Twink video The doctor collected the sample and told Angel about an

Twink video The doctor collected the sample and told Angel about an
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SEGMENT 3: This is the final part. Please read from the first chapter. Reading any of these segments out of context will make absolutely no sense. READ IT FROM THE BEGINNING, OR DON'T READ IT AT ALL.

CONTENT WARNING: This particular story segment contains fictional fetishistic medical procedures, science-fiction, pharmaceuticals, firearm usage, military jargon, blood, guts, plot, suspense, nudity, Omorashi (full bladder fetish), desperate cannibalism, genetically enhanced feral raptors getting their brains blown out, and more. This segment is intense. You have been warned. The dragoness' violet eyes gently opened as she awoke in the recovery chamber.

"Ah. Right on time Diris." Doctor Kaidi approached Diris from her left side and opened the chamber. "How do you feel?" Diris stood up, quickly remembered that she was disrobed from the waist down, and pulled her shirt down to cover herself. Her sinuses were clear, her vision crisp, her lungs strong, and she felt fresher than ever "down there".

She replied, "I really need to use the bathroom, but otherwise I feel great." Doctor Kaidi opened a drawer next to the chamber and rummaged around, "I suspected as much, but as you know, you won't be using the bathroom normally." The doctor retrieved what appeared to be a transparent version of a men's athletic supporter, but with tubes connecting it to a cylindrical filter.

"This will be a good opportunity to explain the SUDA-F, the women's version of the Sterile Urinary Dispenser Apparatus." She handed Diris the device and continued, "Because you're not secreting or exhaling any wastes other than carbon-dioxide and water, your kidneys are running a marathon right now trying to clean your system out.

The steroids in the drugs we administered ensure that they will be able to handle this load without any long term repercussions." Diris shifted uncomfortably in her seat, the severity of her full bladder settling in.

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Kaidi continued, "Just place the apparatus against your groin, and press the red button" Diris complied. The apparatus let out two short beeps, and formed a seal. Kaidi continued, "You will feel a gentle suction sealing the device in place, and then it will give you a long beep, instructing you to begin urinating when ready." The apparatus let out the apparent long beep.

"Ok Diris, go ahead" Kaidi said. "… Right now?" replied the dragoness. Kaidi took the hint, turning her back to the dragoness and preoccupying herself with something else. "Yes" As Diris relaxed her muscles, a soft sigh escaped her mouth, but when the urine turned out to be an extremely dark, brownish yellow, she was alarmed.

"Uh, doctor?" Kaidi spun around. "That's perfectly normal. Remember, your body's compensating for a lack of excretion elsewhere. You'll produce a lot of this stuff, and it smells awful, which is what this apparatus is for. If you leak any urine, you'll be surrounded by raptors in a matter of seconds, so don't let yourself get too full, use it often." Once the device was done suctioning the last of the urine, it rinsed and dried the area with a familiar solution and the suction stopped.

"You're sterile once more." said Kaidi. With a now empty bladder, Diris pulled the device off. Kaidi placed a clean uniform next to the dragoness. "Officer Jake will be back soon. You'd better put these on. You know how bashful he is." Kaidi unlocked the double-doors to the room, and began to open up all the blinds. In a few minutes, Diris was back in her ACUs, and the Officer, now in uniform, walked through the door.

"No time to waste soldier." The husky approached Diris, who was standing at attention, and handed her an assault rifle and a small tactical bag from over his shoulder. "AR15 Bullpup, and 180 rounds of ammunition." Kaidi approached the Officer, "Sir, in all due respects, I don't think the gun is necessary" Jake turned slowly to Kaidi and responded, "Doctor, in all due respects, don't ever ask my soldiers to go without their rifle." Kaidi walked beside Diris and pointed to the IV bag connected to her and said, "Officer Jake.

Private Diris is on a hyper-catalyzed diuretic. Just resting here, she's losing fluids at three times her normal active rate. She is completely invisible to the raptors, and any weight that Private Diris can spare will be beneficial to her in the long run.

