Double fisting her wrecked teen pussy insertion dilation

Double fisting her wrecked teen pussy insertion dilation
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The next day was Sunday and as odd a day as I have ever had. I went through the day looking at mom, she looking at me. She wore a short lose skirt, bare legs and a tee-shirt that revealed no brassiere beneath. Whenever she was near, and she frequently found some reason to do so, she touched me - innocently to the naked eye perhaps, but lingering touches, eyelashes flashing, nipples hard. Anything, anytime and even any hole she had said. I felt cursed - knew this was wrong but hated how my body trembled when she touched me.

I had truly loved watching her last night and had gone to bed wishing I was not alone - laying awake thinking all I had to do was return to my parent to find her with arms and legs wide open inviting. Amy, on the other hand, was the one that started this freaky day with a bang - no not that kind.

I mean she came to my room just after I had showered and stood in my open doorway and loudly asked if I wanted a blow job. My first thought was fear that Lisa or mom would have heard her but then I looked at my sister closely. She was standing with hands on her hips, a put out look on her face and an irritated curl to her lip. She was being a bitch even now. I had been there when Gerald had told her she will not be able to enjoy sex without thinking about me and I knew that bothered her.

She was here because she needed me - she needed something from me, her dorky young brother was the only one who could bring sexual pleasure in her life. I could do it - I could sit at the end of my bed and Amy would kneel between my legs and suck me off.

Hell, she would do it as often as I wanted. Even in our wildest fantasies, Gerald and I had never considered Amy, or any other girl, to be so available. I wanted to see my eldest sister naked, I wanted to compare her hard body to that of our mothers oddly enough. But it was that look and the body language that pissed me off, had always pissed me off.

"Get out of my room Amy." She looked surprised to be denied, and then angry. Imagine, her dorky virgin brother denying her anything - I could imagine her thinking! I thought to punish her, "If I want a blow job from you I will tell you." She humphed and then rushed out of my room furious.

My day never got any better after that point. Only with Lisa did I find some level of normalcy - so that when I asked her to play a game of monopoly, she was surprised and very pleased to be included. Normally she was the little sister - I put up with her more than desired her presence.

Half ways through the game, me having just put the first hotel on the board, she leaned over and asked carefully, "Do you think mom is acting weird this weekend?" I looked up from the board, trying hard to wear a poker face, "What do you mean?" Lisa just looked at me in surprise for a couple seconds and then blurted out, "You mean you don't notice how she has been looking at you?" Recall that Lisa hadn't been placed under any sort of control yet - this strangeness in my life was also happening to hers, if only peripherally.

With plenty of self control I answered negatively, "No I haven't." She made a face only a teenage girl would make, part confusion part disgust, "You must have noticed how she was dressing today Liam?" I have. "You mean in shorts? Sure. Nothing wrong with that." Lisa sighed, "Skirt and no bra." She said this like it was supposed to mean something. "Really?" I pretended interest. "I never noticed." She rolled her eyes a final time, "Boys!" Her hand dropped the dice.

It was only that evening, with Lisa already in bed asleep and Amy still out on her date when mother came to my room. I had resolved all day to ignore her overtures, her bedroom eyes, the offer obvious. But here in the silence of our home, it was more difficult. "Lisa's light is out. could I do anything for you Liam?" She stepped into my room, revealing her lack of clothing - a single man's shirt, only buttoned half way from the bottom - all legs and cleavage, her hair teased.

I could already smell the scent of her sex and it caused a shiver to run through me. To be intimate with a mother's sexual musk is a incredible thing, something I day never take lightly. Already my cock was hardening in my boxer shorts. It suddenly hit me, how do you tell your mother to climb into your bed? I hadn't the brazen heart that Gerald seemed to have developed along with his powers.

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I wanted to lay naked with my mother - to feel her soft warm flesh against my own - to tell her that it wasn't her fault, that it was something that Gerald did to her but that if she would help me, we could not pass that deviant line. Instead Amy arrived back home at that moment, hearing the distant door open and close distantly. Mother didn't even seem to notice so I spoke up, "Amy is home mom - you better go to your room." Mother sighed and then nodded, turning to leave but pausing to look over her shoulder, "You know that you can come to me at any time right Liam?" She just stood there waiting for an answer so I blurted out, "Of course mom.

Just go to bed!" Mom smiled at my affirmative answer and giggled before disappearing down the dark hallway. Seconds later my eldest sister passed my open door, looking in and snarling to see me looking back.

She cursed under her breath and made for her room. I shrugged and followed, her door still open when I arrived. She looked up and curled her lip in disgust but didn't say anything and started to strip. I watched her tight revealing clothing disappear until she stood in a lace bra and panty set - placing her hands on her thin hips, she snarled in my direction, "You want to see me naked is that it?" I didn't even have time to respond before she moved, the panties first and then the bra - suddenly standing naked again looking at me with disgust.

