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Bruce and Laurie Part 2 Note from The Author: All feedback wanted anyone who is willing to give their point of view or just comments welcome. Thanks, Jack Story codes: m/g cons inc mast voy Written by Jack Solstice Bruce and Laurie Part 2 Chapter 3 Showering Together Poor Laurie did not know what to think, her brother had licked her buggy and it felt so good.

She knew it was wrong, and she should not have let him do it, but she thought, "If he were to ask again I would let him". It made her feel naughty, like a bad girl, and for some reason she liked it. Now she was going to get to shower with her brother. She was afraid because, she had touched his pee-pee and it had peed all over her, but when she touched it is was not pee but it was really thick and white, yet it was clear too.

She decided that since her brother said it was cum, whatever that was, she would taste a little of it. When she did she made sure her brother was not watching her, because she felt he would think it was nasty if she had tasted it. It was salty but not bad tasting she decided.

Bruce was getting up and knocked his boxers to the floor, so he picked them up as he seen out of the corner of his eye; his sister was examining his cum, running it between her fingers, and then he could not believe his eyes, she quickly put a little in her cute little mouth to taste.


He watched her carefully, and she made a slight face, and then gave a small smile. Eventually she liked the taste. Bruce filed this little bit of info for later ideas. He got back up and said, "Laurie you ready for me to take a shower with you?" "Yeah!" She replied.

He then asked, "Can I wash you again?" She replied "Yeah… you could wash me", her face began going red and in a small voice, she said, "Could I… wash you please?" Bruce was at a loss. "This little cute thing wants to wash me?" he thought. It made him fill with love for her, so cute and even when covered in his cum; She looked so perfect he wished a little had made it onto her little vaginal mound.

He asked "Laurie can I ask a question?" "Sure" replied Laurie. "Can I touch you again… please?" Laurie thought about it for a second; she let him before… "Ok, What do you want to do?" "You've gotten cum everywhere… Can I put a little on your buggy please?" As he asked this, she noticed his pee-pee getting bigger again and that excited her in her buggy so she responded "Sure!" He then asked "Can you lie down so I can put it on?" "Ok but can your pee-pee make more?

.It feels good on my skin. " Bruce was at a loss for words, she wanted him to beat off and cum on her pussy. Bruce responded, "I could but, I wanted you to hold your buggy open, because I want to stick my tongue in it." She thought about this for a second and said, "I don't know… you promise it won't hurt me." Bruce told her that he did not know how far, he could put his tongue in, before it hurt because, she had never had anything in there before.

She replied that he was to put it in until it hurt, then remove it so he knew how far it would go before it hurt her. He responded to her with, "Thanks, Sis." Before they started he asked if she wanted to see him, "Do his pee-pee", as she called it.

She responded, she did but, she wanted it to be over quick. She wanted to play with her buggy because, it felt good. He responded, "I will go as fast as I can." Bruce begins by pulling her to the edge of the bed and giving he puss a few licks, he then stops and ask Laurie, "Do you like it when I do that?" This made poor Laurie go red, she responds, "Yes… I really like it but, you better never tell anyone I do because, no one is supposed to touch my buggy." Bruce responds "That was great… can I do it again soon?" She replies, "We'll see." Bruce lowered his head to her pussy, and asks her to hold it open, so he could have his hand to play with his pee-pee.

She reached down and pulled the lips of her buggy open, and then he licks some more. He decides to put his tongue in her, he sticks his tongue out as far as it will go, and starts to put it in. Just before he gets it all the way in Laurie yelps and says, "It hurts." Bruce says, "I'm sorry… I'll try not to do that again." Now they knew how far it would go, and would try to never stick it in that far again.

Bruce begins to beat off, with his sister watching him. The though of Laurie watching him turned him on to no end. As he licked her, and masturbated, he felt the feeling he had gotten when he was getting close, so with a quick lick into her vagina first; he says, "I am about to cum." Bruce stops beating off, pulls her as close to the edge of the bed as possible, and tells her to take her hands away and to say "Oh… your pee-pee is so big give it to me." He starts beating off again and tells her, "Say it", she does and Bruce feels himself orgasm more intense than ever before.

He places his dick two inches from her pussy as it erupts, five big spurts, all over her mound. He then asked her, "Can I rub it in a little… then we could shower." She replies, "Ok!" Bruce asks, "Can I maybe… put some in the crack of your pussy." Laurie thinks about it for a moment, "I don't see how it would hurt", she then quickly agrees. Bruce spends the next 3 minutes putting his cum in every place of her vagina but inside her vagina itself, because he did not want to hurt her.

