Nasty Arab girlfriend gets pounded in bedroom

Nasty Arab girlfriend gets pounded in bedroom
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I ran through the breezeways to my literature class with my semi-erect cock rubbing against my jeans. Although I tended to disregard punctuality most of the time, being an avid absentee from my daily courses, I didn't want to miss a minute of this class - and thanks to Becky Lowell, I was already five minutes late. This class was important because of who sat two seats forward and to the right of me. I think you can probably venture a very accurate guess as to who that might be.

When I walked into the classroom Mrs. Beals snapped her eyes to me briefly with a look of disdain and then continued her lecture. She didn't care that I was late, she just hated anything that drew attention from her when she was speaking. I edged through the room and took my seat; I had only then realized that I left my backpack in my locker. This was soon forgotten when my attention was immediately drawn to the redhead goddess that was nearly adjacent to me.

Her jacket was neatly hung upon the back of her chair, it was within keeping of her organized nature. There was an intellectual appeal about her sweater, but not approaching a pretentious appearance.

It was a lighter shade of grey and it contrasted her vibrant scarlett hair with a beautiful opposition, almost as if it were jealous and yearned to be as colorful. Her large breasts pressed firmly underneath the fabric, stretching it to the point of making the space between them quite taught. Her shapely legs were accentuated by the surprisingly tight pair of jeans she was wearing; they were crossed, and her red sneakers complimented the color of her hair.

She painted her nails black today. "The author of this poem is unknown to this day, but many scholars in the field of medieval literature believe that he was contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer," Mrs. Beals lecture had leaked into my amorous observations of Zee. My attention was withdrawn for a moment from both sources when I had noticed John Sachs across the classroom texting on his cell phone.

For a moment my heart jumped at the thought of him telling someone about Becky and I in the locker room earlier. I had considered that threatening him with physical violence might not have been enough of a deterrent. The look on his face though betrayed some of these concerns, it was quite serious and not at all facetious.

"So in closing," Mrs. Beals continued, "each of you will have a group of-" My eyes once again went back to Zee. The perfect manifestation of female beauty, a tangible greek goddess that carried my lust to the heavens, and alas, had remained a fantasy. "Bryce!. Bryce?!., Mr. Bryce Flannigan!" Mrs.


Beals yelled at me. My gaze broke at once as I looked towards her with a response. "Yes ma'am," I said. "Bryce, do you not care about this project, poem, or my class for this matter?


Because if not I don't dare ask why you decided to drag yourself away from your less academic activities, which I imagine consists mostly of screaming homo-phobic comments in the halls and flirting with girls that deserve far better," she said. The class giggled.

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My focus was on Mrs. Beals but I wondered if Zee had laughed as well. "I'm sorry ma'am, please continue," I said. "Well, thank you for your permission Mr. Flannigan, I'm sorry to have disturbed you," she said. The class snickered again. With my face red I continued to listen to her - earnestly this time. She was describing our homework assignment for the next few nights and how we would be split up in groups. We were to discuss and present an essay as a group about the medieval poem "Pearl".

She began assigning our teams when I came to a very grim yet elating realization: "Zee". No sooner than the thought had crossed my mind, did the unthinkable not only happen, but also in a worse manner than I had feared: "And group four will be: Bryce Flannigan, Zahary Windling, and Johnathon Sachs." * * * It was after lunch, I got into my Chevelle and lit up a smoke.

John Sachs?!, I had thought. What the damn hell?! I honestly did not care that he was a part of this, awkward as it would be, but it certainly wouldn't make my first time talking to and being around Zee in such a personal respect any easier. My mind's focus drifted here and there until my thoughts were scattered as if a neat pile of leaves was blown across an already messy yard.

Suddenly, my passenger door opened, Corey jumped in. "Brycie! Dude, I heard you got a date tonight!" he said. Fuck, I thought. How did he hear about this?! He goes to classes and cares about projects less than I do, which is quite profound. My heartbeat increased. "So how did you ask her?" he said. "Who?. Corey what are you talking about?" "Amber Kowollski, I know you're gonna try and tap dat motherfucker later bro!" I was relieved instantly, thank you Corey for being a complete and utter moron.

"Oh, dude you got it all mixed up, I ain't goin' on a date with Amber or anyone." "Oh," he said, "well Amber said that you asked her out last week and it was tonight." Shit. I completely forgot about that. I was planning on taking Amber out and then getting drunk somewhere. She was my hot Jewish girl side-project. I just wanted to tug on her curly hair while I disappeared my cock into her plump round ass.