"Hottest body you will ever see isn't it geek?" This whole day had been a temptation, the devil presenting me with tasty morsels that I dreaded to eat. To hear my sister bitch at me right here and now, especially knowing what I know, I simply lost it. "Didn't enjoy your date Amy?" Her face flushed quickly and she spun away from me. Her body was, indeed, the hottest thing I've ever seen - hard, firm, perfect.

Unfortunately it belonged to this bitch who loved making my life miserable from the earliest of my memories. So I never pulled back on my attack, "I bet you tried everything to get off didn't you - but nothing worked did it?" She turned her head towards me, her face red but her eyes blazed in anger.


"I bet you screamed at your poor date - blaming him for not pleasing you. Was it a guy this time Amy? I bet he never calls again - no one wants to fuck a nympho that can't get off." Amy hissed threateningly, almost like a cat. I turned to leave the bitch alone when she barked, "You fucking prick!" Looking over my shoulder I saw my sisters face suddenly alter, from anger to worry to a forced calm before running to me on her bare feet. Her hands came up and encircled my arm, hugging it against her firm warm hard flesh.

"I'm sorry Liam - I've been beastly to you haven't I?" With no response she continued, the sweetness of her act dripping with forced falsehood, "Perhaps I could make it up to you properly?" At that point one of her hands detached from my arm and slipped down to grasp my soft penis in my boxer shorts as her lips came to my bare neck.

"Yes, I could make it up to you very nicely." Strangely I had turned from the emotion of anger to lust at the turn of the hat - I could picture myself fucking my eldest sister good and hard, like she obviously needed.

I yanked myself from her reach and closed her door quickly in her face. A angry screech was the only response. For some strange reason I liked her more as a bitch then a sweet temptress. My breathing calmed down as I stood in the darkened hallway - telling myself that that had been a close one.

Then I heard it - heard it through the door - Amy moaning lightly - and knew what it was. I wanted to open the door and even lifted my hand to do so when I stopped, turned and strode away. Outside mothers door I stopped and considered entering, my hand actually on the doorknob when I heard it - moaning accompanied with a low sound of an eclectic motor.

Mother too was masturbating - most probably with some type of battery operated toy. I went to bed with a headache that did not recede until I brought myself off - twice!

-*- Monday -*- Gerald sought me out at school the next day - just after the lunch bell with Christine and Jane in tow. "Hey buddy. Any news?" He shook his brow suggestively?" I sighed, "Almost." He was actually surprised.

"Jeez buddy, if you don't do it soon I'm gonna worry that you are gay or something!" He laughed it off turning to the two girls behind him. A cold hand grasped my heart and I knew that I was treading on dangerous ground.

My very will was at stake - Gerald could take it from me as easily as I've seen him take it from others. And if there was anything I didn't want to happen was to lose control of myself! Imagine what humiliating things I may be forced to do? And what of the girls in my family - they would be free reign for Gerald to toy with. The thought of mother or Lisa being forced to do things with my best friend caused me to lose my appetite.

I missed what was said to me and shock my head, knowing I had to be on better terms with my friend, to prove to him that I could be trusted - no matter how difficult it was. "I said I was going to invite you to join us at Jane's place for a little party but I had assumed you had lost your cherry by now." I forced a lecherous smile and looked on the fifteen year old Jane, Gerald's neighbour, with male interest.

"Now I'm starting to regret what I did yesterday." Gerald looked suddenly interested, "What did you do?" I leaned in and spoke loud enough so that only my buddy could hear, "I had both mom and Amy bring themselves off so I could decide." He nodded sagely, "Who would be first right?" I nodded along with him, "Right." "So, how was it - who is it going to be?" Without thinking I blurted out, "Mom." Gerald leaned back and smirked, as if he had known the answer already.

"Good choice buddy." My head was spinning I had just told this very dangerous mind controller that I was going to have sex with my own mom.

Shouldn't I feel more disgust at this realization? "Would you like to join us anyways? You could get a blow or something?" Again I looked at Gerald's neighbour, a small cute girl, to the hottest chick in school - both barely even noticed me, having all eyes for Gerald. "What about our classes this afternoon?" My buddy chuckled, "I get straight A's even without trying now - so why bother right?" I chuckled along with him, "Right!" This acceptance in my life much easier than the incest being forced upon me.

"I can have Jane call her mom and join us - especially since I know you appreciate your wine well aged?" I recalled that Gerald told me he had controlled his neighbour as well as her mom. I thought it safest if I agreed with Gerald but I didn't want to corrupt another person. Forcing a smile, "If you think you need the extra help buddy - lets go!" Gerald laughed, turned, wrapped his arms about the slim waists of both teenage girls and lead the way down the hallway.

-*- Jane and her mother Janet lay intertwined before us in the middle of the carpeted living room floor. Both were hungrily lapping at the sex of the other - loudly licking, sucking and nibbling on the cunt before them. Both had hairless loins, short cute ladies - with the ageing 44 year old mother the one with the abundant curves.