As Laurie watched her brother play with his pee-pee, she thinks about, "I enjoyed having his tongue inside me, except when he put it in to far.

that really hurt, once he pulled it out though, it felt really good… and when he started to move his tongue around, I was just getting butterflies in her tummy, and then he quit. And then he started moving his hand really fast on his pee-pee… then the white stuff came out, all over my buggy, it felt so warm." "I love his cum on me but it feel a little slimy… then when he asked to rub it all over my buggy… why not it feels good on my skin and then when he started it felt so good… I felt the butterflies get even better… then I saw the lights in my eyes…I have only seen those a few times… Why did he have to quit…" Bruce told her it was time for a shower with him, and she was supposed to after that… he actually picked her up and carried her to the shower.

Bruce picked Laurie up and carried her to the bathroom down the hall, and sat the "cum covered goddess," on the toilet and started the shower. He turned to her and asked, "Laurie did you like me licking your buggy?" Laurie responded, "Yes it feels so good… except when you put your tongue to far inside my buggy… that really hurt, please don't do it again, but it feels really good!" "Would you let me do it anytime I want… even if you are sleeping?

I really like doing it… it tastes better than anything in the world." This made little Laurie's face go red, so she turned away from him and said, "You can but it feels so good… I want to feel you do it, could you wake me up first or something?" "Yeah… I can do that.

Can I ask you another question? With out you being mad at me, or getting scared, because I am not mad at you, I liked it when you did it." … "Why are you embarrassed at what I am saying? I love you, and like doing those things too." Laurie was now curious what he was talking about, "What are you asking?"… "What do you not want me to be mad at?" "When we were in my room, I saw you put some of my cum in your mouth.

Now please don't leave, and don't cry, I am happy you did this. Did you like the taste?" Laurie looked at her brother tears starting to form because even though he said he was not mad she thought he was then said shaking "I did not mean to I am sorry I wont do it again", and burst into tears.

Bruce went over to her, and picked her up, and told her, "Anytime you want to… you can taste as much as you want. I could even put my pee-pee in your mouth… and cum there if you want me to." Laurie responded "Eww, put your pee-pee in my mouth.

No… I don't wanna…that's nasty." "That's fine… I could have you open your mouth and aim it in there. with out putting it in your mouth, but I would like you to try it, at least once… put it in your mouth and suck on it like a Popsicle, then if you don't like it I will never ask again.

PLEASE!" Laurie looked at up at her big brother and said, "Would you be mad if I asked to wait so I can think about it." Bruce told her, "Take all the time you want… but you can have all you want to eat… anytime you want… I will even cum on your tummy… if don't want it in your mouth unless you put it there." Bruce continued "Come on, let's get a shower and get you cleaned up, you look beautiful covered in cum, but… I love the smooth silkiness of your skin." Laurie shouted snarkily, "Put me down so I can get in." Bruce put Laurie down and she put one leg in the tub while he took this opportunity to cup his sister's ass.

She just giggled, and looked back, and said, "Later… shower now." Bruce got into the shower with Laurie and grabbed the wash rag, soaped it up, and then said, "Come here… I want to wash you." Laurie came over, pressed herself to his dick, and gave him a hug saying, "I love you Bruce" then she took a step back. Bruce's heart filled with love for his lil sis, so cute and pure; he enjoyed touching her. He started to wash her, washing everything but what he wanted to pay "special" attention to.

After he was finished, he started with her little nipples, slowly circling them till they were all soapy, then he placed the wash rag on her shoulder and began gently tweaking her left, and then right nips. She moaned in pleasure, "Ohhhh…it feels good." He continued this for about two or three minutes, then she took his hand and placed it on her butt, "Wash this next!" she said panting, and a little out of breath Bruce started washing her cute bubble butt, paying attention to each beautiful round globe of milky white skin, occasionally giving a squeeze.

Then he told Laurie, "Bend over so I can wash your cute lil butthole." She bends over and her pink little rosebud asshole was now visible. Bruce knells down and rinses her butt good, making her giggle and squirm. He puts the shower head down and asks her "Spread your butt so I can see it while washing you." She reaches back and spreads her cute butt, and now he could see it more clearly. Bruce began gently washing it all around it… then her butthole itself. He gently making sure he had enough soap, pushed the rag into her butt, causing her to giggle; squeal; and jump; and yell, "Take it out!" Bruce did, and got the shower head and rinsed her ass off; directing the water at her butthole he spayed water directly in it to, washing the soap from inside her butt.

