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The Girl Wet Dreams are made of I was getting ready to leave the school parking lot that evening. I did some art work for the stage for the prom king and queen dance coming up.

I saw a car with a girl in it just sitting there. I wondered if she had car trouble. I walked towards the car and recognized the car. It was the prom queens car. She was the prettiest girl in school, no question. She had a great personality to go with it. No big head but just a beautiful hot looking girl. I tapped on the window and ask if she was having car trouble. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and she was crying. She zipped down the window, and said: "I'm fine, I'm fine." I said: "Oh, do you always cry when your happy?" She began to giggle.

She smiled and told me her boyfriend had just dumped her. I said: "Oh, did he suddenly go blind?" She giggled again. I said: "Ok, get out of the car so I can wipe those tears off and get you some fresh air. She took a big breath and got out. I took my handkerchief, put my hand on her shoulder and started wiping around her beautiful eyes.

"Suck some air." I said: " She smiled and took a big breath. I said: "There, now you drive without looking through wiggly water tears." She took another big breath, thanked me and got in her car and drove away. I touched the prom queen! I wiped her eyes! She talked to me!


I saw her close up without fainting or her noticing my boner! Wow, I was having a major buzz about all this. She was stunningly beautiful. Perfect skin, hair, lips, and everything else I might have left out. Nice big tits, hips and ass that were…fucking perfect. I floated home and was in a dream world thinking about her. My sister asked me what I was so happy about. I told her.

She said: " Big deal, she'll never give you a second look, enjoy your dream while it lasts." I said: "Thanks sis, your #1", and gave her the finger as I started to come after her. "MOM"&hellip.her usual wounded call…"He's being mean to me!" …and the usual reply from mom. "Son, be nice to your sister." My sister gave me a 'so there' look and wiggled her ass at me.

Of course I mooned her and went back in my room. "MOM, He mooned me!"&hellip.I hear mom and dad laugh and dad say: "Did it hurt?" my sister said her usual: "Daaaaddy, be nice!" Back to my dream girl. Sis was probably rightshe (the prom queen to be girl) would never talk to me again, but I was enjoying the boner thoughts. I tossed and turned trying to go to sleep. The next day in school the 'Queenie' ran up to me started kissing me in front of the everyone.


She slammed me down, ripped my clothes off and hers too and started fucking me like a wild woman. She started sucking my dick hard while jacking me…I shot in her mouth!!… then I woke up&hellip.

I had the best wet dream ever. I had cum all over me and my hands were holding my dick. I could still feel her lips sucking on me. I drifted back to the dream.

She was naked, and was now sticking my dick in her, sitting on top of me&hellip.we were a big house with a big bed. She leaned over and I felt her big tits on my chest. She kissed me as we fucked slow and deep. My hands felt her body all over as I held her moving hips. She moaned in my ear…"Oh yes…oh yes…I've wanted to fuck you for so long…fuck me hard baby.make me cum with you&hellip.fill me with your cum…faster baby…were both going to cum now.hold me tight&hellip.OH God&hellip." then I woke up again.

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My sister was standing over me. She said: "Having a good dream, were we?" She was looking at my big boner tenting up the covers.

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I said: "Why yes, I was dreaming about you and Godzilla going at it. " Now she gave me the finger and wiggled her ass at me. She said: "Were you dreaming about 'Queenie'?" I said: "Oh no, I was dreaming about YOU!…was it good for you too?" She giggled and said she has had dreams about me before. I did NOT&hellip.want to hear her dreams about me, but there was no stopping her now. She sat on my bed and quietly told me about her dreams about me.

(yawn) As she talked, she slowly began to lay down beside me. Her dreams were…wow&hellip.very sexual. I couldn't be mean to her and just listened. She was becoming a young woman now and new feelings were effecting her usual "MOM…he's…" whatever. She really was a good sis, and we did care about each other. Her dream story's were not helping my tent go down.

In fact they were really hot dreams about me and her sneaking feels and stuff. She ask me about my dreams about the prom queen.

At first I said to myself…no way sis!&hellip.but I thought about it and for some reason decided to see if I could make her horny with my dream.

I knew it was kinda mean, but I'm doing it in fun, so what the hell. I started in "Queenie just couldn't forget me and tracked me down and knocked on our front door. She said: "Oh I've found you, I have to talk to you bad." Then I told her the dream got fuzzy and next thing I knew we were lying in my bed and she was kissing all over me.

She had to have sex with me and begged me to fuck her&hellip." That's when I woke up with YOU standing over me. Sis giggled and said: "Did you think I was queenie?" (normally I would have said: 'in YOUR fucking dreams, girl!) …but I was in a cool mood and said: "At first…YES!…I had sure hoped so, your both&hellip.a&hellip.are girls. You both have…long hair…a&hellip.and nice tits…and " She giggled and hugged me and held it.

She whispered: ("…so you like my titties?") I said: "Oh yes, I dream about them all the time." "You liar, you do not!, you're a fart!"…I said: "No, no…I like them. Maybe if I saw them naked I would like them even better?" I knew I shouldn't have said that as soon as I said it.