Christine knelt naked before Gerald and I, moving slowly back and forth from between our thighs - sucking our hard cocks. The whole scene would have been a tremendous turn on if my mind would stop thinking. That the delightfully sexy Christine, with her perfect hard bodied curves, tried her best to suck our cocks but it was obvious that she have few such skills. Then there was the sight of the mother and daughter lesbian team - attacking each others loins like there was no tomorrow - but all I could think about was that those poor women had no control over what they did, powerless to resist the demands of my best friend.

Jane liked to plunge a finger in and out of her mother's rectum while sucking on the enlarged excited clitoris. Janet, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy plunging her hardened tongue in and out of her daughters vagina - pressing it as deep as it will go into her body. And the final mood-killer - Janet's husband, Jane's father strolled in from work around four that afternoon, standing in the doorway smirking at the scene his wife and daughter were putting on.

Gerald waved to the old balding man and then turned to me to explain, "Jane's husband and I have a deal - the ladies are mine to do what I want with, in exchange he gets full use of his daughter when I don't need her." I was disgusted - my dick barely half hard.

The incestuous lesbians loudly climaxing for the third time since our 'little party', as Gerald liked to call it, started. They were acting like they greatly enjoyed their family affair, as if they couldn't get enough of the other's cunt. After the noise from the climax was ending Gerald waved for the old fat balding man to enter, "Janet, come here.

Jane, entertain your father." The weary sweaty curvy fleshed middle-aged woman slipped from her daughters embrace, crawling towards her young dominant master. Dad, on the other hand, wasted no time - unbuckling his belt and shoving his pants to his knees as he hobbled comically towards his panting daughter.

Christine sucked my cock exclusively now, as Janet climbed up and lowered her dripping wet hairless pink cunt down over Gerald's dick, dad climbing between daughters legs and ramming himself home. The room was again filled with the sounds of female pleasure, of the added slapping of flesh on flesh, sloppy echos of cocks plunging into super-heated cunts.

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I looked down at the hottest girl in the school and realized I despised and pitied her - so pretty, but so vain and without her beautiful outer shell, nothing to be attracted too. I wanted my mother to suck me, even my older bitch sister - I wanted to watch them eating each other out, bouncing on my lap while fucking me. I didn't want to be here, scared to say the wrong thing, act too strangely for my friend to realize that I wasn't like him, that I didn't want to hurt or control anyone.

So I closed my eyes and allowed that pathetic pretty mouth to suck me all the while, cocks were fucking into hot wet cunts, picturing my mother sucking me, her hungry full lips moving up and down my hard ridged surface. My own panting desire echoed with the other five bodies and my hips began to pump up and down, actually enjoying my first ever blow job. When I felt the tightness beneath my balls I did not deny or resist, allowing the seed to pump up and out of my shaft, shooting into the mouth of the prettiest girl in our school.

In the far distance, I heard her swallowing loudly - hungrily. It was over - I had fooled everyone, even myself - opening my eyes to see Gerald and Janet watching me, he with a wide grin on his face. "I've never been able to get off with Christine's mouth - she is so pathetic?" If there was ever a time to be truthful, "I had to picture my mom to get off as she sucked." Gerald looked at me for a handful of seconds before breaking into a loud laugh.

-*- I got home just before supper, weary at what I had endured - mentally and physically - sitting at our table with the three ladies looking at me questioningly. As I had walked home and then sitting at the table eating, I had considered what I had to do - had to do to save my family, save my mom and my sisters.

Mom seemed to sense my need for silence and other than giving me gentle smiles, served supper and sat eating at the head of the table. I noticed she was wearing a mid-thigh skirt and black hose, thigh high I reminded myself. It was obvious that her large round floppy mounds were unencumbered beneath her blouse. Amy, on the other hand seemed to be angrily starring at me - barely eating. I ignored her, saving a few polite words to my youngest sister Lisa but otherwise staying introverted.

After the meal was done Amy stomped off to her room without even taking her dirty dishes to the sink. Lisa did it silently, disappearing with her school bag afterwards. I stood from the table and brought my dirty dishes to mom, who stood at the counter running water into the soap filled sink.

"You look very attractive today mom." Mother stiffened, turned towards me and then smiled brightly, "Thank you Liam! I thought of you this morning as I dressed." I nodded, openly looking my own mother up and down appraisingly.

"Lift the front of your skirt mom - I want to see if you have stockings on?" Mothers smile disappeared and she looked nervous as her wet hands trembled as she began to pull the nylon dark skirt up her thighs.

She was looking at me with full interest, possibly gauging if I found what I was looking at attractive, if I found her attractive. With the skirt being rather shorter than she would have normally worn, it only took a few seconds before the dark elastic band to come exposed - moving higher the pale soft flesh.

"Stop mother." Her whole upper body was trembling randomly, her nipples hard through her white blouse. "God you have sexy legs." She did - especially in those thigh high stockings. Anything I wanted - anytime.

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I knew I was on the edge of sanity here, but what could I do? If I failed to convince Gerald of my sincerity to be as authentic in my desire for debauchery as he, I will be failing not only myself but also my mother and sisters if he should take his revenge out on us. The only way out of this dilemma was to become what Gerald wanted me to be - but to watch for any opening where I can escape, saving not only myself but also my mom and sisters.