When he thought it was rinsed enough, he dropped the wash rag, rinsed his hands, and told her not to move; she said "ok." Bruce started to inch his face to her butt, when he was close enough he pushed her hands away and spread her butt himself. Laurie asked "Whatcha doin'?" "Relax it will feel good… just don't move" "What are you going to do?" "You'll see," Bruce responded.

"Ok… don't hurt me please." "I won't…" With that he stuck out his tongue and gently licked her butt hole. The second he made contact with her butthole, Laurie jumped, and screamed. "No! That's nasty… don't put your tongue there.

Please! It's not right." Bruce replied, "Relax… try to enjoy it. I cleaned it really goooood! Please, can I lick it?" Laurie wasn't sure why he wanted to do this, but she really did not want him to do it.

"I really don't want you to do it! Please!". "You could lick my buggy! You can put your tongue into my buggy hole! …&hellip." She pleaded. She took a deep breath, "Even if it hurts," she said, in a very quiet voice.

Bruce got up, he was taken back by how, she really did not want him to do it, she was more willing to go through pain instead of him licking her butt.

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He said "That's ok, Laurie… I won't do it then." and picked her up and tried to hold her naked body to him, unfortunately for him his dick had been hard. When she started to slide down because he was losing grip on her, her buggy slid down the underside of his dick, it was the best feeling that he had ever had. So he asked his sister, "Could I hold you against the wall and rub my pee-pee in your buggy?" Laurie had felt it slide through her buggy, it sent electric jolts through her, and she gasped when she herd her brother ask his question.

She responded, "Please do it… It felt sooooooo gooooood!" Bruce needed no more prodding; he turned around to rinse her off, put her back against the wall, and placed his dick in her slit and started humping her.

"Oh god" she moaned, "Push a little harder… oh god this is gooooood!" Her breathing started to become ragged, and then she started to feel the butterflies in her tummy. He was pushing his dick up and down her slit, the underside running along her little bump, Bruce could feel her clit starting to get bigger as he did it more, but he was beginning to feel himself close to cumming again.

It felt sooooo good sliding his dick against her buggy. They both where so close to cumming that they went off within seconds of each other her first, then him. He then said, "Now… I have to wash you again, you have cum on you." She responded, "You never washed my buggy anyways… Can we do that again?" "Maybe later… it won't get bigger now."… "Let me wash your pretty buggy " "You really think it's pretty?" "Yes I do… after we get out I will put a movie on for you to watch, and I will lick that pretty little thing the whole time the movie is on… Ok?" "Ok… I want the butterflies to come back." As he washed her buggy she then said, "Please right there…" as he passed her little bump.

She ground her puss into his hand started to moan, "Ohhhhhh…" then she started shaking saying, "Please… Just a little more it's almost here." and exploded into bliss, finally dying down to tremors saying, "That was great… Thanks." When he got done giving her puss a bath he said, "Now my turn." As he sat down she gave him a quick wash, except for his pee-pee.

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She tried to jack him off, knowing he could not get hard, and she didn't know how to do it properly. She was sure to be very gentle. It still felt really good to him.

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When they were finished they got out and dried each other off. They did not bother getting dressed and went downstairs for something to eat. When they finished eating they went back upstairs. Bruce was looking at her ass as she walked in front of him. "Damn… she's sexy" he thought to himself. She could feel her brother's eyes looking at her, but was unsure if this made her embarrassed.

Chapter 4 Going to Bed They went into Bruce's room. "What do you want to do sis?" asked Bruce. "Can we watch a movie?" replied Laurie. "What do you want to watch?" "Can you pick?" "Yes I can." He said enthusiastically. "Can I ask a question… and you not get mad at me?" he asked sheepishly.

"Sure!" "I know a movie… that dad has… that we are not suppose to watch. You want to watch it?" "Is it scary?" … "I don't like scary movies." "No… of course not… I know you don't like scary movies." "Its not that type of movie… but if I get it you can never say to anyone that you seen it even your best friends." Bruce stated quickly. "Ok…I won't tell" He went into his parent's room to get the "movie." When he came back he asked her, "Are you sure you want to see this movie?" "Yeah!" "You're going to watch things that we are not supposed to see… you want to continue what we are doing…you are going to have to be a BIG GIRL… ok?" "I can be a big girl," she said softly.

