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Fair skin freckles teen exxxtra small casting call
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Today, my eldest sister, Ellen had a week long school break and was taking a flight back home. Rose, my sister a year older than me, and my mum and I when to meet Ellen at the airport.

We had a light exchange and Ellen said she was going off to see a few old friends in town and will be back late that night. So, mum dropped her off at a subway on the way home and Rose and I spend the rest of the day at home.

The day passed quickly and soon it was one in the morning. The house was dark and unlit. My parents and my younger brother, Josh had already went back to their rooms and were asleep. At the backdoor, I met Rose. Both of us had already left our clothes in our rooms and were completely nude and bare. We started with a bit of a warm up by 69ing in the backyard. The sky was starless and our neighbors' rooms were not lit.

On the grass, Rose crawled on top of me and started to eat my already wet pussy. I returned her back the favour and used my tongue to probe into her pussy and arouse her clit. Our hands roamed around to grope each other's breasts and bottoms. Half-way through our 69 session in the cooling night, a bright flash came from the backdoor with a "click!".

I turned my head to the direction of the flash and saw Ellen with her iPhone in her hand. "Wow, my two sisters having sex in our backyard at night. How cute!" Oh no! We had completely forgotten that Ellen was back home.

"Ellen, it is not what you think it is! We were just just." stammered Rose. "Cut the crap. I saw the whole thing and I even have a photograph on my phone to prove it." Rose and I quickly separated from each other and used our hands and arms to cover ourselves.

"Ermm, Ellen. Can you please don't tell mum and dad about this?" I coaxed Ellen with a sweet voice that worked on Rose when she caught me in a similar situation before. "Why would I? I am in control of you two now. Stand up so I can get a better view of your bodies." "But!" "Shut up!

And listen. Do you want to wake Mum and Dad up and for them to see for themselves what you are doing now?" Without any choice, Rose and I stood up with our arms beside us. Ellen took a stroll around us and had a view of our naked bodies. Then she stopped at the door and said,"Turn around, face away from me." Next, Ellen passed both of us a piece of long cloth and said again,"Use it to blindfold yourself." Obeying Ellen's instructions, I secured the piece of cloth around my eyes, plunging me into complete darkness.

"Stand still for the next few things that I am going to do to you." In the darkness and with the fact that I was at the mercy of Ellen, turned me one a little. "Open your mouth." and I felt something big being inserted into my mouth and strapped on to the back of my head. A pair of rough muscular hands grabbed my wrist and brought it to my back and tied it up with a piece of rope.

Just then, I realize that that was not my sister and it could be somebody else. Panic took over me and I struggled, but was held tightly by a pair of arms and I tried to shout but the mouth gag prevented much sound from escaping.

Then I felt that I was being dragged away! I was dragged for quiet a distance and I deduced that I was out of my house already. Next, I felt I was thrown onto something hard and cold like metal. Using my tied up hands, I managed to push myself upright in a sitting position and then I heard a engine being warmed up. The inertia of the starting vehicle pushed me down again and I laid on the cold floor.

I could feel Rose's breathing behind my back and that calmed me down a little. At least I was not alone. Half way through the ride, I felt a smooth hand grab my face and pulled me back to a upright position.

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That must be Ellen's hand. "Okay girls, now you are all mine. I always like to humiliate girls in public, it turns me on. Now you are in James' van. You will also have to listen to James as he is my boyfriend, do you get it?" I gave a slight nod. "Now we are on the way to a park in the region and we are going to have some fun!" The van stopped after around 5 to 10 minutes. I heard the door slide open and a gust of cold wind hit my exposed body.

Ellen guided me off the van and mine blindfolds were removed. My eyes quickly acclimatized to the surrounding darkness and I saw that Rose and I were standing in the car park. "Bye! See you at the picnic area in 30 minutes time. If you don't make it in time, you will have to walk yourselves home." Ellen said and closed the van door and drove off with James. Rose and I quickly scampered to the nearest brick fence in the car park to take cover. Rose and I were panting madly and my heart was beating fast.

Squatting behind the fence, we rested for awhile, the chilly breeze quickly stimulated my clit. Soon my pussy was wet and was dripping a little. With the mouth gag, we could not talk much. I nudged Rose's shoulder with my elbow and looked in the direction of the boardwalk entrance. Rose got the message and both of us started to creep behind the brick fence to the entrance.