"Mom, if you were presented with an impossible situation, one that will hurt those you love no matter what you choose - how would you proceed?" Mom frowned, the expectant sexual excitement lost in the puzzling question. "I don't understand Liam?" Her hands had stopped trembling, but her legs were still exposed to the flesh about her stockings. Reaching out I took both her hands, allowing the skirt to fall forgotten.

There was simply no way to explain it to her - was there? I mean she had been 'altered' by Gerald by my own eyes. "Can I come to your room tonight mom?" A smile appeared and her eyes sparkled, "I.

I would like that my love." Before either of us could say another word I dropped her hands and rushed to my room, needing to think about this. -*- Mother sat on the edge of her bed wearing a thin satin nightie and white thigh high stockings. The nightie had delicate lace covering her breasts so that her dark nipples were obvious. The stockings had thick elastic lace that held them half ways up her full thighs.

There was incense burning by the bed and at least half a dozen candles. The duvet to the bed was folded down. Mother was waiting for my expected visit - and it was obvious that she wanted it to be perfect. She stood as I entered, her eyes glittering expectantly, her lips smiling happily. I closed the door and strode towards her, again taking both her hands into mine - sitting with her on the end of her bed. I could smell her perfume, see that her hair was teased to perfection, a light application of makeup about the eyes.

There was a familiar, but still distant, scent of mother's excitement already radiating from her and it made my head swim.

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"Mom, what I'm going to tell you will seem crazy but I want you to promise just to consider it okay?" This, obviously, was not what she had expected from me this night - the two girls already in bed asleep, leaving us as alone. How to start? "Do you remember the other day when you purchased stockings mother?" And odd question from me, causing her to frown but nod. "Do you remember why you bought them?" She was still frowning, "Because you like to see me in them." I nodded, I do like it actually but that wasn't the point.

"And why did you stop wearing a bra around the house?" The question obviously troubled her and she pulled her hands from mine, "Because I thought you liked it?" She sounded hurt, as if she thought I imagined her acting cheap or sordid and did not, in fact, enjoy it.

"Why did you think that mom?" She wasn't looking at me now, frowning and thinking, "It was Gerald. the other day.?" I nodded, slow but on the right path. "And do you often masturbate in the car before going shopping?" As she had told me - I was guessing that this was not a usual occurrence. She thought for a while before answer, "No, of course not." Then she slowly turned towards me and looked at me fiercely, "What is going on Liam, I don't understand?" "Mom, I think Gerald has some kind of power that can control people." Her eyes looked nothing but amazed but she said nothing.

"He has taken control of his family, a couple of others and now he is interested in you and the girls." Tears started to well up in her eyes, "This isn't possible Liam?" "Think back mother - would you have sat here waiting for me like this a week ago?" She looked around as if noticing her preparations for the first time and the dropped her face into her hands and sobbed, "Oh my god what have I done!" I did the only thing I could do, I moved closer and wrapped my arms about her shoulders and held her.

Instead of comforting my parent, mother suddenly sighed deeply and pressed her considerable chest into mine - I quickly stood up and took a step back from her. Mother looked surprised at my quick retreat and the she must have realized what she had been doing and flung herself onto the top of her bed and hid her face as she cried to herself.

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Unfortunately this left the satin nightie to ride up almost to the top of her ass, that wide soft white perfectly shaped bottom drawing my eyes as if magnetic. I strode to the side of the bed and sat down, reaching out to gently stroke my mothers hair - she freezing in response and turning her head to me. The mascara had run, causing her to look dreadful, but now was not the time to bring that up.

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"Its all true Liam - god help me but I want you so badly and I now know its so wrong!" I nodded understanding, realizing that was what the probable outcome of my revelations. "I have a plan mom - hopefully something that will keep Gerald from you and the girls." Mom rolled up onto her heels, hands brushing the tears from her face.

I realized that she was panting, her nipples hard and the scent of her sex was thicker than ever - mom was practically in heat but trying to contain it!

"I told Gerald that I wanted you to be my first." Mother gasped at this and trembled, then quickly turned red of cheeks but otherwise did not say anything. "We pretend it happened, that you and I are. lovers." Mother licked her lips and sighed, her chest rising and falling as she panted - her nipples impossibly hard.

"Then I tell him that I want you exclusively to myself." Her eyebrows rose at this and she smiled shyly. "Hopefully that will be enough to keep him away from you.

maybe the girls." One battle at a time. Mother was silent for nearly half a minute before asking, "Do you think there is any way to counter Gerald's control?" I shrugged, having no idea. Mom nodded, mirroring my own doubt.

"Then I see two problems with your plan Liam. One - if he can control anyone he can easily find out that we are lying." True, I hadn't thought of that. "Two - I will go insane pretending we are lovers when we are not." Mother and I just shared a minute long look before my eyes purposefully dropped to her heaving bosoms.

