Hot babe aubrey rose gets fucked by her bf in the couch pornstars brunette

Hot babe aubrey rose gets fucked by her bf in the couch pornstars brunette
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Sarah gazed deep into my eyes as she sucked at the base of my sack, balls flopped on her cheek. She was making circles around my ass with her thumb, and tweaking the head of my staff with her other hand, pinching and teasing it. The speed of Kristi's stoke with the strap on in Sarah's cunt quickened. I could hear the sounds of wetness coming from her.

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Kristi grabbed a fist full of Sarah's hair and yanked HARD as she thrust and jabbed at Sara's pussy with the rubber dick as she smacked her ass.

Sarah sprung up to her knees with a yelp, her eyes rolling back into her head. I could see her clit juices had seeped down her legs and up her chest to the base of her luscious melons. Damn that Kristi was a freak. I would have never imagined a petite Korean girl having such a sexual perversion and dominance over people twice her size. The new hire I didn't look at twice has now had my cock rock hard for 6 straight hours now.

Kristi then shoved Sarah to the floor and on top of me. "Fuck him slave!" she commanded, "And don't stop till I say to!" I didn't know if my rod could take anymore. They had abused it and me so long I was ready to explode. Sarah pounced on it and began riding like a crazed woman, hard, fast and furiously. She was still incredibly hot to the touch like she was on fire, sweat began pouring off her again.

Slop, slop ,slop, slop, she was banging me for all she was worth. My cock began to ache and throb again. I couldn't take anymore and decided to try and let go and cum. I gave her all the clues I was going to blow, but she kept pounding on it. I couldn't hold it and more and let go, my body got stiff and waves of pleasure rode over me in an intense orgasmic state but no relief. I didn't explode! Maybe I had cum but couldn't tell from the unbelievable throbbing of my cock. I was still rock hard and feeling like one continuous orgasm.

The pressure and throbbing worsened, and I was writhing in a mixture of agony and pleasure. "Keep fucking him!" Kristi commanded again. I looked over to where her voice had come from. She was shooting video of us while stroking her strap on like it was a real cock. I was in a euphoric state I had never felt before. The room began to dissolve and disappear.

There was nothing but Sarah and I and a shadowy figure shouting commands.

Nothing but colored pulsating lights, wet skin and pulsating music. Kristi's shadowy figure stepped into view. She circled us, looking as if she was trying to figure which perverted scheme she wanted to inflict on us next. She knelt down behind Sarah again and grabbed her hair. "STOP!" she shouted as she shoved Sarah's head against my chest. I could feel both of our hearts beating like they were going to rip out of our chests.

It was as if we had both finished a marathon. Kristi began pushing at Sarah with the strap on. I felt Sara clinch down against the effort of the dong at her ass.

Sara bit down on my shoulder as Kristi worked at her rear, trying to penetrate it. Kristi continued to apply pressure as the bite on my shoulder began to burn. I seemed like an eternity, but I could tell Kristi was not giving up this time, she was going all the way.


I felt Sara pivot her hips trying to ease the entry. The bite on my shoulder was pure agony. I had had enough so I grabbed Kristie' hand full of hair with mine and pulled her clenched teeth from my skin. Sarah had a glazed look in her eyes and grunted like a cavewoman as Kristi finally began to slide het dong into Sarah's ass.

I could feel it as it slid along side my cock, making her clit tighter. Sarah began pounding the floor and my chest with her fist, as if she were tapping out of a fight. Kristi would ease out then slowly go back in.

I was trying to tell what sensation Sarah was feeling based on her facial expressions. I had my own experience with the tool before but was never penetrated by it while awake. Easy out, then back in again.

Every few strokes going a bit deeper and deeper. Sara began to pivot her hips with the strokes, so I slowly followed, matching Kristi stroke for stroke. Sarah's face went from agony to pure pleasure back to agony as we fucked in unison.

Sarah turned to look at Kristi with those longing eyes. Kristi obliged and leaned forward and pulled Sarah up by the hair to meet in a passionate kiss.

I was surprised my dick didn't explode off of my body. This was my first encounter with the girl on girl thing in real life. Sarah then spun her head and planted one on me. It was like she was trying to remove my tonsils with her tongue. We slowly gyrated together for an eternity before Sarah's pace quickened. I could almost feel the raised veins on the plastic cock against my own as it slid back and fourth against mine as we penetrated Sarah together.

The pace quickened, every thrust going deeper and deeper. Sarah's muscle movements were almost uncontrollable as she tried to endure the raw pleasure of being filled in both holes. She began grunting and panting like a wildcat. The strap on Kristi had was anatomically correct and had a soft sack at its base that began slapping against mine.

I found myself confused about enjoying another tool against mine. I am straight; I'm not supposed to get turned on by another "dick".

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My confusion was interrupted by sharp nails digging in my cheat as Sarah shot up in an intense orgasm. She yelled at the top of her lungs I could feel her quivering on the inside as the juices flowed out from around my cock.

"Don't stop fucking her!!" Kristi repeatedly shouted as her pace quickened again. I tried to keep up, but my aching cock and back couldn't take much more.

"I can't take it I can't take it" Sarah shouted repeatedly. "Shit!! Stop! Fuck!!!" she shouted as she tried to squirm our from between us. Kristi again grabbed a handful of hair as she smacked her ass again, shouting "You just lay there and take it. Grab her arms slave!" She commanded. I grabbed each of Sarah's wrists and pulled them behind her back and bear hugged her. "Shit Shit Shit Shit Fuck" she gasped, almost out of breath.

