ti find a bottle of whip cream i smiled at him and sat on his chest. He licked his lips as i shook the bottle and slowly started rubbing his cock. "Don't fucking tease me like that" he said closing his eyes. " Oh now you know how i feel, what was it you told me to say the three words right?" He laughed and glared at me his grey eyes making me melt.

" I love you" he said coolly and it set me off like fireworks i put the whip cream in my mouth and made out with him swapping the whip cream back and forth as i slowly turned having my back to him and spat on his cock.


Then put a long Mountain of whip cream on his dick making sure to cover his whole length. I got off of him and stood up i grabbed one of my D cup boobs and started lick it while pinching my nipple on the other one.

I looked in the bag and found some cherries i took one and put it in my mouth slowly sucking it as i pulled it off the stem and put the cherry in his mouth, I then put the stem in my mouth and swirled it around my mouth pulling it out into a tide not.

He licked his lips and started biting them. When i finally felt he had waited enough i sat back on his chest and put my mouth on the tip of his cock hearing him groan i put 7 inches of his length down my throat and swirled it around with the whip cream licking and sucking away i went further down to 9 inches which was now down my throat i pulled away licking the rest of the whip cream off his shaft and started to suck his balls i put more whip cream on his tip and went back down on his cock going up and down as fast as a could hearing him groan ":Suck that cock baby deep throat me" I was at my peak and had an orgasm while rubbing my clit.

I looked at my cum on his chest and licked it off slowly as i gave him a sluty look. Then I went back to sucking his cock not swallowing my cum yet and deep throat him as he groaned more I soon tuned him out really getting into sucking his cock i didn't hear him say he was cumming and felt his hot sticky cum go down my throat sucking every drop out of him hoping he would squirt out more of the salt yet sweet stickiness.

I pulled away to see the his cock was still hard i turned to face him and lifted my ass up slowly inching my hole to his swollen cock, when i found his cock i slammed down making us both moans i slowly lifted up and started to grind against his cock. He moved his hips up and down against me making himself go deeper inside me i leaned down and kissed him and started to grind against him faster putting my hands on his chest i hopped up and down and i began to have another orgasm as he started pump his hips against me faster i came several more time breathing heavily and not able to move up and down anymore i un-cuffed him and he grabbed my waist slowly slamming me against him making sure he went a deep as he could i yelp grabbing onto his neck as we both moan.

I screamed out his name as i was now panting. He started to speed up and i felt his dick throb in me as his hot cum flowed through me.

He groan for awhile longer and kissed me passionately before i felt his dick go limp we both at the sametime said we loved each other as he leaned back and closed his eyes i pulled his now limp cock out and laid against his chest and we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning i woke up with him still asleep i silently walked out the room. I went to the bathroom trying to get there before Jordan as usual i closed the door waiting to hear him cuss me out but it never came. I shrugged my shoulders and turned the shower on, I waited for it to get hot before i hopped in, when the water was finally hot i went into the shower and first shampooed my hair trying to get the chocolate that Mason accidentally go on me for last nights love making.

When i finally was done washing my hair i put body wash on my hand and slowly started to rub it on my shoulders slowly rubbing and lathering my neck down to my chest taking time to caressed my right boob and wash under it pinching my pink thumb sized nipple letting out a low moan.

I then did the same to my left boob I slowly move down my stomach to my pussy lathering between my lips rubbing my clit. I tilt my head back as i slowly rub my clit with one hand and caressed my left Breast with the other. I then start to wash my bum and the rest of my body repeating this for the second time. I heard the door open and close i smile thinking Mason was coming for some morning sex, "Coming back for more baby" i say sluttishly only to see Jordan pull back the sliding door.

"WHAT THE HELL DUDE.WHY ARE YOU NAKED!" i said as my face flushes red. " So you and Mason thought it was cute to bang in my bed?" I looked at him and shrugged, "You did it to me before plus you did it in my car. i think we're about even." He looked at my with an emotionless face and turned the water off then pulled me in for a kiss.

I pulled away and mouthed "What about Mason I-I Lo". I didn't finish my sentence because Jordan had pulled me in for another kiss which i kissed back to.