We only manage to get half way through the car park as the brick fence ended. We peeped over the fence and saw group of four men gathering around their car smoking and drinking. The other half of the journey to the entrance was open and we had nothing to hide behind to cover ourselves.

I squatted behind the fence again and exchanged looks of angst with Rose. Using my tongue I manage to push the ball gag slightly out of my mouth and murmured the words "Wait?" "Run?". Rose shook her head and vocalized "Time". I nodded my head in agreement, we had not much time left, we had a long way to go and we need to reach the picnic area in less than 30 minutes.

I looked at Rose in the eyes and mumbled "Now!". We sprinted towards the entrance, it was about 50 yards away. We heard the men yelling, "Look at those naked young girls running! Look at those tits and ass shake!


Damn, I must be so drunk to be seeing this." We our arms tied up behind our back, I could not run very fast. Once we made it to the entrance, we stood behind some trees to cover ourselves. Rose and I were panting and sweating and our faces were bright red. Our bodies were covered with a layer of glistering sweat that reflected the light from the lamppost.

We sat on the grass to rest from the run. My heart was beating so fast and my whole body was filled with adrenaline. My pussy was dripping wet from all the excitement. I looked at Rose's breast, they were shining with a few droplet of sweat on them.

I so wanted to touch them but my arms were tied up. I pushed that thought aside and motioned Rose to continue on with our trail. We were running out of time. The frosty wind chilled my nipples and erected them on my firm breast. I wanted to touch and play with them so badly but I could not reach it. We then proceeded down the trail.

There were a few low lying trees along the trail and the sensation of the leaves brushing against my nipples were so arousing. We sped up our walking pace to a jogging speed.

I looked as Rose beside me and saw her full firm breast bouncing with every step. We didn't meet anybody on the way to the picnic area. The signs along the way guided us to follow which trail. Soon we had reached the picnic area. There was nobody there. I was anxious that we had exceeded out time and Ellen had left us behind. Rose and I roamed around the picnic area looking for them but to no avail, we could not find them.

We sat down at one of the benches and started to think through what had just happen. From the other side of the picnic area we saw a silhouette walking in our direction. Without delay, we crawled under the picnic table to hide. We kept our eyes peeled to see who was coming. Once the lights shone on their faces, we could see it was Ellen and her boyfriend, James.

We crawled out of the table and walked towards them. "How are my baby sisters doing? Wasn't it fun?" Ellen's hand roamed all over our bodies while James stood behind Ellen admiring our bodies. Ellen stuck a finger into my pussy and said,"Flo, you are all wet! Wow, you are enjoying this aren't you." "Come on, both of you on your knees." Ellen instructed us. Once we were on our knees, Ellen helped us to remove the mouth gag. Oh it feel so good to be able to relax my mouth again.

Ellen and James then sat down on one of the benches as Ellen told us to crawl towards them. The rough pebbles and sand particles poked and ground against my knee caps as I moved towards them. "Now we are going to have a fun activity to start things off. Here in my hand is a egg-shaped vibrater, I am going to insert it into both of you and the first one to cum is going to get a forfeit." I was excited to try this new toy out and I was aroused by the the word forfeit.

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Ellen easily inserted the small vibrater into both of our wet pussies and she turned it on with a wireless remote It was an entirely new experience to me as the small little thing hummed inside of me.

It stimulated me and I was increasingly getting more aroused. I took a look at Rose and she seemed to be handling it better than I am. I tried to control my body by tensing up and that simply brought me over the top and pleasure erupted in my body. I kneed there on the ground and my juice flowed out of my pussy.


"Looks like Flo loss the game! Climb onto the table now!" In complete embarrassment, I got onto my feet and laid down on the table and Ellen untied the ropes securing the wrist behind me. Using more ropes, Ellen and James tied all four of my limbs down on to the legs of the table. My arms and legs were spread apart making my body into a X shape.

From Ellen's handbag, she took out a can of whip cream, a selection of different colorings and other small little bottles. "Let's decorate my little sister!" exclaimed Ellen.