If the raptors DO detect her, she'll be overwhelmed in a matter of seconds, and the rifle will do her no good." The officer stood up straight, giving Kaidi a stern look for a few seconds before outstretching his arm to the dragoness. Diris handed her rifle back to the officer. "Fine." He said at last. "I trust your judgment Doctor Kaidi." Kaidi nodded, "Thank you sir." Kaidi approached Diris and gently withdrew the IV from the dragoness' arm, applied a waterproof band aid, and handed her a three-liter canteen and a water filter before saying, "It's very important that you stay hydrated.

Without water, one can die in three days in this jungle, but with these drugs in your system, one will die in a matter of hours." The officer turned away from Diris and began, "Your assignment begins immediately. Follow me to the bunker exit." Officer Jake led Kaidi out of the medical wing, and to an elevator. When the elevator door closed, Jake pulled a keyring out of his pocket, inserted one of the keys into the elevator's control box, and turned it. As the elevator began to decline, he said, "At ease Private." He shed his outer jacket, detached his shoulder-holster, handed it to Diris and said, "I have nothing but respect for Doctor Kaidi… But she's not a soldier." The holster contained a standard.50AE Desert Eagle Pistol with a TDI vector compensator and flashlight attachment with one spare magazine.

Diris accepted the holster and put it on, which fit loosely around her comparably thinner frame. Doctor Kaidi was probably right; The gun would most likely be little more than a hunk of heavy steel that would do no more than slow her down, but if nothing else, its weight under her left arm provided a sort of comfort… she'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

The elevator door opened to reveal a dark, narrow hallway, its floor lit partially by red lights. Officer Jake handed Diris a radio and two flares, "This two-way radio is the only way we'll be able to communicate with you. Its effective range will reach halfway to the Comm's tower. Your codename is "Fortune". I'll tell you what the flares are for later" Diris stepped out of the elevator, and stuffed the water filter and SUDA bathroom into her backpack. Jake continued, "I can't come with you, or my scent will give you away.

This hallway will lead you to the exit." He saluted, "Godspeed, and threw her the set of keys." She caught the keys in midair, and before she could salute back, the elevator door closed between them. Diris quickly stuffed the keys into her back pocket and turned around.

Her back to the elevator, she glared down the silent, damp hallway. She reached her right hand under her arm and popped the retaining button off of her holster before drawing the large pistol. She pointed the gun down the hall, and flicked a switch with her index finger which turned on the light attachment. She could now see about twenty yards down the hall in front of her. The hall was heavily corroded.

It looks like no one's been here for a very long time. She walked down the hallway for a minute before coming to an attic door. She tried to turn the handle to lift the door open, but its lock was rusted shut. With a mighty yell, she administered a powerful kick to it, and the clearly rotted hinges blew off their frame. As she rose out of the bunker, the hot, humid air licked her face. She spun in place, the highly vegetated rain forest didn't allow her to see much further than a few meters.


She glared at her watch. "Ninety-two degrees Fahrenheit; thirty three degrees Celsius… and a six mile hike to the comm's tower." She said to herself. "Shouldn't be that hard." The lean, muscular dragoness was in peak physical condition, and was more than accustomed to hiking much longer distances in much hotter climates on much steeper inclines.

Her radio whistled and then spoke crisply, "Command to Fortune, come in Fortune. Over." Diris' left hand grasped the radio and she brought it to her face, "Fortune to Command. I'm reading you five, loud and clear.

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I've exited the bunker. Over." The radio spoke again, "Copy. Head westward for three miles, and then radio back for new orders. You'll know it's been three miles when you've crossed a flat, grassy field. Over." "Wilco. Over and out." Diris said, before clipping the radio back to her belt.


Now out in the sun, she holstered her pistol and glanced at the compass on her watch. Once she had determined the western direction, she started walking, weaving her body through the vegetation. She had been walking for about ten minutes when she suddenly felt an urgent need to use the bathroom.

"Wow, already?" She stopped walking. With thick vegetation to her chest acting as a natural barrier for privacy, she opened her backpack, undid her pants, squatted, and used the SUDA bathroom.

The device suctioned and cleansed her groin, and in a moment, she was on her way walking again. "What a convenient little device…" she thought to herself. She flicked her fingernail against the apparatus. It let out a distinctive "TINK" noise. "Hm." She thought to herself.