With one finger I slowly reached out and slipped the thin shoulder strap over and down her upper arm - the one pale full breasts came into view. The way she was trembling, her hard wrinkled nipple practically danced around her pale flesh. My eyes rose back to hers, looking glassy and unfocused, "Then I only see one path mother." She nodded, her top teeth biting her bottom lip nervously.

I could see that my mother was trying hard not to act as anxiously as she obviously felt. "I will do whatever I have to to protect you mom but things may get a little crazy." I recalled the things I've already witnessed. "I want to make you happy my love - I will trust you to do whatever it takes to protect us." My hand finally rose and grasped the large white breast and mother let out a loud hiss while her eyes rolled back into her head.

My god, was this happening? A part of me was shocked that this was really going on - another part of me was overjoyed! It was no longer forced upon, at least not by me, and was now out in the open. There were no longer any barriers to what needed to be surpassed. My face lowered and my mouth opened as I engulfed mother's fat hard nipple - she gasped loudly and arched her back while grasping the back of my head.

One of my hands reached around and pulled her waist towards me, mother's head falling further back and her knees widening. My other hand reached a knee and eased between those soft full thighs, her legs widening even further. Then my fingers slipped into hot liquid flesh thrusting forwards as if by magnetic force until two fingers slipped into her grotto. Mom began to convulse against me, groaning and hissing, as an unexpected orgasm shot through her body. My face rose to watch the show, fascinated, loving how her soft frame jerked within my arms.

Ever so slowly her eyes opened and her head lifted so that she was looking at me, the heat of her minty breath caressing the flesh of my face. "I know its wrong Liam - but I will go insane if I can't be with you." My hand came up and I moved the dripping fingers to her lips, she did not look away from my eyes but her mouth opened - the digits coating her lips before slipping into her mouth.

Finally I pulled them free before leaning forwards our lips touching almost gently, my head swooning from the flavour of my first passionate kiss before mother tilted her head so we were almost at right angles and then locked our lips together. The kiss turned almost desperate, hungry - her tongue seeking my own anxiously. Between her thighs my hand had returned to her sex, her hips pumping in time to my frigging fingers. We were lowering until mother was laying on her back, our lips still locked, my hand frigging her sex while her thighs had spread wide, her feet in the air.

And then the kiss stopped and I removed my lips our eyes finding the others. "Fuck me Liam - use me again and again - I want nothing more than to make you happy my love!" Retreating from my awkward position above my mother, I stood by her bed and began to remove my clothing.

This was it right? This was the decision I had made to save her from my demented best friend. But was I turning into something as evil as Gerald? Mother was seething upon her bed, one hand slipping between her legs, her hips pumping, the other hand having pulled the other strap of her nightie down so as to grope her big fat sexy breasts as they obviously come in pairs.

As my hard cock popped out of its confines mother grasped, "Its so beautiful Liam!" She rolled onto her side facing me, leaning up onto her elbow she brought her face to my hard cock, her eyes looking from my groin to my eyes and back. Ever so slowly mother opened her mouth and took my penis past those sexy full lips until half of my organ was inside her mouth.

Her eyes had closed and she was moaning in delight upon my shaft. It felt nothing less than magnificent. This was better than my only other encounter, Christine.

It held some redeeming new qualities that the hotest girl in school did not possess with her technique; things like love, desire and patience. Inside that mouth, mother's tongue massaged as much of my dick as she could reach - her lips gently suctioning while her face moved ever so slowly up and down, in and out.

I was looking down at the most delightful of sights - something I had never pictured - my own mom making oral love to my cock. My hips pumped in time to her slow movements, my hands found her head of hair and messed up her carefully prepared dew. Nothing mattered though, to either of us - mother only wanted to please me - I had been there when Gerald had altered her, changed her from a plain looking lonely middle-aged woman into a seething sex-pot of lust for one man and who lived only to please him.

And as much as I was enjoying this encounter, she was finding it without comparison the best sex of her life - as she had been conditioned to respond. The grunts echoing through the room were from me and I felt the familiar tightness of my balls - not long now. Mother must have sensed this as she accelerated her movements, her sucking and tonguing. No longer was there patience in her technique but anxious desperation, hunger - she wanted my seed as much as I wanted to give it to her.

Half a minute later, my grunts turning into animal like groans, I gave my own mother her wish - pumping again and again, filling her mouth.

My whole life after this moment would never be the same. Mother swallowed loudly, anxiously and did not retreat from my cock until I had stopped spurting, looking up at me almost nervously, "Did I please you Liam?" I noticed a drop of sperm had escaped her lips and had slid down to mid chin.

My god was she beautiful. There before her face was my cock, still hard, she ignoring it to find out if I was pleased. "I want to fuck you now mom." It was why we are here right - so why did my voice sound so uncertain?

Mother jerked at my use of the bold word and then nodded her head anxiously. I reached down to scoop up that drop of sperm before slipping it into her lips, she sucking it as if it were the most expensive of chocolate. When my finger disengaged from her sucking lips, mother asked, "How would you like me my love? On my knees, back.

anything Liam!" "On your back please mom." She smiled widely and then dropped back onto the bed, her stocking clad legs raising up in the air, widely spread. Her arms were reached towards me and I thought this was the most obviously of paths in my life as I took the half step and leaned forwards.