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I was waiting for…"Mom! He's trying to see my titties!" …but instead, she got on top of me and sat, lifted up her top and flashed me with her real nice tits. My tent went to max, and she felt it as she was now sitting right on it.

Her face lit up as she knew she had just given me a boner. I said quietly: "Wow…sis…those are nicer than in my dreams…can I touch them?" She looked at me and said back: "Do you really want to, or are you just messing with me?" I said: "Forget it, you'd just tell mom and dad on me anyway." She looked around and put my hands on her fine tits. Damn, I'd never felt them before and they were perky and she had big nipples. Now my boner was trying to punch thru my boxers and her panties, both.

She was excited now and closed her eyes as I felt them and played with her nipples. She began to squirm on my cock. I had to move her or suffer a broken cock. I whispered: (".move back a little, sis.") She slid back off my cock&hellip.ahhhh…that was better until it popped up over the top of my boxers.

She immediately looked down and saw it. Her eyes went big and she put her hand over the head. She looked around to make sure mom and dad couldn't see it if they surprised us and came in my room. Her hand caused it to jump under her hand. She looked at me with a delighted smile. She squeezed it, making it jump again. I sat up before we got caught.

She rubbed one tit across my lips and giggled as she got off of me. I turned towards the wall to wait for it to go down. It didn't want to go down. I heard her whisper in my ear.

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( "I'll be back tonight.") I whispered back: ("No…we'll just get in trouble, I was just teasing you anyway sis.") She gave me a hard spank on my butt and left. The spank helped my boner go down&hellip.but one thought about her and her tits and it started up again.

I could still feel her nipple sliding across my lips. Damn her anyway. ------------------ Back in art class, I got sent back to the stage to keep working on the prom king and queen set. My mind was on the queenie and nothing else. At the end of school I headed for the parking lot. Oh shit…there she was standing by her car alone. I put my head down like I didn't notice her.

I didn't want to embarrass her about her crying over being dumped. I hear. "Hey…art guy." She was walking right towards me. "I saw you today working on the prom set. You looked so engrossed in your work, I didn't bother you." I thought… 'Girl, you bother me 24/7 and don't even know it.

' "Oh I had my mind on the prom queen and&hellip.I mean the set for&hellip.the king prom queen thingy.I…" I stammered.


I looked at her beauty and froze. She had on her cheerleading outfit. My eyes scanned…tits,face,legs,tits,face,legs…and then,&hellip.Mr.Hardon came to visit. Mr. Hand went in my pocket and got him by the throat and pinned him against Mr. Leg. Queenie smiled as she watched me do all that. She walked with me with her arm through my arm. Where are all my buddy's now to see me walking arm and arm with the queen!

She said a girl walked up to her today and said that her brother had a crush on her. "What did she look like?" I asked. She described my sister perfectly. Note to self: Kill sister, hide the body in a volcano. I was so embarrassed I said nothing. We ended up at her car, as she turned to face, one handed, me.

She said since she got dumped, she had no date for the Sr. Prom. …pause… I couldn't talk. "Do you have a date yet?" she asked. Come on voice, don't let me down now!… I said: "No…but YOU…must have a thousand guys wanting to take you." She said no, every guy assumed that, and they don't bother to ask.

Speak you fool…speak! I thought. She said: "Ok then I'm asking you to take me to the prom, if you want to." Somehow I said "Yes". She then hugged me and I hugged her back. We just stood there &hellip. Oh Shit…Mr. Hand left his job!, and Mr. Hardon was trying to wave at queenie's pussy.

Next thing I know we are kissing real hot. Now Ms.

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Pussy is pushing her weight against Mr. Hardon. She's wiggling back and forth on him and they are trying to fuck right in the parking lot. We kept this up for a long while. I drove home to now to kiss my sister and get on my knees and kiss her hand. I tied a jacket around my waist to hide my never ending boner. Queen and I after many long phone calls wanted to fuck bad.

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I had the best wet dreams ever, and she was having them too. We went to phone sex, we left notes to each other, she stiffed a pair of her panties in my pocked at school. A very cruel thing to do to me&… I returned them…with a large deposit added.

(LOUD)…"The night of the prom is when your mom proposed to me!!!"&hellip."I DID NOT!…you proposed to me!!!".came mom's voice from the kitchen. ------------------------ I had heard this story many times from both mom and dad. What they didn't know is dad's sister, (my horny aunt) got drunk one night at one of my regular visits to her house and told me the parts they left out.

"They fucked like rabbits!, in the school parking lot, he butt fucked her in the girls restroom, they even fuck on the front school steps at 3am in the morning! At the same time your dad and I were getting it on, we fucked right in his and my room at night and mom and dad never knew it!

I use to suck him off in the shower, he would fuck me in the back seat of his car. He was fucking us both. We still fuck when Ms. Big Deal Queenie ain't around." "Now&hellip.are you gonna fuck me, or just lay naked on top of me all night, boy?" -----------------------