With that he put the movie into the VCR and pressed play. Immediately the movie came on it was a porno with two women and one guy, and they were having all types of sex She immediately asked her bother, "What is this… and why is his pee-pee in her mouth?" He exclaimed, "She is sucking his pee-pee and it feels really good." Then she saw the guy eat the woman's puss, "Hey!

You did that to me too… it felt really good. Can we do that again?" "After the movie… Ok? I want to watch this… I've never seen this one before." "Ok." She replied quietly. As they watched they saw all the different things they could do. When the guy actually put his dick into the woman's pussy Laurie was really taken back. She exclaimed, "Gross he put his pee-pee in her buggy!" "Yes he did… It feels really good for both people, when that happens!" "Are you going to do that to me?" "Not right now… it would hurt until I got it all the way in.

Then it would go away in a few minutes. When once you have gotten used to me being inside, your buggy hole." "Is that where he put it?" "Yes… that is where it goes." "That's gross!" "But it feels really good after the first time!" "But that's nasty!" "You like your buggy licked… right?" "Yes!" "Then it is just another way to make both people feel good at the same time." After the movie was over he was careful to rewind it to exactly where his dad had stopped it, and returned it to his dad's stash of movies like it that he had stumbled upon before.

Now it was night about 9pm. "Well you want to get ready for bed?" "Can I sleep with you… Please?" "Yes… you can… but you have to stay naked." "But I already am… and you know I only sleep in your tee-shirts at bedtime… and I wear nothing else," her face going red.

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"Why are you getting embarrassed?" "Because I just remembered that I always sleep this way… and that you could play with my buggy even when I am asleep… You wouldn't play with my buggy when I am not awake, would you?" "I never said that… I may once in awhile, play with your buggy when you are asleep, but I WOULD NEVER HURT YOU!

Understand… it would be fun to play with it when you don't know that I am playing with your buggy." "Please don't… I want to know you are playing with it, please?" "Alright… but I want to be able to try it at least once, please?" "Just once?" "Yes… and I will try not to do it again.

Ok?" "Ok… Are going to try tonight?" "Maybe… I don't know." Bruce found another movie to watch, they were laying on there sides, with her lying closer to the TV, and with him behind her.

She cuddled up to him with her butt pressed into his dick. As they were watching the movie Forest Gump he started to get another hard on, this did not go unnoticed. Laurie could feel it pressing in her butt and it felt good; so she started moving her butt against it.

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After about a minute or so he moved away from her. She rolled over and asked, "Why did you move?" "Because… I was about to cum." "You can cum on me you know I don't mind." "Yes but I was hoping to have you maybe&hellip. Oh, never mind… you would not want to anyway." "What?" she snapped. Sheepishly he said, "I was hoping I could… maybe you could… put my pee-pee in your mouth… Please" the last word was pleading and said very quietly.

She just looked at him and said nothing. After a few seconds of her just looking at him, he decided to say, "Never mind sis… it was only a hope… that maybe you would, as I licked and sucked on your buggy, but… never mind I can go with out." She now felt like he was sad, that she did not want to try something to make him feel good.

She thought about how good it felt when he was licking her buggy. She felt bad because he wanted her to try to suck his pee-pee, and she still thought it was nasty, but now she really felt like she was denying him something. She then said very softly, looking down at her knees below her, "If you want me to… then I will, but I don't know how to." He was surprised when she said this, and started to say something, then lost it, and again started to say something, instead he just got up gave his sister a hug and said, "I'll be right back." She was at a loss, because she said she would and then he left, she started to cry not knowing what to do.

Laurie was very confused As Bruce sat on the toilet, he did not know what to do; he had once again pushed his little sister too far. She did not want to do it, and he could understand why. He felt if he did make her do it, he would hurt her, and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Bruce got up and then went back to his room.

He had to talk to her, and tell her she did not have to suck him… if she did not want to. She was sitting on his bed, crying, when he came back into the room. She looked up saw him and began crying even harder. When he entered the room, and he saw her crying, he was full of guilt. Then when she looked up and saw him and started to cry harder; he went over to her and picked her up, sat her on his lap, and held her saying, he was sorry.