One of her hands slipped down between us and I felt her take my hardness and guide it to that most perfect of places. Then I was sinking into the hottest wettest sexiest cunt in the world - my mother had taken my virginity in the most lust-filled of ways and I would not have traded this moment for any riches. Our noses were nearly touching, our bodies tightly pressed together in the most intimate of ways.

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I saw that mother's eyes were filled with tears, "I am so proud of you Liam!" Hands grasped my buttocks holding me against her. "Now fuck me lover!" My hips began to move on their own initiative - as if eons of evolution were behind them, the act of fucking, the most natural of acts in the world, regardless with whom. What I noticed first was the voluptuous movement of the sexy pale body beneath me - everything seemed to dance, bounce, wiggle and jerk - and I loved it.

The stocking clad legs and wrapped about my waist and one my hands slipped up and down her thighs to her calves, enjoying the flesh-warmed smooth nylon. The next thing I noticed was the sounds, chaotic and lust-filled - most echoing from between our legs, plunging cock into slippery wet cunt - mother gasping and moaning almost as background accompaniment - our thighs slapping together - the bed squeaking - one of mother's hands slapping the bed.

She was rapidly moving beyond reason, her back arched so that her soft belly pressed into my own, her eyes tightly clenched and her mouth open widely, her hips moving anxiously against my own, little muscles inside her sex milking me. How could any coupling after this compare?

What I have seen with Gerald to date was but a pale comparison to this moment in my life. One of mother's hands was holding the back of my head, almost tenderly stroking the hairs at my neck as I pumped in and out of her body. She gasped out with difficulty, "I am almost there Liam - fill me up my love!" There was no boundaries, no time-line - this was my moment and I had finally resolved to enjoy it, take it for all that it was worth.

My cock erupted for the final time that night deep inside my mother, effectively changing me forever. The splash of sperm inside her body set off her own climax, jerked loudly beneath me.

Our sweaty bodies collapsed to the bed facing each other on our sides - exhausted. Lips kissed my face tenderly as a hand found and drew up the duvet to cover us. Little whispers, "No one has ever made me feel so alive Liam - I love you so much." Her hands drew my sweaty brow to her full bosoms and held me tenderly. One of my hands lazily rolled around my mother's waist and ended up cupping one of her generous buttocks even as sleep overtook me.

-*- Tuesday -*- Next morning I awoke in my mother's bed, her warm voluptuous body holding my own. My eyes blinked open to find her looking at me almost shyly, "Morning Liam." I sat up and away from my mom, yawning and stretching, my eyes noticing that she no longer wore that slinky nightie but only her white thigh high stockings.


The smells of our body were staller from the night before, more animal-like and much less sexually intense. She was looking nervous, "Any regrets about last night?" My hand reached out to grope one of her large breasts, "Not one mother, you?" A smile crept into her face, her eyes looking almost relieved, "I know it was wrong Liam but I don't care, I love you and want to make you happy." Again that inconvenient guilt reminded me that though the two of us had been in bed together, there had a been a third that was involved, "Even though this would never have happened if Gerald hadn't changed how you think?" My hand slipped from her hanging breast up over her soft raised waist and hip.

She thought for a few seconds, "However we ended here I would not trade what happened last night for anything in the world." Mother suddenly turned a shade of red and her eyes could not meet mine as she continued, "I've never felt that alive before, felt that sexy - without a doubt it was the best sex of my life." This would have meant more to me if I had not known Gerald had also conditioned this into her. I contained my sigh and changed the subject, "What about the girls mom?" Mother again looked at me, "I don't care what happens to Amy Liam, but please take care of Lisa." Her response surprised me on several levels, "You don't care what happens to Amy?" My mom shrugged, "She and I agreed to part ways years ago Liam - she gets what she deserves." Wow, this means that Amy was thought of as a bitch not only by me but by our mom too - a childish delight caused me to smile secretely.

"And Lisa is surely too young mom?" I recalled the little show that was scheduled for that weekend and dreaded it, looking for a way out but preparing myself for the inevitable. "You would be surprised Liam - she is a lot like you in many ways." Mom leaned over and tenderly kissed my lips, "And I love you beyond words." -*- I preceded mother by about a minute as I strolled into the kitchen to find Lisa cleaning up her cereal dish.

She looked up at my entrance and with a smile, "Morning Liam." Mother came in and kissed her daughter on the check and then moved about the kitchen to make coffee. She was wearing her old terrycloth bathrobe and I could see that she had removed her stockings, as she stood in bare feet. Oddly, at least to me this morning, she looked like the mother of old and not like the passionate woman who had changed my life the night before.

Lisa brought me some orange juice and poured herself a refill before mother joined us with her morning cup of coffee. All three of us sat in silence for a couple minutes, each not looking at the other. It was Lisa that broke the silence, "Amy was pretty angry this morning, she broke a plate in the sink." Mother frowned and strode angrily to the counter to look in the sink. "Do you know what got into her this time?" Amy was often in various moods - rarely good for the rest of us.