I closed my eyes willing to do whatever Jordan wanted, he pulled back and caressed my cheek. "You might love him now but after this you will only have eyes for me." He hopped in the shower and turned the water back on.


He then went in back of me slowly kissing my neck and grabbing my breast. I groaned feeling his cock on my arsei pushed back on it as he put his hand to my chin turning me to kiss me while putting his cock in between my legs teasing me with it.

I grabbed onto his length from the front and started to stroke it making him go hump me faster. I pulled away from his kiss still thinking about Mason, I knew i was a slut for what i was doing but my heart was getting tugged from two sides. I looked into Jordans eyes and kissed him again as he started to rub my clit. " I want you to cum on my cock and lick it of right now baby". He said whispering in my ear send making me wet. (which he wouldn't have noticed since we were already we from the water) He started rubbing my clit faster while bitching my neck making me scream out his name.

He started to rub fore fiercely as he humped in between my legs. I tilted my head back and oragsmed all over his cock.

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"Good girl" he said as he turned me around i bent down to lick the cum of his cock. I put the tip in my mouth only for him to pull back teasing me with it. " I want to suck the cum off Jordan please." He smiled and put the tip back in my mouth letting me work his dick in my mouth deepthroating him and gagging all over his dick he started to groan and slowly fuck my face.

"Suck my big cock mya show your brother how much you love him." I started to force more of his length down my throat getting 9 inches in and put my hand around the rest of his shaft pumping it as i sucked and swirled away.

"Fuck baby pump that cock i want to cum all over your pretty face!" I sucked faster pumping as fast as i could before he groaned loudly pulling his dick out my mouth and cumming all over my face. I licked my lips as the cum ran down my face and got up letting the water wash my face a kissed Jordan again.

"I love you so much Mya he said pulling away from my kiss i smiled and told him a i loved him too. I sighed knowing i loved them both but there friends they could share me i didn't really care if they past me back and forth like a toy. Jordan smiled and turned my around push me against the shower glass he slowly = eased his dick up my ass and slowly started to slam in to me. I moaned biting my lip as my boobs squished against the shower glass. He speeded up and was really pounding at my ass as a screamed for more he slipped out my as sliding his cock up my pussy hole making my eyes rolled back and started to ram against me picking up speed with each thrust i orgasmed and began to pant.

" You your still so tight Mya you like when your brother makes love to you don't you?" "YESSS!" i screamed out at my peak again as he slid his dick into my as deep as he could get making me come harder than the last i bandged my hands against the glass i cried for the pleasure he was giving to me.

My moans became yelps of pleasure as he pumped into not relenting going faster and faster as he was about to orgasm. "I'm cumming" we both said at the same time and i felt his hot cum enter my pussy i groaned as he pulled out and the cum ran down my leg. He kissed me deeply and turned the water off. We both put towels on and walked out the bathroom only to see Mason leaning against the wall.

I stood there in fear of what he would do as he glared at Jordan and gawking at him. "So you tell me you love him and then fuck him the next day?" "She doesn't love you she loves me like i said i always get the girl." I stood there in panic at they bot sized each other up. Mason smirked and slammed Jordan into the wall.

"HEY!" i said moving between them. "You guys need to stop i love both of you guys okay?" "HELL NO!" they both said. " you pick one and only one you got till you parents come back to answer or blood will be shattered." Mason said eyeing Jordan with his now dark grey eyes. Jordan growled " Mya it's your brother or him fucking get you head together and the only blood that will be on the floor is yours Mason don't test me." They both walked the separate ways leaving me with the hardest decision of my life.

who did i love more Jordan my twin brother who has known me since birth and knows me more than i know myself or Mason the bad boy i quickly fell in love with and could make me or break me just by looking at me. If i choose Jordan it's incest but if i choose Mason i'm going against everything i ever believed in he is the prime example of why i don't like bad boys but my bad boy experince had me stuck between my bad boy brother and the much bader boy Mason who would i choose or who else would get put into the love triangle.

would i be the only one hurt in this situation? Please comment tell me if you liked it and if i should make a part four and if you have anymore ideas please comment hope you enjoyed!!!