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Indian chubby hot model shoot
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The water always had a special place in the heart of Jack Merrylow. It called to him in an eerie way from the time he first gazed upon it. Jack was a natural swimmer from the moment he could walk. In his heart, Jack hated the water, and he loved it above all else. The special place he held for it was only because swimming was what defined him, and what he defined himself with.

Swimming was both a burden and a release for him. Freedom, one might say, is what Jack found when he joined the water.


And yet his freedom was a battle, a constant struggle to beat the clock, impress the world, and beat everyone. Water, and swimming gave Jack a strong and lean body, one worthy of envy from any eye. At age 13, and at the time of our story, he stood 5' 4". He had short blonde hair, that when wet, glimmered as if diamond's dust had been sprinkled over it. His build was lean; he had sinewy, tanned arms that were covered by a thin layer of boyhood hair.

His torso was that of a swimmer's; long, agile, and abs sculpted from marble. Jack's legs were thin, but very strong. His hip and calf muscles bulged- and his light boy hair perfectly caught drops of water that gave his fine muscles a brilliant glisten when he was just out of the pool.


Even his feet were worthy of envy; surely a swimmer such as Jack must've had some sort of magic between his toes to give him his speed. Jack's love of water naturally guided him to the local swim club, and to the modern pool. He started swimming with the club when he was only 5. And gosh, everyone knew from an early age that Jack Merrylow was a natural in the water. Jack shredded through records like a shark- soon, the youth record board in the local pool began to look like a shrine to Jack Merrylow.

His talent naturally earned him admiration, as well as a whole lot of attention. At school and in his social life, Jack was unusual for a boy of such great build and achievement. His ego was smaller than most every other boy in his grade.

And needless to say, he deserved to have by far the highest ego of any boy his age. Girls took a liking to Jack very easily, but Jack wasn't as enamored by the ladies as most of his male cohorts were. Sure, he liked their attention, but he really didn't find them all that attractive or spectacular. Rose Avenue was a quiet little street, and the place where Jack had lived his whole life. He had a nice house; his father and mother had good jobs, and he was an only child.

Jack was a tad bit lonely. He had always wanted a big brother, and he'd always wanted someone to show him how to do things, back him up, and give him the safe and secure feeling that little brothers treasure. On a cool spring day, an orange van appeared on Rose Ave., and Jack realized that the vacant house at the end of the street was going to have new occupants. The van's doors opened, and a man, with a boy only a few years older than Jack stepped out. The boy waved at him in the friendliest of ways.

Jack had a good feeling about this. Jack hopped on his bike, and rode down to greet his new neighbors. "Hi. I'm. I'm Jack Merrylow," he shyly said. "Hey buddy, I'm Simon, Simon Krusman," the older boy replied. "Welcome to our neighborhood," Jack offered. "Thanks, you look like you're just a little younger than me, it's good to know I'll have some company here, " Simon said.

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"I'm 13. How old are you?" Jack inquired. "Just a month past my 15th birthday," Simon answered. "Cool, so what kind of stuff do you like to do? Any sports?" Jack asked. " Ah.just anything fun that keeps me active.

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I guess running, biking ,and swimming would be my favorites." Simon said. After this answer, Jack's imagination went for a joy ride. Simon liked swimming, and he already had that big brother like tone and attitude that Jack had always wished for.

Now, Simon was a little different than Jack. For starters, Simon was much more of a type 'A' assertive/authoritative personality than Jack was. This came with his extra age, but also his physique. Simon was built splendidly well for a lad of his age. Under his clothing was a body that was ridiculously fit. He had short, dark hair, and the softest, brownest eyes a boy could have.

Not surprisingly, Simon joined the local swim club, too. He was no where near as good as Jack, but Jack was impartial to this.

What Jack secretly loved about Simon was his body. Simon stood about 5'8", and had a similar build to Jack. Simon was definitely older, and his face was more masculine than Jack's, and his torso was very much man like, yet completely lacking of hair. Simon wore a thin blue speedo, and when he walked into to practice for the first time, Jack took notice. Jack immediately recognized his new friend, but was amazed to see him in such little clothing.

Jack waved a friendly hand to Simon, which Simon returned. Simon pulled his muscular arm behind his head and gave a little yawn, as he stretched. Jack noticed, and also noticed Simon's good sized bulge. Simon never noticed that Jack's eyes were fixated on his crotch. Jack's heart leapt out of his chest at the sight, and his cock nearly grew right through his speedo.

Jack realized that he had a problem: regular swim practice was about to start, and he had a raging hard on and couldn't take his eyes off of his new friend. Luckily, coach whistled, so he quickly looked away, and jumped into the cold water to give himself some relief.

The water did its trick, and Jack was ready to start swimming, and so was Simon.


Swim practice went by quickly, and Jack decided to stay a little longer to keep working on his backstroke. Simon, too, was staying a little longer, but mainly because he wanted to talk to the coach and get to know him as he was fresh to the program. After swimming for about 15 minutes, Jack climbed out of the water and dried himself off. Simon noticed Jack, and he too admired his new friend's younger, but very sexy body. Simon felt himself getting a little aroused, and wrapped a towel around himself to hide his arousal.

Jack did the same, and ironically both boys were still oblivious to each other's attention.

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Both boys greeted each other, and headed off to the locker room. Simon was the first to break the ice: "Jack… you know&hellip. You've got a really good body for a boy your age." Silence lingered for a few seconds; Jack's ears turned bright red. "Umm… thanks Simon. You're so much more muscular than me though… and taller too." "Well… I guess I'm pretty solid…" Simon chuckled back. Jack took off his towel and sat down on the locker room bench.