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"Is this made of glass?" With this question in her mind, she made sure to place the device in its own compartment, away from the water, flares, and ammo, to keep it safe. In less than an hour, she had reached the field. In this time, she had already used the SUDA device five times. With a clear field of view, she admired the scenery. Oddly, she hadn't seen any raptors so far.

When she crossed the field, she noticed a tall, broad fence some distance away in the vegetation. She took a sip from her three-liter canteen, then with her left hand, brought the radio to her face and pressed the talk button, "Fortune to Command. Over." This time, a very faint voice responded, "Command to Fortune. We read you five by five. Have you crossed the field? Over." The increased distance was clearly straining the reception.

"Affirmative Command." She replied. "I copy, but barely. Over." The radio hummed loudly. "Do you have a visual on an electric fence about fifty yards ahead of you? Over." "Affirmative. Over." "Once you've reached the fence, we will be too far apart to communicate via two way radio. Fire one flare into the air. We will then turn off the electric to the fence. Quickly climb over and fire another flare into the air to signal that you are clear from the fence.

It is DIRE that we minimize the time the electric fence is down. Once you've passed the fence, you'll be on your own. Do you copy? Over." "Affirmative. Over" she responded. "Good luck Fortune. Over and out." Diris clipped the radio back to her waist and began to walk into the vegetation. She went to take another sip from her three-liter canteen, only to realize it was empty. "Geeze…" she exclaimed. "These drugs really do make you thirsty". She approached the two story tall fence, which emitted a gentle humming and visually demonstrated electricity arching between the bars.

She retrieved a flare from her backpack, pointed it straight into the air, covered one of her ears, and fired. The projectile whistled as it climbed, popped, and then emitted a sparkling red light which gently sizzled as it fell. Suddenly, there was dead silence as the archs of electricity stopped jumping between the bars. Diris briskly tapped one of the bars to make sure it was safe, and then began to scale it. Now safe on the other side, she retrieved the other flare from her pack, fired it into the air, and in a few moments, the fence lit up with electricity.

With her two-way radio now far out of range of command, and three miles left in her trip, she continued to hike westward. No turning back now… Not wanting to waste any time, she avoided stopping for water, but her condition rapidly declined, and in less than an hour, she started feeling lightheaded. "Wooaaah…" gasped the dragoness, who leaned against a nearby tree. "Alright. No more toying around." Once her dizziness subsided, she broke off of her main course in search of water.

It didn't take long before she came to a river… But there she saw her first glimpse of the raptors. The evidently famished creatures were gathered no more than a few meters apart along the bank of the river, wandering aimlessly. She had never seen them this close before… they seemed so much bigger in person.

She knew that if she didn't get something to drink, she wouldn't make it to the generator. She also knew that although the raptors were blind and deaf, if she bumped into one of them, they may attack her. With no other choice, Diris drew her gun, and began walking towards the water. She gently lurked through the moistening dirt, at times passing between the raptors by mere inches. Once she had reached the water, she let out a sigh of relief, and began to use a filter to pump water into her canteen.

She gleefully downed a liter of water, and then topped off her canteen. Diris placed her things into her bag and prepared to depart, but when she threw the bag over her shoulder, she felt it hit something, she turned around to see a startled raptor quickly spin in place, who in-turn hit another raptor with his tail. Diris strafed to her right to get away from the panicking raptors, but soon, like a domino effect, all of the raptors across the bank were bumping into each other.

Not wasting any time, Diris leapt into a sprint away from the river, weaving around and bumping hard into the dinosaurs left and right. One of the desperately hungry creatures managed to grab a hold of the dragoness' backpack with its monstrous jaws, dragging Diris into the dirt.

Pinned face down against the ground, she pointed her handgun over her shoulder and fired two shots. The second shot sent a gush of blood and brains streaming through the air.

Diris freed herself from the creature's mouth and stood on her feet. In a simultaneous wave, the raptors lifted their noses, sniffed the air, and converged on the smell of the gore. Diris took this advantage of this distraction and fled into the forest, looking back to see the raptors tearing at the carcass of their own brethren.