This seemed to calm her some and soon after, she quit crying. She then said, "Bruce, I will suck your pee-pee, but I don't know how. I am scared because I don't want it to hurt." Bruce was happy that his sister would suck him, but he said "Laurie you really don't have to… if you don't want to!" "I would like to try it only once, right now but I am scared, too afraid I will hurt you or me." "If you really want to… I will try to teach you, but go slowly." "Ok… what do I do?" "First… do you want to have me lie down or sit on the bed edge… so you can be on your knees and suck?"… "I would prefer to have you kneel." "I won't do it lying down." He got to the edge of the bed and gave her a kiss, and then told her to kneel in between his legs, he was still soft.

She said "It's not hard… why?" "You have to make it hard, pick it up with your little hands and lick the tip… all around it, and it will get hard." She did and after a few licks decided that she actually liked the taste of it, and as she was holding it, it started to grow bigger. She giggled, and then she herd him say, "Put it in your mouth… be careful of your teeth… it hurts if your teeth drag across my pee-pee." "Ok," she said as she slid his dick into her soft warm mouth.

He was in heaven again, when she started to lick his dick and then again when she put it into her mouth, he almost lost it. It felt so wonderfully warm and wet as she got into sucking his dick. All the time she just kept right on sucking, with him helping her learn how to suck it just right. A few times she scraped her teeth across it making him yelp, her stop, say sorry, then start again.


It felt so good to him, like nothing he had ever experienced, this was way better than jacking off. He could really begin to want this all the time, if he could get his sister to do it. He could feel the familiar stirring in his balls telling him he was about to cum. He wanted to do so in her mouth. She was enjoying the taste of his pee-pee when she heard him say, "I am almost about to cum" and she only sucked harder.

She heard him warn her to take all but the tip out when he came, or she may choke on his cum. When he said, "Here it cums!" she pulled out to just the tip, as the first shot of his massive load began squirting out his dick, seven big squirts, all in her mouth. She wanted her brother to see his cum in her mouth. God, it tasted good, she may want to do this again soon. When he was done, he thanked her and then looked at her.

She had her mouth open and was playing with his cum in her mouth, with her tongue. This thrilled him, and then she made a big show of swallowing all of it, showing him her mouth was clean of his cum. she had swallowed it all. This instantly brought his softening dick back to attention and he asked if she wanted to try again.

She declined to suck but said, "If you want to you can play with it, and cum in my mouth, its tired right now, but I like the taste of your cum. It's salty, but good; you can cum in my mouth anytime." "Even… if you are asleep?" "No… I want to know you are cumming in my mouth." "Can I cum on you tonight after you go to sleep… and rub it into your buggy?

Please?" "Yes… but after you're done, you have to wake me up so I can eat what's left, and wash the rest off, it gets sticky and hurts after a while… Alright?" "Ok… Thanks, sis." "Can I ask another question of you?" "I want to put my pee-pee in your buggy hole a little bit… can I, please?" "No… not now, it still hurts some." "Can I lick it better?" "Ok… but when you stick your tongue in my buggy hole, be careful, it still hurts." "You know if I was to stick it in, and break it, it would only hurt for about 5 minutes… then it would never hurt again." "No… not now… maybe later sometime, I don't want to be sore." "You know I will never be able to do it when, mom or dad are home, because you will scream and cry some, and that would alert them to something is wrong." "Next time they leave big brother you can have it… you will have to hold me down, because I will do anything to avoid it hurting me, even for a short while."…"Now lick my buggy, it is starting to get itchy, and if you don't then I will have to do my buggy." "I want to see you do that, you watched me play with mine… Can you play with yours for a little then I will finish it off for you?" "Ok." He watched as she rolled over onto her tummy, giving the same view of her cute butt and little slit this time, it was like when he caught her except for her not wearing panties this time, and it was so cute to see this 8 year old try to masturbate.

As he watched she started to hump her hand, but not directly rubbing her love bump; he thought, it curious but said nothing. He went over to spread her legs further apart so he could get a good view, about that time he got a hard on and asked, "Sis can I rub my pee-pee against your buggy?" "Ok… but don't try to put it into my buggy hole, it will hurt and it is starting to feel good." He then moved her so her legs dangled off the side of the bed, and started to rub it up and down her little slit.