Simon did the same, but went a step further and slid off his speedo. As disciplined as Jack was, this was just too much for him to handle. Simon had a large, dark brown pair of balls that stood out from his muscular legs. His cock was very envious to Jack, and it was flopping around gently as Simon bent down to get his shampoo out of his gym bag.

Jack noticed that Simon had something he did not have, a little dark patch of hair right around the base of his big cock. Jack's stare this time was not unnoticed. "Is there something wrong?" Simon asked, thinking that Jack might have just spaced out for a minute.

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" I… uh… what? Oh… umm… nope everything's fine," Jack stammered back. Simon extended a hand toward Jack and rustled his soft blonde hair, and said "okay buddy." Meanwhile, Jack was feeling awkward still sitting in his speedo, but his raging boner kept him preoccupied.

Simon turned away and headed for the shower, and Jack almost fainted at the sight of Simon's gorgeous, muscular ass as he walked away. Jack slowly stood up, right as Simon turned around realizing that he'd forgotten his wash cloth. To Jack's dismay, Simon stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his younger friend's pulsing cock in his light red speedo. Simon started to firm up a little bit, and continued to walk toward Jack, who hastily covered his erection with his towel. Now, Simon knew for sure what was happening in the mind of his young friend.

Ever so nonchalantly, Simon asked Jack if he was going to take his speedo off and shower. Jack shrugged, and reached into his own gym bag and removed soap and shower items. Simon knelt down right in front of him, so that when Jack sat up, both boys were locked in an intimate stare. Jack was speechless and motionless, and Simon, the older, more assertive lad reached forward and stroked the side of Jack's face.

Simon gently told him that he was handsome, and that he shouldn't be afraid of who he truly was. Jack gave a little nod, and Simon's hands slid down to Jack's speedo. Simon casually asked, "So are you going to take that off?" And Jack very nervously replied: "Only if you don't want to." That answer was the beginning of a long friendship, and Simon proceeded to wrap his fingers around Jack's throbbing boy boner. Jack gulped, and Simon used his other hand to slip down Jack's speedo.

Luckily, everyone else had left, so Jack and Simon knew they weren't going to get caught. Jack had a circumcised penis that stood about 4 and ½ inches erect, and a tight ball sack that was grown up a little, but still hairless and tan like a boy's. Jack had a very fine ring of golden hair around his boyhood.

Simon wrapped his strong hands around Jack's shaft and began to stroke it softly. Jack moaned at the pleasure Simon was providing him. Jack couldn't hold himself back any longer, and leaned his head into Simon's chest and began to massage his perfectly formed ass. Simon's cock was rock hard, and stood at least 7 inches firm. Jack's blue eyes gazed up at Simon and slowly asked him the question Simon was waiting for.

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Simon nodded, and Jack slowly put his lips on the tip of his friend's throbbing cock. Simon winced at the pleasure, and started to passionately stroke Jack's gentle hair. Jack reached up and gave Simon's perineum a little touch, and with this, Simon cried out in pleasure.

Jack slowly opened his lips around the head of Simon's beautiful manhood. Simon continued to stroke the boy's hair, and Jack began to let his entire inhibitions run wild, by starting to deep throat Simon, who moaned at the boy blowjob he was getting.

Simon now put his hands around his friend's head, and started to sway his hips gently as he thrust his cock into his friend's warm mouth. Within minutes, Jack felt Simon's cock tightening up, and the muscles in his ass and hips contracting.

Simon moaned that he was going to cum, and sure enough he did. With a great lunge forward, and a bit of a roar, Simon erupted all over Jack's mouth and face. Jack was surprised, but was delighted by the saltiness of his friend's cum. Jack licked his now softening cock clean, and hugged Simon's belly as he told him that he thought he was falling in love with him.

Jack's cock was still raging hard, and Simon took notice. He thanked Jack for the wonderful blowjob he'd just given, and wrapped his arms around Jack's waist telling him that it was his turn to feel good now.

Jack stood up, and let his boyhood stand out proud in front of Simon, who was just kneeling down on the floor. Simon reached all the way behind Jack's balls, and slowly tickled his way forward. Jack gave a cute little giggle, but gasped the second Simon took a hold of his tight little balls. Simon leaned his face forward, and started to lick the sides of his friend's balls. Jack moaned with delight, and learned something that he could do to his friend's sack too, next time.

Slowly, Simon worked his tongue up to Jack's shaft and gave it a couple of long, popsicle like licks. "How's that?" asked Simon. " Sooooo good&hellip." answered Jack. Simon's lips opened, and Jack ever so gracefully set his throbbing cock inside of his older friend's mouth.

Jack closed his eyes, and Simon knew that this was his cue to give his younger friend a sensational oral service.

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Simon tightened his mouth around his friend's hot young cock, and started to slide up and down the shaft. Jack groaned in satisfaction, and let his older friend take complete control.

Jack sensed that he was reaching his climax, but didn't know yet what to think of the warm tingling below his belly. He started to moan in pleasure, and seconds later his cock erupted with a small amount of boy cum.

Simon sucked him dry, and stood up and hugged Jack close and told him that he was definitely going to get along well with him. Jack and Simon realized that their parents were surely waiting for them, so they hastily put on their clothes, forgetting to shower, and bid each other farewell.

"So did you like your first swim practice?" Jack asked his older friend. "I'm going to stick with it," replied Simon with a smile.