She continued running west for about a mile before she felt herself growing dehydrated again. "Phew…" she gasped, catching her breath. Now safe from the Jurassic threats, she stuffed her gun back into the holster, reached into her pack, pulled out the three-liter canteen, and began chugging it.

After emptying a liter from it, she drew the canteen away from her mouth and let out a satisfied gasp. She then decided to address her full bladder, and reached her arm around back into the pocket housing her SUDA bathroom. "Ouch!" she barked, something cut into her hand.

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She instinctually retracted her hand, brought the wound to her mouth and sucked on it. After a moment, she unshouldered the bag's straps, flipped the bag in front of her, and peeked into the pocket to see what had cut her. There laid the remains of the SUDA bathroom, shattered into many fine pieces. Her face went pale. "Oh no." She whimpered under her breath.

She's been using the SUDA bathroom just about every twenty minutes. She was at LEAST a half hour walk away, and she already needed to use the bathroom. She had drunk two liters of water since she'd last urinated. In a desperate panic she snatched the radio off her hip with her right hand.

"Fortune to command! Come in command! Over!" She released the button. There was silence. "Command, do you read?! This is Fortune to command! There's been a technical problem and I've been compromised!

I repeat, this is fortune to command. I have been compromised! Over!" Diris released the button one more time before dropping the radio to the dirt. She knew she's been out of range for miles now.

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She inverted the pocket of her backpack, emptying the shattered glass out, and examining the torn tubes and filters. It was obvious that she couldn't fix this. "Okay… Don't panic Diris" She said in an attempt to calm herself. She fidgeted in place, her bladder urging her to release, she stared straight ahead at nothing in particular, taking a moment to weigh her options. She then drew her weapon from her holster, released the magazine from the gun and inserted the full one.

She press-checked it to ensure that there was in fact a round in the chamber, and then placed the old, still usable magazine back in the shoulder rig. She holstered the gun, dropped her backpack and all of its contents, including the water, and darted westward through the forest.

As she ran, a number of thoughts screeched through her mind, "Will I make it to the facility? Will I pass out from dehydration? Will I piss myself? If I do, how far will the scent reach?" She ran for what felt like forever when she started feeling lightheaded from thirst again. She had no choice but to slow to a walk. As she was climbing a particularly steep hill, she fell to her knees.

Panting heavily, her face flushed red, and her vision blurred. Fearful that she might pass out, she crawled to a downed tree, lied on her back, and elevated her legs. Her dizziness went away, but with her bulging bladder becoming a more and more urgent issue, she forced herself to stand and advance further up the hill.

Just when she felt she was going to collapse again, she reached the top of the hill, and to her relief, observed that the communication's tower was only a hundred yards down the hill. She walked as briskly as she could remain conscious, when to her horror, she noticed a large, dense crowd of the dinosaurs surrounding the entrance.

Less than twenty yards away, her dizziness made way for double-vision. As the muscles in her arms and legs weakened, so too did the muscles containing her bladder. She tensed up and buried her claws in her crotch in a desperate effort to contain herself. One slow step at a time she made her way towards the entrance, sliding between the atrophied behemoths. Her knees shook from how urgently she needed to release. Several times, she had to lean forward and freeze in place to wait for the contractions of her bladder to taper down before continuing.

Miraculously, she manages to avoid brushing against any of the dinosaurs. She reaches the door, astounded that she made it, but as she began to turn the handle she realized… It was locked. Her legs were clamped together, knees shaking, and body bent over.

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She knew she was about to lose control of her bladder and there was nothing she could do about it. A level of frustration she had never felt in her life poured over her. Diris froze for a moment and whispered, "This is it?

I'm just going to die right here, right outside of this door?", there was a pause, and then all at once, an enraged expression washed over her face, the infuriated dragoness spun around and drew her weapon. "I'VE GOT TWELVE SHOTS." She bellowed at the top of her lungs. "I SHALL END TWELVE OF YOU." Of course, being deaf, none of them reacted to this. Diris' closed one of her eyes, braced her back against the door, and aimed down her sights. Just before she was about to start firing, her eyes dilated, her life flashed before her eyes, the final segment being the last moment she saw Officer Jake, throwing a set of keys at her before the elevator closed.