She started to hump back onto his dick as he did this. This surprised him and he started to rub faster, finally about five minutes later, she screamed. "Finish me please… I am so close, and it feels better with you licking my buggy." Bruce rolled her over bent her flexible body in half, knees on shoulders, and attacked, licking wildly. She started bucking and screaming more, "Go back to the other spot please… my bump, lick it, please." He was avoiding licking, it wanting her to go crazy before he did, so she would go very high, then he licked some more.

Finally when he thought she could take no more, he licked her clit making her moan, "YES THAT'S IT!" very loudly; and he sucked the bump as she pushed her puss to his face.

That sent her over the edge as her puss began, for the first time to produce a generous amount of girl cum. Bruce licked it all up. After she was done he gave her a hurt look. She asked, "What?" "You came… but not enough… I wanted more." "What do you mean…? I came?" "You understand that when I cum the liquid that comes out is called, cum… right?" "Ok" "Well you do the same thing when you come… a liquid comes out of your buggy hole." "How does it taste… yours is like salty and stuff." "Yours tasted like honey, very sweet, and I want more… this means… now that you can cum, I will be doing this to you a lot." "You can have my buggy when ever you want!" "Thanks sis… Can I finish rubbing my pee-pee on your buggy please?" "Ok" "Can I put my pee-pee in the spot where your buggy hole is… as long as it don't hurt please" "Ok… as long as it doesn't hurt." "Thanks sis… this will be the first time my dick has ever touched a girls vagina." "What's a dick?" "It is another name for my pee-pee, you don't have to call it that if you don't want to."… "I think I like it better when you call it my pee-pee… ok" "Oh ok… what's a vagina?" "It is your buggy hole, it is called a vagina, it's where the pee-pee goes." "But it won't fit…" "Yes it will!

It will stretch, but it will hurt the first time it goes into you… but the pain goes away… and it feels good, and never hurts again." "Oh and you want to do that… to me put it inside my…my vagina?" she said, going red in the face.

"I liked it better when you called it your 'buggy hole' it sounds cuter." "Ok… it sounds wrong if I call my buggy something else." All the time they had been talking his dick was in the entrance of her vagina, when she looked down and said, "Your pee-pee is at the beginning of my pee-pee hole it feels strange." "Can I push a little and see if it will fit… you are still wet inside from cumming… please?" "Please, not now… I don't want it to hurt when I am sleeping later." "Ok… I understand he stated softly." "Bruce you can… and will… do it but, not right now." "Ok can I rub my pee-pee against your buggy and cum all over it again?"… "Please"… "I will clean it up for you." "Ok" "Can I put some of my cum in your buggy hole… please." "Only if you do it with your fingers, gently… then you can but, not with your pee-pee." "Alright… thanks sis." As he began rubbing his dick all over her pussy he had an idea, could he hold it long enough and cum inside her, but decided it would just piss her off.

Even if he tried it, it would likely just make her not want him to do it again, and he wanted to be the one to take her cherry; in return she would get his. He wanted to be the first one to dump his load inside of her little pussy.

He knew he could do so, and she would never get pregnant, she was not old enough to have a period yet. He could do it for about three years until he would have to be careful, that was a lot of time to fuck his sister. He started to rub it against her love bump, making her moan, saying "That feels good don't stop." This continued until he was ready to cum, he put his dick at the bottom of her clit, just as the first jet of cum exploded from the end of his dick.

As the pulses continued it completely covered her pussy, and cum was running down the crack of her ass. This feeling made her get off, and cum all over the towel that he kept on his bed. He then scooped some up with two fingers and started to push it into her "buggy hole". When he got about all he could recover into the hole, he asked, if she could feel it; she said, "Yes… it feels slimy, and she really did not like it, it felt nasty, but was glad he had done it because she like having it in her, regardless if it was nasty feeling." He picked his sister up took her to the bathroom, and sat her on the toilet, because she had to pee.

Before she started, he asked if he could watch, because he had never seen how a girl peed. Then he had an idea… he then asked, "Could you pee in the bath tub… lying down?" "Yes, I have to hurry though… I have to pee." He laid her into the tub spread her legs, and as he did she started to pee, he spread her pussy to see where she peed from, and found it.

It was so interesting to him how a girl peed. When she finished, he got the wash rag from earlier and washed her little pussy and said, "Bed time… come on let's go to sleep." "Ok… dry my buggy good, please." He started to do so, and she had a big smile on her face.

When he was done she said, "That's better big brother… thank you." They went back into his room, and they lay down with the lights off. It was time to sleep; and sleep they did. To Be Continued in Bruce and Laurie Part 3