By now, we were both pounding Sarah's pussy and ass as hard and deep as we could. Sarah was convulsing all over, eyes rolled up in her head and tears rolling down her face. "Yes, Yes Fuck Shit Yes, Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!" She shouted until she collapsed on my chest. I mean, she really went limp. Kristi slid the toy cock from her ass, pulled Sarah up by the hair and planted a deep one on her lips. She dropped her head back on my chest with a thud and stood in victory like she had fell her prey.

I slid Sarah off of me and to the cold wet floor and tried to get a response from her, patting her on the face and shaking her. "She'll be fine" Kristi assured me as she grabbed her "bag of horrors" and took a seat on a stool at the workbench.

I heard Sara let a faint "Oh Shit" as she giggled softly as she rolled to her side and closed her legs and covered her rear with her hands as if to protect it from further invasion.

Kristi removed the strap on and pulled a bottle of jack out from the bag. She also poured 3 more plastic cups of the purple mystery potion.


The way I was feeling, I knew it was much more than some novelty store "love potion". I had tunnel vision, increased heart rate and a hard on that would not stop.

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She lifted a cup for me and grabbed one for herself. "Shall we?" she asked as she put the cup to her lips and gulped. "What's in it for me?" I asked as she licked the potion from her lips, then followed with a gulp of Jack from the bottle.

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"This!" she said as she pointed to her opening legs as her other hand began stroking her pussy. I sat for a moment, trying to think of a snappy retort, and trying to decide if I wanted any more of her purple potion. Was it a mind game? Or was it more? What's the matter, scared???" she said as she slid 2 fingers deep into her slit. "No, not scared, just thinking." I stated as I stared at her fingers toying with her lips. I found my cock with my free hand and grabbed a hold of it hard like I was trying to keep a angry dong on a leash from attacking.

"Thinking 'bout what?" she inquired.

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"Thinking about all the things I am going to do to you." I replied. "Like WHAT do you think YOU'RE gonna do to me?" she said in a sarcastic tone. What was I going to do? I thought for another moment, and in the deepest, darkest most sinister tone I could muster I pronounced "I am gonna' fuck you till you can't walk or see straight". She started laughing uncontrollably at my lame threat.

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"Shit, you not even man enough to drink with me, much less man enough to fuck me!" she challenged. I downed her silly purple mix and grabbed the bottle of Jack from her and gave it a big chug.

The burn of the booze in the throat and stomach collided with her mystery potion. The room began to spin as my tunnel vision narrowed to the point to where I could barely focus on the wet pussy of hers. My vision began bouncing, and in my daze I figured out it was my hand banging my cock. I was stroking it hard and fast like it had a mind of its own. I had to really attempt to focus on Kristi; she was working her clit in response.

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I looked up, her eyes were glued to my cock pounding fist. It was time to spring the trap. I made a drunken lunge at her in attempt to overpower her by surprise and plant my swollen cock deep in her cunt and make good on my threat. Her petite size would be no match for a man my size, but in my condition, I was not as strong or as quick as thought.

She lifted a leg and kicked at my charge and put her hands up to push me away. I was driven, all my being wanted to take her. She pushed and kicked and scratched at me, trying to fight me off. I began to have second thought about my plan. She was fiercely fighting me off with all she had. Kicking and scratching. I hesitated for split second in my thoughts, she took advantage and kneed me right in the groin. I fell to the floor, it wasn't a direct hit, but enough to make me stop and drop.

She leaped from the stool and began her escape. My mind was racing, I thought for a second I might go to jail for this. She stopped in her retreat, turned and shouted "See, I told you that you were man enough!" She turned to continue her flight as I reached out and caught her ankle. She fell to the floor and turned on her back to face me as she crawled backwards, kicking and flailing at me to keep me away. I was having difficulty dodging her swings in the pulsating colored lights.

She connected with a few kicks to my shoulders and a slap across my face. I was getting pissed off. I crawled after her on my hands and knees, trying to block her erratic attack. I caught up to her, trying to over power her and stop her defenses. She landed a good slap across the face and another knee to the groin, this time making full contact. I flinched in pain as she tried to get to her feet to escape.

She ran head long into the side of the truck as I crept slowly forward. Another kick, this time I was able to block it and pull her to the ground again. She was really kicking and fighting with all her might, but I knew this time it was all her perverted game. I pinned her against the tire and began to pull her arms and legs away to expose my prize. She got in another slap across the face. I retaliated with a slap of my own to let her know who the new boss was.

I was going to let her have it as bad as I got it, if not worse! I finally caught her wrists and pinned her legs with my elbows. It was time to teach this crazy bitch a lesson.

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I maneuvered my cock to striking distance and impaled her hairless pussy with it. She struggled and fought against my advance but it was no good, she was all mine! There was no slow buildup, I began pounding her without mercy as she fought and struggled against me. It was my turn to inflict the damage. I pounded her with all I had. I didn't care if it hurt or not, she was going to suffer.

I had her knees over my elbows and her wrists firmly in my grasp. There was no helping her now. I banged her hard, my balls slapping against her ass and concrete floor. "Is that all you got! IS, THAT, ALL, YOU GOT?" she tormented between each stroke. "Fuck that bitch! Fuck her GOOD!"Sharah shouted, still laying on thecold wet floor. I tried to pound harder or faster, but I couldn't take it anymore. I would reacj the brink of blowing my load on her or in her but I kept finding myself having mini blackouts just before I exploded and had to build up again.

After 4 or 5 mini blackouts, Kristi let go in orgasmic pleasure. Her body shaking like she had a seizure. I could feel the warm juices swell up and squirt out from around my dick. I pulled out and she squirted juice all over my abdomen and thighs. More to come in next chapter.