I was really horny when I asked her out and I still was, but I had to go through with the Zee thing. I've put this off too long and this finally my chance to talk to her with an academic reason covering up baser desires. "Yo Corey, I'll tell you what man," I said, "how about I text Amber and tell her I have shit to do tonight, which I do, and she can go out with you instead." "Fuck man, you mean it? I've always wanted to fuck her, but I knew you had your sights on her next. Thanks brother!" Corey said.

"No problem man, just promise me that you'll tell me all about that ass," I said to him, for good measure. "For fuckin' sure!" He patted me on the shoulder firmly and then took off with a big smile. Corey, you're an absolute asshole, dumber than a bag of dog shit, and you're never there for me, but man, you are useful today.

As I watched Corey dart his skinny white ass across the parking lot, I had noticed Ms. Hark walking across the way to her car. She was the school councilor. She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a white stripe, a red blouse, and some very intense looking stilettos; she looked like something out of a 60s spy drama. Whatever the case, her super long legs (which put her at an even six feet in heels), firm perky breasts, and long straight black hair was an amazing sight.

She was one of the only black girls that gave me an insta-boner too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not racist by any means, but I was always more into the paler variety, like Zee. She waved at me, I nodded and felt the rush of blood surge through my cock. I briefly imagined plowing that woman until my balls were drained. I could almost feel my sizeable manhood engulfed in her sweet pussy juice as I filled her to a screaming glory of intense orgasms. When I had snapped back into reality, I noticed that I was stroking my hard cock through my jeans.

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I had to get to my final class soon and then I was suppose to meet up with John and Zee in the library to begin researching our project. My cock pulsed even more as the rush of excitement took hold. I had another smoke and began to walk back to the building.

On my way, I decided to stop in the bathroom, the same location Melvin Smiley suffered ridicule earlier. As I approached the urinal I felt a vibration in my jean pocket, it was my cell phone.

The text was from Zee! "Hey this is Zahary from Mrs. Beal's class. I asked around and got your number from your friend Jeshua. I figured I would let you and John know that I would be slightly late to the library meeting after school, I have to go home really quickly to take care of something. I'll be there at about 4:30." Elated, I saved her number. I couldn't readily think of a response, but I pondered on it heavily as I unzipped my fly.

My cock was still semi erect as I plopped the thick fucker into my hand to take a leak. As I was washing my hands, the door slammed shut and was locked. "Becky. what a-" Becky moved her hand up to my mouth to silence me and then grabbed my groin. The stolen janitors keys she locked the door with dropped to the floor. "You never returned the favor big boy," she said sultrily. "Becky, I appreciate what you did earlier but I'm going to be late for class," I said. "Since when do you care about being on time for class Bryce?

I think you're going to have to bite the bullet with this one; and you can start by biting me." Before I could muster a reaction she undid my buckle and forcefully yanked my belt off, then she continued to unzip my jeans and lower them to my ankles along with my boxers.

My hard cock snapped out, hitting her in her cute little face. "Ow! God that thing is big! Can I feel it in me?" she giggled, right before she ran her tongue along my throbbing shaft. I shivered with pleasure.

"Becky. damnit. mmmugh. I can't right now, you bitch." "Bitch?" she said, "Funny thing to say to the girl who let you cum all over her earlier." Becky, she was a feral girl in a place where women seemed more like prey grazing daintily about until the strategic pounce was decided to be executed - a careful strategy with the end goal always being the same; with Becky Lowell, the end result was not only readily given up without effort but you were still taken off guard nonetheless.

In a way, she was no longer the prey, but now the hunter. I could feel her mouth muscles begin to inhale my cock, I could feel her warm saliva engulf my shaft as her lips nearly came to my balls.

I must have been hitting the back of her throat. "UmmmmMMM. fuck girl," I said to her. I began rubbing my nipples through my shirt as I stared down at her. Her green eyes, her dirty blonde hair, her smooth creamy skin, shapely legs, and her perky little tits.

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Becky wasn't that bad and she sure was enthusiastic. I had to teach her some respect though. I grabbed her by the arm forcefully and stood her up.

"Oooh Bryce!" she moaned. I flipped her around and pressed her hands up against the tile wall near the sink. I then pulled her shorts down to reveal her extremely bare ass only barely adorning a thong.