She took the bottle of whip cream and sprayed it all over my body. A thick layer of cream landed on my torso. James took out his SLR camera and started to take pictures of me while Ellen decorated my body. On my tits, Ellen even did a small spiral on top of them. "Awww, doesn't she look delicious!

Open your mouth Flo and don't swallow it!" I opened my mouth and it got instantly filled with thick cream. "Let's add some decorations!" Ellen took out a bottle of brown-colored frosting and used her hand to scoop it out and applied it all over my pussy, legs and other portions of my body. "Your face looks a little empty doesn't it.

Don't worry, I will fill it up." Ellen took another glob of frosting and smeared it all over my face. Then she use a bottle of colorful sprinkles and sprinkled it all over my body and my face. While James continued to take snap shots of my body, Ellen used the dyes to splash all over my body, covering my legs and arms too. Making my whole body extremely colorful. "Almost done! One last touch up!" She took a bottle of chocolate syrup and squeezed it all over my hair and poured some more colored sprinkles on my hair.

"Done! My masterpiece is complete!" "Rose, get up! And knee beside Flo." James took some more photos of Rose and I.

"Now we can start with the feast! Starting from Flo's Pussy and work your way up Flo's body." Ellen untied Rose's wrist and Rose placed her face at my pussy and used her tongue to lick up the frosting, icing and cream on my pussy.

Roses' tongue went round and round my pussy and her tongue probed into my pussy to lick up all the cream that was trapped inside my pussy.

After she was done with my pussy, Rose licked my inner thighs. Damn, I was getting hotter and hotter as Rose licked up every bit of cream from my body. Just when Rose was about to start on my belly, Ellen said,"You missed a spot there missy!" and Ellen pushed the nozzle of the can of cream into my pussy and squeezed the trigger and filled in the inside of my pussy with a whole lot of soft thick cream.

"Lick all those up!" Ellen laughed. Rose face plunged deep into my pussy to be able to probe her tongue deeper to lick up all the cream. It felt great even though Rose had eaten my pussy so many times, it was like a completely new experience. Slowly, Rose worked up my torso and was soon licking up the cream under my breast.

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"Wait there!" shouted James,"Let me take a few shots from here." After James was done with the photo shot, Rose continued to lick around my breast and my nipples. My nipples were erected stiff when Rose licked them up. Now Rose was done with most of my body and was only left with my face. "Rose stop! Now climb on top of Flo. Breast on breast and face on face." Rose climb on top of the table and laid herself on my body.

Our nipples touched and we rubbed it against each other. Then Rose continued to lick my neck and the different parts of my face. "For the mouth I want you, Rose to lick up the cream slowly bit by bit and after you are done, kiss passionately for a good shot." James instructed us. Rose worked on my lips first, sending waves of pleasure down my mouth. She licked layer by layer of cream from my mouth and soon we began our kiss.

A slow and full hearted one. After that, Rose quickly cleared up the rest of the cream on my face. I looked at Rose in the eye and she looked like she was pleased too. Ellen told Rose to get off me and she untied the ropes secured on me.

We were then blindfolded again. This time, Ellen secured our wrist in front of our bodies. Then she guided us off. We walked for quiet a long period of time in the darkness of the blindfold. The chocolate syrup was sticking to my neck and my back and it was rather uncomfortable. Then we came to a stop. Suddenly a gush of cold freezing water was sprayed on my body.

I yelped in shock. We must be at the park's restroom. "You dirty little girls need to be washed clean before you enter James' van. I don't want you to be dirtying his van." laughed Ellen.

Ellen aimed the water at our breast and pussy, causing us to yelp every time she directed the water there. Soon the burst of water stopped their attack on us. Ellen untied the blindfolds and untied our wrist. "I left a set of bra and panties at the picnic area, hopefully no one has taken it yet, you better get going.

Also, the sun is rising and the morning joggers are arriving soon. See you at the car park. I will be waiting for you at James' van. Bye!" Ellen waved at us as she walked off. Quickly, Rose and I scrambled over to the picnic area. There were two men there doing a bit of stretching and they definitely got an eyeful of our bodies.

Immediately, we saw a black bra and a white panties at one of the tables. Upon closer observation, we realized it was filled with whip cream! Swiftly, I grabbed the pair of panties filled with cream while Rose grabbed the bra that was filled with cream too. The two men were staring at us with their eyes wide open.

