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Men video free sex gay good looking and porn gay men pee in diaper
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My hot Niece A Fictional story (c) 2013 By Uncle Willie Chapter One Where it Began with my Niece My name is john I am fifty years old my height is six foot two inches. I have brown hair and blue eyes weight about two hundred twenty pounds.

I work "at the local steel mill we all call it "the foundry" I've been there thirty years. I am an inspector my job there is to make sure there are no imperfections in the finished product. Peggy,my wife,passed away fifteen years ago she died of cancer. she was thirty five I live alone now in our Ohio home.

The only family I have left is my brother and his wife and my niece.

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The last time I seen them was two years ago at my niece's sweet sixteen birthday party. My niece Amanda is very pretty she stands five foot two ,hazel eyes and deep auburn hairbreast size about 34D cup. Some information on my brother and his wife. His name is jack he's older by five years he owns some property.

He owns two hundred and fifty acres some of this property has oil rigs on it the rest is farm land. The Oil derricks produce about one hundred barrels of crude oil a day. The oil is pumped from the ground it goes into tanks for storage. Then it's sold to a refinery The home where he lives is just about thirty minutes outside Denver. It's quite nice it's very clean it has forty thousand square ft of living space. His wife is a secretary at an office their daughter my niece she's eighteen now.

last Sunday was her birthday "She's graduating school in June". It was Saturday morning I had just returned home from doing grocery shopping. My cell rings hello john Hi its Jake were celebrating Amanda's eighteenth party this weekend on Sunday. We would like to know if you could make it out here yes of course . I 'll be there Jake how is the remodeling coming It's done John.

we didn't do much all we done is placed in a Jacuzzi in our master bathroom enlarged Amanda's room. We then placed a " Jacuzzi Tub in the down stairs apartment were not home now Wer'e out on business.

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It's an unexpected a stock holders meeting on our oil co. we'll be arriving back Sunday morning sometime we'll see you soon. I was Amanda's favorite uncle as matter of fact I was her only uncle on her dad's side. Her mom's side was all girls in the family.

I had no doubt in my mind now as to where I was going to spend my vacation this year. I was going to see my niece she's was hot and sexy at sixteen back then.


I didn't need to rent a hotel room I always welcomed at my brothers home. He has an apparent down stairs with all the comforts of home. His house was big enough to have a down stairs apartment to fit a family of three very comfortable. I remember what happened to me that very morning it's very clear what had taken place. It was a Sunday morning my brother and his wife left to go out shopping. They said would return home later that morning to bring me to the airport.

I was just had got out of the shower in the down stairs apartment. my niece walked right in on me I forgot that I left the door unlocked.

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I wasn't thinking where I was the door opened and their was my niece. she was in shock I was in there shaving in the mirror with nothing on but my morning wood. "Oh my God uncle" I am so sorry she blushed I did not realize you were in here. I thought mom dad took you to the airport already gee I am so sorry. She stood there for a minute then she closed the doorI heard her walking away. "Wow" I can't believe she walked right in on me my own niece all she was wearing was her see through nightie.

She had no panties or bra on underneathI could see her breasts clearly with nice pink nipples. her aureola were about the size of a quarter, and her pussy was shaved clean. I assumed she always slept this way I had so many different Thoughts running through my head.

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Did she really a mistake or just maybe she just wanted to see me naked ?. She never went out with any of the guys at school she told me this once before.

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She has two girlfriends their names are Jana and sue she gets together with then all the time. Could my niece still be a virgin or is she a lesbian or maybe both? this troubled me. I couldn't wait to find out today is Friday at four O'clock I'm on vacation. I was Working at my desk when my boss comes in to my office. John it's one pm you can knock off punch out go home.

Enjoy your vacation we'll see you in a few weeks alright thank you George. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible first I had to call the airport. I wouldn't be driving that twelve hours this time around no way. I calling the airport I booked the "Red Eye" flight to Denver Colorado. Next I called the car rental place I booked a rental car soon. I look forward to seeing my niece,my brother and his wife.

My home is roughly fifteen minutes form the airport the taxi had arrived I had taken only a carry on bag. what ever else I needed I would buy there this will be a vacation I hope to remember for ever. I Arrived at the airport I checked in and boarded the plane.

The flight would take us and forty seven minutes flying non stop on "The Red Eye ". later that afternoon,the plane,landed safely at the Denver International Airport.

I got off the plane I went to the rent a car desk in side the terminal and picked up the keys. I drove a half hour to get to my brother's house I pulled into the driveway. I had totally forgotten my brother, and his wife was away on a business trip for a couple of days.

My niece would be getting a new car for her birthday, however, that wasn't ready yet. I drove thirty five minutes into town I looked around for a place to grab a bite to eat.

I found a local diner in town I went in sat down a waitress came over and took my order. It was very quiet in there today being a Friday, and I looked at the clock.

It's about six pm I was eating dinner sometime later. I raised my head to take a drink of my coffee I thought I had seen Amanda ,Jena and Susie come in. they did not see me my head was down I was eating dinner. The three ladies sat in a booth in the back corner I knew then it was them when I over heard my niece. She was talking quietly to her girlfriends , I am so excited today my favorite uncle is coming in on Sunday. I can't wait to see him Last time I had seen him "was " my sweet sixteen.

He's hot for an older guy yes we have the hot for him too I bet he's good in bed. Susie went up to the counter to get straws for their soda pop Susie didn't say a word to me we smiled at each other.

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Amanda may I ask you a question sure alright ask away. How come they guy sitting over there looks a lot like your uncle John. I don't think, so my parents told me will not be coming until Sunday.


Today's only Friday it's six thirty pm he's most likely at home having dinner. I am sure glad we came here for dinner the diner closes in an hour at eight o'clock pm. I was getting hungry around five at home thanks for picking me up Jackie. When will your car be ready Amanda we have to up next week sometime at the dealership. Amanda yes Susie I think you should at least go take a look or call out to this gentleman well oh alright.

I hear Amanda's sweet voice Uncle john is that over there I replied how did you guess yes it's me honey. I heard her a screech she jumps up and comes over to where I am sitting. I stand up we embrace in a hug hello uncle what are doing in so early.

I took the red eye flight I couldn't wait to see my favorite niece. How is my favorite niece great uncle my party is on Sunday I turned eighteen last SundayShe motions for me to bend down whispering in my ear I am all yours uncle. she smiles at me I almost got a hard on right there; I knew what Amanda was thinking. The other girls come over and sit with us Jackie ,Suzie you know my uncle yes hello uncle john hello ladies.

I'm Glad to see you all again yes were all legal now they all laugh heck Jackie the one sitting across from me takes her foot and rubs my crotch. To Be Continued