Lisa blushed at that moment and I knew what it was about, if not the details. "I woke up last night and found her listening at your door mom." Mom sighed and came back to the table to sit down, looking at her youngest daughter carefully. "She heard Liam and I having sex?" Her calm revelation shocked me not a little. Lisa nodded, starring at her orange juice. "I shouldn't have said anything - its none of my business." Mom looked towards me, "Did Gerald 'condition' Amy too Liam?" I nodded.

"What about Lisa?" "Not yet mom." ". but its only a matter of time." Mother sighed and turned back to her daughter, who was now looking back and forth between mother and I in confusion.

"Honey, Liam and I have something to tell you and it may upset you." "Its okay mother, I want to know?" She probably did - her mom and brother were having sex while her older sister was spying on us. Then mother explained in a calm voice how Gerald had controlled her and Amy, from her point of view - that it was I that was the focus of this heightened desires and that she had placed her total trust in me to protect us.

Her speech, so logically spoken, warmed my heart - making me love her all the more. Lisa turned towards me and I thought she was about to break out laughing, that this was all some kind of demented joke - its what I would probably have done given the incredibly odd situation - but to her credit she then nodded and reached out to take my hand.

Mother seeing this took her daughters hand in one of her own, my free one in hers. Tears started to well up in mom's face and Lisa noticed, pulling her hands from ours. "I didn't tell you - but when I caught Amy outside your door, she was playing with herself." Mom quickly flushed, but the news did not come as any surprise to me. Lisa turned towards me and asked shyly, "What do you think Gerald will make me do Liam?" Both sets of eyes looked at me expectantly, "I am not sure." I lied.

"But I will try and protect you from the worst of it sis - I promise." This time Lisa's eyes welled up with tears. -*- I found Gerald at the mall about mid morning - Tuesday, a school day.

But what did a mind-controller care about that? As I was striding up to him his face broke out with pleasure when he saw me, "You did her - you stud!" Hiding my dislike I sat across from him and stole a fry. "Was it good?" He leaned over the table anxiously. "It was better than I could ever have imagined." It was true after all. He sat back proud of himself, "Did I not tell you buddy?

Old cunt is the best. Oh sure, the young ones look good on the arm - but for a good ride in the sack, find a nice soft woman to keep you warm. Huh?" I laughed with him, not as forced as I would have thought. Perhaps it was from listening to my nerd friend giving me advice about sex when, only days before, we were desperate horny virgins.

"I have to thank you Gerald - I mean, you are the best friend a guy could ask for." We high fived over the fries and Gerald smugly added, "I wouldn't have it any other way buddy." "I wanted to ask you something - so there is no misunderstanding." Gerald motioned for me to continue with his ketchup covered fry.

"I think we should both agree about the ladies we have. I just don't want to make you mad if I go for one of yours?" He looked at me carefully for nearly three fries, "You want her for yourself don't you buddy?" His face was serious for less than two seconds before breaking into a grin and barking out in laughter, "No problem Liam - I understand really!" He leaned in and dropped his voice, "I mean I can't picture another guy with my mom - not even you." I allowed my relief to show through, "Thanks Gerald - I was worried that you would think I'm hording or something." A few fries later, "And Lisa?" I looked at him carefully, could he read minds too?

"I'd like that - yes, Lisa too." In truth, in terms of priority, Lisa came last over mom and Sara. His smile slowly faded, "What about that show with Sara this weekend?" My heart was thumping and I feared for our very lives, but I had considered this already and knew where to draw the line, "Just the two of them? I think it sounds incredibly hot." Gerald was looking into my eyes for almost a minute before his smile returned, "Sounds like we will have a good time." I laughed, "I know I will!" -*- A couple hours later Gerald spoke up from behind the wheel of his mother's car, "There she is." I nodded, dread filling me even though I felt so powerless, so out of my depth.

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Opening the door as planned I stepped out onto the pavement and waved to my youngest sister. Lisa's face lite up when she saw me but darkened again when she saw who I was with. "Hi Lisa - Gerald and I wanted to know if you needed a drive home?" I reached out to hold her hand and winked, she looked suddenly pale and forced a brave smile towards me. "Hi Gerald. When did you get your drivers license?" Lisa slipped into the back seat, throwing her book bag on the floor behind the other seat.

Gerald laughed almost evilly, "I don't. at least not yet, but mom doesn't mind me using her car." I got back into the front passenger seat and looked over my shoulder to see my sister looking very scared but trying to be brave. Gerald pulled the car out from the curb and drove away with a squeal of tires. He looked into his rear-view mirror, "Sit back Lisa we are going to have a little talk." I didn't have the nerve to look at my sister at that moment and felt like crying, turning to look out the side window while biting my bottom lip painfully.

Never in my life had I felt so helpless. "Have you started to masturbate Lisa?" A few seconds pause and then a distant, "Yes." "I suppose you have never seen a real cock before?" "I have." Gerald slapped my thigh playfully and when I turned back towards him he winked and said, "This is just too easy huh buddy?" I dare not say a word, and just smirked in response, surprised at my sisters revelation.

