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Ashanti Miller Deepthroats White Cocks
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My friend Laura and I had a strange relationship. We met in our college orientation where neither of us wanted to be there but as soon as I made a joke about how happy I was to be spending a weekend of my much needed summer between senior year and college, we hit it off. Laura was the definition of what you see when you think of someone who is cute.

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She was average height, played different sports so was always in good shape, and her face was just cute. I oddly always felt like she was my sister which is why I never really saw the attraction.

Laura I could tell liked me however. How did I know? Her friends never ceased to tell me so. She was also very outspoken this Laura figure. Which shocked me because she would consistently make fun of me jokingly, but I guess that was her way of trying to show she liked me.

Laura and I knew each other for a year before the ultimate dismissal of our friendship occurred, and herein starts the true dark portion which is known by Leah. Leah was 18, and only barely. She was just beginning her senior year of high school and was already accepted to college in a great school a few states over. But she always begged Laura to come up to our college so she could get her first taste of partying. I would see the stress it would always cause Laura, because deep down she knew that Leah was looking for "boys" or more importantly, to show off her ungodly figure.

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Leah was taller than Laura, by about 5 inches or so and she always got confused for the older sister. Despite her taller figure, she still managed to have big booming breasts the kind that just are so supple that you can't ever believe how large they are. And of course, she would always flaunt them to the point where it was almost uncomfortable the first night we met. She was curvy in the hips as well, not the biggest ass but dear god was it tight.

Leah played volleyball and you can only imagine what kind of crowds she drew just so the fellas could catch her in spandex. The short shorts consistently riding up her asscrack, seeing everything that was there.

To match that was finally her extremely long hair, which she had died in highlights blonde to prove her different than her brunette sister. Our night began at my place, where I decided it would be doing Laura a favor to invite them over to our house for a small party since that way she could keep an eye on her sister.

Laura thanked me graciously, as the most recent party she was at turned out to be a nightmare with guys hawking her friends. There was about 30 people by the time they arrived, I was playing beer pong with a roomate of mine when Laura came to finally seek us out.


"Mike Theres more people here than I thought I don't know half these people." "Don't worry Laura they are all either my roomates or friends of theirs. Who'd you bring with?" At this point, I very clearly knew exactly who she brought, and I almost felt bad for asking.


By this point however, I had a few drinks and was beginning to test the waters out. "Leah this is ." "Mike, I know.

I've heard a lot about you" "Oh Shut up Leah no you haven't" Already I could sense the tension between the sisters and later I would find that she often talked to Leah about how me and how she could "win me over". But at this point, the only thing I could fucking focus on was Leahs drop dead gorgeous rack.

She took over the beer pong table in her confident manner, just seizing the ball from some guys hand and saying "be my partner were going to run this". This only turned me on times a million watching her do the old "show my tits" trick and try to distract the other players. The game subsided as we won and decided it was time to take a break.

I headed downstairs to grab the whiskey we saved for the party and was met on the middle floor by a door opening. And out of the bathroom strolled Leah. Time slowed to a dead stop, and we met eyes. Before I even knew what happened I was slammed into the wall. Leahs hand aggressively crept onto my package and she said "well are you going to invite me to come downstairs with you?" Not thinking at all, I slam down to my room and lock the door.

I grabbed Leahs "V" in her hips and slammed her against the wall.

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I kissed her deep and without asking she slipped her top off and whispered in my ear. "I know my sister wants you, but IM the one getting your hard cock tonight". I then became a madman and fed off Leahs insane confidence.

Laura at this point was forgotten. Leahs huge tits slid down to my belt buckle and unstrapped my cock. It was so hard at this point that it actually smacked her as she took it out. We both laughed and then I forcefully inserted my manhood deep into her mouth. Her wet mouth was a haven I could have came right then and there.

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It felt so wrong to be with Leah she was barely even 18! But she looked up at me and in her eyes she spewed with fervent desire. She ran her tits up and down my cock and was spitting on her own tits to lube it. When she started talking is what really started fucking with my mind.

"Oh mike do you like it when I fuck your cock with my titties? Do you think Laura would like if i fucked your cock with my titties?" This woman is crazy only thing I could think to myself. She purposely is fucking me when she knows her sister wants me! And now the mind games stop as I rammed my cock down her throat. She is pinned up the wall and I begin to fuck her warm pretty little mouth.

"Oh yes mike fuck my throat while I look you in the eyes" I wont blink until you come all in my pretty mouth" At this point it was me losing it and I began coming so violently after a final stroke deep into her mouth.

She coughed a bit with the amount just because I hadn't came in weeks so there was so much come still spewing. I felt my legs get weak and sat on the couch. She had all my cum in her mouth as she pranced over to me on the couch. She spit the cum back on my still hard cock, and sucked it back and swallowed.

Fucking hell I damned about lost it. This girl is so fucking hot she not only teases me with her insane body, but the crazy part is how bad she messes with the mind. My eyes basically rolled back into their sockets in ecstasy when Leah asked, "so how long before round 2?" To which I replied "Right now" at which point WE HEARD A KNOCK ON THE DOOR. It was a heavy knock, a banging and it was "LEAH?

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LEAH ARE YOU IN THERE? Mike I swear to god if she's in there!" We became church mouses and waited what felt like an eternity before the knocking finally stopped.

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But then a key came in and I thought to myself fuck its my roommate hes opening the door with Laura. TO BE CONTINUED