The keys! The keys were in her pant's rear pocket! With a new lease on life, she removed her left hand from her crotch and ripped the keys out of her back pocket.

She spun around and glared at the keyring. There must've been over a dozen keys on this thing.

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Her release was imminent. She was writhing, she was crying, she was squirming and squeeling from the pressure on her bladder. With each failed key, her heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, a trickle of fluid escaped her bladder. A wave of fear poured over her, and she looked over her shoulder at the raptors to see if they noticed.

For a moment, time stood still, when suddenly, the muscles holding back the tide finally and completely failed, releasing a stream of musky fluid down her legs. She switched her attention back to the keys and managed to find the right one. With urine still pouring out of her, she swung the door open, and leapt inside. She turned around and slammed the door, but it was intercepted by the head of a raptor. She rammed her weakened body against it. The ravaging hungry raptor pushed his full weight against the door into Diris' leg.

She let out a cry as she felt her knee sprain, but she continued pushing with the last of her strength. The raptor's head hovering over hers, laces of mucus poured from his starving mouth onto her head. Her limp hands pointed the gun up at the raptor's head and she pulled the trigger. A shot rang out, echoing through the halls of the facility, followed by the bloodcurdling screams of the raptor.

The raptor took a shot to the neck, and was coughing up blood, which poured over Diris' face. Despite this injury, the raptor refused to retract its head, so Diris pushed the barrel under the raptor's chin and pulled the trigger once more. This time, there was neither a click, nor a bang.

The gun was jammed. The weakened armed of the dragoness tried hitting the beast in its face with little effect. Blinded by the blood pouring into her eyes, her thoughts switched back to her training as a soldier. She stopped swinging her arms at the raptor, and pushed her back flat against the door.

Her shaking hands clenched at the slippery surface of the chrome slide and racked it backwards, but the jammed casing didn't come out. She ejected the blood-coated magazine into her hand but it fell to the floor and slid under the door. She stuck her fingers into the chamber to feel for the double feed, grabbed the longest key on her key ring, jammed it into the chamber and ripped the spent casing out. With the gun now clear, she dropped the keys, and reached her offhand to the magazine pouch.

She pulled the old magazine out of its pouch, slammed it into the bottom of the handgun, dropped the slide, and fired five shots through the door. The raptor let out a gurgling shriek and backed up, forcing its brethren back with it.

The door slammed shut, and Diris immediately turned the double-locks on the door. She leapt away from the door. The raptors clawed and rammed the door, but it was clear they weren't doing any damage. Despite now being safe, Diris was hyperventilating, frozen in place, pointing the empty pistol at the door. Her arms shook violently from a combination of dehydration and adrenaline. After a minute of staring at that door, her breathing slowed down and she fell to her knees.

The arm holding the gun swung to her side. She wiped the blood and drool out of her eyes on her left sleeve. At last she closed her eyes and relaxed. Once she felt some of her strength return to her legs, she stood up and tried to observe her surroundings, but the only light in the room came from the holes in the door. She flipped the switch on the light of her gun and scanned the narrow hallway.

A sign at head level pointed her to where she needed to go, and she followed the arrows up a flight of stairs to the control room. She calmly limped into the room and closed the door behind her. The control room resembled a flight room, with an open window that occupied the outer wall. She took a moment to enjoy the scenery, went to the water cooler, filled a paper cup, and then sat down at the control desk, placing her gun back in her holster.

She pressed a power button. A hologram arose from it, and she began typing a series of complex commands. After a few minutes of typing, the facility suddenly sprang to life.


The lights flooded the room, the monitors turned on, and the air conditioning began to hum. She adjusted a microphone and camera to point at her and began to send a live feed back to the fortress. "Fortune to Command. Come in Command." Officer Jake appeared on screen and said, "Command to Fortune. Mission accomplished. Everything looks good over here. Emergency Rescue is en route, and it looks like-" Jake stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Diris' video feed, demonstrating that she was covered in blood, sweat, and urine.

"Holy hell Diris. What happened?!" Diris casually took a sip out of the paper cup before pointing to the gun and smiling, "I lost of your magazines. Sorry." La fin.