Once, I had pulled my panties up all the way, the cream oozed out from the sides and my thighs were covered with cream. I looked at Rose and it was the same for her, the cream was also leaking out from the sides of her bra. We ran off immediately once we were done. I used my arms to cover my breast while Rose used her hands to cover her pussy. The sky was slightly bright and there were small groups of two and three joggers who passed by us. They were staring at us with open eyes.

I tried to shield my embarrassed face with my hand as we passed by them. As Rose was running ahead of me, I could see white cream dripping down from her sides. We ran as fast as we could to the car park. Once we were there, the car park was half filled with people and cars and they were all looking at us. Rose quickly motion to me the direction of James' van and we rushed towards it.

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The back door was open and we lunged into it and I closed the hatch behind us. Once I looked up, James' camera went off and a photo was taken. Ellen laughed," My two little sisters dirtying themselves after I had clean them up, what dirty pigs.

I want you to lick each other clean while James drive us back home." James started the engine and we were on our way back home. Rose took of her bra and I slipped off my panties. We started off licking the cream of each other's bra and panties.

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Following, Rose leaned back and I crawled on top of her and licked the cream of her breast slowly and flicked my tongue on her nipple causing both of us to giggle. Soon her breast was clean of cream. Next, I rested against the other side of the van and thrusted my hips off the ground into Rose's face and she lapped all the cream on my pussy and on my ass. She also probed into my pussy and sucked on my clit.

When we were done, we looked to the front of the van and saw a video camera taking a video of us! "Ellen!" Rose shouted. "Ah, you girls are done with your business?" as Ellen turned back from the front seat to look at us, "Good, we are almost home and what a splendid video I will have to keep!" Ellen dislodge the video camera from its fixed position and she replayed the video for her to see.

Rose and I sat down for the rest of the journey and soon we were home. Ellen exited the van and opened the back door for us. The sun had just rose a little and my parents should still be asleep.


"Now I want you to run back to your rooms and grab one dress and wait for me outside my room naked. You better be there before I reach there if not I will show mum and dad this film." "Yes!" we replied her. We rushed up to the front door and tried to open the door but realized that it was locked and Ellen was slowly walking down the pathway to our house shaking the house keys in her hand. We hadn't been in the open in our neighborhood this late in the morning before and the sky was bright enough for them to see us.

We gestured to Ellen to quicken her pace.

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Soon she was at the door and she unlocked the door for us. Immediately we rushed up the stairs and into our rooms. In mine room, I took a moment of breather before I went to my wardrobe to grab a simple yellow summer dress and rushed out to Ellen's door. Rose was already waiting there with her dress in her hand. I turned back and saw that there were shadows under our parents' room door and that meant that they were already awake! Perturbation overwhelmed me and I started to jump anxiously.

Ellen soon arrived at the second floor and opened her door to let us in. My heart was once again beating like a mad dog. Ellen pointed at her door and said,"Put your dress at the door and stand beside my computer." We placed our dresses nicely in a pile on the floor and stood beside Ellen's computer with our hands in front of us and waited for Ellen's instructions. Ellen sat at her computer chair and started her computer.

She opened up her mail and downloaded the file send by James. She opened up the folder and about 200 photos of Rose and I in action appeared on her computer screen. Then Ellen looked at us and said,"I will send you a copy of this each to remind you who's in charge here.

If any of you defy my instructions, these photos will not only be sent to mum and dad, it will also be sent to your friends on facebook and twitter. Everybody will be able to access and see the photos. However, as long as you obey my instructions, everything will be fine. So for today you are free to do what ever you want. I will call you in when ever I feel like having fun.

Go have your sleep now or whatever you want to. Also, you better wear your dress as mum and dad should be a wake by now. Go!" Rose and I wore our dresses and left Ellen's bedroom and before we separated to our own rooms, we ensured that nobody was around and hugged each other and kissed. We rubbed our bodies against each other to feel each other's breast and nips.

After our heated kiss we went to our own rooms. I laid on my bed and recalled that night's events and fingered myself to climax before I drifted off to sleep. What a wonderful night! Tune in for another journey!