As I pulled it down I noticed the warm juices running down her legs; I eased in, my cock slid neatly between her legs curving upwards into her pussy lips, warm juices were now flowing directly on my cock, cascading down the sides of the shaft. I eased forward, sliding myself along her moist girl parts, not quite inside her, she was straddling my cock.

She moaned furiously as she struggled to not flail about. "Oh my fuck, Bryce. mmmmm fuck. fuck." she was breathing heavily, her heart racing. I reached around her with my muscular arms, my hands found her firm breasts. I kneaded her nipples between my fingers and rubbed her breasts intently. My cock was still sliding between her legs, rubbing against her pussy and getting her soaked. I shifted it suddenly as I eased her downward and forward. The head of my rod found her hole and it slowly but surely nudged inside.

"Oh baby, I feel youuu!" Becky moaned. This girl was fucking tight, very new to this. She wasn't quite a virgin, but the tension of her muscles and her unpredictable movements suggested significant inexperience. Nonetheless, I gave her the full effort of my erection, slowly introducing the entire length of my cock inside of her until I could feel myself hit the end. I paused with myself fully inside for a few moments letting her feel my pulse as I became even more rigid due to my own pleasure reaching its zenith.

"Oh. my. god, it's big! Mmm it feels good, I feel tingly," she was gasping for breath. I began to slowly fuck her, sweetly at first as well.

I leaned in to kiss the back of her neck and I traced my hand down her back gently as my massive manhood kindly tended to her dripping wet snatch.


As I kissed, licked, and caressed her I moved one of my arms underneath her abdomen and began to tease her clit. She loved this. "Oooh. mmmmmmmmmmm," she was in heaven. It was time to move in for the kill, plus, I really wanted to cum. My balls had already swelled up again since our last encounter and I wanted to empty them before my encounter with Zee that night - just in case. I ran my hands along her slender, yet decently curvy body as I began to thrust a bit more rapidly.

She was gushing juices now so I had no resistance whatsoever. As I began to increase in speed I noticed her responding more aggressively. She began to push herself back into me forcefully, almost signaling me to rail her harder.

"FUCK ME!" she commanded. "Becky. mmm, you little whore," I said. I began to pound her into submission. Her body tensed and released rapidly as she lurched forward and backward on my cock.

I felt my balls pulse and swell as my precum began to accelerate outwards. It was almost time. I started to tug on her hair as I shackled her arm with my free hand. Suddenly, amongst the strident moaning and screaming, I heard a knock on the door, followed by a voice. "This is the last time I'm going to ask, open up or I'm coming in!" It was familiar.

I must have not heard the knocks over Becky's shrieks of pleasure and my own concentration. I was unable to stop myself, I had to finish. Becky didn't seem to notice at all, her legs began to shake as her warm cum flowed freely down her thighs.

"FUCK ME HARDER!" she screamed. I complied, I plowed into her, I fucked her like this was the last pussy I'd ever get.

She was cumming and cumming to her slutty little hearts content.

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A burst of light slapped me in the face as the bathroom door flung open. It was Ms. Hark, the guidance councilor! Her immediate facial expression was that of pure unmoved shock and disarray. She was rendered speechless and I was starring her directly in the eye as Becky Lowell was screaming with ear-splitting sexual bliss.

As she starred back at me, her expression shifted slightly, as if changing from a defiant disbelief to something of wanting.

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To this day, I argue that she, if even for the briefest moments, wished herself in place of Becky that day. Becky finally turned her head and spoke in-between her moans as she spotted Ms.

Beals: "Oh god! Shit!" she almost jerked away but then kept going. "Bryce hurry! Finish!" My mind was a thousand needles of unbridled emotional distress, but it was a stinging pleasure that could not be ignored. I tensed up as I fucked her with animalistic fury. My huge swelling balls began to recede. it was coming. "FUUUUCCKKKK!" I bellowed as Becky began to cry from pleasure. My cock pulsed violently with the final thrust, I felt as though it was going to explode, I felt like it grew ten feet.

I quickly withdrew myself from Becky's pussy; my cock flung upwards and a long stream of hot cum jetted outwards. The first few blasts covered Becky's hair.

She flung sideways knocking me off my balance slightly. My long streams of sperm flew wildly. It was only after finishing that I noticed I had hit Ms. Hark directly, she was a victim of my cannon and she did not look amused.

* * *