Blonde Milf fucking einen riesigen schwarzen Schwanz

Blonde Milf fucking einen riesigen schwarzen Schwanz
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I cut the shoulder straps Stephanie's tank top and yanked the rest of the shirt down to her waist.


She had no bra on because she was about to go to sleep when I kidnapped her, so her big healthy breasts popped out bouncing when I yanked her shirt down.

I couldn't resist and immediately grabbed them and started suckling on them. I stood her up to her feet. "Walk." I command. She then refused because she knew I was trying to do.

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I wanted to see her limp around. I had just destroyed her pussy so I knew she was going to limp.

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Then I yelled "FUCKING BITCH! I SAID WALK" and then ripped the rest of her shirt off, leaving her completely naked, and I grabbed her hair with my left hand, tilted her head back, and with my right hand started slapping her tits over and over again as hard as I could, and she couldn't scream nor defend herself because of the tape and handcuffs but I could still hear beautiful muffled cries and whimpers of pain.

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I gave her a break for a few seconds. "Walk." I told her. She hesitated and I gave her another breast beating. With this she finally obeyed at the next break, and started walking. She was limping every other step. Then everybody in the room, about 20 guys started laughing hysterically at her, a couple of guys were filming her with their phones. After we were done laughing at her I ran up to her and I grabbed her by the throat, picked her up, and slammed her on the desk.

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She was now on her back. I spread her legs and grabbed a bottle of lube and lubed up her ass and pushed the head of my cock into her tight ass hole. As I was inching my way in her ass, her body was jerking around in pain. I put her legs on my shoulders and grabbed them and violently thrust the rest of my massive cock, balls deep into her ass.

Her beautiful perfect ass felt amazing as her butt cheeks slammed against my lap after each hard thrust.

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Her body was rolling and jerking around in pain even worse than before. I thrust in and out of her violently as I fucked her in her ass in missionary position for another 10 minutes and blew a gigantic load deep in her ass. "She's all yours. I want her pussy and her ass hole both overflowing with cum by the time I come back!

You should start with her ass while it's still gaped" I commanded the men. They took turns fucking her and pulling out and jacking off into her gaped ass, ejaculating their semen into the open hole. Then they did the same thing with her pussy.

but it was harder since the pussy is harder to gape, so they took turns cumming deep in her pussy. By the time it started to get closer to the overflow point it was gaped enough so that everyone can shoot cum shots into it like they did to her ass.

In the mean time I drove to the prison in which Razor was being held. "I am in charge of this case now, this prisoner is coming with me!" I told the warden. They turned over Razor's custody over to me and I drove him back to the Lair and uncuffed him.


I drove him to the lair. "Everybody, now let's give her a full body bukkake!" everyone started to jack off and cum on her naked body.


It took all 200 men to cover her in cum from head to toe. Her face, her ass and her breasts were the most cum coated areas After this the rape was over, but not the humiliation.

I threw her in the back of my car and I drove her to the parking lot of her college. It was 6am in the morning. I chained her to a lamp post in the parking lot so that she cannot escape being naked and raped out in the open. I cleaned the semen off my hands (from touching her) and drove off. Teachers started arriving and when they saw her, they called the police.

They arrived and tried to cut her loose but it took a while since the chain was hardened metal. During the time the cops were trying to break the chain, student after student started arriving, and seeing Stephanie naked and covered in cum.

She was popular at her college so they all recognized her quick. Finally the cops broke the lock and took her to the hospital. After examination, they measured that she had swallowed 2 pints of pure semen. She suffered so much damage to both her ass and her pussy that for weeks she felt excruciating pain every time she peed or took a shit.

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She had to be on crutches for a couple days because it hurt so much to walk. Her lips were swelled up from being slapped around for hours.

She had awful hand prints all over her breasts and butt cheeks, also from being slapped around for hours. On top of all this she later found out she was pregnant, only god knows who of the 200 guys the dad is. I edit the videos that were filmed to make an ultimate video of the entire rape of Stephanie, and I posted it on her Facebook wall. When she deleted me I tagged all her friends to the video. So no matter what, the video was continually being watched by all her friends.

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Stephanie begged me to stop posting it, but instead I posted it on Facebook every day for days. My facebook account was banned and I just made a new one and posted it with that account. Then I stopped for a bit, I had to focus on my escape from the country.