Was she a slut like our older sister? "Who's cock have you seen Lisa?" "Liam's." What? "Have you been sneaking peaks at your brother you naughty girl?" "Yes I have." This was said so soberly that it all felt eerie listening to my sisters most private of thoughts being exposed.

"What do you think of your brother Liam Lisa?" She was silent for half a minute, "I love him, he is my brother." "Is he the one you think about when you play with yourself?" I felt that I knew the answer before it was spoken, my young sister always seeming to enjoy being around me, wanting to just be near me sometimes even though we were so different.

"Yes he is." "In fact, I bet your cute little pussy gets wet just thinking about him doesn't it Lisa?" No answer but a shuffling in the back seat - I dare not look, hating to have to put my sister into this demented position. "And you love to make your big brother happy don't you Lisa?" Evidently he was taking the same path as he had with mom. "Yes I do." "In fact, it turns you on just to be near him, to make him happy right Lisa?" More shuffling, evidently my young sister was feeling nervous.

And of course she should - she was only 12 years old and mind controlled or not, she was being ordered to think sexually about her brother. "I have always loved Liam." Gerald looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up.

"I know you do Lisa - but its more than that isn't it?" Shuffling behind me, "I have wanted to marry him since I was a little girl." She was still a little girl, I wanted to scream, but I bit my tongue and said nothing instead. Gerald laughed and smacked the steering wheel, obviously enjoying this humiliating experience. "'Marriage' is for little girl fantasies Lisa, no, you want more, you want to be your big brothers slave, his sex slave. Right?" A small, "Okay." "And sex slaves do everything their masters want right?

They get turned on if their masters are pleased. Nothing in life matters as much as making your brother happy. no matter what he asks. Do you agree Lisa?" I turned my head at that second, shocked at the path that Gerald had taken this - though realizing that it really wasn't that much different that mom or even Amy.

My sister Lisa's innocent round face looked right at me and said firmly, "Yes, I agree." My house was just the next block and Gerald pulled up in front of it - my sister and I opening our doors to slip out of the car.

Gerald gave me a parting laugh, "She is all yours buddy - enjoy!" I felt like tumbling away from the monster that used to be my best friend. I felt miserable. -*- When mom came to my room and closed the door her pleased face turned into concern - only now realizing I had not asked her here for more play but that something was bothering me.

So I had her sit down on my bed next to me and I told her about meeting Gerald this morning and then picking up Lisa and what he had done to her. I was feeling guilty and mother sat in silence for a few minutes in thought. "What would have happened if you hadn't asked for Lisa to be exclusively yours Liam?" Sighing, "Gerald would have liked nothing better than to include her into his sick little group parties." I told mom about Christine and what Gerald had her doing this week - she had to suck off twenty different guys each day, swallowing each of their sperm so as to improve her technique.

He had told me about this before picking up Lisa. Mother turned pale. "He has no boundaries does he?" Nodding negatively, I really thought Gerald had already gone too far but I knew if he thought something was going to be fun he would do it.

More silence. "I am not the most attractive woman my age am I Liam?" Strangely this question made me uncomfortable. She squeezed my hand on her lap to reassure me, "No honey, its okay - the mirror doesn't lie. I am overweight and rather plain looking.

Your father left me for a younger woman and that really hurt. The truth hurts. If you had not chosen to help me and your sister what sick things would Gerald have me do? I don't doubt he would tire of me rather quickly and use me in ways that would be less than pleasurable." Without any comment I nodded in agreement that this would have been probable - I'm already seeing similar actions towards others girls of his 'harem'.

"In you Liam, I have a young man who loves and cares for me. I think you are even attracted to me and I don't need Gerald's mind control to get excited about that. I really enjoyed what we did last night and I know it wasn't all my own thoughts but I don't regret a thing." My eyes were teary as they looked up into mothers comforting gaze. "I've known Lisa has had a crush on you for a long time and its sad that she will have to grow up faster that she should but I am glad that its with you." I could not help it, my face moved gently forwards and I was kissing my mother, her lips welcoming the touch.

Even as my tongue slips into her mouth she was moaning with pleasure. Her thighs spread as my hand slips between to find her without panties - hot wet and ready. Mother was already humping her hips as my fingers moved in and out of her body.

We fell back onto my bed and my free hand fumbled with my pants, allowing my hardness to pop out. Then suddenly I was above her, inside her and my hips shoving my cock in and out of my mother's willing body, her feet waving above me, her hands stroking my messy hair and shoulders.

With a loud groan I deposited my sperm deep within my parents body, her flesh jerking randomly to her own climax. Then it was over and I lay with quivering limbs upon my parents soft person - her arms and legs still encasing me, her lips kissing my brow. My penis shrunk slowly so that it eventually slipped from her hot wet cunt and that spelled the end of our frantic joining - I rolled off my mother and sat up. "I love you mother." A hand stroked my lower sweaty back beneath my loose tee-shirt, "I love you too Liam."